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Monday 27th March 2017

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J. Thor
Tuesday 10th April 2001
1:42 pm U.K.


Hi !

I have a very old 1810 Umatic (PAL Lowband) machine which is working, at least sometimes. Anyone interested ? I am also selling a service manual for the VO-9800. If you have any other wishes concerning Umatic stuff, just email me, maybe I can get it for you.

Sam Sales
Tuesday 10th April 2001
11:20 am U.K.


Does anybody out there have a shoulder grip for old panasonicF10 camera or any parts at all. must be cheap. Thanks

Pete Gas
Monday 9th April 2001
6:41 pm U.K.


apologies** ERROR - WRONG EMAIL - the correct one is above ** Pete G

Pete Gas
Monday 9th April 2001
6:40 pm U.K.


Hey you'se... Do excuse the slight off topic - see, I really dig my old umatics, and would apprecaite a source of manauls /schems for 5630 etc Lowband series... But my pressing (off topic) problem is to find the little 10 pin Exterbnal VCR connector on a Panasonic F10 'system' cam (its 10 pin, wonder if its the same as a K (old 10 pin cam) conector, so's I can do an adaptor easily Pinout or souce of conn/lead most welcome. BTW any 5... series users in London ?Yours,...... Pete G ('Gas Electronics' Newington Grn, N Lond, 0771-853-7514)

Monday 9th April 2001
8:43 am U.K.


For Sale Sony U Matic VO 9800, 9850, 8800

Sunday 8th April 2001
3:35 pm U.K.


Could anyone help me locate the service manuals to a Sony VO-2860S ?

bill keating
Saturday 7th April 2001
10:20 am U.K.


looking to purchase a multi-system video tape playerUS, UK, AUSTRALIA

Rein Oosterling
Friday 6th April 2001
9:18 am U.K.


I replaced heads in a 9800 and 9850 with 2500 hours on the hour indication. No drop-outs or comettailing yet but the picture with the new heads improved a lot.

Friday 6th April 2001
9:08 am U.K.


Can anyone tell me the average hours/life expectancy of VO9800 and BVU950 video heads?

Rein Oosterling
Thursday 5th April 2001
8:11 pm U.K.


Hi Alfredo,

I have the diagrams of a CR-6650. I also had the idea to make something for Y/C input/output. I think to go from VHS to U-matic low-band shouldn't be too difficult because the frequency used for the colour in VHS and U-Matic low-band are almost the same. 686 KHZ for low-band and 627 KHZ (or is it 624 KHZ?) for VHS. I know from my own experience that when you put a VHS dub signal int a U-matic low-band dub input of a JVC TBC it accepts the VHS colour frequency MOST OF THE TIME! But I am more interested in going from HI-8 to U-matic SP. So this is from 7?? KHZ HI-8 colour frequency to 924 KHZ U-matic SP colour frequency. This is further apart. I wonder if I am able to use old HI-8 deck electronics (camcorder?) and make it work on 924 KHZ. For editing I am using a Panasonic SW -800 switcher. It is able to switch Y/C 4.43 MHZ. I am using BVU -950 VCRs. The BVU -950 doesn't have Y/C 4.43 MHZ. I can try to transport the Y/C 924 KHZ to Y/C 4.43 MHZ but than I need to add two (expensive) TBCs because the TBCs in the BVU -950 unfortunately uses only one memory for both Y and C. So there isn't anything to gain here. But I am still looking for a way to improve a few things because I know I am loosing much in the editing and dubbing processes. I also have a JVC CP-5550 and a CR-8250. They are able to dub FM to FM. This is the shortest possible way. This works amazing. Dub quality is really high. But that is only for dubbing not for editing. I am interessted in your ideas about this subject.

Laurn Wilhelm
Wednesday 4th April 2001
7:45 pm U.K.


Looking for a new or in-good-condition 3/4" umatic player. Thanks, Laurn Wilhelm.

Richard Reynolds
Tuesday 3rd April 2001
8:45 pm U.K.


Does anyone know if Sony has now officially abandoned the Umatic format as there is no mention of Umatic on their website anymore?Rich..

Tuesday 3rd April 2001
11:20 am U.K.


A thought for those umatic tech people..........

I have a 5850P with long gone video heads, now I have a wrecked 5630 with worn but workable heads, I picked them both up at auction in Australia. I simply swapped the drums, and removed the pickup assembly off the top of the 5850P drum (assume this is flying erase head pickup?) and blow me down it seems to give a pretty good picture (few drop outs I knew the heads werent great).

The heads are all the same in those series 5 decks? SHould it work so easily?



Tuesday 3rd April 2001
9:44 am U.K.


Just wondering if anyone knows where I could find U-matic tapes in Sydney, Australia - preferably new, but used would be OK as well.

Thanks, Andrew

Tuesday 3rd April 2001
6:26 am U.K.


Hi everyone... Does anyone here know how to (if it's possible) sync a VO-5800 with an ADAT tape machine so they play back in sync? i thought therewas some kind of optional connector for the 5800...? any insight iswell appreciated.

Monday 2nd April 2001
9:52 pm U.K.


Hi, does anyone have a timecode card for a BVU-800p series kicking around that they no longer require?

Alfredo Torrejon
Monday 2nd April 2001
4:07 pm U.K.


Ooops! I mistyped that JVC model number. It should be CR-6650U, not CR-6050.

Rein Oosterling
Monday 2nd April 2001
5:08 am U.K.


Hi Kay,

I can't tell you much about an ADO but I did repair once an ADO 100 and had a look at an ADO 1000. If I remember well the ADO 1000 also had component inputs and outputs. The ADO 100 that I repaired had a faulty chip. I think it was a complex ALU type chip. A new one was close to 1000 DM! It was bought in Germany by the way. After I repaired the ADO I played around with it a little bit. I was impressed with the picture quality and the effects. You have to realise that it uses a lot of energy. I am not sure but I think it was close to 1000 watts! I don't know the difference between the 100 and the 1000. (Except of the component part if I remember correctly.) The possibilities of the 100 are impressive. I hope this helps you a little bit.


Alfredo Torrejon
Monday 2nd April 2001
1:46 am U.K.


Could anyone help me locate the service manuals to a Sony VO-2610 or to a JVC CR-6050? I have been looking into modifying these decks to work with S-video. Poking around with the oscilloscope, I've found convenient places to get S-video output during playback, but the video input circuitry is complicated enough that it has thoroughly stumped me! Thanks in advance.

Kai Hoffmann
Sunday 1st April 2001
6:05 am U.K.


About Ampex ADO: Hi. I recently did see an old demo tape of an AMPEX ADO effects box.So i ll buy one somewhere this year to add it to my Umatic stuff(ok....strange hobby ...;-). My question is: As there are some models of ADO (100, 1000, 3000 ) which would be the"best buy at best price" for a two channel composite ADO which does really"strange" things (2D and 3D)to video? Thanks a lot!Kai

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