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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Michael Ferdie
Thursday 7th December 2000
10:05 pm U.K.


I'm looking for a PAL 3/4" deck for use as playback only to edit sound effects and dialogue against on my ProTools system. I'm looking for a 3/4" deck that has both audio left and right, plus the audio address track (on which timecode has been recorded). Does anyone know which PAL deck models have the address track accessible?


Walter Steenvoorden
Thursday 7th December 2000
1:16 pm U.K.


A sony CM3 set was used to use AVC (open reel 2 reel) with Betamax and ten pin stuff i think. I don't know if you can use the DXC machine with CM3. The CM series was marketed for consumers, whilst the DXC was marketed for (semi) professional use. The mistery connecter would probally be a Sony K-type used with Betamax and AVC systems.

The DC10+ is a good peace of hardware for grabbing, but since it cannot be used directly wiht Adobe Premier, you need to install both Studio(The standard program for the DC10 series) and Adobe Premiere. You can then capture video in Studio save it as AVI (Don't use the file export utility in studio, but just use the one grabbed directly!!) and edit later with Adobe, save again as AVI and put it out again via Studio. Also remember to download the latest firmware/driver update, if you don't after aprox 15 minutes you audio is out of sync with your videosignal. If you're gonna use it for more professional stuff, better would be to invest in a DC40/50/1000 or DV400/DV500 (Because they all work with Premiere!!)

Tony Kelly
Thursday 7th December 2000
11:56 am U.K.


Hi, I need to clear some space, and have the following for sale:1 x Sony VO-5800 (NTSC only), 2 x Sony VO-5630, 1 x 5030 (spares or repair), 1 x RM 440 (with one connecting cable), 1 x RM 500, and about 100+ 60 minute tapes (ex cable TV, all pre-recorded), and several 20 minute tapes. Anyone interested please e-mail, I am open to offers. Buyer collects from Nottingham.

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Thursday 7th December 2000
11:55 am U.K.


Yes Peter Tom's quite right when he says Umatic is far more stable. Many people get 'worried' by the fact that a lowband picture is only the same resolution (in terms of 'lines') as VHS. In fact there's an awful lot more to it than that and both VHS and SVHS achieve their performance by basically screwing the signal about. All very clever of course but there's no substitute for headroom!

Low Band umatic is subjectively better than S-VHS IMO and I prefer it to the point where I still offer it as the most basic option to my clients.

One thing I've noticed is that every now and again I get a bit of SVHS or Hi8 that I just can't capture at any sort of decent datarate. This has never happened on Umatic footage. Colours are more stable, better defined and less noisy on Umatic too.

The downside is that Umatic portables are huge. But they really are worth having and it's quite possible to get say a JVC 4400 and a Panasonic F10 combo for under a hundred quid!

Sadly it's that bulk that may well see me substitute my beloved portable with a Digital 8 walkman within the next 12 months or so. But in terms of cost.....

Talking of D8 (and indeed DV) walkmen. I'm toying with the idea of making a 'docking' case for the walkman to help give it some of the basic functionality of a Umatic .....Things like a camera socket with start stop trigger etc, perhaps some attention to the audio inputs.

I've seen a similar idea used with the walkman type DAT recorders.

Anybody got any thought on this (take it to email if you prefer)


Ian Greenhalgh
Wednesday 6th December 2000
11:51 pm U.K.


I've just acquired three pieces of Sony video kit, I'm not sure of their use, the model numbers are:

CVI-1000 video/computer interface - small box with VISCa in.out, controlS out and another mystery connector, looks like S-video.

CG-3CE Syncpulse Generator - connects via DIN plug to:

CMA-3CE Camera Adaptor. Has a 1/4" jack labelled mic, and a 10-pin camera connector on the front.

Anyone have any info on these, and their uses?

Can I use the Camera adaptor with my sony dx1800 trinicon camera?

Wednesday 6th December 2000
9:41 pm U.K.


I have a bvu -800 and a bvu-800p (high & low band) for sale.

Offers welcome!

I have a new product on my web site. It is a two channel mic amp with many features (e.g. 48V Phantom power supply, high pass filters, etc).


Tom Mountford
Wednesday 6th December 2000
8:23 pm U.K.


Peter - anything is better than VHS! The 5630 will work absolutely perfectly with your DC10, U-matic is more stable than VHS and can go down more generations than VHS, i.e. You can make a U master of your productions and take VHS copies from that. Doing it that way (as opposed to making a VHS master to take copies from) you get visibly better picture quality but also the avoidance of the hideous, ear-piercing, hiss that dubbing from one VHS to another creates. I dunno if you're shooting video8/Hi8 or the like for cutting on your DC10 but if you're serious (i.e. You're either making videos for other people or you enjoy lugging a videorecorder around with you on holiday!) then there are many reasonably priced U-matic portables around, when paired with a decent camera you'll keep the picture quality up throughout the process. There's plenty of info about portable machines in the U-matic gallery. You'll need a low-band machine (the same standard as the 5630) for compatability. It should be a great deck if it's been well maintained so make the most of it.

Tuesday 5th December 2000
8:52 pm U.K.


I have just aquired a Sony VO-5630. Is this any good for video editing or duplication? My current editing setup is a Pinnacle DC10 plus with a standard VHS deck.


Tuesday 5th December 2000
2:59 am U.K.


I have a used UVW-1800 for sale.It is in good condition and has low hrs. u.s.a.

Tom Mountford
Monday 4th December 2000
11:15 pm U.K.


Well hi-didly-ho and howde to everyone....

Oh, don't ya just love people who say "I've no idea what it's for, I don't even know if it works, is it of any use to you?" pointing to something rather pricey in mint condition. Sadly a facilties house I knew rather well moved offices recently _without telling me_ and dumped a BVP-1 camcorder, two BVU-800s and a 21" Barco monitor before the move. Damn it! I wish I knew someone who'd part with Series-9 decks for fifty quid!

Anyhow, Adobe Premiere is excellent for cutting stuff, a lot of professionals look down on it as being a multimedia thing for schools to use but I use both Premiere and Discreet edit systems professionally (one at work, one at home). Premiere is great as it has inbuilt caption generation, keying, compositing and hundreds of effects. With edit I can only cut pictures with any necessary effects done in third-party apps. Premiere doesnít have true slip-n-slide but thatís the only thing I can fault it on, in every other way it is actually far more flexible than edit or even a media composer, it's combined editng and simple graphics compositing in one due to the almost unlimited number of transparency tracks (edit just has the one!). If youíre into making short indie films then Premiere supports a fabulous plug-in named FilmFX2 which grades your video to look exactly like any type of 16 or 35mm stock, you just choose from a very long list of presets (including good thermal-imaging and night-sight filters). Iíve even graded low-band to look exactly like black and white Agfa 16mil and it looks stunningly good and very convincing.

By the way, in January BBC East looks set to re-show a documentary the company I edit for produced in 1988 about a local naturalist, Ted Ellis (who won some kind of award for the most popular local TV personality or summat on Look East). The whole thing was shot on the first piece of camera kit I ever picked up, a DXC3000 + BVU110 combi. The beeb are going from their one-inch master so Iíll be interested to see how itís held-up after so long in the archives.

Walter Steenvoorden
Monday 4th December 2000
8:32 pm U.K.


Just went by this small law firm outside of Dortmund, and picked up some nice gear. Normally us dutch people dislike germans a little bit ,one thing has to do with the second world war, and the other with a soccermach in 1974, but hey thats history .I like germans, they make great cars etc etc, and they sell gear CHEAP!!. The law firm i was at sold me 2 VO9850P's for as little as a 100 deutsch mark (about 50 dollars). They guy selling me these (Really friendly) machines (nice looking machines, low hours good taken care of etc. etc.) , told me that no one was able to get them working, they don't had any tapes, and did not have anything to test them with their Grundig TV (w/o scart or cinch). They tried to get it working by getting the video out (from BNC) to their antenna inSo i now like germans even more (I now think even belgians are smarter!!, just kidding!!). When i went home i seriously was thinking about buying in some german schlager music, but i then played the new U2 album (All that you can leave behind....) on the way back!!!.

Darren Pelick
Monday 4th December 2000
8:03 pm U.K.


Hello everyone. I'm looking for an operation manual for a Sony 3/4" U-matic SP videocasette recorder model # VO-9850. Please e-mail me if you know where i can find one. It can be the actual paperback manual or an on-line manual. Thank you.

Walter Steenvoorden
Sunday 3rd December 2000
7:51 pm U.K.


I for one , connected the video out of my "U's" and "B's" to a mixer and from the mixer to my capture board. Balanced XLR output can sometimes give a hum when connected to a capture board or audioboard. The cheapest MJPEG capture board is the Miro DC10, but then you need to capture your audio with a soundboard (wich supports DirectX because it otherwise will get off-sync!). I'm planning on upgrading to a Pentium IV 1400Mhz or an AMD 1200Mhz. I now use a 500 Pentium III wich works excellent, but then again i need more power to get the most of my VST plug-ins with Cubase VST24

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Sunday 3rd December 2000
12:22 pm U.K.


Well, you're going to need an analogue capture card; there are many on the market at varying price points and you should check this out on a newsgroup or mailing list dedicated to desktop video; You DO though need a proper NLE card with onboard MJPEG compression. Many simple TV cards don't have this and are virtually useless for editing. The AV Master, DC30 and Rainbow runner are options. You'll connect the video out socket of your 'U' to the video in socket of your card; Audio out on the 'U' to audio in on the PC soundacard (some capture cards have a soundacrd onboard; if so use it) Output back to the VCR is similar

Any decent editing application can be used to good effect; premiere is just fine as it Media Studio, Speed Razor....

Sunday 3rd December 2000
12:01 pm U.K.


Much will depend on where you are located but yes, people still use these tapes and if they're in reasonable condition the will have a modest value.

Joseph Stabb
Sunday 3rd December 2000
11:49 am U.K.


I have just purchased a Umatic recorder and I am hoping to connect it up to my PC using an editing package. Ive got a pretty fast computer (800mhz) so im thinking of Adobe Premiere!? Would this be a suitable editing package and if so how would I connect the umatic to the PC (RF maybe????). Please shine a flashlight!

Saturday 2nd December 2000
6:02 pm U.K.


Hi guy's. I have a trunkload of u-matic tapes, Used. I got this trunk at a garage sale thinking they were regular video tapes. Do these tapes have any value and is anyone interested? BK

Bil Blackburn
Friday 1st December 2000
10:46 pm U.K.


Milton Wiley are you still looking for a recorder/player?

I have a Sony 5800H. See message from Walter about that on Dec. 1, 2000. I also have 3 VO 5000 player units & maybe 3 VP 7020 players.

Let me know.

Bill Blackburn
Friday 1st December 2000
12:06 pm U.K.


I am looking for detailed infromation of the Sony 5800H. What does the H mean? is it the same as a 5800? anything like that would be helpful.


Walter Steenvoorden
Friday 1st December 2000
10:49 am U.K.


The 5800H is a special version of the 5800H wich can record highband, with > 360 (>240 on NTSC) TVL on colour or > 400 (>320 on NTSC) TVL on black and white. Most of them i've seen have been used in hospitals. The VO5800H has a bigger drum then the standard 5800 also the mechanics have been adjusted to work with Highband.

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