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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Walter Steenvoorden
Tuesday 9th January 2001
7:24 am U.K.


Video converted from DUB to S-Video or vice versa looks slighty better then composite. The main difference is less cross colour and more luminance. Hardly noticed when copyied to super VHS or, but when copied to a superior format suchs as M-II, BETACAM SP or Digital Betacam it sure is noticable. The separation used by 3(YUV) component format works better with separted Y/C signals. Playback on a monitor with a S-video socket is not that much better then with the composite socket.

John Freitas
Tuesday 9th January 2001
5:37 am U.K.


God I am still having problems with my pxyis.

Here is what is doing, I have a DXC3000 that has a sync out (I conected that to my black burst) I also have a DXC325 the DOESN'T have a sync out. Well The 3000 is working fine but the 325 has that un-sync line. What do I do when this problem happens??? Can I use a 75 ohm terminate on the other empty black burst??? any ideas???

Tuesday 9th January 2001
3:57 am U.K.



In case you dont get your Electrodub thingy fixed, you might look for a used Alta Celeris...does it same thing.

One question...how does such-processed video look?Are you shooting in s-Video and then converting/dubbing to 3/4"?I am not a big fan of s-Video, sorry dont mean to offend, just I die Umatic fan I suppose.


Andy Higginson
Monday 8th January 2001
11:48 am U.K.



We have a rather useful piece of kit - a Electrocraft Dub Box, which converts an S-Video signal into a signal that can be fed into the 7 pin dub connection on a Sony 5800 series machine. However, this has died.

Would anybody have a copy of schematics for this that they could send me?


Andy (Weymouth College)

Sunday 7th January 2001
1:32 am U.K.


My post concerning having a 2630 service manual is an error, sorry.

I do have the following though (NTSC):

VO 2860A Rev 1 & preliminary (2) Volumes

VP 2260

VO 2600

Sunday 7th January 2001
1:13 am U.K.



The VTR/TV 8p connector is a Composite Video/Audio interface, that does not support S-video.

S-video has the Luminance (brightness) & Chrominance (color) portions of the signal not only separated, but the Luminance bandwidth is boosted to the 6mhz range also.

So, S-video is not just a type of physical interface, but an electronically different type of signal so besides having a S-video connector the equipment must have the circutry to handle the signal.

There are S-video/Composite Video converters but I dont know much about them. Generally, such converters compromise the signal Quality in order to perform their functions, but that is just my opinion.

The pin-out for the 8p interface:1) n/a2) ground3) audio out4) video out5) gnd6) video in7) gnd8) audio in

Eugene Mark Sully
Saturday 6th January 2001
9:56 pm U.K.


Does anyone know if the Sony "VTR" is Composite or V/C? Also, is there a pin layout diagram???

( I am talking about that Square connector which looks really cheap and has "TV or "VTR" written on it! (Depending on what you're plugging)!

I want to use the "VTR" socket on my TV as a "S-Connector" if it an do it.

Also, on the subject, I have a PVM 2730QM Monitor. There is a 2730QM without 3 colours by the Trinitron Logo which has an S-connector on the back. IS there a Mod or where can i get a new Back Panel with S???? (The buttons are the same on the front.

Many Many thanks.


eugene Mark Sully

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Friday 5th January 2001
9:12 pm U.K.


I'm not familiar with the particular device you bought but generally there are a few points to keep in mind with vision mixers.

Any two sources you are trying to mix or switch cleanly between must be sychronised.

In a studio situation with several cameras they would all be fed as 'Master Reference'either sync pulses or black from a central Sync Pulse Generator (SPG) . In the latter case the cameras would use their genlock facility to sync up (or achieve "generator lock") with the black signal. It's also possible to use a video tape source as the master reference but in this case it must be very stable. The output from a VTR contains timing (timebase) errors which render it unsuitable for this purpose unless stabilised using a "Time Base Corrector" (TBC). Some TBC's incorporate an internal SPG and will 're-time' any incoming signal to match that reference. The TBC will also provide reference video to lock your cameras to.

Some consumer VCR's incorporate TBC's though obviously there is no external lock facility there and the sync chain will be interrupted when the tape stops and starts ...not really suitable as a master reference. I think I'm correct in saying that most Umatics will attempt to 'lock up' to any incoming signal which can make life easier with some types of TBC Mixing arrangement.

Later prosumer mixers such as the Panasonic MX50 incorporated TBC Synchroniser facilities at the input; these mixers could cut between asynschronous sources and would re-time them to their own internal SPG or the whole mixer could be genlocked to an external feed. Even with these mixers though it's good practice to genlockeverything wherever possible.

Friday 5th January 2001
7:05 pm U.K.


Hi John,It would seem that the camera/vision source is not locked to the mixer, the facility is called Genlock. The mixer should output a colour black signal for Genlocking.The TBC Time Base Corrector will provide a synchronised output from a VTR to enable it to work as part of a synchronised system.Hope this simplified explanation is of some use!!


John Innes
Friday 5th January 2001
5:11 pm U.K.



A car boot sale is what I think you call a garage sale.Thanks for responding to my question.I only have experience of video editing using domestic equipment.I am puting the output from a Sony V6000E Hi-8 video camera into the 5600 so I guess that is the same as a VCR.I would be helpful if you could explain to me what a TCB is.thanks again.John

Friday 5th January 2001
4:16 pm U.K.



...bought a Panasonic VJ 5600 Special effects generator/mixer at a car boot sale...

Excuse me for being American, but what is a car boot sale??

Also, about your question...are you running cameras thru it or video from a VTR?

If VTR then you need a TBC or a picture will roll. If cameras, the 5600 genlocks to them - check the cables/settings

I think you got a great price, If I am right guessing what 5 pounds is in USA dollars - those units selling for 250+ on eBay.

John Innes
Friday 5th January 2001
2:12 pm U.K.


I bought a Panasonic VJ 5600 Special effects generator/mixer at a car boot sale.(5, a bargain I thought!)The unit powers up and all switches seem to be operating including the mix and wipe controls.The output picture however is rolling.Can anyone advise where I might get a service manual for this unit? Or put me in touch with someone who repairs or services equipment like this.Many thanks.John Innes

Matt Rathney-Quinn
Friday 5th January 2001
12:14 pm U.K.


I've had quite a lot of equipment of late 70's early 80's vintage which has suffered from problems due to sick electrolytics. Replacement is usually not a problem and modern types are often smaller and easier to fit that their older bretheren. the thing is to be careful and systematic. Then of course your next problem may be re-aligning the camera.

Walter Steenvoorden
Friday 5th January 2001
12:02 pm U.K.


I've use several Ikegami tube machine from the 730 to the HL95E, and most earth or capity problems i saw where solved by replacing capicitators and powerfeeding blocks on the image procsessor and image distribution pcb's. Difference in electronic discharge of capacity's on ground and near zero volt levels (Ontkoppeling in dutch) can sometimes cause picture interference. Also your problem could be with the voltage needed for the wehnholt cylinder at the back of the tube (dirty contacts etc) Hope this is of some help, you could try to contact Ikegami and ask for a photocopied service manual (i got one for free for the HL-V55)

Friday 5th January 2001
3:30 am U.K.


I dont know if this is of any relevance,


I had a big older tube Iklegami (spelling??) 3 tube camera which was beautiful but it had a set of thin grey lines going from top to bottom, and after many many hours it turned out to be a short in the viewfinder somewhere to the casing, an earth short I guess. It was either the viewfinder elecronics or the wiring to/from the viewfinder shorting to the metal casing. I cant remember so well that was back in 1993.

I hope this is of some help


Nick Lansley
Thursday 4th January 2001
8:39 pm U.K.


I have just acquired a secondhand Sony VO-6800 U-matic PAL portable video recorder, and I need to know the arrangement of pins for the power socket (on the right of the machine, away from the main side-panel of various sockets).

I can experiment but would probably blow the machine apart if I got the pins the wrong way round!

Any help would be gratefully appreciated, before I have to open the deck and work it out for myself...!

Cheers, Nick Lansley

Thursday 4th January 2001
4:04 pm U.K.


I have a 2630 Service manual 4 sale

NTSC model - let me know if interested


John Innes
Thursday 4th January 2001
8:06 am U.K.


Sony VO - 2630 for sale. Good condition and working perfectly. 5 KCA 60 tapes.The VO-2630 is a workhorse U-matic play/record machine dating from the late 1970s. When connected together with a second VO-2630 or a VO-2030 player high quality transfers are possible using the DUB connector. Additional output on an 8-pin TV connector and through an RF modulator made connection to a convention TV receiver possible. The VTR features moving coil audio level meters and Audio Dub capability as well as the ability to be connected to an RM-410/420 edit controller. Offers to johninnes@hotmail.comBuyer to arrange economic shipping (This unit is extremely heavy!)

Specifications info at:http://umatic.palsite.com/vo2630spec.shtml

Roland Pickett
Wednesday 3rd January 2001
11:20 pm U.K.


Why not try and sell your wrecked Ikegami ITC 730A on our website?http://www.u-matic.com

Rein Oosterling
Wednesday 3rd January 2001
8:20 pm U.K.


Hi Mark,

I don't know the Ikegami ITC 730A. But I can give you some general advise. Because it is a slow moving horizontal line (close to 50 or 100 HZ and not locked to the frame frequency) I would check the supply or supply lines. Look for supply or supply line electrolytic capacitors which are mounted close to a heat source. An oscilloscope is very handy. If you don't have an oscilloscope you can put capacitors over the suspect caps. Be careful not to reverse polarity and don't use caps with a much higher capacitance or lower voltage. If you are not sure leave it to a technician. If you don't mind the danger of damaging parts of the camera's electronics you can experiment. Be really careful with switching mode power supplies! It is easy to damage them. Before opening the camera check for an earthloop. To check this just run the camera and monitor on batteries isolated from other equipment. If the line isn't there anymore maybe there is an earthloop. The next step is running the camera on mains and run the monitor on batteries. If the line appears again it is probably a supply problem. You have to decide for yourself how far you want to go before you send it to a repair technician for a check.I hope this was of some help,


Bill Blackburn
Tuesday 2nd January 2001
6:17 pm U.K.


I have a Sony 5800H recorder/player for sale. This unit shows only the second division on the mercury meter as far as time in use. Very clean inside However it must have been dropped or bumped. Powers up and loads but will not move tape right or unload without manual assistance. Needs work, clear plastic tape cover needs replacing as well as one of the meter lights. Will Sell for $129.00 as is plus shipping. Located in Seattle, Wa.

Tuesday 2nd January 2001
1:43 am U.K.


To Whom It may Concern...

Why dont you upgrade this forum so we can use basic HTML tags?

This is just too, too old fashioned, ya know.

Tuesday 2nd January 2001
1:40 am U.K.


<i>Apart from that I had a guy sell me a 5850 from another state here in australia, ripped me off, I recieved a 5630 with the number pried of the front and a 5850 serial sticker on the back....geez! police said they might visit him cos its fraud changin stickers n stuff.</i>

<p>That stinks..big time!

Tom Mountford
Monday 1st January 2001
12:58 pm U.K.


Happy New Year... an' all that!

I haven't vanished, I'm still here. My old Pentium 75 that I browsed the net with died so I spent the new year building a new PC for the task (now my monitor's on the blink!) As ever any queries post them on the site and they will get answered... eventually, most of us work in video during the day, and much of the evening, so questions often get responses in the early hours! <g>

BTW - The company I edit at might have quite a bit of pro audio kit to sell off some time soon so I'll have a word and see if I can post it up here.


Monday 1st January 2001
5:38 am U.K.


I have a question about a camera. I know it is not a umatic device but they go hand in hand, right? I have a Ikegami ITC 730A broadcast camera. It has a very thin, horizontal line across the monitor, that moves slowly up the screen. I know it's not the monitor because it transfers onto the 3/4 recorder. I can hook another camera up to the same circuit, using same cables and connections, and it;s not there. What do I need to do? Is there something wrong with the camera? Is there some syncronization technique required? Help!Mark

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