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Monday 27th March 2017

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Jacob Trock
Wednesday 24th February 2010
10:02 pm U.K.


Does anyone know who i Europe that can do migration of 3.000 U-matic tapes to digibeta? Please contact me offline on e-mail: jt(at)dfi.dk

RegardsJacob Trock/ Danisk Filminstitute filmarchive...

Wednesday 17th February 2010
12:49 pm U.K.


Ok, thaks.

Tuesday 16th February 2010
10:07 pm U.K.


BVU machine will not play 'low band' tapes in colour because of the different way the colour information is recorded. You will need either a VO-98** series machine that will play all formats, or get a VO-58**.

Tuesday 16th February 2010
11:47 am U.K.


I was buy a Sony BVU950P because i want read my old Umatic tapes. But i have a problem, all my tapes run black and White. I try to rec a tape and play color ok, but my old tapes no.Someone know where is the problem??My old tapes was recorded with VO5850 (low band), I know BVU950P is high band and SP, but i think it will can read low band tapes.Someone have a BVU950P and read low band umatic tapes??Thanks

Lionel ORRIT - Revival-Music
Tuesday 9th February 2010
10:51 pm U.K.



I have 2 U-Matic VCR (VO-7630 & VO-9600 ). I've some questions about the drums.In the user manual of one of my U-Matic VCR, I saw the procedure to know the accumulated operation time of the heads drums.

For the VO-7630, it's 550 hours. For the VO-9600, it's 200 hours.On the user manual, I read that the life of the heads drums is approximately 500 - 1000 hours of use.

I've 3 questions about that :

- What does the operation time included ? The playing of a video tape only ? The fact that the VCR is working, even if no video tape is inserted ?

- In real terms, after how many hours of operation time of the heads, a drum needs to be replaced ? I know that some brand names like Sony are pessimistic concerning the lifetime of some parts.

- How can we see on screen during a playback that the drum needs to be replaced ?

At present, I've starting the digitizing process for my 400 hrs U-Matic tapes collection. I found a brand new drum for each Umatic VCR I've. Yes !!! I'm lucky !!!. But this kind of spare parts is very expensive (about 750 USD). I just want to know if I'm true to get worried about all that.

Thanks beforehand for your answers

David Sutherland
Sunday 7th February 2010
2:01 am U.K.


There is a nice photo of BVU-850P innards here:http://www.marcelstvmuseum.com/sony%20bvu-850p%20binnenkant.htmlhttp://www.marcelstvmuseum.com/photoalbum69.html

Friday 22nd January 2010
9:51 pm U.K.


John, you may find that the tapes are recorded in 'High Band' and your VO5030 only plays 'Low Band'. This will give you the picture but only in B&W because of the way the colour signal is recorded. The only option you have is to find a machine that plays 'High Band' such as the BVU's or VO98** series. Sorry.Think of it as playing a stereo tape through a mono amplifier, it is never going to be stereo!

John Jebb
Monday 18th January 2010
1:59 pm U.K.


I have NTSC tapes and a Sony VO 5030 which can play NTSC tapes through my ADVC 300 to my computer. I am in the UK. Beautiful pictures but all the tapes will only play in B&W. Anyone know of an engineer with experience of U-Matics or have suggestions. I have tried all the knobs and switches with no success. I assume it's the deck as the ADVC works fine.

Thanks, John

Jeff Benard
Sunday 17th January 2010
7:40 pm U.K.


I have some vintage 1/2 inch helical scan industrial videotape unopened ampex 194 2400 DD if anyone is interested in them .

Saturday 16th January 2010
1:21 am U.K.



Friday 15th January 2010
8:59 pm U.K.


For all those people with 'Standby' issues on the umatics. Normally this means that the tape hasn't fully threaded. This can be because of a multitude of things. A few things to look for are:

-Is the tape path clean and can the tape be fully threaded

-Check the contact switches along the threading path

-Are there any loose connections or wires? If the unit has been shipped recently that could be the problem. Check all connections, best if you pull the connector out and then reset.

Good luck

Friday 15th January 2010
6:47 pm U.K.


Looking for a service agent in the Boston / Providence area who could help with a SONY VO9600P, comes on in StandBy mode, and won't hop out. Or, if there is a simple fix, I'd love to know too. Thanks

Monday 11th January 2010
10:45 pm U.K.


We have a SONY VP-9000 3/4" U-Matic Player. When we turn the power on, it comes on okay, but when we hit "Play", the unit goes into standby mode. If we hit "Play" and then "Pause" immediately, we can see a picture coming through to the computer, but then if we hit "Play" again, it goes straight back into standby. Is there something that we are missing?

Saturday 9th January 2010
11:48 pm U.K.


RE: VO-5850. Just hook it up like any other video recorder. Video Out to PC Video in, etc. You may need a BNC - RCA adaptor, available at all electronic stores.

Paul Smyth
Monday 4th January 2010
11:41 am U.K.


Hi I have just been given a sony vo 5850 which I intend to use for my animations and music production does any one have any good advice for connecting it to a PC and VT purchace, I'm based in Tyneside ;)

Many Thanks

Guy Jean Genevier
Friday 1st January 2010
4:44 am U.K.


I have a Sony U Matic VO 6800 PAL/SECAM (France-EU) with the bag, but no batteries. I don't use it, so if somebody is looking for this machine send me an offer. I am located in France - Marseille.

Will Ward
Wednesday 16th December 2009
1:26 pm U.K.


Hello, I have a lot of used u-matic tapes, production and editing kit, plus Ronford Baker heavy duty tripods in flight cases, its all surplus to requirements. However I do need to transfer quite a few of my u-matic archive to DV (could be as many as 200 x 20min tapes). Perhaps a deal could be struck?

Sunday 13th December 2009
12:17 am U.K.


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Friday 11th December 2009
12:04 am U.K.


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Brian Grant
Wednesday 2nd December 2009
12:00 am U.K.


Hi everyone. I'm new to the site. I have just been given a Umatic 9600 SP. It looks in immaculate condition and I need to transfer a number of old Umatics to digital. When I play a tape, I get what looks like a half picture on the monitor. I can make out the image but it feels like a sync problem of some sort. Cleaned the heads as described in an online manual but the problem persists. I know it's difficult without seeing pictures but anyone got any ideas? Anyone a Umatic owner in Surrey? Thanks Alot

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