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Thursday 23rd March 2017

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Tom Mountford
Thursday 27th April 2000
5:16 pm U.K.

Hi Stuart -

The Sony site still has sparkly brand new VO-9800 and 9850 in its catalogue and I think the VO-9000 is still selling in the US, they're listed as suitable for just about every use imaginable with the exception of broadcast TV. Interstingly APR video tape suppliers had increased the varieties of U-matic stock they sell in their last catalogue...

I don't think U-matic's taken its last breath quite yet.

Tom Mountford
Thursday 27th April 2000
5:08 pm U.K.

Just a small thing I noticed when I came for a look at the site today - the opening page says U-matic is over twenty years old, I think it may be a little more than that as Sony launched it in 1969.

Thursday 20th April 2000
1:38 pm U.K.

Out of curiosity, the "availability" of Umatic.

While ordering a few od bits for a nice old deck, the salesman at sony tells me umatic is completely discontinued, all flavours, all shapes and sizes, and to a great extent, parts are basically whats in stock except for a few popular models. He also claimed Umatic was "before my time thus I dont know anything about it except its big clumsy and old". Now Im a youngster and I know Umat. I thought Sony still released a BVU deck or two? or at least had a few umats on sale for things like medical and defence facilities? And not completely obsolete?

Eddie Nascimben
Wednesday 19th April 2000
8:09 pm U.K.


Sebastian Hoering
Wednesday 19th April 2000
6:28 pm U.K.

Hi!I got me a Panasonic(National) NV-9240 with some used cassettes.somehow I am not able to record from video in.While no cassette is loaded, I can push the record-button and the becomes lit; but whenever a cassette is loaded, the light goes out and pushing the button has no effect. Maybe some write-protection on the tape?Any clue?In despair,Sebastian

Tuesday 18th April 2000
7:53 pm U.K.

Various U-matic machines for sale, also other video equipment inc; monitors,edit controls,lights,cameras,mixers etc.Full list available at or drop us an email.regardsSteve

Russel Clark
Tuesday 18th April 2000
3:27 pm U.K.

I'm looking to purchase a Sony VP-7040. I know that Sony has discontinuedproduction these units, so I know it will be used. Please Email me ifsomeone know's where I can purchase one!!!

Gianni from Italy
Monday 17th April 2000
11:42 am U.K.

thank you Walter for the answer, but my problem is that y want use my TBC ForA320P y/c input with my VO9800P out signal; about this, y made a connection between composite out signal (from 9800) and chroma input to the y/c conn. of TBC, and between luminance out signal (from the dub out of 9800)and the luminance input to the y/c conn. of TBC.The system does function right, but the levels aren't stabilized (more for chroma but also for luma)during playback, and also some differents are, when y play LB,HB, or SP tape.What can y do? What is the problem? (on some moments, during playback, all is right)........If y ask this to sony assistance y think that they send me to.... . Hi.-)

Walter J.F. Steenvoorden
Monday 17th April 2000
7:02 am U.K.

Allan, why don't you take a look at, The Audio Engineering Society (a bit of an audio snob-club, but the info is good)!. They have a lot of info on timecode stuff.

Monday 17th April 2000
6:18 am U.K.

Hi. I'm studying at NIDA in Sydney, ive been given a project where we need to sync a sound symten to STRAND 5201 Lighting console, after looking at this SMPTE seems to be the most viable option for doing this. But since i have no money i cannot afford a timecode generator, however i have found a old sony VP-7040 umatic machine. now here's the question how do/can i get it to output SMPTE to the STRAND 520i. I would like as much information as anyone can afford. Including any info on SMPTE how it works, good web sites, data protocols etc.

thanks to anyone who can help

carl dangel
Saturday 15th April 2000
4:58 am U.K.

hi everyonei am from germany and i got a bvu 150p portable promlem is i cant record? the light rec an play goes on and the pause light flashes but i can press the pause button nothingwill hapend. can somebody answer me thanks a lot

Walter J.F. Steenvoorden
Monday 10th April 2000
7:45 am U.K.

Try getting both machines via the DUB out, The U-matic DUB IN/OUT differs from the standard DUB IN/OUT found on most domestic TV's and VCR's(s-VHS/DV/Hi-8) and professional systems (M-II/Betacam/HD-CAM etc), by having a different "transpose fase*". This problem can be fixed by using a filter or a black burst machine, sometimes a good sheilding can do miracles. Lowband tapes have a bigger noise to picture rate wich when noise reduction is on sometimes makes playback bad. When Highband or SP (Metal) tapes are used the machine will playback better.

Gianni from Italy
Sunday 9th April 2000
10:38 pm U.K.

someone can tell me why, when y connect my VO9800P from DUB out to TBC FOR-A320P(Y in of Y/C conn.) and composite out from 9800 (to C in of Y/C conn.), the luminance signal level go up or down when y playback different tapes, (SP,LB,or HB)?Thank to the guru that answer me

Saturday 8th April 2000
1:44 am U.K.

for sale in south australia, not mine I post all I see: 2x sony v0-5630 1x sony v0-5040 1x sony vo-70401x sony v0-26503x sony v0-2850some tapes - recorded on oncerather cheapall units (except 2 of the 2850's) very good cosmetic condition and mech condition(1 of the 2850's works but is really a parts machine), try out before you buy type deal

I hope this is of some help


K D Gupta
Wednesday 5th April 2000
11:56 am U.K.

I am interested in buying Sony DXC 637 complete system(Second hand but perfectly working for export) or other decent Betacam cameras. Anybody interested in selling. Please contact me on 0181-5696894(London)

Walter Steenvoorden
Tuesday 4th April 2000
12:14 pm U.K.

Hi, in reply to tribemanagment. It's possible to connect a BVU920 to a sony analog/digital serial converter (don't know the model no). Wich works perfectly with most Avid, Matrox and Silicon Graphics video stuff. This sony A/D machine also incorporates a special algorithm to get rid of nasty color-sliding and "extracts" more video RF and uses an Ikegami HC-400 like blackstretch, making it a good A/D machine it's only a bit expensive. Another good option may be Getting the BVU920 rigged to a digital TBC machine, and use the digital time word in for recording (don't know if the Matrox has one), it most of the times works almost as good. Maybe you could ask NOB in hilversum , how they do it I hope it works out!

Monday 3rd April 2000
9:09 am U.K.

Hi, We are an agency for crew in the film industry call Tribemanagement, we have a number of, DPs, cameramen and stylists on our books. They all have videos of their work, although mainly on umatic tape and some on VHS. We have purchased a rig to to edit some of their work and to take on corporate film work. We have got a Matrox R2000 digisuite and using Adobe Premier we have produced some quite good showreels from VHS, although when re-recording back onto VHS the quality can degrade. The plan is to put a lot of this work on CD ROM and try to keep everything digital (we also have a DV camera)and put some across the web for prospective clients ( have two problems. 1) We need to get an umatic player so we can start to create showreels out of umatic tape, can any one recommend a player that works well with Matrox and digisuites in general, does anybody have a 2nd hand one (we are workig to a budget). 2) Does anybody have editing experience who is looking for work. Ideal candidate would be somebody from college who is looking to get into editing, running a small company and maybe even producing short films. The money might not be great but the prosects are as we have combined this work with a WEB company called IBS who also have requirements for this work the editing company is call (location North London).

Sunday 2nd April 2000
1:01 pm U.K.

Hi there.

In SOUTH AUSTRALIA, serviced and sealed series 2 low band recorders available, these are good machines, drop me a line if you want more info - not mine I post all I see.

Also, for myself, in South Australia / Victoria (willing to travel) I am looking for a series 5 recorder, either a 5800, 5630, 5850, 5600.....along those lines....preferably a 5600 or similar mainly due to budget limitations....


Saturday 1st April 2000
6:49 am U.K.

G'day - anyone have a copy of a JVC CR-6060E schematic or circuit diagram they could supply to me.I am happy to pay for this of course.



David Sundblom
Saturday 1st April 2000
6:22 am U.K.

I have a Sony Umatic VO 2600, a Sony Tuner-Timer TT-100 and 109 Sony KCA-60 tapes. The VCR works but a tape is stuck in it and it wont eject. The tapes are in the original sleaves cardboard cartons. The tapes contain lots of football games and primetime tv shows from the 1970's. I dont know what they are worth. I am into antique tube radios and would consider trades. I'm trying to find someone who would appreciate this nice old vcr. Please email with any comments.

Thanks in advance


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