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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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kiran kumar d shimpi
Monday 18th September 2000
8:14 am U.K.


please send me the details regarding how they IT companies select fortheir campus recurtment,needed information on infosys , satyam , wiproand what type of questions they ask for the same.

thanking you

Walter Steenvoorden
Friday 15th September 2000
8:15 am U.K.


Reply to Theo, Are you going to air the tapes?. When using it for Broadcast a BVW or PVW (with a TBC) will give the best picture (These machines can be rented for a day from various production and facilities companies). When just dubbing for archive, presentation or whatever non broadcast purpose a simple UVW-1200 will do. To get the most out of the tapes when used with film (especcially needed when transfering SP to HDCAM or 35mm Film) is using a machine with Dynamic Tracking (Both on some models BVW and PVW).

Thursday 14th September 2000
5:33 pm U.K.


I have available a Sony BVU -800 NTSC and a Sony BVU-800p which is high and low band. I also have a VO-5630 which has been converted to PCM audio.

My company offer serviceing for all U-Matic macines (e.g. BVU, DMR, VO etc.) Also repairing other equipment.

For details either E-Mail me or visit the web site at http://www.electronics.swinternet.co.uk

Nick Cole
Thursday 14th September 2000
12:15 pm U.K.


I have decided to sell my VO-2630 if anyone's insterested. I have the VCR unit only, but also have a matching (white face, wooden sides) SONY Tuner unit for it. It also comes with two 60 Min tapes - one used uncased and one cased, used only once to verify machine was working OK.

You must be able to pick up from Cambridge (Impington)

Offers around 40 quid ?

theo liasi
Wednesday 13th September 2000
3:24 pm U.K.


thanx Walter, I think.

A little too much info!I have no idea what the tapes were recorded on, but I can only assume since they come from a pro film company that it would be using pretty much up to date hardware. They are Pal and they are in stereo, other than that, the only thing I can tell you is that they are 30min long.All I need to do is view the thing and hopefully copy it or trnasfer it to another medium.

Walter Steenvoorden
Wednesday 13th September 2000
2:24 pm U.K.


Theo, it depends on what kind of machine they have been recorded. A BVW60 BetaSP player will play everything, whilst a UVW or PVW will not playback the 3rd and 4th audio channel (If available). The BVW series will reproduce the best qaulity. Also A DVW (Digital Betacam) or DNW (Betacam SX) will also playback your SP's. But the digital machines don't record SP!

Michael Prior-Jones
Wednesday 13th September 2000
1:33 pm U.K.


During a clearout, we've come across a Sony VO2630. Would anyone like it, or it'll go in the skip...If you can collect it from York, so much the better, as it weighs about 25kg!Donations to a poor starving student TV station would be appreciated.We're also on the lookout for Panasonic F10 Mark 2 or F15 cameras, or anything better at a price we can afford.


MichaelTechnical Director, York Student Televisionhttp://ystv.york.ac.uk/

theo liasi
Wednesday 13th September 2000
9:27 am U.K.


I am curious to know what kind of recorder / player I need to view some Betacam SP tapes?and what would be the best way of transfering them for webcasting?


Tuesday 12th September 2000
2:15 pm U.K.


Hi there,My Sony VO-5800PS doesn t accept some tapes. When i try to load them,the machine is repeating to wind the tape in FF direction for a second,then stops, winding, stop, win.....I think the machine searches for the magnetic tape, skipping the clear tape at the beginning so it might think .Are those tapes trash or is the sensitivy of the sensor too high?And i m also looking for a Service-Manual for the VO-5800PS with TBC.

Thanks for helpPeter

James Burch
Monday 11th September 2000
8:35 pm U.K.


Two Sony VO-8800p u-matic field recorders (both faulty) and a box of spares (boards, motors, etc), also a VO-6800p, 150 the lot. Full service manual for a VO-8800p, 30. SONY BVU-110 NTSC 100.

James Burch
Monday 11th September 2000
8:19 pm U.K.


Two VO-8800p u-matic portables (both faulty) and box of spares (boards, motors etc). Also V0-6800p, 150 for the lot. Full VO-8800p service manual 30

Tom Mountford
Saturday 9th September 2000
4:01 pm U.K.


'Ello everyone!

Yes, there's a lot of difference in prices and you can easily waste more than a little money on equipment if you don't shop around. Quite simply with old kit I'm usually only willing to pay what it's major components would be worth (i.e. I'd see an HL-79D camera as around twenty-odd quid of tubes and an old lens - incidentally if you want to get rid of one I'd be interested). If it's pretty much obsolete then I think it's rather unfair of the seller to demand too much money for the little, if any, operational value they think it may still have. That's why I usually get hold of kit directly from people in the biz who know a machine's real value and don't ask me too much for it. Unless it can be sold for more than a couple of hundred the big dealers just aren't interested, hence the OTT prices on some U-matics just so they can try and get some money back on them.

I'd absolutely love to have a BVU -950 (if anyone has one knocking-around that they wouldn't mind parting with for double-figures please contact me!) The 950 is a lovely deck but frankly I could buy something new and digital for much less. A 950 with TBC and timecode would usually be priced at way over a thousand pounds in the back of the trade mags, which is just stupid - there's nothing of great electronic value inside and it's operational value, being analogue composite, isn't exactly worth much either.

Many people seem to have over-inflated ideas of what their old kit is worth, just because a camera or something has a little 'broadcast' or 'pro' badge stuck to the front some people take it to mean that it's automatically worth a lot of money no matter what age or condition it's in.

Saturday 9th September 2000
11:39 am U.K.


geee wiz!

here in Australia I dont see second hand umat gear much, and it falls into two categories in terms of price, either dirt cheap, or unrealisticly expensive. At government auctions the vp-5000's sometimes only get $5 or $10 ($3-$6 US) and the 5040's or 7020's get anywhere upto about $30 max, with recorders like the 5630 going for $50-$70 and 5800's going for about $ 200 (about 130 US). Then theres the people who sell it in the cassifieds, and ask crazy amounts like $650 (about 400 US) for vp-5040 for example, and never seem to sell them, I wonder why....

but umat SP or BVU's go for alot more chippies.....

and as for old top loaders, I bought a pair of sony editors and an old edit controller with a national recorder and 20 tapes in excelent nick for $25. But I guess it means being in the right place at the right time, as I have only managed to find 2 decks at government auctions so far, but Im told they pop up alot.

with low band stuff is weird, you might see someone selling a machine for 50 bucks, but then wanting 10 bucks each for their tape stock of say 200 tapes...

hope this is of some interest


PS: Tom, mothers are considerate creatures, especially when you have 28 VCr's in the living room, 7 in the bedroom and another 20 odd out in the garage ;)

Tom Mountford
Friday 8th September 2000
7:12 pm U.K.


Hi Gary,

It depends on how much the buyer wants it, but if it's in good condition then you could expect to get between 100 and 150 quid, possibly a little more but people tend to buy recorders as they're more useful things to have around. U-matic still sells well though.


Thursday 7th September 2000
8:50 pm U.K.


Hi All, I have a Sony VP5000 player and was wondering what it is worth? Its been hardly used and since I don't have any umatic tapes all I can tell is that it lights up when I turn it on. Any help or info would be appreciated


Loc Collignon
Wednesday 6th September 2000
10:24 pm U.K.


Hi there !I have an Umatic Player SONY typ VP-7040, I search the pin description of the TV outlet. Can you help me ?Please email @ angel@sangneuf.net.


Tom Mountford
Tuesday 5th September 2000
9:53 pm U.K.


Hi Steven -

As far as I know the only connection provided for edit control on domestic or 'semi-pro' camcorders is LANC (usually a little blue jack socket). U-matic doesn't have this feature so frame accurate control and editing between the two machines is a no-go unfortunately. I don't know if you have a U-matic edit pair but apparently digital formats copy remarkably well to low-band, so if you can bear adding another generation to the editing process you could dub all your rushes to U-matic 60s then cut from those. Which is more important, picture quality or being able to get your edits where you want them?

I never like having to assume people are novices (for all I know you may have a couple of decades more experience in video than I) but how are you using the machine? Are you just slamming the deck into RECORD from STOP at the cut point? If you are then this may be one possible source of the break-up, it's known as crash editing as there's no pre-roll for the tape to get up to speed hence the picture problems at cut points. Try and put the machine into RECORD+PAUSE then release the pause button when you want to begin recording, it's a slightly 'softer' way of crash editing.

Is the 'break-up' like a single greenish or monochrome band across the top quarter of the first frame after the edit? OR is is a single frame of black? Series 5 decks are I think +/-2 frames accuracy, meaning you could fall off the end of the outgoing shot resulting in a flash-frame.

I'm certainly no expert when it comes to linear suites but I've always assumed that unless there is some sort of timecode reference coming into the recorder or already laid-down on the tape's timecode track then the best you'll get is a crash edit. Series 5 machines only have a Minutes:Seconds counter, so would I be right in thinking that the only way to get to their timecode signal is via an edit controller?

So are you 'striping' the master tape by recording black-level video and a timecode track onto it before you start editing? Frame-accurate assemble edits can't be performed properly on totally unused tape stock as the machine can't find its way to the right place on the tape.

Hope this isn't all too vague?

steven tutty
Tuesday 5th September 2000
6:28 pm U.K.


I have a vo-5850 deck, at assemble edit points, picture breaks up some what. can you assemble edit with a single vo 5850 and digital videocamcorder or should deck be up to transport speed then activate record button. insert edits appear fine. any input would be helpful

Sunday 3rd September 2000
1:41 pm U.K.


We're clearing out have a bag of old, used, U-matic and U-matic-s tapes to dispose of. Are they of any use to anyone? Or do you need more information to tell? It's not my field so I'm not sure what info is pertinant.Cambridge area

Peter Phipp
Friday 1st September 2000
2:40 pm U.K.


FOR SALE;Edit Suite comprising 2 x BVU 800 machines. Converted to record and play to SP format. Both Machines with full time code boards. One machine has detachable front control panel which is mounted on the end of a 5 metre long cable and this sits on your desk as the Edit Controller, which controls all the editing functions of both machines remotely. Also included BVT 500 broadcast time base corrector which can vary colour, Black level, contrast, sync level, freqeuncy response ( sharpness) etc.. Also special console that it all lives in. Sony UMatic SP line up tape included so you can see that it all works to spec. Excellent pictures flat to over 3mcs, and flat frequency sound channels, dub cables included. Also BVU and BVT Service Manuals. All you need are two monitors. Total cost 1500. available London. Peter Phipp.

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