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Friday 24th March 2017

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Andreas Widerĝe
Thursday 21st January 2016
10:44 pm U.K.


I have lots of new unused Umatic tapes if anyone is interested. Please drop me a line andreas at filmtek dot no.

Sunday 10th January 2016
4:39 pm U.K.


The U-Matic chatpage is back, unfortunately recent posts have been lost.

J. Rosemann
Saturday 18th February 2012
2:45 pm U.K.


Dear Forum users I have a question concerning the U-Matic VO-5630. I have a few Tapes in NTSC Format, can the VO-5630 read the NTSC-Tapes and give in Output Signal in the PAL Format, or would I need a special Decoder for that?Thank you very muchJ.Rosemann

Thursday 19th January 2012
12:47 pm U.K.


Hi there has anyone any CVC video cassettes or know where I can get some, I recently purchased everything from an old duplication distributors from back in the 80's and the machinery and lots of other gear was in with this lot, also the CVC video but only a handfull of tapes. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Dianne Simms
Monday 16th January 2012
8:53 am U.K.


I have more than 6 boxes of u-matic tapes belonging to my late father and they are all of our family .. We have 3 machines, 2 sony and 1 national, the 2 sony have switches which are sticking but the national seems to work but we dont know how to connect it to a modern tv or monitor and then copy them to either dvd or hardrive

We would love to buy a working machine but am unable to find any here in Sydney, after attempting to move my dad's machines and knowing how heavy they are, I cant see any being posted

Any help would be so appreciated

Dianne Simms

phil m
Wednesday 4th January 2012
9:08 pm U.K.


hi everyone im looking for some high band sony u matic machines 950 1000 all models playback record edit anything considered any quantity drop me a line

John Raines
Thursday 29th December 2011
9:34 pm U.K.


Hello all, I recently acquired a VO-9850. The hours meter as displayed on the front panel reads over 15000, which confuses me because it's documented to go only to 15000. How should I interpret this display?

Sunday 25th December 2011
8:21 pm U.K.


The VO-98** series will play all three U-matic formats, low, high & SP. There are no mods for High Band machines to make them play Low Band.If you only have Low Band tapes, have a look at the 58** or 7*** series, they play Low Band only.

David Wolaver
Tuesday 29th November 2011
5:39 pm U.K.


From all my Research, A Sony BVU -950 PAL Deck Will Not Play a Low Band PAL U-Matic Tape in Color. Are there any Mod's for a BVU -950 PAL for Low Band Option. Or Do I Need a VO-9600 PAL Deck that Plays all PAL U-Matic Tapes..Thanks, David

Thursday 17th November 2011
10:56 am U.K.


We have a Umatic VO 7630 for sale. £ 200 o.n.oWe are located in central London (W1), call 020 7494 6300 to arrange collection.

Broadcast Services Ltd
Monday 24th October 2011
12:11 pm U.K.


We have a Sony BVU 950 U-Matic VTR available for Hire - please visit www.broadcast-services.co.uk for details & Hire / Duplication & transfer costs

Monday 10th October 2011
8:50 pm U.K.


I've got a variety of umatic machines that I'm happy to sell, I've got players and recorders. Im London based, they all work or if you need parts from them that would work to.

Richard Simmonds
Sunday 9th October 2011
5:50 pm U.K.



Is any one selling any used u-matic tapes i'm after allsorts but preferably tapes with documentaries, continuity or schools and colleges programmes.

Best regards


David Collier
Friday 7th October 2011
1:09 am U.K.


richard@rpcjohnson.com...sounds like the loading belts rubber does not last 20+years, good luck

Pat H
Tuesday 4th October 2011
8:15 pm U.K.


Hi I'm looking for some Umatic decks. VO9800P VO9850P BVU950PI have a collection of old Umatic tapes to capture can convert to digital files.Anybody got one in the UK or can ship there?Thanks

Thursday 29th September 2011
10:45 am U.K.


I have a Sony U-Matic Cassette Player VO 5800 PS.Help! Any advice welcome!I obtained it around 1983, but it has had only about 200 hours use. It worked fine until about a year ago. Now when I insert a cassette, only an inadequately small loop is drawn out. (I've tried several cassettes, including a new unused one).

When the fast forward or rewind buttons are pressed, the mechanism clicks and the head drum revolves, but the forward or re-winding do not run.On 'Search' it makes the usual rattling/tinkling sound briefly when the knob is turned to either side, but then the sound stops. When I change the direction of search buttons the spinning flywheel changes its direction of spin.

If I switch the mains switch on the VCR on and off rapidly when the inadequately small tape loop has formed, the threading ring motor comes on for brief instants to inch the threading ring round step by step until I can get the tape loop big enough for the forward and reverse to work. But the ring motor will not come on to drive the ring round to the play position. The threading process stops far short of completion.

I've renewed all the drive belts, but with no improvement.

Something is timing out?

I should be VERY grateful for any suggestions towards repair.And/or reference to where I might obtain a copy of the service repair manual.

Richard JohnsonAberdeen, Scotland

Monday 26th September 2011
11:02 am U.K.


Hey Everyone I have alot of u-matic machines I need to get rid of....Was wondering if anyone is interested in buying these machines?? To name a few here are some model #'s....VP 7020 I have a few of these....VP 5000 I have a few of these as well....SLO 323 have a couple.....I also have Wegener Communications Mainframe new in a box....I have alot of machines in this broadcasting era...If anyone is interested shoot me a offer....Would like to get rid of everything!!

Richard JMS
Sunday 18th September 2011
6:56 pm U.K.



Can someone help me find the avaliability of sensor bulb, this is a stanley 23Volts, 3Watts. I've just brought an 5850-vo brillant machine but if i cannot resolve issues with the 2860p it can go for spares or repairs very soon.

Kind regards


Peter Benner
Thursday 15th September 2011
7:34 am U.K.


Hello from New Zealand is there any one around the globe that would be interested in the following machines - we are open to offers. We have 4 x BVU800P 1 x BVU820P fully functional.Timebase correctors BVT 810P x 1 BVT 800P x 2 fully functional with interconnect cables. Low Band VO5850P x 2 VO5040P x 1 BVE 800 editor x 1 also not that this is Umatic specific but we have a Grass Valley VPE131 editor with drivers to suite the above machines plus a Grass Valley VPE341 system. If there is any interest out there please flick me an email Thanks

Richard JMS
Monday 29th August 2011
6:13 pm U.K.



I don't know if asking at the right place but, i'm after parts for my VO-2860p in particularly a pinch roller assembly i presume this is what i need? advice is appreciated. As well as causing crease patterns on the tapes i seems to be having issues with recording function. as pretty floorless picture comes and goes however when paused the picture is back until it's released :/

Kind Regards

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