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Monday 27th March 2017

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Cal Sawyer
Thursday 8th February 2001
3:47 pm U.K.



Deperately needed: Service Manual for Panasonic AG-6810S PAL VHS industrial dubber (sorry, beta-folks :))

Factory manual or good photocopy are all fine. RSVP?

- cal

Thursday 8th February 2001
11:22 am U.K.


Hello Mr. Reinregarding menu of bvu 950. .. I don't have user mannual.. but definatly it is a dial menu so it is userfriendly like 9800... Unfortunately vtr doesn't have dial ..removed notknown for what as they were using by remote..so cannot enter in menu without dial.. That is why I can see only primary status.. error 2 or 1... What next?#A

Rein Oosterling
Thursday 8th February 2001
5:07 am U.K.


Hi Kitttu,

As far as I know a multysystem professional VCR does not transfer NTSC to PAL or the other way around. I don't have any experience on that subject. So maybe there is someone else who can answer that question?Lets go back to the BVU -950. Lets do it step by step. Do you have a users manual and do you know how to get into the menu? Do you realise that in order to see the menu on your monitor, you need to input a video signal? You also are able to see error codes on the display of the BVU. But then again you need do get into the menu first.Without a users manual it will be a bit of a struggle.


Wednesday 7th February 2001
11:54 am U.K.


Hello Mr Rein,back to bvu 950. .. Still not able to understand as vtr doesn't have it's dial(missing:})I couldn't check the suberror for the same..Can you give some hint?Well NTSC PAL totally diff.. Can you tell me when we use multisystem vtr say betacam or digi...When you switch the sys to ntsc do we get the outputs in ntsc form or pal form.?.. I mean for countries of pal system when there is a need to transfer of ntsc to beta..& one has one pal recorder & multisystem(pal/ntsc)player.. & if doesn't have ntsc to pal convertor is it possible? Are there such models in pal which can play ntsc cassetes & give pal outputs ?#A

Rein Oosterling
Tuesday 6th February 2001
10:24 pm U.K.


I agree with Matt. I would like to ad that not only the line and frame frequencies are different but also the chrominance subcarrier frequency is 3.579 MHZ instead of the PAL B frequency of 4.433 MHZ.PAL M comes close to the NTSC chrominance subcarrier frequency (NTSC:3.579545 MHZ, PAL M:3.5761149 MHZ)and the frame and line frequencies are the same. But the difference of 3.4 KHZ in the two frequencies means it is not compatible. And it is very unlikely that you have a PAL M SEG.


Tuesday 6th February 2001
7:57 pm U.K.


>>Is blackburst (as generated by a SEG) the same in PAL and NTSC?

No; not only that line and field frequencies are different

>>>Also, can a PAL SEG be used with NTSC cameras if you used a separate NTSC Burst Generator to Genlock the cams, run video outs to the PAL SEG?<<<

No reason why it would. The SEG isn't a passive device and will have ALL it's internal circuitry designed to deal with a PAL signal

>>>It seems to me that if the PAL SEG burst was incompatable with >>>NTSC cams, then if you used NTSC burst that the rest of the >>>circuity in the PAL SEG would not be Video standard limited and >>>operate in NTSC...

I'm afrain your logic here is flawed; ANY piece of video kit must be viewed as a complete system in it's own right designed for a specific purpose. Some kit may be switchable but that's a different kettle of fish.

Tuesday 6th February 2001
1:53 pm U.K.


<<<The Blackburst on NTSC is different from PAL. >>>

I thought this would be the case, Walter. But still wondering if a Mixer/SEG produced to run with PAL systems would work using NTSC sync/blackburst instead of the PAL black generated by the mixer itself

I may not know if this works until I actually try it, but if anyone knows more about this...post it.

Walter Steenvoorden
Tuesday 6th February 2001
7:31 am U.K.


The Blackburst on NTSC is different from PAL. The NTSC signal is composed different from PAL. Blackburst is mostly used to black tapes, adjust equipment and other stuff. Since the dynamics of the colorsignal of NTSC is way less then used by PAL, even when converted to PAL, it is not half as good as a black signal from a PAL blackburst generator. Black NTSC looks black on a PAL monitor, but when you see it on a waveform monitor, the difference is seen easily

Tuesday 6th February 2001
5:58 am U.K.


Anyone in the UK...or knows about Video standards compatabilty...

Is blackburst (as generated by a SEG) the same in PAL and NTSC?

Also, can a PAL SEG be used with NTSC cameras if you used a separateNTSC Burst Generator to Genlock the cams, run video outs to the PAL SEG?

It seems to me that if the PAL SEG burst was incompatable with NTSC cams, then if you used NTSC burst that the rest of the circuity in the PAL SEG would not be Video standard limited and operate in NTSC...

Right or Wrong...??

Walter?? Rein?? Anyone??


Alex Lerault
Tuesday 6th February 2001
5:31 am U.K.


I would like to know what is the difference between the SONY VP-7000 andVP-7020 U-matic NTSC players.

I got both models as part of a lot auction and in appearence, they areidentical with same controls.

I also inserted a U-matic SP tape recorded in SP into the VP-7020 low-bandUmatic and it played! Hmmm. Do they also play U-matic SP these conventional players? If yes, at SP resoution and specs or its a "quasi U-matic SP playback" playing SP at conventional U-matic specs?

Monday 5th February 2001
7:02 am U.K.


Hello Mr Rein,Thanks for the support.I haven't checked subcode on monitor...well I wasn't aware also ..that it shows subcode.. I tried changing worm wheel pully ^ threading belt.. & both reel motors... In vain..It lkeeps on showing these three messeges randomly. Also even if I remove sensors board for reel tables it doesn't show any change..I will try to read subcode n tell u Thanks#A

Rein Oosterling
Saturday 3rd February 2001
8:22 pm U.K.


Hi Kitttu,

There are more possibilities. Can you be more specific?Did you see your error codes in menu item 201?Did you see them on the monitor screen?Or on the display of the BVU?


Rein Oosterling
Saturday 3rd February 2001
8:06 pm U.K.


Hi Kitttu,Error 01: REEL STOP.Suberror 1: Entering the FR STOP mode from threading exceeds the prescribed time (seven seconds). Error 20: system error. Did you check the threading motor and belt?


Rein Oosterling
Saturday 3rd February 2001
7:53 pm U.K.


Hi Andie,

Are you stil looking for the manuals for a VO-9800 and BVU -950? I have them both. Do you realise that the manuals are large? Especially the BVU -950 manual. I think it wil be expensive to copy them. (I know, not as expensive as new ones). If you like, I can go to a photocopier to ask for a quote. It took me a few hours to copy the BVU -950 manual. Maybe that gives you an idea about the size of the manual. Maybe you only need a part of the manual?


Saturday 3rd February 2001
2:04 pm U.K.


Hi all,I am facing problem with bvu950p.. It is not at all loading completely.Keeps on giving errors 01,01 or 20..I tried changes both reel motors but in vain.. can anyone help me as I do not have the mannual /ext board for the samethanks#kitttu

Alain Mercier
Friday 2nd February 2001
7:49 pm U.K.


Studio for sale ????

7 SONY BVW-10 MAG BÉTACAM 500.00/Ea1 SONY BVW-20 MAG BÉTACAM 500.00/Ea1 SONY BVW-21 MAG BÉTACAM 600.00/Ea3 SONY BVW-25 MAG BÉTACAM 650.00/Ea3 SONY BVP-360 CAMÉRA 500.00/Ea1 CANON Lense J20X8,5BIE CALL2 FUJINON lense A14X8 1000.00/Ea7 SONY CCU-360 CCU 400.00/Ea3 SONY APR-5003 AUDIO 1/4" 500.00/Ea3 SONY RM-5010 RÉMOTE 200. 00/Ea10 SONY VO-5600 MAG 3/4" 200. 00/Ea1 SONY VO-5800 MAG 3/4" 600.00/Ea2 SONY VP-7000 MAG 3/4" 400.00/Ea3 SONY BVU -800 MAG 3/4" 700.00/Ea2 SONY BVU-820 MAG 3/4" 800. 00/Ea1 SONY BVU-850 MAG 3/4" 500.00/Ea6 SONIFEX MICRO-HSX Call1 SONY remote RCP 3631,for BVP360 500.00/Ea1 SONY remote RCP 3620,for BVP360 500.00/Ea

Price for all : 7500.00$ USD

If interested E-Mail me back

Best regards


Friday 2nd February 2001
6:49 pm U.K.


Hi All,

A small selection of Sony Low band UMATIC equipment for sale.

Sony RM440 Edit controller, cables (33 pin) Operations and full service manual. Original box as well! £100

Sony RM500 Remote controls x 2 £25 each

Sony V05630 Low band Player/Recorders x 2 £120 each

Sony VO5850 Edit deck. Ops manuals & full service manual Best offer please.

Sony VO2630 Lowband player - top loader £10

Sony UMATIC Head Jig £40

Pyro DV Editing card. Compatible with DV & Digi-8never used still in box. Included Mediastudio version 4.0se. Should also be compatible with Adobe Premiere version 6.0 £60

All equipment is located in Bristol - Southwest UK and is testand collect only. Not able to make any arrangements as to delivery sorry :-(

For@a TG160 Title generators, one with Manual £10, without £5

Need to clear by the end of March 2001

Email for more details: Mike_g7gtn@btinternet.com

Friday 2nd February 2001
2:47 pm U.K.


can anyone tell me .. which are the sites that gives online support for fixing the problems in all pal vtrs?Either online or archive..betacam sp,umatic..not betacamsxthaanks

Andie Wilkes
Thursday 1st February 2001
11:25 am U.K.


Hi everyone!I have recently obtained some used kit and am now looking for manuals for the following:-Sony VO-9800P, Sony BVU-950P and For.A VPS-500P video production system. Copies wil do fine and I am willing to pay all expenses.

Thanks for looking

Rein Oosterling
Thursday 1st February 2001
4:52 am U.K.


Hi Mike,

I am looking for a manual for the GML 2002. Do you know where I can buy one? Is your email address correct?



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