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Thursday 23rd March 2017

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Wednesday 25th March 2009
9:46 pm U.K.


The only way is to pop it in a machine, there are no markings on the actual tape, like VHS vs SVHS. If you play the tape in a low-band machine, say a VO5 or 7 series, and the picture is B/W - it'll be a high band tape. Similarly, put the tape in a BVU machine and it plays in B/W, the tape is low band. As far as I know only the VO9 series play both low and high band tapes but I don't recall it actually showing what it is.

Tuesday 24th March 2009
7:16 pm U.K.



Does anyone know of a quick way of identifying if a tape is recorded as low band or hi band?



Tuesday 17th March 2009
9:16 pm U.K.


Anybody seen the cleaners lately?

Just curious.

Would be nice to have this chat page back on topic.

Can't be that hard to monitor this.

Or is it?


Saturday 21st February 2009
9:46 pm U.K.


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Wednesday 18th February 2009
9:50 pm U.K.


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Wednesday 18th February 2009
6:31 am U.K.


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Monday 16th February 2009
6:11 am U.K.


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Tuesday 10th February 2009
1:18 pm U.K.


Needless to say, I'm disappointed too. I'm not sure anyone is reading this board at all.

Sunday 8th February 2009
11:00 am U.K.


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Friday 6th February 2009
9:54 pm U.K.


Obviously I hoped for too much, interesting discussions between U-matic owners.But the really sad thing is that no one appears to care enough to clean this mess up.Is there a moderator out there?

Friday 6th February 2009
10:41 am U.K.


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Friday 6th February 2009
9:44 am U.K.


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Monday 2nd February 2009
10:26 pm U.K.


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Sunday 1st February 2009
12:48 pm U.K.


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Sunday 1st February 2009
3:45 am U.K.


I'm running into transport problems with most of the Ampex 197 BCA-20 U-matic cassettes I'm trying to dub. I just acquired a VP-9000 to replace the VP-7000 I used before. As far as I remember, the VP-7000 could play and rewind these cassettes, but that machine no longer powers up. The VP-9000 plays and rewinds the Eastman KCS-20 cassettes just fine, but the Ampex seem to be a pretty consistent problem. My experience with Ampex "sticky-shed syndrome" on 1/2-inch audio tape makes me wonder if there is a similar problem with these, but I don't see any residue on the guides or heads. I'm also wondering if it's something about the cassette shell that's causing problems, or if the VP-9000 is simply in need of adjustment.

Hope this board is still active. Any ideas?

Sunday 1st February 2009
1:45 am U.K.


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Thursday 29th January 2009
3:09 pm U.K.


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Thursday 29th January 2009
2:51 pm U.K.


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Saturday 27th December 2008
10:13 pm U.K.


I hope and wish that in 2009 this forum can return to sensible discussions about U-matic videorecorders and be spared from obnoxious posts.

Monday 8th December 2008
3:46 am U.K.


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