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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Saturday 8th April 2000
1:44 am U.K.


for sale in south australia, not mine I post all I see: 2x sony v0-5630 1x sony v0-5040 1x sony vo-70401x sony v0-26503x sony v0-2850some tapes - recorded on oncerather cheapall units (except 2 of the 2850's) very good cosmetic condition and mech condition(1 of the 2850's works but is really a parts machine), try out before you buy type deal

I hope this is of some help


K D Gupta
Wednesday 5th April 2000
11:56 am U.K.


I am interested in buying Sony DXC 637 complete system(Second hand but perfectly working for export) or other decent Betacam cameras. Anybody interested in selling. Please contact me on 0181-5696894(London)

Walter Steenvoorden
Tuesday 4th April 2000
12:14 pm U.K.


Hi, in reply to tribemanagment. It's possible to connect a BVU920 to a sony analog/digital serial converter (don't know the model no). Wich works perfectly with most Avid, Matrox and Silicon Graphics video stuff. This sony A/D machine also incorporates a special algorithm to get rid of nasty color-sliding and "extracts" more video RF and uses an Ikegami HC-400 like blackstretch, making it a good A/D machine it's only a bit expensive. Another good option may be Getting the BVU920 rigged to a digital TBC machine, and use the digital time word in for recording (don't know if the Matrox has one), it most of the times works almost as good. Maybe you could ask NOB in hilversum , how they do it info@nob.nl. I hope it works out!

Monday 3rd April 2000
9:09 am U.K.


Hi, We are an agency for crew in the film industry call Tribemanagement, we have a number of, DPs, cameramen and stylists on our books. They all have videos of their work, although mainly on umatic tape and some on VHS. We have purchased a rig to to edit some of their work and to take on corporate film work. We have got a Matrox R2000 digisuite and using Adobe Premier we have produced some quite good showreels from VHS, although when re-recording back onto VHS the quality can degrade. The plan is to put a lot of this work on CD ROM and try to keep everything digital (we also have a DV camera)and put some across the web for prospective clients (www.tribemanagement.com).We have two problems. 1) We need to get an umatic player so we can start to create showreels out of umatic tape, can any one recommend a player that works well with Matrox and digisuites in general, does anybody have a 2nd hand one (we are workig to a budget). 2) Does anybody have editing experience who is looking for work. Ideal candidate would be somebody from college who is looking to get into editing, running a small company and maybe even producing short films. The money might not be great but the prosects are as we have combined this work with a WEB company called IBS who also have requirements for this work the editing company is call digital.com (location North London).

Sunday 2nd April 2000
1:01 pm U.K.


Hi there.

In SOUTH AUSTRALIA, serviced and sealed series 2 low band recorders available, these are good machines, drop me a line if you want more info - not mine I post all I see.

Also, for myself, in South Australia / Victoria (willing to travel) I am looking for a series 5 recorder, either a 5800, 5630, 5850, 5600.....along those lines....preferably a 5600 or similar mainly due to budget limitations....


Saturday 1st April 2000
6:49 am U.K.


G'day - anyone have a copy of a JVC CR-6060E schematic or circuit diagram they could supply to me.I am happy to pay for this of course.



David Sundblom
Saturday 1st April 2000
6:22 am U.K.


I have a Sony Umatic VO 2600, a Sony Tuner-Timer TT-100 and 109 Sony KCA-60 tapes. The VCR works but a tape is stuck in it and it wont eject. The tapes are in the original sleaves cardboard cartons. The tapes contain lots of football games and primetime tv shows from the 1970's. I dont know what they are worth. I am into antique tube radios and would consider trades. I'm trying to find someone who would appreciate this nice old vcr. Please email with any comments.

Thanks in advance


Rod Aldcroft
Thursday 30th March 2000
9:45 am U.K.


Does anybody have Sony Umatic machines models VO-5800, VO-5850, VP-9000, or VO-9600 for sale?

Telephone: 01730 815922 (UK)

Many thanks

Rob Moss
Thursday 30th March 2000
9:08 am U.K.


Hi,I have a Sony VO-5630 which I am looking to sell - can anyone tell me how much I should expect to get for it? It has recently (last couple of years) been serviced and hardly used since then.

Also, does anyone have any tapes containing off-air recorded UK TV material? I am a TV Historian and am looking to preserve anything that may not exist anywhere else and you never know what people have in their attics!


Peter Phipp
Wednesday 29th March 2000
8:26 pm U.K.


I have for sale a very clean, almost unused service manual for Sony V0 8800P... £30 . inc post.

Walter J.F. Steenvoorden
Wednesday 29th March 2000
10:31 am U.K.


Hi, an oscilator is a device wich when ageing, starts to show off some side effects, sometimes electrolytcapicitators start to make a lot of "leak-voltage" (i.e. being older then 10 years it could even get to a 15 or sometimes 20 percent of the value). In some cases it could lead to a disfunction of a powersupply. Another problem could be a out-of-fase transformer, (wich is difficult to check with a multimeter, since they work on high either low fase points), since i'm not to formilair with BVU powersuplies. My only advice would be try to rig the powersupply up to a scoop and look for distortions in the oscilators output, and try other (bigger?) capacitators. Some times an oscilator "drops" a fase. in this case there's probally a malfunction (i.e. overstressing) in a transistor.

And finally UltiBoard ,The schematics stuff i post earlier can be found at http://www.ultiboard.com, the SN hack is UT9512000209.

Peter Phipp
Tuesday 28th March 2000
2:22 pm U.K.


Further to the above message perhaps an engineer could suggest a repair to my BVU Power Supply. The fault seems to be that the oscillator that supplys the signal on the main transformer which gives the various output voltages does not seem to want to start oscillating.I have noticed in past that sometimes it is neccessary to switch the main switch on and off several times before the unit starts , is ther a suspect capacitor on the circuit board PW79?. I have changed Q1 and Q2 and the transformer T3 appears to be ok. The other part of the power supply is OK The fault is onPW79 board. Thanks for any info Peter.

Peter Phipp
Tuesday 28th March 2000
1:45 pm U.K.



DVA Productions
Tuesday 28th March 2000
7:25 am U.K.


For sale:2* SONY PVW 2800 Betacam SP Playback/Edit/Record PVW-series Betacam deck,1* Ikegami HL-57, 10 bit ENG +1* PVV-1 Back-end (BTS-version) + Fujinon F22 Lens, + Flightcase (Ikegami) + Batt's (Anton Bauer) and also Colour Filters (Oude Delft). And PVE 900 edit controller all in one offer. at HFL 50,000,-(Aprox 19.500,- EURO.)You can view items listed at Borneolaan 57, Hilversum (Media Park)phone 035 6560606 ask for Tjeerd. Needed! Ikegami DNS 101 or HDCAM camera machine!

Audio/Dub Ch 1
Monday 27th March 2000
12:11 pm U.K.


>> just bought a 5850, and 2 5800 u-matic recorders, how do I sync it????

A Black Burst Generator does wonders.

John Freitas
Friday 24th March 2000
7:33 am U.K.


One more question, I am also using a DXC3000 camera, will this setup meet most if not all TV station broadcast standards in the usa. I want to use it along with film for a mini doc that we have been working on.

John Freitas
Friday 24th March 2000
7:29 am U.K.


I just bought a 5850, and 2 5800 u-matic recorders along with a pixis... here is the problem, how do I sync it????

Walter Steenvoorden
Wednesday 22nd March 2000
8:25 am U.K.


Hi, i have some tips for anybody thinking 'bout getting into electronics. I have been repairing electronics since my 13th. Build my self-designd tube-amp at 17. And repaired a super SMD-pcb from a Toshiba Palmtop at 18. First things first be shure to have a good soldering!. Most 15w to 40 w 'pen' solderingsticks (soldeerbout in dutch!) have a to wide area to solder SMD or near (heat sensitive) EPROM chips!. Next always have PCB-layout!, from a service manaul or redone yourself .good software for this kind of stuff could be found at "Ultimate Technology", in Naarden Holland. Ask them for an UltiBoard demo, you could find a special SN-hack at http://www.rens-en-rens.nl.! For video apllications it would also by nice if you where to have an Video spectrum analyzer (up to 15 Mhz bandwith). But since there to expensive, you could also try to make a rather blurry but cheap spectrum analyzer with your scope. By getting up a highfreq >10 to <15 Mhz filter with K=1,2483 * 10 -4. (wich could be found at electronica.pagina.nl!). Next thing for audio is the sound-searcher a machine i designed myself! (email me for a big-ass JPG scan of the PCB or a UltiBoard design file!). This is a cool little machine wich 'follows' audio on a PCB. it works a bit like a multimeter. only instead of giving a power rating. It uses a speaker or headphones. I myself learned a lot at an Electronics College (www.rens-en-rens.nl), but most people are capable of doing electronics


Wednesday 22nd March 2000
3:00 am U.K.


Hi. I just aquired a For-a FA-410 Time Base Corrector. It works good, but I'd like a service manual for it, and am not able to find one. I'd appreciate any help. I really would just like to know what all the adjustments are for. I'd like to get this TBC up to optimum performance! Thanks!

Phil Mutton
Tuesday 21st March 2000
5:15 pm U.K.


For Sale:

U-Matic tapes all lengths. New and used once. As many as you need.Also Beta and 30 minute VHS tapes.Contact for offers or details.London Area.

Tom Mountford
Monday 20th March 2000
11:45 pm U.K.


Hi all -

Thanks to Matt for raising another opinion of the book I recommended. I'd never go as far as to say that the book recommended would ever qualify anyone as an engineer. Some of the techniques used are definitely of very dubious merit, but I'd hope any reader would be able use their intelligence to spot shoddy 'work-arounds' and know when to get better advice. I'm a video editor by trade and I certainly would never take a glass brush to the heads of anything I use during the week.

The book aside, I think Matt's raised a very important issue for all users of more 'mature' gear. I'd like emphasise that the old adage 'No user-servicable parts inside' usually means exactly that - no matter how good your intentions are!

I wish I were a fully qualified engineer, In truth I'm an eighteen year old with a multimeter, a scope and a regular flow of very cheap dying kit (but I'm learning). When I was twelve I was adamant I knew exactly what I was doing as I picked up a Stanley knife to deal with a head clog on my Ferguson VideoStar - with the best intentions. My heart was also in the right place when I tried to 'correct' a minor pincushion on a PVM and wrote-off an otherwise perfectly good monitor. Believe me, it's all too easy to try and rectify a fault you created whilst fiddling with a preset by twiddling your screwdriver in another one until you've twisted every damn preset there is. You then end up at the repair centre with an expert choking with laughter as they hand you their invoice for an entire recalibration... I've been there once before and it was no fun.

Judging by the amount of technical queries on the page I don't think I'd be alone in seeing a need for some sort of 'Online Engineering Guru' who could give us definite suggestions for rectifying our problems. Perhaps the machine gallery could include a listing of the known common faults for each model and the action that needs taking? A page of maintainance tips, short engineering courses, a list of U-matic spares and their prices, where to get decks serviced outside of London?

They're just thoughts, but I'm sure there must be quite a few people out there who've taken the top off a U-matic just to remove a jammed tape and wound-up needlessly making a very costly mountain out of a molehill.

Cheers - Tom M

Phil Traina
Monday 20th March 2000
10:56 pm U.K.


Have 20 beta movies and over 200 recorded tapes from HBO, Movie Channel, etc. Will sell $1 each and shipping charges. Tapes can be recorded over. Good condition/all recordings have Movie Titles.

Merijn van den Berg
Sunday 19th March 2000
1:53 pm U.K.


Hi there!!

I'm from Holland, Hoofddorp.

I'm looking for a Umatic Recorder and an editcontroller

Thanks Merijn

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Saturday 18th March 2000
11:15 pm U.K.


>>>>I’ve a fantastic book I got a couple of years back about solving the most common problems that occur with age. It’s American and deals only with VHS but the principles involved are pretty generic to every format. It very clearly explains the tools needed, removing dirt, cleaning the tape path, cleaning or replacing heads, fixing broken boards and buttons, lubrication, as well as the more advanced stuff… and it makes it clear at what point you should put the top back on and leave it to an expert :-)

Definitely worth getting for only £14.99 (a heck of a lot cheaper than most of my engineering books) you can get it on the high street in Maplin or from Amazon –

Home VCR Repair Illustrated – Richard C. Wilkins ISBN 0-8306-3711-7 <<<<<<<

I have to sorta disagree with Tom on this one. I have the book he refers to and regard it as one of the funniest things I've read in years! Certainly some of the techniques work but you could seriously wreck a machine quite easily; Don't use it as a guide to replacing the heads on a BVU for instance!

that's not to say it isn't of some use; One of the best ways of learning is by actually doing it and you could certaily learn a lot from attacking the old top-loader or VHS you got from the car boot sale for a fiver... Just DONT have a pop at something you need for work!

The JVC 6060 somebody asked about; I have one it's circa '75 I think; like Tom says make sure it's set to record on internal sync and do try a tape recorded on it in another deck.... might not be recording a control track.

I paid £10 for a pristine one to sit beneathe the living room telly and frighten the neighbours.... Probably about as much as you want to pay for one of these things; It's old and not particularly exciting.


Ron Conley
Thursday 16th March 2000
3:49 am U.K.


CAN ANYBODY HELP, I have a sony 5800 that worked fine last week but now after inserting a tape if play or record is pressed the light willgo on for a couple of seconds then the unit goes into standby modeand no functions will work, stop eject ect. the tape loads up and goesaround the drum fine then it goes into standby and a low hum can be heard the unit has to be shut off and turned back on before the tape will eject, also in fast forward if stop is pressed the machine goes into rewind it did not do this before I would like to know whats wrone and if it is worth fixing this is a well used but very clean machine and I know the heads are good any help would be appreciated

Wednesday 15th March 2000
6:37 pm U.K.


We have a VP 9000P Hi band player and controller. Never been used, still in it's original box. Even smells new!Looking for £600Any offers?

Monday 13th March 2000
3:29 pm U.K.



Tom Mountford
Monday 13th March 2000
10:18 am U.K.


Hi John. I’m not too sure about the plugging on the back of the 6060, it probably works on internal sync. However, if it doesn’t and the picture rolls in record and won’t lock it may need a reference input synchronized to the video input (probably a BNC marked REF.IN) Although it should record non-sync without affecting the playback quality. It's only a slight possibility (but then I’m working on Beta SP theory). I think the 6060 is somewhere around 1977 - 1980, price is anywhere from a fiver to around £60 - £70 depending on condition.

... and Hi Dave. On the matter or maintenance there’s very few things that can go wrong with a video recorder that you can’t fix yourself – Provided you know what you’re doing!

I’ve a fantastic book I got a couple of years back about solving the most common problems that occur with age. It’s American and deals only with VHS but the principles involved are pretty generic to every format. It very clearly explains the tools needed, removing dirt, cleaning the tape path, cleaning or replacing heads, fixing broken boards and buttons, lubrication, as well as the more advanced stuff… and it makes it clear at what point you should put the top back on and leave it to an expert :-)

Definitely worth getting for only £14.99 (a heck of a lot cheaper than most of my engineering books) you can get it on the high street in Maplin or from Amazon –

Home VCR Repair Illustrated – Richard C. WilkinsISBN 0-8306-3711-7

Sunday 12th March 2000
1:23 am U.K.


Hi, this may be a difficult question to help me with, but here goes. I have a JVC U-Matic machine, model CR-6060E. It plays back OK, but does not record well. On recording, it seems not to record any synch signals, so the playback is watchable (just) but does not ever lock.

Tapes recorded on another machine playback just fine. Any hints, or what to look for would be great. I have some electronics knowledge, and can find my way around a schematic, but that's about it. Also, does anyone know when these machines were made, and approximate value today. Lastly - anyone have any service information I could buy for this machine?



Matt Rathney-Quinn
Friday 10th March 2000
12:40 pm U.K.


Well, if you're careful and are prepared to buy the test gear and learn how to use it you can service your own; On the other hand if you're not an electronics engineer or 'noodler' , and you need the machines for work get it done properly. London Repair Centre who have a link from the main page should be able to help in your area.

As a word of caution I know a dog-breeder who turned his attention to a perfectly good set of highband kit and completely screwed it up; NOT a stupid guy by any means, just unbelievably arrogant and wouldn't take a telling; his fnal results look like they were shot on VHS. this particular plonker was also arrogant enough to tell a duplictor it was _their_ machines at fault when they couldn't read his stuff properly. Now this clown had bought 'all' the gear and all the books and just ploughed in there ..but setting these machines up properly is a bit like a black art which takes many years to perfect.

What I'm basically saying is don't tinker unless the machines have a non-critical role and you can put it down to an educational experience or funds really are so limited that there's no alternative.


Friday 10th March 2000
12:02 pm U.K.


I run a student TV station, which still runs on U-Mat. Most of our machines are starting to show degraded picture quality. Does anyone have any servicing manuals/tips. Is it worth trying to do it ourself, or best to take it elsewhere? If so, how much should we look to pay? (We are in central London)

Thanks in advance,


Walter Steenvoorden
Wednesday 8th March 2000
1:27 pm U.K.


Hi, i think it would be a great idea to open a site for 1 inch tape!, i myself have 2 1 Inch Cintra Machine's, Cintra is an east-german professional standard build by Robotron Elektronikwerke. Yep the same guys that made stazi telephone bugs, stazi computers etc. I Believe cintra is the best analog 1 inch system, with separte R,G,B-channels and a higher tape speed then sony's 1 inch system. It's better then U-matic or Hi 8 or even M-II!.Only editing takes up a lot of time.Does anyone have spare parts for Cintra machines (i.e. Robotron CV20's)

Charlie B
Tuesday 7th March 2000
10:10 pm U.K.


Hi folks,

I've a load of tapes recorded on a Sony Portapak back in the early '70s which I'd like to convert to a current format.

Someone gave me a VTR which will probably play the tapes, but I've no compatible screen.

Can anyone recommend a PC video card which might be programmed to capture the composite video which (if I recall correctly) is 405 line monochrome.

Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

Tuesday 7th March 2000
11:42 am U.K.


Hi,I'm a total novice with these u-matic tapes but i want to supply an advertising company in my country.I presently stay in Indonesia,so can you please tell me a)the nearest place to buy it around here and the price I should expect for one.b)if it's adviseable to buy it in Europe than in Asia 'cos it's actually going to Africa.Thanx in advance.

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Monday 6th March 2000
10:37 pm U.K.


Hi Mark,

As Tom said standard composite video outputs and inputs are available on all Umatic machines; As a non-Linear source they work just fine and the lack of Y/C connection really is just a moot point.

The Y/C on the dub jack BTW is very different from S-Video; In theory it should be possible to fit a Y/C socket but I see no need to bother myself.

As a shooting source even low band Umatic is a good alternative to SVHS. Though the resolution is theoretically akin to VHS, good tv pictures are not dependant on lines alone...

I shoot a lot of _Very_ low budget stuff and only resort to SVHS when ahndling difficulties preclude the use of a Umatic portable..

Like Tom says ..go for it!

Tom Mountford
Sunday 5th March 2000
9:44 pm U.K.


Sorry guys, mistyped my email on last message. A thought just occured to me, why not have a page for one-inch? I know it's not exactly a format most would consider for use in their desktop video system(machines over 70Kg!) but it's still a damn good performer and goes for much the same prices as U-matic.

Tom Mountford
Sunday 5th March 2000
9:32 pm U.K.


Hi Mark, all U-matic decks have composite video in and out on BNC connectors (socket adaptors are only a quid if your card takes video via phono). More recent decks do have a YC socket but unfortunately this is different to S-Video. Most low-bands have phonos for audio in and out together with three-pin cannon sockets. Hi-bands only seem to have cannons so you may need to wire up a few custom leads. U-matic gives far greater pictures than S-VHS. It's also far more stable, hard wearing and can go a lot more generations - and it's cheap. Go for it!

Sunday 5th March 2000
2:10 pm U.K.


Who can help me to find the servicemanual for the Sony BVU 850 -P ?Thanks !

Sunday 5th March 2000
4:16 am U.K.


I am currently doing some non linear editing on a miro capture card,using S-VHS as a source. I'd like to be able to go from a 3/4 source into the computer, but I'm not sure if that is possible to do with my system. The only inputs into my capture card are either composite or S-VHS. Can I use a 3/4 U-matic with this computer editingsystem? Any info would be great.Thanks! marcarri@idt.net

Excess Stocks
Sunday 27th February 2000
1:14 am U.K.


We have a large inventory of SONY UMATIC, SONY BETACAM SP, SONY PROFESSIONAL, JVC PROFESSIONAL, CAMERAS, LENSES, EDITORS, EFFECTS, FLIGHT CASES, TAPES, etc that we wish to dispose of - We're going fully digital.

We also have a large inventory of photographic items for sale including, Nikon, Hasselblad, Olympus, Minolta, Manfrotto, Zeiss, Linhof, Ilford, Kodak, Bronica, etc.

All equipment is working and in MINT+ to good order.

Please email us for a detailed list and any pictures you require.

William Oosterman
Friday 25th February 2000
8:49 pm U.K.


William Oosterman413 Edgewood Ave. ~ Ottawa ~ Ontario K1Z 5K6 ~ CanadaPhone 613-722-1893 ~ Fax 613-722-1338 ~ Home Phone 613-728-4530 ~ Email williamo@echelon.ca

I am offering the following for sale:

Sony 3/4 Inch Recorder-Players

Sony 5850 Recorder-Editor-Player $595.00 USDSony 5600 Recorder Player $250.00 USD

Also:Sony 1100 LaserMax MDP (Multi disk player- plays fordiff. sizes of disks) $250.00 USD

Sony Projector VPH 1030Q Good working condition,with a remote (cord) controller, $750.00



Gianni from Italy
Thursday 24th February 2000
2:38 am U.K.



Gianni from Italy
Thursday 24th February 2000
1:44 am U.K.



Matt Rathney-Quinn
Thursday 24th February 2000
1:38 am U.K.


Hi Keith,

The CR 6600 is a much later model than the 6060 .. It's actually quite a sophisticatedmachine with Direct Drive drum and capstan, servo reel system, microprocessor logiccontrol of the transport. It has 5X search in both forward and reverse and can assembleedit although I don't think there's a flying erase head. It would normally be teamed with aCR 8200 to form an edit suite ..the 8200 being the editor.

All in all a very good machine; top loading, possibly one of the last of that ilk. Quitepretty. Could be anything up to 20 years old. For serious use stick to later Sonys if youhave a choice but these _are_ nice! Don't pay too much for one though; These are old top loaders; most Sony 5 7 and 9 series you see are vastly overprices and these old JVCs fall way behind..

Matt Rathney-Quinn

Kai Hoffmann
Wednesday 23rd February 2000
2:35 pm U.K.


and again:i wanted to copy some old lowband things ane therefore i ve got the 5850 and a 440 remote from a friend: my 5630 doesn t seem to work with the remote...hell...it searches ONLY BACKWARDS...anyone knows? cable problem?

Keith McHugh
Tuesday 22nd February 2000
5:04 pm U.K.


Does anyone have any info on JVC u-matics. I have a CR-6060E which seems a basic player/recorder but have been offered two CR6600 any idea what the difference is between these two models.


Walter Steenvoorden
Monday 21st February 2000
10:52 am U.K.


Hi, I have just launched a Text-tv service and would like to use some U-matic players/recorders i have with the text-tv server. Does anybody know, if there's software wich could "jump-start" the playbuttons and also run text-tv! (the guy who has to go to our studio in the middle of the night to paste in the video stuff is getting a bit grumpy!). I also have a For-A editing machine wich i use for day-time programming (with PVW/BVW series Beta), wich has a 9 pin "CTL/B - IN" and 2 9 pin "CTL/B - OUT" connectors wich are not in use, could i "hot-wire" the For-A to get the U-mats to "jump-start"?

GreetZ and Congratulations on a support site wel done!

Walter J.F. Steenvoorden Marketing Director, AROS TV

kai hoffmann
Sunday 20th February 2000
5:37 pm U.K.


hi!a new problem: i need a power supply for a sony bvu800p.you may fax: 0049 511 414848thanx a lot!

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Saturday 19th February 2000
7:59 pm U.K.



Sadly, probably not, unless your player has been modified to playback highband tapes.

That said you have a good camera and recorder there; good edit suite too. It might just be possible to acquire the highband conversion or find an highband machine that will act as play in. Of course your 5850 is low band so the end result will be low band, that's no great hardship though and you may well be able to upgrade later...

Saturday 19th February 2000
6:35 pm U.K.


Sony Compatibility?


Being a new enthusiast I thought I might draw on your expertise. I just received an old school Sony 5850, 5800 and Sony 440. Will I be able to edit the footage we shoot from a DXC 3000 and BVU 150 on this system? I am not clear as if SP format and the highband Umatic equipment are compatible. Any help would be great.

Excellent site!



James Burch
Friday 18th February 2000
7:37 pm U.K.


Brand new video heads for the following:BVU-820P (DUR-26R) £350, VP-5030/5630/5800P (DUR-23R) £150.

Friday 18th February 2000
2:30 am U.K.



I am a volenteer at a student TV station. We currently have a number of VO-2630 machines which need valuing for internal and insurance purposes. As far as I know they are in pretty good condition. Does anyone know how much:a) it would cost to replace themb) they would actually be worth if we were to try and sell them (hey, do people still want these?)



Martin Gustafson
Tuesday 15th February 2000
10:06 am U.K.


Do you want to buy my Sony VO 5630 u-matic?With RF modulator and four cassettes.

price: 699 USD

E-mail me if you´re interrested

Gianni from Italy
Sunday 13th February 2000
1:53 am U.K.


Y have connected my VO-9800 with tbc FOR-A320 via dub cable for luminance signal and composite for crominance in the y/c input of tbc.Now when y play low band recorded tape, the levels are good but when y play HB or SP,luminance go down and croma go up.What can y do? thank to all.

Mikko Uusitalo
Wednesday 9th February 2000
12:22 pm U.K.


I'd like to how much my U-matic Sony VO-9600P recorder is worth. I'm not so much looking for offers than the real price. And then there is this Hitachi "portable" U-VCR-S SV-340. What's that worth?

Tom Mountford
Monday 7th February 2000
10:08 am U.K.


JAMES!!! At last someone like myself! I'm a collector of un-loved production kit in the UK. We'll have to set up an international charity for the rescue of people's electronic cast-offs :-)

My driving lessons are already booked for the summer, so in the not-to distant future I'll be able to pick up dead and dying kit from anywhere in the country. Low-bands, BVUs, Oxide Betas, One-inch, tube cameras, mixers, TBCs, monitors etc... They'll be a full on my website which I'm rebuilding at present.


Matt Rathney-Quinn
Sunday 6th February 2000
2:06 pm U.K.


A little off-topic folks, hope nobody minds too much.

Panasonic F10 or F15 camera wanted. Must be in good working order.VCR or PSU not really required though if one's thrown in it mightbe a nice sweetener

Will pay up to £100 for F10, £120 for F15. No offers above theseprices; the cameras just aren't worth any more! UK only, I'm locatednear Edinburgh and will travel as far as Newcastle or Aberdeen.

Happy to pay in folding fun tokens so long as I get at leasta handwritten receipt; Personal purchase so no VAT or paperworknonsense ..I just want a receipt in case the thing turns out to benicked or summat.

Friday 4th February 2000
6:53 pm U.K.


U-matic equipment for sale - low band,high band & SP mains machines and portables for sale.Also edit controllers,monitors,TBC's,waveform monitors,vision mixers & audio mixers.email for full list or check list out at http://www.mvsvideo.co.uksteve

James Paterson
Friday 4th February 2000
9:19 am U.K.


Hello I am a keen collector of early television and video gear such as cameras, video recorders etcI am always on the lookout for old stuff that people seem to just throw away. I am located in Ballarat Australiaand was wondering if anybody has or knows of any old equipment that is for sale or donation whatever the state of the it (working or not).As I am thinking of starting a museum one day. Also if anybody wants pictures of any old equipment let me know as I can send them over the net nowPlease feel free to contact me (e-mail only) and drop me a line.hope to speak to you soon,

James Paterson

Paul Mullins
Thursday 3rd February 2000
8:37 pm U.K.


Hi I am Paul from Adelaide Australia, I am looking for a circuit diagram for a SONY VO-5630 or any wiring details on the remote and dub connectors.Thanks In Advance

Thursday 3rd February 2000
10:25 am U.K.


I have the following for sale, one low band edit suite comprising of:1 x VO 5850, 1 X 5800 & RM440 Complete with cables in good working condition asking 1600.00 1 X VO7040 in A1 condition asking 550.00

Wednesday 2nd February 2000
2:42 am U.K.


A cable television outfit I worked for (now shut down) has about 5 VP-5040 in fair shape that they would sell cheap. Any interested parties can email me and I'll pass the message to the responsible parties. Of course, they are in Arizona and most everybody posting here seems to be from the continent, so shipping might be prohibitive. Dunno.

Jan H.Pedersen
Saturday 29th January 2000
6:59 pm U.K.


Hello,out thereU-MATIC. Sony VO-9850P edit recorder,with time-code boardBKU 705 for sale. Mechanically and cosmetically in very faircondition.Only 700 POUNDSThanks.PS. Im are in Denmark

David Canham
Thursday 27th January 2000
5:04 pm U.K.


Following portable units required:-BVU110, BVU150, VO6800. Please contact me if you are selling any of the above recorders. Thanks

Friday 21st January 2000
9:24 pm U.K.



Kai Hoffmann
Thursday 20th January 2000
11:24 am U.K.


ouhhh... just forgot: i am looking out for an IVC 8000 TBC/FramestoreKai Hoffmann

Kai Hoffmann
Thursday 20th January 2000
11:22 am U.K.


hii ve to synchronize a sony vo-9600p - do i have to use a tbc or can othersignals (blackburst, mixed syncs ...) used to get it in sync?thanks a lot, kai hoffmann

The Sinclair Company
Wednesday 19th January 2000
10:34 am U.K.


We have 3 x Sony U-matic lo-band's to sell. 2 x VO5630 1 x VO5850P

Any reasonable offer will be concidered.Contact either by e-mail or by Tel: +44 171 437 9532

Tim James
Monday 17th January 2000
3:33 pm U.K.


I have 3 VP-7040's, 1 x 5630, 1 x BVU-150p portable recorder, 1 x VO-9800, 1 x VO-9850, 1 x BVE -800 edit controller. All in excellent condition.

I am open to reasonable offers for part or all of above.

Tim, Cardiff. UK

The world's heavist BVU-850 user
Monday 17th January 2000
1:02 pm U.K.


I would like to buy a Portable U-matic recorder preferably a PAL BVU-110 / BVU 150 or a VO-6800, or any other portable High Band SP recorder , i will be connecting it to a Ikegami ITC-730 camera and use it in a Betacam/Avid enviroment (BVW-2600,BVW-1400 ,BVU-850 and A Mac G3), Also i would love to buy an Ikegami HC500P or HL /P- series.

Richard Schestak
Sunday 16th January 2000
10:26 pm U.K.


Looking after AC500CE AC Adaptor and Carrying Handle for U-Matic Portable BVU150p mail me,Traders only in the German Area

Saturday 15th January 2000
4:56 pm U.K.


FOR SALE: Sony VO5630 VCR PAL/Secam/NTSC. £250 (will ship anywhere in UK free or add postage for rest of the world)

Andrew Nicholson
Thursday 13th January 2000
4:49 pm U.K.


Hello, I have just purchased a SONY BVU-110 portable umatic recorder but I don't know where I can get the 'mini' umatic tapes from.I'm in melbourne, Australia which makes it harder!!!Can I buy them online somewhere???


buble blbl
Thursday 13th January 2000
1:14 am U.K.


hi alltogether

wish a good slide into the new yaer

so we :my friend and I are in possession of a editing umatic peace/pairtwo time VO5850 with an RM440soif anybody is interested in, than as usual just mailWe ve no idea about the prizes and we re both not very used to this kind of engines

best and by

The world's heavist BVU-850 user
Wednesday 12th January 2000
1:48 pm U.K.


I have taped the dutch TMF Video yearmix on a BVU 850 and it sounds and looks just great - by the way happy new year !

Jeff Porter
Tuesday 11th January 2000
9:50 pm U.K.


Hi All,Ihave a Sony VO-2630. Unit will not record.Has anyone any ideas.

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Sunday 2nd January 2000
12:50 pm U.K.


Well if nobody else is going to do it I will....


And long may your Umatics whirr.....


Wednesday 29th December 1999
11:44 pm U.K.


Hi I am looking for one or two if possible vp6800 portable umaticshas any one got a pair they dont need any more or would sell or trade cheap.i would be most grateful .Sw England but will travel to collect. Many Regards. Chopper

Wednesday 29th December 1999
4:53 am U.K.


hi folks-- any one intrested in new umatic tapes 20-30-60's have several cases of these and quite a bit of good used 10-20-30-60's allso. the new tapes are just that new some still sealed in the cases all of the tapes come with the clam shell locking cases. brands are sony-ampex-memorex-3m-& scotch. email me for what you would want and first come first served. i checked new prices on these and will do what is fair .on the used tapes make me an offer and we will talk. thank you

Tuesday 28th December 1999
3:10 pm U.K.


Does anybody have any information on a GTC IFC-30 interface for '5' series u-matics. I have two units but without the leads. The interface (similar to a SONY IFC-500) converts parallel remote data to serial on a 9 pin rs422 connector. If anybody has any information, such as a service manual or spare leads, I would like to hear from you.Thanks-James

Monday 27th December 1999
3:03 pm U.K.


FIN: Minulla on SONY VO 8800 nauhuri ja tarvitsisin siihen akut. Olisiko kellään myytävänä vaikka vialliset. Lisäksi tarviten ko. laitteeseen manuaalit. TARJOA.

UK: I have SONY VO 8800 portable recorder and I need 2pcs. batteries and manuals. If You have some of those, Please MAIL.

Q: Meanings of ADVANCE, SHIFT, CTL/TC Buttons/Switches?

Sunday 26th December 1999
2:18 pm U.K.


Darren, RE: SP on an old lowband,I play back many a tape on my old trusty national and sony umats, the same as yours, depends what you need to see them for, I use them for cataloging, as the picture is black and white often with highlights and tears...no big deal...no good if you want to dub or anything but fine to check unlabeled tapes...

Cam MacInnes
Friday 24th December 1999
5:23 pm U.K.


I was wondering if anyone knows where on a Sony VO 5850 is the indicator for head wear? I am looking to buy one but want to be prepared. Thanks, all the best for the New Year!


Mike Nash
Friday 24th December 1999
12:26 pm U.K.


Desperately seeking to convert a Sony AV3420 tape (reel to reel circa 1979) to a currently readable format. Consider hire/purchase of original VCR if necessary - anyone....?

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Monday 20th December 1999
12:20 pm U.K.


Sorry Darren your 2630 is an elderly top loading low band machine, you'll find more details re the SP version of the format elsewhere on the site.

Thursday 16th December 1999
12:13 pm U.K.


hi, does anyone know if a sony 2630 can playback sp tapes

many thanks darren :-)

steve marshall
Tuesday 30th November 1999
8:54 pm U.K.


equipment for saleJVC RM-88U 2 machine edit control £55.00Sony BE-910 edit control £ 800. 00Sony RM-440 2 machine edit control £120.00FOR.A EC-740 3 machine edit control £500.00Sony DXC-M7 3CCD camera £1200.00Sony DXC-325 3CCD camera docked to EVV-9000P Hi8 recorder £1200.00Sony DXC-327 3CCD camera docked to EVV-9000P Hi8 recorder £1500.00Sony VO-9800 high band SP recorder £400.00Sony BKU-706 time-code generator for VO-8800 portables £80.00JVC KM-2000E 8 channel special effects generator/mixer £500.00plus many other items, call or email for full list 01303 891468All prices include VAT

Walter Steenvoorden
Sunday 28th November 1999
6:30 pm U.K.


I have encounterd problems using a Fora TBC with a BVU U-Matic machine,with my other machines mainly BVW Betacam machines it works splendid,and also with the output from the D/A converter of my Avidmachine Could someone please help me !

Walter Steenvoorden
Sunday 28th November 1999
12:31 pm U.K.


I have for sale:1 Ikegami HC-43P Portable 1 FIT-ccd revised Professional Camera1 Fujinon 22 lens2 Anton Bauer 5700 mAh Batt1 A.P.C. charger1 portable Umatic Recorder sony (stereo channel)1 portable Audio mixer (Eela Audio porta mix)1 Sennheiser MKH 40 capacitor microphone1 Sennheiser Mic-Blimp and rod1 Sennheiser hand held MD 421 Mic+ 5 XLR Audio cables+ 1 Philips BTS (=Belden) 5 pin cable+ adapter HC43 to porta VTR all in flight cases , used in the 80's for TV (ENG) purposes)

Wednesday 24th November 1999
2:13 pm U.K.


Hi, I have one U-Matic Sony VO5850 for sale Good 550,00 pounds, please send me e-mail.

Yoran Ten Brinke
Tuesday 23rd November 1999
7:54 pm U.K.


Hi guys !!!

We're a local TV station that is setting up a 'new' television studio with 9850 Sony Umatic players which are hooked to a Scala computer which can switch between the video sources and automatically broadcasts video tapes. We are using a For-A time base corrector a FA-430P... The TBC is from a few years ago and there is no manual avaliable... Could one of you please help me with that ? A basic introduction to TBC's in a studio could help me a lot. Thanks...

Reiner Müller
Sunday 21st November 1999
6:38 pm U.K.


Hi Alan,I have a JVC BR6400TR, an excellent machine!! I've also a service-manual for that, including an english owner-manual. Contact me via EMail. Reiner

Alan Paternoster
Sunday 21st November 1999
5:40 pm U.K.


Hi, I realise this could be a long shot but I need a users manual for a V0-5850P which I just picked up today,,,,,, can anyone help me out ? a web site or link or email,,,,,,,anything. I also have a JVC BR-6400TR I need a manual for, any help on either of these would be great.Thanks in advance for any help.Alan.

Reiner Müller
Sunday 21st November 1999
12:21 pm U.K.


I'm a owner of a VO-4800PS, I've seen a lot of Questions on (service-) manuals. I think you can find them for a good price here:http://schaltungsdienst.deThe online-database is quite a experience, but they have what you need. I'm satisfied about the manuals that I get from their.I don't know, if they have the docs of the NTSC-Machines.Good LuckReiner Müller Erlangen, Germany

Friday 19th November 1999
5:32 pm U.K.


Hi I need some help. I have a Sony VO-2630 -s I hooked it up to my video monitor and have no color just B&W. does anyone Know where I can find service lit or knows if this is a common prob. Thank you very much.

Thursday 18th November 1999
7:59 pm U.K.


Sony 5030 U-matic edit source player good condition (PAL/SECAM/NTSC) £150.00 (two available) plus many other U-matic machines and video equipment email for full list

Wednesday 17th November 1999
6:38 pm U.K.



Martin Evans
Sunday 14th November 1999
6:04 pm U.K.


New on the U-matic PALsite:

BVE-910 edit controllerBVT-500, BVT-810, BVT-2000 time base correctors.

Wednesday 3rd November 1999
10:31 pm U.K.


I have a lot (120) of U-matic tapes to sale!!!Send me a mail

Daniel Lipsky
Wednesday 3rd November 1999
7:33 am U.K.


Have to get rid of equipment - fast - make me an offer:

Panasonic F70 CCD// Broadcast camera WV-F70 w/case WV-CC71Sony UmaticS portable 3/4" deckPanasonic NV 9450 UvisionS 3/4" deckPanasonic Battery charger NV-B450 4 bay

Great equipment, great condition, need to sell soon. Email me if you are interested in making me an offer....Dan

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