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Monday 27th March 2017

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Gianni from Italy
Thursday 24th February 2000
1:44 am U.K.



Matt Rathney-Quinn
Thursday 24th February 2000
1:38 am U.K.


Hi Keith,

The CR 6600 is a much later model than the 6060 .. It's actually quite a sophisticatedmachine with Direct Drive drum and capstan, servo reel system, microprocessor logiccontrol of the transport. It has 5X search in both forward and reverse and can assembleedit although I don't think there's a flying erase head. It would normally be teamed with aCR 8200 to form an edit suite ..the 8200 being the editor.

All in all a very good machine; top loading, possibly one of the last of that ilk. Quitepretty. Could be anything up to 20 years old. For serious use stick to later Sonys if youhave a choice but these _are_ nice! Don't pay too much for one though; These are old top loaders; most Sony 5 7 and 9 series you see are vastly overprices and these old JVCs fall way behind..

Matt Rathney-Quinn

Kai Hoffmann
Wednesday 23rd February 2000
2:35 pm U.K.


and again:i wanted to copy some old lowband things ane therefore i ve got the 5850 and a 440 remote from a friend: my 5630 doesn t seem to work with the remote...hell...it searches ONLY BACKWARDS...anyone knows? cable problem?

Keith McHugh
Tuesday 22nd February 2000
5:04 pm U.K.


Does anyone have any info on JVC u-matics. I have a CR-6060E which seems a basic player/recorder but have been offered two CR6600 any idea what the difference is between these two models.


Walter Steenvoorden
Monday 21st February 2000
10:52 am U.K.


Hi, I have just launched a Text-tv service and would like to use some U-matic players/recorders i have with the text-tv server. Does anybody know, if there's software wich could "jump-start" the playbuttons and also run text-tv! (the guy who has to go to our studio in the middle of the night to paste in the video stuff is getting a bit grumpy!). I also have a For-A editing machine wich i use for day-time programming (with PVW/BVW series Beta), wich has a 9 pin "CTL/B - IN" and 2 9 pin "CTL/B - OUT" connectors wich are not in use, could i "hot-wire" the For-A to get the U-mats to "jump-start"?

GreetZ and Congratulations on a support site wel done!

Walter J.F. Steenvoorden Marketing Director, AROS TV

kai hoffmann
Sunday 20th February 2000
5:37 pm U.K.


hi!a new problem: i need a power supply for a sony bvu800p.you may fax: 0049 511 414848thanx a lot!

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Saturday 19th February 2000
7:59 pm U.K.



Sadly, probably not, unless your player has been modified to playback highband tapes.

That said you have a good camera and recorder there; good edit suite too. It might just be possible to acquire the highband conversion or find an highband machine that will act as play in. Of course your 5850 is low band so the end result will be low band, that's no great hardship though and you may well be able to upgrade later...

Saturday 19th February 2000
6:35 pm U.K.


Sony Compatibility?


Being a new enthusiast I thought I might draw on your expertise. I just received an old school Sony 5850, 5800 and Sony 440. Will I be able to edit the footage we shoot from a DXC 3000 and BVU 150 on this system? I am not clear as if SP format and the highband Umatic equipment are compatible. Any help would be great.

Excellent site!



James Burch
Friday 18th February 2000
7:37 pm U.K.


Brand new video heads for the following:BVU-820P (DUR-26R) £350, VP-5030/5630/5800P (DUR-23R) £150.

Friday 18th February 2000
2:30 am U.K.



I am a volenteer at a student TV station. We currently have a number of VO-2630 machines which need valuing for internal and insurance purposes. As far as I know they are in pretty good condition. Does anyone know how much:a) it would cost to replace themb) they would actually be worth if we were to try and sell them (hey, do people still want these?)



Martin Gustafson
Tuesday 15th February 2000
10:06 am U.K.


Do you want to buy my Sony VO 5630 u-matic?With RF modulator and four cassettes.

price: 699 USD

E-mail me if you´re interrested

Gianni from Italy
Sunday 13th February 2000
1:53 am U.K.


Y have connected my VO-9800 with tbc FOR-A320 via dub cable for luminance signal and composite for crominance in the y/c input of tbc.Now when y play low band recorded tape, the levels are good but when y play HB or SP,luminance go down and croma go up.What can y do? thank to all.

Mikko Uusitalo
Wednesday 9th February 2000
12:22 pm U.K.


I'd like to how much my U-matic Sony VO-9600P recorder is worth. I'm not so much looking for offers than the real price. And then there is this Hitachi "portable" U-VCR-S SV-340. What's that worth?

Tom Mountford
Monday 7th February 2000
10:08 am U.K.


JAMES!!! At last someone like myself! I'm a collector of un-loved production kit in the UK. We'll have to set up an international charity for the rescue of people's electronic cast-offs :-)

My driving lessons are already booked for the summer, so in the not-to distant future I'll be able to pick up dead and dying kit from anywhere in the country. Low-bands, BVUs, Oxide Betas, One-inch, tube cameras, mixers, TBCs, monitors etc... They'll be a full on my website which I'm rebuilding at present.


Matt Rathney-Quinn
Sunday 6th February 2000
2:06 pm U.K.


A little off-topic folks, hope nobody minds too much.

Panasonic F10 or F15 camera wanted. Must be in good working order.VCR or PSU not really required though if one's thrown in it mightbe a nice sweetener

Will pay up to £100 for F10, £120 for F15. No offers above theseprices; the cameras just aren't worth any more! UK only, I'm locatednear Edinburgh and will travel as far as Newcastle or Aberdeen.

Happy to pay in folding fun tokens so long as I get at leasta handwritten receipt; Personal purchase so no VAT or paperworknonsense ..I just want a receipt in case the thing turns out to benicked or summat.

Friday 4th February 2000
6:53 pm U.K.


U-matic equipment for sale - low band,high band & SP mains machines and portables for sale.Also edit controllers,monitors,TBC's,waveform monitors,vision mixers & audio mixers.email for full list or check list out at http://www.mvsvideo.co.uksteve

James Paterson
Friday 4th February 2000
9:19 am U.K.


Hello I am a keen collector of early television and video gear such as cameras, video recorders etcI am always on the lookout for old stuff that people seem to just throw away. I am located in Ballarat Australiaand was wondering if anybody has or knows of any old equipment that is for sale or donation whatever the state of the it (working or not).As I am thinking of starting a museum one day. Also if anybody wants pictures of any old equipment let me know as I can send them over the net nowPlease feel free to contact me (e-mail only) and drop me a line.hope to speak to you soon,

James Paterson

Paul Mullins
Thursday 3rd February 2000
8:37 pm U.K.


Hi I am Paul from Adelaide Australia, I am looking for a circuit diagram for a SONY VO-5630 or any wiring details on the remote and dub connectors.Thanks In Advance

Thursday 3rd February 2000
10:25 am U.K.


I have the following for sale, one low band edit suite comprising of:1 x VO 5850, 1 X 5800 & RM440 Complete with cables in good working condition asking 1600.00 1 X VO7040 in A1 condition asking 550.00

Wednesday 2nd February 2000
2:42 am U.K.


A cable television outfit I worked for (now shut down) has about 5 VP-5040 in fair shape that they would sell cheap. Any interested parties can email me and I'll pass the message to the responsible parties. Of course, they are in Arizona and most everybody posting here seems to be from the continent, so shipping might be prohibitive. Dunno.

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