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Friday 24th March 2017

Please bookmark as the new URL.

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Wednesday 5th May 1999
4:44 pm U.K.

That's a great idea! Pity I don't know much about old cameras. StillPALsite if here if you want anything hosted.

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Wednesday 5th May 1999
1:25 pm U.K.

It's gone suddenly quiet ;-)....

Here's a thought. Would anybody like to see information on old cameras collected and collated? I could possibly do this with a view to offering the results to the palsite.. Contact me via Email if this is of interest.

Is anyone out there still shooting on Umatic? ...might anybody be interested in shooting Umatic material? Would some hints and tips on how to get those old clunkers powered up and shooting be helpful?

Let's talk....


Friday 30th April 1999
12:39 am U.K.

definately trinicons and semi or professional...with big fuji 14x lenses and tghe whole bit in large typical cases. looked like my old iklegami(spelling?) stuff I practically threw away.

anyways I just found out the heads are gone on that national 9210 so dont bother :)

hope this is of some help,


Matt Rathney-Quinn
Thursday 29th April 1999
10:51 pm U.K.

Second thought on those cameras.... Trinicon? Possibly HVC series cameras. Good toys worth about 20 for an HVC 2000 to 40 for a HVC4000... there were pro trinicon cameras but even thse are worth no more than a hundred quid or so. A mate of mine recently disposed of an LDH 10 (Phillips) 3 tube camera with ENG pack for 100...

Sounds like the guy's trying to have a lend of us poor hapless buyers....


Matt Rathney-Quinn
Thursday 29th April 1999
10:47 pm U.K.

I paid 30 for a JVC 4400 portapack in similar condition. A VO4800, the Sony lowband clunker should be worth about 50 ...don't know what that is in Aussie Dollars but I suspect it's nowhere near 250...

Cameras? ..depends on the model. Something like an M7 or a DXC 325's well worth having at the right price ..Me I'd pay no more than 600 for the former....

...but then I am a mean Scotsman <G>


Thursday 29th April 1999
12:11 pm U.K.

For Sale - not mine I post everything I see

Sony VO-4400 (I think thats the model) UmaticS portapack, in working order, 3o day waranty, if cleaned would be in great cosmetic condition, orriginal carry bag not the best, 2 batteries and charger 250 bucks (I feel EXPENSIVE why I havent bought it myself)or as a package with 2 sony trinicon tube cameras, proffessional looking ones...but why you would buy such old cameras I dont know, for 1100 bucksNO TAPES

National NV-9210 Umatic (old clunker, pics of same model on my web page) dont trust the owner as far as I could throw her thus dont know working condition of unit, but appears in "good" cosmetic condition 350 bucks (RIP OFF I paid 20 for the one I have and 50 for a nv9200)


drop a line if interestedHope this is of some help


Tuesday 27th April 1999
3:33 pm U.K.

Yep you got it. The dub connector's 'C' signal is the colour under signal:) I loosely said this was the Chrominace without the carrier. Here I was refering to the 4.43MHz carrier.

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Tuesday 27th April 1999
1:57 pm U.K.

Hi Alan,

>>>>> but the C part differs in that it contains the Chrominance *without* a sub-carrier.<<<<<<

I have to confess that you've confused me here <G> that's not hard since as a merecameraman, not a VT technician I've only a modest grasp of Video Tape Recordingprincipals... and indeed the PAL system generally. If I might go through myperception of the system in order that the flaws in my knowledge can be pickedout......

As I understand the PAL system 'C' is derived from the two colour difference signals

B-Y and R-Y. 'Y' being the sum of (R)ed + (B)lue + (G)reen. thus the basiccomponent signals are the luminance, or black and white picture 'Y' and the twocolour difference signals Y-B or 'U' & Y-R or 'V' . It is this YUV ,or componentform from which the signal is coded into PAL SECAM (or even I suppose NTSCthough scanning rates come into play here)

The 'C' signal is derived by modulating a 4.43Mhz (in the case of PAL) subcarrierwith the U & V components. I can't therefore see how 'C' can exist other than as afunction of a subcarrier.

I do know that in a 'colour under' VTR such as a umatic the composite signal is firstseparated into Y and C components. the Luminence is used to frequency modulate anRF carrier and the Chrominance 'C' signal used to separately modulate a lower carrierwhich then amplitude modulates the FM signal. On replay these RF carriers arerecovered from the tape and I was under the impression that it was these whichappeared at the dub connector. The advantage in a machine to machine dub being thatseveral de-processing-re-processing stages are removed.

I am surprised to find that the Y signal is present but can see the logic of this fortiming purposes, but surely 'C' is present only in the form of it's influence on theappropriate RF carrier... It is surely therefore incorrect to describe this signal as 'C'just as it would be incorrect to describe the signal from an FM radio transmitter as'Audio'...

And it's surely not just a matter of modulating a standard colour subcarrier but de-modulating the RF carrier?

This is a complex business already accomplished inside the machine and I suspect itmight be better (if possible) to pick up the 'C' part of the signal inside the machine asit's demodulated from the RF and before it's combined with 'Y' to form the compositeoutput....

Has anyone out there done this and would they care to share the details with us. Orhave I (as is quite likely) completely got the wrong end of the stick?

Moving swiftly along has anyone got any advice on modifying a VO7630 forHighband operation. I seem to recall that boards were available for this purpose. Itwould also be nice to hear of any improvements and modifications people have madeto their machines generally....


Tuesday 27th April 1999
10:43 am U.K.

The U-matic Dub connector contains Y anc C. The Y component is the same as astandard "S Video" connector but the C part differs in that it contains the Chrominance *without* a sub-carrier. To interface Dub to S-Video you will need to modulate C on to a 4.43MHZ (PAL) carrier.Such boxes do exist. I will include more details on PALsite soon.

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Monday 26th April 1999
8:00 pm U.K.

I'm baffled by something I've just seen on the site!

In the umatic features section the dub connector is described as a Y/C connector Surely this is wrong? ...I always understood it was a sub-carrier out connector allowing dubbing from FM to FM instead of demodualting and remodulating.....

If it is indeed a YC connector does anyone have the pinouts since this could make the Umatic much easier to connect to an NLE system!

Monday 26th April 1999
8:57 am U.K.

Yep cleaning is very similay to Betamax. See details. Good luck and have fun!

Martin Evans
Monday 26th April 1999
7:49 am U.K.

YES PLEASE! The more information/pictures the better. We will attemptto build the site as fast as possible to get the site into a really useful resource.

Also why not submit an article to the 'U-matic lore page'?


Gavin Chester
Monday 26th April 1999
7:13 am U.K.


I've a Sony 5800PS in need of a head clean and demag, anyone want to enlighten me about this, I was assuming it was going to be the same process as the betamax cleaning, so any advice greatfully recieved.


Monday 26th April 1999
6:22 am U.K.

Edwin, I recently put up a few pages of pics of the older sony and national gear,

if you have any specific requests, let me know, and I have been assured the older gear will appear on PALSITE soon.

hope this is of some help,


Matt Rathney-Quinn
Sunday 25th April 1999
4:03 pm U.K.

I have every faith that the older machines will feature here as we enthusiast start feeding information into the site. There are even a few relatively modern machines missing such as the V07630 ...and what about the offerings from JVC?

Let's all gather our thoughts and experiences together to help make this a truly great resource...


Edwin Parsons
Sunday 25th April 1999
3:37 pm U.K.

How about some pictures and information on old machines and accessories. Someone must have pictures etc!

Sunday 25th April 1999
12:50 pm U.K.

finally got around to my umat page with a few pics, will ad a similar beta page soon with some pics of some of my gear

hope this is of some help alan,


Matt Rathney-Quinn
Saturday 24th April 1999
10:40 pm U.K.

At last! A home for the Umatic enthusiast ..excellent!

I still originate material on Low Band Umatic for my less affluent clients, it's an excellent format both for the home enthusiast and those with abitions within the video industry... The New NLE technologies make Umatic an even better bet these days....

Incidentally I can probably help with at least some of those old pinouts ...the 8 pin EIAJ socket is an early attempt ayt something like SCART ...only better.... It's a good way of connecting your Umatic to a VHS for two way dubbing..

Nick Cole
Friday 23rd April 1999
3:15 pm U.K.

Cool Umatic pages -Thanks!

My U-Matic bargain was one of the old Low Band PAL/NTSC switchable VO2xxx machines from a car boot for 5 pounds. As far as I can tell it works fine and after a cleanup/demag and with a new tape in, gives amazing quality. The only problem is the back breaking size and weight of the thing. I can take a picture if required. Are we likely to see the older models featured (with the pinouts of the odd connectors on the back if possible :-) ) ??

Alan Barnett
Tuesday 13th April 1999
10:49 pm U.K.

Welcome to the U-matic Chat Page. Many thanks to Room101 for making this available.

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