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Monday 27th March 2017

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Monday 14th May 2001
9:31 pm U.K.


Hi Mark,

I have converted a couple of pairs of Altec Lansing speakers from the USA to use here in the UK. The frequecy difference is of no concern as the power is converted to DC straight after the transformer anyway.I chose to replace the transformer in the subwoofer unit rather than use a step down transformer as the replacement transformers are quite cheap and a lot neater that having to use a bulky stepdown transformer. I sourced the transformers from Maplin Electronics in the UK and they cost about 12 and were physicaly the same size/shape as the original. Just make sure the seconadary windings are the right voltage and do not supply significantly more current that the original which if i remember is marked on the transformer itself.

Hope this helps.


Mark A. KING
Monday 14th May 2001
8:06 pm U.K.


I bought a set of Altec Lansing speakers (a subwoofer and 2 satelite speakers) for my computer in the States, where the electricity is 110 V - 60 Hz. It wasn' until I got back to Belgium that I realised the speakers needed to be plugged into the electricity. Electricity in Belgium is 220 V - 50 HZ. I can convert the voltage from 110 V to 220 V. But can I do anything so that the frequency difference doesn't damage the speakers???I would appreciate any advise I can get.

Monday 14th May 2001
2:46 pm U.K.



Just a quick questionIs there a adapter availiable to use a 2/3" image cs mount lens on a DCX-M3 (2/3" sony fitting)?Anyone got any idea if and where I could get one.

Cheers Brett

Friday 11th May 2001
11:31 am U.K.


FOR SALE - Complete editing system - (2)Sony SLO383 Betamax 1 editing decks, RM440 with 33pin remotecables, dub cable for decks, Amiga 2000HD with Video Toaster 2.0 software along with all acessories(monitor, keyboard, mouse, cable), DPS TBC, tons of assorted disks and utilities for the Amiga 2000HD. Alleqipment is in excellent condition and are fully operational. Equipment are all NTSC. Anyone interested cancontact me at beta4sale@yahoo.com.

Thursday 10th May 2001
9:30 am U.K.


Hi all,

For thoses asking about head cleaning.

Maplin Electronics in the UK stock chamois head cleaning padsThey are double sided tips and come in a pack of five for 2.49

If you are going to use these to clean your umatic have a look at thehead cleaning tutorial on http://www.palsite.com/pcat_hclean.html it is for betamax but the same principal applies.


Thursday 10th May 2001
9:03 am U.K.


Series 2 edit suite

comprising of 2 VO-2850P edit recorders and RM400EC automatic edit controller with remote cables. Just add video leads and you're away. Good condition with a great picture. 125 the lot, located in the midlands, collection prefered. brett.howard@totalise.co.uk

Charles Higgin
Wednesday 9th May 2001
5:10 pm U.K.


Hi All I've just been given a Sony U-matic Model VO-5630. No manual.It states on the front,Pal / Secam /NTSC ,does it just play these standards or does it record as well ?.Any info would be most welcome as would tips on cleaning etc,not by my self but by a engineer friend.RegardsCharles

Monday 7th May 2001
6:59 am U.K.


I have got 4 Vp-7040 video players for sale (Australia)make an offer before I get hooked

Sunday 6th May 2001
4:07 pm U.K.


Wrong place to ask really but why not try your local photography store for a lens cap the right diameter? Jessops should advse.

Jimmy Pacey
Sunday 6th May 2001
3:21 pm U.K.


Hi, I lost my lense cap for my canon mv3i mc today, Canon's support on their website doesn't even have a camcorder section so I'm stuck, where should I look? I'm just worried cuz the camera's new and cost 1100!!! Last thing I need is a knackered lense.

Walter Steenvoorden
Saturday 5th May 2001
6:52 pm U.K.


Well also Highband and SP aswell as a special medical/industrial type of u-matic NTSC where made. The reason that their are no multisystem highband/sp players/recorders is due to the fact the headdrum diameter deviates from NTSC and PAL. The medical/industrial U-matic i mentioned is the one recorded by the NTSC VO5850H wich was superceeded by Hi8 decks in most US hospitals around 1992... I use a VP9000 for playback of all these formats

Roland Pickett
Saturday 5th May 2001
6:54 am U.K.


Paul - My understanding is that NTSC u-matic is all low band. Can anyone else confirm this?http://www.u-matic.com

ken dall
Saturday 5th May 2001
5:26 am U.K.


I was wondering if anybody knows of an interface for Ampex 1 inch (vpr8) to umatic bvu protocol please FOR AMATEUR USE.

Richard Cox
Friday 4th May 2001
10:25 pm U.K.


Anybody out there skilled in digital data transfer for Sony 10/80 to 1MG "email" transmission? We may be looking for someone to work this system for a film to be shot soon in New Zealand. We need to send dailies to studio in Europe. Same gear as Lucas is using. See our website filmnelson.comCheers, R Cox

Paul Belanger
Friday 4th May 2001
8:21 pm U.K.


Can anyone tell me if a NTSC BVU 800 high band deck can record tapes that can be played back on non high banddecks?


Friday 4th May 2001
2:00 am U.K.


Anyone have any high band U matics for sale, VO-9800/9850 or BVU -950. Pal format.

Also, need service manual for BVU -950 Pal TBC board.


Thursday 3rd May 2001
5:54 pm U.K.


Hello UMATIC BUDIES...Iam looking for a VO-7630 in operating condition, Iam in NY... the big APPLE.. please let me know if you have

Roland Pickett
Wednesday 2nd May 2001
7:37 pm U.K.


Yep, I suggest there is a JVC4400 for sale at http://www.u-matic.com !

Wednesday 2nd May 2001
2:18 pm U.K.


Roger -it sounds like power problems. Have you tried the machine from a psu rather than the batteries? Otherwise it could be the threading motor sluggish - the threading ring sticking - try a bit of vaseline (but not near the tape guides) or you can adjust the meshing of the threading motor - it may be a bit tight and is not travelling the entire distance. Also you could encounter this problem with some inferior tapes where the reels tend to stick. http://www.u-matic.com

Hi there the problem is none of the above anyone other suggestions ?

steve hicks
Tuesday 1st May 2001
7:07 pm U.K.


I've stacks of Umatic kit available at laughable prices - I need the room. Kit includes an editing console (huge) with JVC KM2000 vision mixer: CEL Maurice special effects: CEL P147-30 Frame store: CEL P148 TBC: JVC RM86U edit controller: Alice 828 Audio mixer: RS2000 CCU & Cables: 2 x RS500 CCU's & cables: 2 x JVCPR 8800: JVC CR6650 & JVC CR4400 portables both with power supplies and batteries (good pictures): ForA 210 typewriter (awful - but free!) 2 x JVC320's with power supplies batteries, studio viewfinders and controls: old JVC KY2000 with remotes etc> satchler tripod with dolly: 2 x Miller Quicksets with dollys: 2 x Kw Cosmos with tripods and bits: Key West video cart (unashamed luxury!): some portable monitors and studio monitors: an Autocue with accessories: all original manuals and lots of instructions. Loads of other associated bits and pieces you would expect from someone who has worked with umatics for 30 years! Make me some offers - don't be shy, I don't offend easily! Email or phone 0117 9584400

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