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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Matt Rathney-Quinn
Saturday 14th October 2000
10:26 am U.K.



I think Ian said his problem was som non-standard power connctor ..a 3 pin mini xlr (a DIN perhaps???)


Is there any possibility of posting a picture of the socket somewhere so that we might try and help identify it? preferably with some measurements (hold a ruler next to it)

It's also worth mentioning in general that some Umatic Portables from JVC (cr4400 for instance) use a 4-pin XLR but with different wiring. I always check portable equipment before pronouncing it safe for use....

MOST, in fact almost all, DOES conform to the standard (+4 -1) convention but there are exceptions....

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Saturday 14th October 2000
10:17 am U.K.


Nice to see you're still logging on Tom; I was beginning to think you'd been eaten by a BVU <G>

John's query re remote controls has me thinking and I was wondering if anyone out there could possible post or send me the pinouts for those 33-pin remote sockets on the back of our little grey friends?

Any info on the remote 'protocol' would be appreciated too. A basic remote would be a good addition to my kit and if I do get one built I promise to post the details up somewhere on the palsite....

Roland Pickett
Saturday 14th October 2000
12:48 am U.K.


Not wishing to tell my Granny how to suck eggs, Tom, but does Jim know whether the Sri Lanka station is using highband U-matic. If they do he should be pretty careful about which 5 series machine he is going to use to record pal onto. We all know about pixikits etc. but a BVU machine would be a safer bet. Now where did I see one advertised?

Tom Mountford
Friday 13th October 2000
9:52 pm U.K.


Just been mulling it over whilst I was back in the suite, there aren't any multistandard RECORDERS (so you will need to get a PAL one) but most U-matics do offer multistandard PLAYBACK. Oh well, back to work...

Tom Mountford
Friday 13th October 2000
9:24 pm U.K.


Hi Ian, the standard power connectors for portable equipment are usually 4-pin XLRs (to stop anyone plugging a power supply into an audio socket!) They look almost identical on the outside but have four pins. You can get them for a couple of quid from pretty-much any electrical/audio catalogue, Maplin or Canford do them for sure.

Ahhh, Jim - The weird and wonderful world of standards conversion. I'm sure some of the other users of the forum can put me right but I'm fairly sure multistandard NTSC machines can record in PAL when supplied with a PAL signal. That's one of the great things about U-matic, you don't need to buy a foreign machine to record or play different standards (you do with Betacam as machines are built to work on only one standard). By the way, check the specs before buying a standards converter. It might seem like passive black-box but the big-boys don't spend tens of thousands on them for no reason. Most converters look fine displaying their output on a monitor, many look okay when recorded to video but a poorly converted recording can really screw up an NLE system.

And yes, the 5630 U-matic is virtually indestructable, it's a pretty basic large-scale construction in a very solid case. Parts are still around or failing that just buy a second dead machine for spares.

Jim Skinner
Thursday 12th October 2000
5:07 pm U.K.


Greetings PAL land:

I am writing from the U.S. of A. (Lincoln, Nebraska to be precise). We have need to dub our NTSC produced television programs to PAL. The station in Sri Landa can play either Betacam or U-Matic PAL.I have run across an old well used Sony VP 5630 Multimode U-Matic here in the States (as is). Does anyone know if parts are available? Do they make a good PAL recording?Are they a reliable machine?

We really want a machine that is in good shape and reliable. Editing functions are not important. It needs to take one hour tapes. If you have a PAL recorder your willing to part with, which fits our need let me know.I have written to the PALsite sponsoring company but they have not gotten back to me yet.

FYI There is a company here TenLab <www.tenlab.com> which makes a standards converter for cheap (about 500 pounds). It converts the video to digital and then regenerates it in the new standard. It will go from PAL to NTSC and visa versa. Model TR-21 is Y/C or composite. It is not designed to feed a transmitter directly, but people say it looks good. I trust the TBC on the playback machine would straighten out any slight errors.It does not throw away or double up frames. If I can find a PAL machine we will get one, I will send along a review.


Jim Skinner CSRTEwww.backtothebible.org

BTW: Is there Society of Broadcast Engineers or equivalent in UK or other countries?

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Thursday 12th October 2000
11:14 am U.K.



Once is good. A gentle once-in-a-while is probably slightly better .....I think the problem with the other guy was that once-a-day was just a bit much :-)

...A source of bits and pieces is always very welcome and nobody wants to discourage commercial semi-commercial users from posting information. Sounds like you have a good resource there.

As a point of information does anyone have the pinouts for the 14-pin socket on the 6800?


In the august 1981 edition of 'Television' (The TV trade servicing mag ..NOT the other one ...RTS I think) there was an article on how a simple edit controller|RCU had been constructed for the 2850..... This was for a 20-pin remote though. It suggested that functions were selected simply by momentarily earthing the appropriate pin and gives pin-outs for the 20-pin socket...

,,,Not quite what you asked I know but if it helps I'll gladly pass on more info...

If anyone has the pinouts protocol for later 'parallel' controlled machines this might help in the design of a simple remote ...I too could do with building something for my 7630....

Ian Greenhalgh
Wednesday 11th October 2000
8:44 pm U.K.


I've just bought an Hitachi C1H camera but the power supply from my Hiotachi FP-15 won't fit, the connector looks like the same 3-pin mini-XLR, but the pins on the C1H seem to be slightly more closely spaced and the diameter of the connector is very slightly smaller, does anyone know anything about these connections and where I can buy a suitable plug?


Roland Pickett
Wednesday 11th October 2000
12:08 pm U.K.


For the info of various correspondents on this site, the 6800 uses twonp1 batteries, the camera connector is 14 pin, as is the M3A output, and I think I have a 5 metre cable somewhere. I think there may be aRF modulator for the 5 series somewhere also. As I informed someone the other day, I have possibly the largest new spares stock in the u.k. for BVU 200, 110, 50 etc. including motors, service kits etc.Contact me if any of this is of interest. I am not a commercial entitybut I am not a charity either. N.B. Tom, I shall say this only once.

Tuesday 10th October 2000
6:44 am U.K.



Steve Woodgate
Monday 9th October 2000
8:17 pm U.K.





Sunday 8th October 2000
9:21 am U.K.


HiI have a few U-matic machines for sale Sony VO-5030 100.00 each Sony VO-5630 120.00 each also remotes and edit controls available.Email if interested for listSteve

Saturday 7th October 2000
2:50 pm U.K.


Hi therea question about remote controls and edit controllers, because I dont know!does things like the jog shuttle and transport controls on the rm-500/580 and the rm-440/450 operate my vo-5600 and 5630 decks? or would I be better of trying to find the older still model remotes which had very SIMPLE transport controls? or does anyone know how to make a simple remote control for the big 33pin? connector on the back?



Walter Steenvoorden
Wednesday 4th October 2000
2:35 pm U.K.


In reply to the U-matic DUB to Y/C story:Does anyone still remember the Novablox system, wich allowed qaulity signal processing on an Amiga 2000/ 3000 /4000 machine?. They have one module wich converts U-matic to Y/C and Y/C to U-matic. They worked with an sync from the U-matic player and stabilize out completely digital (With those 1986 Texas instruments PGA DSPs wich become excellent stoves when clocked dubble!!!). I think their not that any expensive any more. And they had a joint NTS/PAL model "BVU dub transcoder". So if you've got an old Amiga at home and you want to dub compenent see if you can get one.

Tuesday 3rd October 2000
11:01 am U.K.


Hello,Please i need help for an EVW300 PAL Hi8 camcorder. I have SERVO problem with it. I'm looking for a service manual for it, or a photocopy or at least, informations about codes in SELF DIAG mode.Any idea ?



Tom Mountford
Monday 2nd October 2000
7:24 pm U.K.


Hi all,

I don't think the chat-page section of the site really belongs to anyone except its users, we're all regular contributors and I think we all deserve an equal say in how it's run. And 'Peter File' (that's not the most original I've heard, and not terribly funny either) It's called free-speech, and you too used it when you left your message here, so don't have a go at us for expressing our points of view. You obviously seem to have plenty of time on your hands to browse sites that are of no interest to you to post messages about how they're run. Unless of course you have a vested interested in defending Mick's posting?

I'm not into pathetic little flame wars or verbally attacking people I've never met so I shall leave it there. Lets move on and post productive messages and information about video equipment.

Walter Steenvoorden
Monday 2nd October 2000
12:59 pm U.K.


I think Tom is wright about "taking a urination" on some user of this forum. A lot of people visiting here are people who work in the professional film and video industrie. And want answers to their questions, and wan't them in an understanble way. This is not a forum wich should be used to sell of equipment by posting it 8 times, or having people post silly stuff. I don't want to sound as a snob, but keeping this forum comprehensive and neat, makes it more accesable and functional for us all.

Peter File
Monday 2nd October 2000
12:06 pm U.K.


Tom, Matt

How can you tell other people what to do on this site unless you own it! Have you nothing better to do than write long essays taking the chronic piss out of other peoples postings and web sites! Get a life!!!! Whats with gaymen.com do you get your cheap kicks from there.

Walter Steenvoorden
Monday 2nd October 2000
6:23 am U.K.


Max, try to get one of those For-A machine's they cost but give the best preformance. Also a Y/C to DUB and a DUB to Y/C machine is very hard to find these days. Try to shop around on auctions site's or (if you're gonna use it just one or two times) ask a facilities rental company if they have one.

Massimo Vincenzi
Sunday 1st October 2000
9:15 pm U.K.


I've a JVC BVU editing recorder (PR-900E). To achieve better results in tape dubbing, I need to connect the DUB ports (IN and OUT) of BVU to Y/C ports of another professional S-VHS VCR. Where can I find those converter? Does anyone can help me?Thanks !MAX - Italy

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