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Monday 27th March 2017

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Wednesday 15th September 1999
9:11 pm U.K.


HiHas anyone got a TBC board for a Sony BVU-920/ 950 U-matic machines(BKU-903A) and digital noise reducer (BKU-904) and service or operator manuals for the BVU-920/ 950. if so could you please email me with some pricesThanks Steve

Glyn Thomas
Wednesday 15th September 1999
11:50 am U.K.


Thankyou Steve,

For the information, I cannot seem to get to the wizoo.com sitetoday but I will try later...

I am sure there are many music guys out there who have put somethingtogether for a TV company on low-band... who need to sync up to aMIDI sequencer for music starts and stops.

I will keep investigating.

Thanks again


Wednesday 15th September 1999
11:05 am U.K.



This site's a lot more friendly:


Wednesday 15th September 1999
11:01 am U.K.



The only way I can think of to sync to a low band is with a MIDI time code generator, like a JL Cooper MTC/SMPTE generator. This would work if say, dialogue and sound effects had been recorded together on audio track one with the video signal and track two (often re-recordable) was left empty to hold a sync signal.

You could then theoretically write MTC to the empty track and build up MIDI sequences along with the footage and sound already on the tape.

The whole thing would then have to be mastered to a second VCR adding your audio work to the original.

To find out some more (much more than I know!) visit:http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de/~un7d/info/game/doc/mtc.htm

I haven't actually tried this myself but if anyone has, it would be good to hear from you. Hope this is helpful in some way.

Friday 10th September 1999
1:26 am U.K.


Does anyone know of a production house which sells umatic (BRS) 10 minute tapes as well as dubs them for a low price. Right now I am paying $5 for both dub, tape, and black hard case. By the way my tapes are evaluated; one pass.

Thanks everybody.

Glyn Thomas
Thursday 9th September 1999
3:40 pm U.K.


Hello all U-matic folk...

I would like to compose music for TV & film companies. I met up with a TV composer by chance a couple of weeks ago who advised me that I need to invest 200 -300 on a Low Band U-Matic recorder...as this would be the format that I would be working too. So my questions arewould anyone have a low band u-matic recorder which I could sync mysequencer too, that I can buy & what is the time sync format that is used.

Any advise would be welcome.




Nick Koper
Wednesday 8th September 1999
8:04 pm U.K.


I have a Sony BVU800P player/recorder with a small defect. In playback mode the TV picture is shaking up an down the TV screen (it looks as if vertical sync doesn't function correctly). Playing back the same tape on a different machine doesn't show the problem, so the original recording is OK. Recording a stable video signal also results in a shaking picture, but then 'frozen' on the tape (verified with a correctly functioning machine). When I playback a tape by using the Jog/Shuttle mode, I do not encounter the problem (vertical sync seems to be OK).

Is there anybody who recognizes this problem? Any clue what could be wrong with the machine? Any suggestions for repair?

Regards,Nick Koper

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Wednesday 8th September 1999
11:35 am U.K.



I don't have access to my old Umatic catalogues at the moment but I don't think the 5630is an editor. Edit machines have a flying erase head ..an extra head on the video head discwhich erases the video track a tad before the new one is laid down.

Many VCRs (of all breeds) will do a 'sort' of assemble edit quite well,but the lack of a flying erase head means that the old track is simply overwritten by the new ..and there are traces of the old left behind...

This leads to the sort of fluttering-coloured bands yousee at the edit points...

On the other hand if your machine is a proper editor thenyou should always work on a blacked tape in insert modeNever assemble edit unless you really have no choice (i.ehave come to the end of a blacked section) The reason forthis is that it ensures a continuous and stable sync track..

As for that 7 pin cable ..i don't think youcan connect the machine to anything otherthan another VCR or a TBC via that outlet..

It _doesn't_ carry Y/C in the form that we would normally understand it.

It carries Y and the C component in the form of the 'colour under' signal.


Matt Rathney-Quinn
Wednesday 8th September 1999
11:27 am U.K.


Yo Paul! How are you mate ..long time no hear!

I can confirm that Paul's software works seriously well and cancontrol all sorts of lovely toys with indecent accuracy.

We're very lucky to have Paul Here as a member of the list, apart from being an utterly decent sort of a bloke his softwareis beautifully engineered. An example of how it should be done!

...you don't fancy developing some NLE software which would release usall from the dreaded windoze do you Paul ;-)


Daniel Napier
Friday 3rd September 1999
3:11 pm U.K.


High Band Umatics for Sale!!!! I have the Following: 2 X BVU 800P Umatic (One only good for Spares) 1 X BVU 820P Umatic 1 X BVU 870P Umatic 1 X BVT 800ps TBC Sold as seen, as far as I know there all in working order!

The lot for 600 o.n.o.

klaus esser
Wednesday 1st September 1999
6:37 pm U.K.


Hi!Looking for second hand remote cables for RM-440/ VO 5800 /5850PKlaus

Paul Breneman
Monday 30th August 1999
5:29 am U.K.


Free online linear editing software for machines with RS-422interface: http://www.BrenemanLabs.com/MachOne5.htm

Ask Matt Rathney-Quinn about it if you need a reference. Thanks Matt.

Matt: Borland released Turbo Pascal 5.5 for free (I have a link on one of my Mach One.5 pages) so people could also interfaceother machines starting with the Vtr simulator we worked on. Thatis if anybody really likes to play with circuits and software <G>.

Sunday 29th August 1999
1:47 pm U.K.


Me again,

Sorry to be a pain but does anyone know where I can buy a 7 pin dubbing cable which I plan to use to connect a Sony VO5630 to a Sony TC1020Q Video Projector?

Sunday 29th August 1999
1:29 pm U.K.


Hello fellow Umaticals,

I have 2 Sony VO-5630 Umatic Decks but find that when editing scenes from one to the other the joins between the scenes are far from clean. I find that there are about 2 seconds of distortion after each pause edit when the target tape is viewed back.

Could it be that the 5630 isn't cut out for this job, or do I have to blank the target tape in a certain way to get clean joins?

I would appreciate any suggestions anyone may have.

William Oosterman
Saturday 28th August 1999
2:35 pm U.K.


For sale:Sony U-matic VP-5030 Videocassette Player, location- Ottawa Canada. All offers considered. Shipping costs responsibility of the buyer.William

Saturday 28th August 1999
9:23 am U.K.


i got the sony umatic vo 5600 .working nice .need a buyer. please email your offer -shipping acros the globe chippest i can find in hawaiii.thanks

Rodney Garza
Thursday 26th August 1999
12:40 pm U.K.


Does anyone know where I can get the specifications on the two umatic tape sizes? I need the heighth, width, and depth dimensions of the the tape cartridges.

Sunday 22nd August 1999
4:19 pm U.K.


Sony edit suite for sale: VO-9800 recorder, VO-9850 edit recorder & RM-450 edit control 1700.00 will split, Sony VO6800 portable recorder 200. 00, Sony BVU150 portable recorder 500.00, Sony BVU110 sold for spares or repair 55.00. phone me on 01303 891276 or email me

Friday 20th August 1999
9:03 am U.K.


How's it?

I'm looking for info on JVC CR-6060 3/4 U-matic.

Daniel Napier
Wednesday 11th August 1999
12:57 pm U.K.


********************************************* High Band Umatics for Sale!!!!

I have the Following:

2 X BVU 800P Umatic (One only good for Spares) 1 X BVU 820P Umatic 1 X BVU 870P Umatic 1 X BVT 800ps TBC

Sold as seen, as far as I know there all in working order! Make we an offer I can't refuse!! :


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