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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Saturday 27th December 2008
10:13 pm U.K.


I hope and wish that in 2009 this forum can return to sensible discussions about U-matic videorecorders and be spared from obnoxious posts.

Monday 8th December 2008
3:46 am U.K.


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John Evans
Wednesday 19th November 2008
9:02 pm U.K.


Thanks for everyones help!We managed to get the edit stuff working.

Tony Curley
Monday 3rd November 2008
6:17 pm U.K.


Hi, can anyone help me. I have allways used SVHS domestic kit to edit video.Then after reading the info on this site bought a VO 5850. I was hooked. So i decided to go one better, a VBU 850 (ex bbc). The machine will load a tape and thats it. None of the controls on the front panel do anything. The eject button even does nothing.I have replaced belts ect. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Clinton Radloff
Tuesday 21st October 2008
5:24 am U.K.



im looking for Sony u-matic Pal and NTSC and SECAM portable recorders and the heavier studio professional units. im located in Brisbane Queensland Australia, and can arrange a courier to pick up from other states where appicable. working or not but i would prefer working. any reasonable offer. please email cjradloff76@yahoo.com.au


Monday 20th October 2008
9:41 pm U.K.


Hi, I am a AV archivist working in an underfunded archive and was wondering if there were any Umatic machines lurking around the London area that could be donated to help view and hopefully transfer hi and lo band Umatic tapes. Cheers, Lydia

Friday 17th October 2008
10:00 pm U.K.


James, try Oldvtrs on Yahoo groups:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/oldvtrs

Thursday 16th October 2008
10:03 pm U.K.


There should be forum for open reel video formats!I am looking for Sony BVH-2000 (PAL) spares or machines (if not too far away)I am in southeast London.

Tuesday 14th October 2008
9:30 pm U.K.


John,Something to check on your machines is the remote / local switch. I don't have an 800 handy but they are on the front control panel.

John Evans
Tuesday 14th October 2008
9:05 pm U.K.


Thanks again!

The audio recorder is a Mackie HDR. It does not have RS422, unfortunately, but it can clock off video. We tried this and it does clock. The HDR does have Midi timecode, so would some sort of converter work?

Also, the edit controller seems unresponsive to anything I press, I don't know whether this is because we haven't hooked it up right, or if it's broken...

Tuesday 14th October 2008
2:07 pm U.K.


I have some technical service manual U-MaticRM 440, VO 6800PS , VO 5850P/S, VO 5630, VO 4800P/S, DXC 3000P, CMA 8, BVE 600 (operation manual only)If you need it, please contact me

Monday 13th October 2008
5:00 pm U.K.


hi. my u-matic sp sony say: eoor-20. somebody knows this error? this errror was after error-02

thank you

Maciek Szymanski
Monday 13th October 2008
9:05 am U.K.



In U-Matcis timecode is passed through RS-232 interface. Normally timecode from the player and the recorder and used as reference for controlling the machines. Your EC-740 is a three machine controller. I don't know this particular unit, but generally it's intended for controlling two players and one recorder. If your audio equipment has RS-232 interface and timecode you may use as a secon player for performing audio inserts. There should be also some GPI outputs on the controller. These outputs can be used for controlling other equipment, and switching functions of the machines. The setup generally depends on what you want to do with it.

John Evans
Sunday 12th October 2008
5:44 pm U.K.


Ok, thanks for the info. The controller is a FOR.A EC-740.I think this will work?

SO, if we set it up like that as an edit suite, can I get a timecode and clock out of it somewhere to sync our audio recorder?

Jeremy Emmerson
Thursday 9th October 2008
9:05 am U.K.


Hi All

I have 2 Sony 5000 series that I am wanting to sell. Problem....I and the machines are in South Africa and I'm guessing that most of you are alsewhere in the world. Anyway one is a VO 5800 PS and the other is a VO 5630. I've never used them. But I picked them from a Director friend who I know only used them for play back and the odd showreel transfer. Any one interested?

Maciek Szymanski
Thursday 9th October 2008
7:03 am U.K.


Hi John!

To set up an edit suite you will need following connections:

- Controller to PLAYER with 9-pin RS-232 cable (or 33-pin parallel).

- Controller to RECORDER with 9-pin RS-232 cable (or 33-pin parallel).

- Video from PLAYER out to RECORDER in. Best will be with a 7-pin DUB cable, but a standard BNC composite cable will do. You will have more picture degradation.

- Audio from PLAYER out to RECORDER in with two XLR to XLR cables.

- Video and audio monitor from PLAYER to monitor (special monitor/TV socket).

- Video and audio monitor from RECORDER to monitor (special monitor/TV socket).

You may add some additional eqipment (mixers, titler, video processor etc) in video and audio route between PLAYER and RECORDER. Also sometimes controller may use a reference video signal from PLAYER or RECORDER for synchronisation, especially if used with TBC, but it's not required.

John Evans
Wednesday 8th October 2008
8:11 pm U.K.


At School we have a BVU -800 and a BVU-820, we are trying to figure out how to hook them up. We have an edit controller( It's not a sony controller though, can't remember what it is) We also have portable deck, camera and a couple of monitors. We want to set it up to synchronise with our digital audio suite. We have the 9-pin cables and so on, so any advice?

Monday 6th October 2008
4:11 pm U.K.


My name is sauronbaggins@yahoo.co.uk

Joe S.
Thursday 2nd October 2008
5:40 pm U.K.


I solved the threading and eject problem. I spoke by phone to a professional video service tech at Sony's service center in New Jersey, USA who knew the VO-9800 backwards and forwards. Yes, there is a worm gear attached to a belt driven pulley that moves the threading actuator. In the VO-9800, that worm gear is on the left hand side of the machine. And yes, it takes forever to unthread the tape as it is a gear reduction type setup. After winding all the threading arms back to their initial postions, I wound the tape elevator gear by hand to eject the cassette. I powered the deck up and all error codes had been cleared. The deck has been working for the last three days with no problems.

Joe Aragon
Wednesday 1st October 2008
6:27 pm U.K.


I have a problem with the dynamic tracking of a BVU-820 recorder. I'am going through the alignment of DT board, does anybody have any ideas of getting rid of the noise on the screen when you use the suttle control when you go frame by frame. We use these U-Matic to record date on the side of the imiage. so if the imiage has a noise in the imiage we lose the data.

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