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Thursday 23rd March 2017

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Rodney Garza
Thursday 26th August 1999
12:40 pm U.K.


Does anyone know where I can get the specifications on the two umatic tape sizes? I need the heighth, width, and depth dimensions of the the tape cartridges.

Sunday 22nd August 1999
4:19 pm U.K.


Sony edit suite for sale: VO-9800 recorder, VO-9850 edit recorder & RM-450 edit control 1700.00 will split, Sony VO6800 portable recorder 200. 00, Sony BVU150 portable recorder 500.00, Sony BVU110 sold for spares or repair 55.00. phone me on 01303 891276 or email me

Friday 20th August 1999
9:03 am U.K.


How's it?

I'm looking for info on JVC CR-6060 3/4 U-matic.

Daniel Napier
Wednesday 11th August 1999
12:57 pm U.K.


********************************************* High Band Umatics for Sale!!!!

I have the Following:

2 X BVU 800P Umatic (One only good for Spares) 1 X BVU 820P Umatic 1 X BVU 870P Umatic 1 X BVT 800ps TBC

Sold as seen, as far as I know there all in working order! Make we an offer I can't refuse!! :


Monday 26th July 1999
6:57 pm U.K.


I have for sale a Sony VO-9800 High Band SP Recorder for 700.00 & a Sony VO-9850 High Band SP Edit Recorder for 900.00, anyone interested drop me an email.Steve

Monday 26th July 1999
3:02 pm U.K.


Hello everyone,I'm looking for the manual for Sony U-matic VO-2860P.I hope someone of you can help me out.Or maybe someone nows were to find it.Lot of thanks.Vincent

Rikk Desgres
Saturday 24th July 1999
2:29 am U.K.


That first line should read VP-9000 of course.Rikk

Rikk Desgres
Saturday 24th July 1999
2:27 am U.K.


Just picked up a VO-9000. I checked the back and can't find the DUB connector. You state the VP-9000 has a DUB out, but I can't find one on mine. BTW does anyone have a manual for the VP-9000? You are doing a fine job on these pages. I'm from the states and use NTSC (Never The Same Colour), but this PAL Site is wonderful, and is packed with lots of valuable, and entertaining information.Thanks, Rikk

Monday 12th July 1999
8:28 am U.K.


Did you buy it Dave?

Sunday 11th July 1999
5:01 pm U.K.


HI guys..does anyone about a buv-110 with time code..does it have a edit jack..bidding on it at a auction..closes in 2 hours..any help..

Thanks, Dave

Thursday 8th July 1999
8:32 pm U.K.


Looking for power supply and case for v0 6800 price in U.S. dollars.

Thursday 8th July 1999
11:13 am U.K.


Hi Guys, I'am new at this u-matic game but hooked already. I was wondering if any one knew where i could find a power supply and a portabrace for a vo 6800, if so how much U.S. I'am glad to see a place to talk to others of the same interest. I will pass this around to others. Some was looking for a ampex ace25 E-Bay.com has one for auction.

Any help,Thanks,Dave

Tuesday 29th June 1999
9:50 pm U.K.


Questiot please..Is PAL vidoe recorded at the same speed as NTSC? Thanks,John

Julius Hartman
Thursday 24th June 1999
6:01 pm U.K.


For sale: Sony VO-5850p edit recorder + VO-5800ps recorder + RM-440 edit controller (set -> 750.00)Sony VO-6800ps portable recorder ( 250.00)Sony DXC -3000 camera ( 550.00)All equipment in good condition!

Steve Miller
Sunday 20th June 1999
9:08 pm U.K.


Someone was asking about Fisher Price Pixelvision. Don't know much about the technicalities and I haven't seen a unit but this was marketed as a children's toy camera and gives a very low-res, pixellated result. Some film makers are buying these up for the grainy look they give, as an even 'worse' alternative to Super 8.

I have been buying video equipment for use in a College. To complete a U-Matic set I am looking for a 5850 editing recorder and an edit controller to match that up to a 5800. A 3-machine editing set-up would be nice, but I don't know whether that's feasible with this kit, so a 2-machine controller (a 440?) would suffice.

Alternatively, I would be willing to sell what I've got. The 5850 is working fine and there are two matching play-only machines, one of which is good but the other is not accepting tapes so needs some work. There is a Sony portable U-Matic recorder teamed up with two Sony Trinicon cameras, an HVC3000 and an HVC4000.

Your site is an excellent resource and is packed with useful information. A lucky 'find'.

plinio barraza
Tuesday 15th June 1999
6:24 pm U.K.


Hi, I'm new to all this but I'm experimenting with some junk and I was wondering if anyone out there knew the pinouts for the actual scanning tube inside one of those cameras (the tube I have is labeled trinicon ct-2133). More to the point, where can I find specs on some of these tubes on the web?

I know a couple pins are for heater, others for anode, cathode, Horizontal, vertical, and (I don't know what its called, but the actual ouput of the ring).

Any pointers or help is much apreciated, thanks in advance...


Sunday 13th June 1999
10:07 am U.K.


*********************************************High Band Umatics for Sale!!!!

I have the Following:

2 X BVU 800P Umatic (One only good for Spares)1 X BVU 820P Umatic1 X BVU 870P Umatic1 X BVT 800ps TBC

Sold as seen, as far as I know there all in working order! Make we an offer I can't refuse!! :


Beverly Seavey
Wednesday 2nd June 1999
10:01 pm U.K.


I have the opportunity to buy some videotapes from India (PAL) thatare available in beta, U-matic or digital. Noone seems to be able to tell me if digital comes in PAL or NTSC flavors or, if so, if thereis a readily available computer utility to convert. What do people advise? are ther places to buy PAL U-matic players? I have VHS formatconverter, so once I can generate a signal, I can convert it..

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Tuesday 1st June 1999
10:28 am U.K.



While I'd normally try avoid top loaders for serious work the fact that these are highband machinesdoes rather redeem them. The fact too that you're an engineer and have the manuals etc helps.

Pulse count edit controllers have their advantages not the least of which is that an enterprisingprogrammer might be able to make a 286 or similar perform the same functions. Remote controlinterfacing is potentially simpler too.

As a point of general interest anyone with RS422 controlled machines looking for an ECU shouldcheck out Paul Breneman's 'Mach 1.5' software ECU ..which controlls 6 VTRs and a mixer all on aslighly modified 286!

I'm also very glad to hear that I'm not the only person still shooting on 3//4"

Slightly 'OT', Non linear is becoming very reachable and a good choice for the Umatic enthusiast. Iuse an Iomega Buz on a Cyrix 200 based system built on an M571 'TX pro' Motherboard. This isabout as cheap as you can build a pentium class PC. I run an old copy of Media Studio 2.5 whichcame with an older now dead ISA card I used to have in my 486. The system is dedicated to videoediting with no other software or hardware (such as modems) allowed on it.

It works well just some boot up problems since I added a creative SB64PCI to the set up andsome minor incompatibility problems with the Motherboard's built in VGA 'card'. Not sure whetherthis is a clash between the BUZ and the SB64 or the SB 64 and the Cyrix CPU.

(any thoughts on this would be appreciated ..but by email please since it is rather off topic)

I can work happily at 120K/frame with 44.1K stereo sound and have put UVW (Beta sp) throughthe system without any subjective loss of picture quality, just like a straight dub. Manipulated lowband ouput from the system too looks as good as a straight FM-FM dub! ..no reason whyhighband would 'suffer'.

The Buz is good, cheap and gives you SCSI all for a relatively small sum. It is a diffcult card to setup though and renders slowly. There are ways 'round that though. Newer faster CPU's will improvematters. Next step for me is to replace the display card then start building a faster machine for theBuz.

The new NLE technologies coming onto the market are making formats such as Umatic (andindeed Betamax) a more practical proposition now. If you can live with the relative weight of the kitit's an excellent way to get some serious video shot. I wish I'd had all this stuff available when I wasat college. At the time all I could have done was dub my tapes to SVHS for edit since the college'ssystems were all based round that format. :-(

I'd like to echo your thanks to the guys for setting up the site, it's coming on a wee bit slowlymaybe but them I'm not sure that everyone who works with Umatic is completely aware of it'sexistence ..that will come though.

Robin Whitehead
Tuesday 1st June 1999
1:07 am U.K.


Matt, Thanks for your interest. The BVU200's were possibly the first generation of HiBand machines.They are the old top loading format and mine date from about 1979-80. They are substantially made, very reliable and weigh a ton. They have all the facilities and connections that the later machines have. They do, however, need a bit of tender loving care from time to time to maintain the editing accuracy. I am fortunate in having a complete set of manuals! The BVE500 edit controller uses control pulse counting. This in itself is made from discrete 74 series logic chips and therefore is much bigger than the RM controllers.The BVU's do have a timecode head and R/P electronics and will happily interface with an external reader/generator. My shooting kit is a BVU110 or a BVU50(depending on the state of the recordists shoulder). The cameras are a DXC3000 and an Ikegami HL79. I also have a now largely redundant JVC KY110, although it still gives very good pictures(anyone want to buy it?). I am an electronics engineer and therefore am able to maintain this kit reasonably well.I have recently been looking at the possibility putting together a non-linear editing setup that could, with enough storage, be capable of on line stuff. I will probably mean starting with a dual-processor workstation type motherboard. Some things I am looking for- a BKU110 plug in time code unit for the BVU110. a DC8 dual NP1 battery case for the DXC3000. If anybody has these for sale I would be interested.I will send some photos of my stuff. By the way thanks for putting this excellent site up! How about other related kit such as TBC'sBest wishes, Robin.

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