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Thursday 23rd March 2017

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Matt Rathney-Quinn
Monday 29th May 2000
10:15 pm U.K.


>>>>Sony launch the new format mpeg2 50mbs,(betasx50mbs),on year 2001.i am waiting for this moment from many years, i could'nt stand it any longer, and at last i can launch my vo9800,9850,8800 and m7 into the river.bye bye <<<<

You can launch them in my direction if you like!

Walter J.F. Steenvoorden
Monday 29th May 2000
7:16 am U.K.


Odd,Parts for a 2000 series are pretty hard to get, you could try e-bay. I used a Hitachi FPZ-31 aswell as the HL79D, and found both machine's quite good. But both do preform less then the newer models 3 chip camera's , wich in fact have become rather cheap. (Especially when you take in consideration the average tube lifetime/cost). A good Panasonic F-250 is just around 300 to 350 pounds sterling. And they give good hi res colourfull images. Or try a sony DXC-325 with an VTR adaptor their around 700 pounds.Or if you win the lottery you could go for a FIT-CCD machine , around 7000 pound. I now use (not own) a an Ikegami HL-V79W (XP) (New version from 1998, with DVCPRO), and i'm really happy with the highpreformance FIT ccd's .And i have also read a story about the 50 MB SX format. Wich is promoted by sony as the ultimate replacement for the BVW Betacam SP format (I can't hardly wait to see...). As they said about Betacam SX (Wich was going to superceed UVW Betacam). Personally i like DVCPRO50 better then the SX format. Maybe the SX50 could chaince that opinion..

Sunday 28th May 2000
10:22 pm U.K.


Sony launch the new format mpeg2 50mbs,(betasx50mbs),on year 2001.i am waiting for this moment from many years, i could'nt stand it any longer, and at last i can launch my vo9800,9850,8800 and m7 into the river.bye bye

Odd Skramstad
Sunday 28th May 2000
9:24 pm U.K.


VO2850 capstan motor / Hitachi 3 Tube camera FPZ31.

I am looking for an old Sony motor marked D-742F or D-743F (capstan motor Sony VO2850, old top load umatic)

If someone have one for sale, new or used Please email offer.

Also looking for better saticon tubes for my loved Hitachi 3 tube camera FPZ31. The tubes is HS355.

Also interested in buying FPZ31A and the CCU unit OP31.

Was this model the lates tube camera from Hitachi?

What is the best tube camera made? (I have tried Ikegami HL79D, but likesFPz31 better).

Know more people still use FPZ31? I have Vo9800/9850 and VO8800,bought them new and still in use. But will consider buying timcodecard for my VO9850, any offers?

Any info at all, Please email me!

Thanks from Odd Skramstad, Norway. (GREAT SITE!)

Walter Steenvoorden
Saturday 27th May 2000
8:23 pm U.K.


Matt, i think the VO8800 is a good idea, and then some good editing on BVU900 series Dynamic Tracking and ofcourse a good cam. The M-7 is quite good, but i personally would favour a Ikegami 3-Chip (They work really good with bad lighting) something like an HL-43 or something. But their expensive, just like using an Arriflexx 35, thru a telecine. PS to every one intressted the !NTSC! VP 9600 i'm offering has now been tested and works a+ o.k. I just had to resync the reel system. ! Bigfoot on U-matic go for it !

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Saturday 27th May 2000
2:19 pm U.K.


Re; Bobby's Big foot.....

Sorry Clive this REALLy has to be done on high band.... Lighting could be a problem too. Bigfoots are notorious for their rough skintone which is quite unflattering on camera. Personally I@d go for an M7 and an 8800 or possibly we might just advise Bobby to stop smoking the leaves off his Gandpa's special smokin bush....

Saturday 27th May 2000
8:10 am U.K.


Has anyone got a lead for an abekas A34 solo they want to sell (goes from control panel to main frame) or a wiring diagram would be very helpful.Thanks steve

Walter Steenvoorden
Thursday 25th May 2000
5:29 pm U.K.


Hi, everyone. I've got a VP 9000 (NTSC !) wich i need to get rid off.The guy that brought the machine in said it worked, and was disposed of due to their station upgrade. I have serviced the machine as far as possible (headdrum cleaning, dust removal, exterior cleaning). But since i don't have a 110 V, 60 Hz powersocket in my house i can't check the machine on it's playback function. Although the machine is very clean, the head seams almost new and i think the unit has been serviced quite often, i still haven't tested it. The machine also has a BKU 701 build in. (A 25 pin (RS232C) control unit wich lets you control the unit from any terminal (PC with Hyperterminal (standard in windows) i.e.) with hayesstyle-commands. (i don't know, but could be obtained from sony Broadcast and Professional) Make me an offer.

Thursday 25th May 2000
2:42 pm U.K.


To BOBBY RE the Bigfoot!

I think you should get a nice camera / v0-4800 combo or something and get an interview with him on tape, edit it up with a nice little 5800/5850/rm440 combo and sell it for megabucks to the press


Thursday 25th May 2000
6:17 am U.K.


I'm looking for a free or inexpensive technical manual for a Sony VPH-1030Q Three barrel color projector.

Bobby Thomas
Wednesday 24th May 2000
7:07 pm U.K.


to whom it may concern,i know the location of a living BIGFOOT.i go to annapolis high school in michagin.my grandparents own a cabin up north near hougtain lake.i don't know if i spelled the name right.it stays in this cavern nearthe back of our property.i found it but it was injured.i gaveit food and i see it every time i go up north.i haven't told anone cause i fear they will kill it,ron test's on it,or put it incaptivity.WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Saturday 20th May 2000
5:20 pm U.K.


Hi everyone,

I got a Sony U-matic VO-7630. I know, these machines are used e.g. in studios. Is it worth keeping this ? Does anybody know how old the VO-7630 series is ? Is it a cheap or a "better" series ? And how much is this machine worth ? Lot of questions... :-)I hope someone can help me, please mail me ?GreetingsAlex

Friday 19th May 2000
9:37 am U.K.


I am disposing of a number of old U-matics from a London Teaching Hospital, anybody interested please e-mail me.

Walter J.F. Steenvoorden
Wednesday 17th May 2000
2:52 pm U.K.


Sony has stopped it's US sales for the VO 9800, although it still in stock at B&H and Vidicomp USA, but still sells the VO9850. Also the editing console RM450 has been removed from sony's B&P catalog for this year.. The VO 9800 has been followed up by a price drop of sony's industrial Hi8, sVHS, and DVCAM equipment. Betacam SP prices still remain rather high. (I geuss this is due to help boost sales of the Betacam SX format, wich has been blocked by Philips BTS, Ikegami , Panasonic and Hitachi, who all turned over to DVCPRO !)

Bill Davis
Tuesday 16th May 2000
7:08 pm U.K.


I recently purchased a used Sony VO-5600, but the owner's manual was not included. Does anyone out there have access to an owner's manual for this machine, from which I can obtain a copy?

Tim James
Tuesday 16th May 2000
1:54 pm U.K.


Sony U-matic SP equipment for sale:Edit recordersEdit ControllerSony DXC Video CameraSony Portable U-matic SP recorder

all in excellent condition. E-mail me for further details.

Luis Gutierrez
Monday 15th May 2000
3:24 pm U.K.


Hello! I've bought (2nd hand) a Sony VO9850 + VO9800 and a video editing controller RM-E700. But I wasn't given any manuals,can anyone help me telling me how to get copies of the user's manualsof these devices? Thanks in advance!

Walter Steenvoorden
Wednesday 10th May 2000
6:17 pm U.K.


Hi, does anybody know how to convert a 5800 machine to an 5800H (high band machine), i've seen one being converted, fitted with some new PCB's and a new head. I would like to make one with a metal head, My old but trusty dbx limiter/normalizer will function then as a noise reducer making it a fully SP-compatible machine! (i hope)

Thursday 4th May 2000
3:11 am U.K.


I recently acquired upon chance a moderately used U Matic VO-5800. The machine has some problems--when a tape is inserted, the machine suddenly "dies" after 2 or 3 seconds (and then eats the tape). Also because it was in a salvage warehouse for an unspecified amount of time, the drum might need cleaning and fine-tuning. Because it has relatively few hours of usem (According to it's past owner.), I was hoping that I could acquire information related to this problem (Hopefully, For Cheap). And if so, if I could also acquire tapes and parts to this machine.

Tuesday 2nd May 2000
2:23 pm U.K.


For Sale: 1 X VO 5850 Player/Recorder1 X VO 5800 Player/Recorder1 X RM 440 Edit controller complete with cables

All in good working condition: Asking for 1000.00

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