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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Monday 18th June 2001
7:53 pm U.K.


Hiya David,

Blimey - that's quite a tall order, more to the point how the heck did you manage to get two decks all this way - talk about excess bagage!!!!! :)

Depending on how many tapes you need to copy it would probably be easier and cheaper to book in at a facilities house at off-peak time. It depends what types of decks you have, as far as I know only the Series-9 and decks with the BVU800 /900 prefix had seperate timecode outputs, but unfortunately I do not remember these providing a picture with burnt-in code, just the raw timecode data for an edit controller. You'd have to buy a seperate timecode reader (I think they were made by Avitel and Sony) but where you'd get one these days I haven't a clue.

However, if the deck is Series-9 or BVU800 /900 it will have an LED display on the front showing the timecode. If you've got, or can borrow, a vision mixer with a wipe facility you can hook up a camera pointing at the display and do a split screen between that and the output of the deck. Not a bad little work-around.

As for standards conversion look in the back of a magazine like Camcorder User or Video Camera - they've regularly got ads for basic NTSC to PAL conversion (make sure this is for transfering material and not just viewing it) and they are priced at 299.99. Keene Electronics Mail Order can help with these, they're on 01332 830550and their catalogue also includes basic VIDEOTEK caption generators (about five or so fonts in eight colours).

If they're beyond your budget check out websites like http://www.bblist.co.uk and search around for something like a 'For-A' caption generator or an old 'Riley Cap-Gen' (white on black 'video-typewriter' from the late seventies). They're ultra-low tech but will do the job and most people get rid of them for pocket-money prices. Don't buy an Aston no matter how cheap - they are SERIOUSLY BIG units!

I don't know about your decks but on mine (which are PAL) the little silver tag next to the AC inlet socket says 110v - 240v which says to me it should work with both voltages. BUT DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT! On the larger decks there's usually a little screw-cover next to the power supply fan which will let you select which voltage you want them to work on (it should look rather like the red slider on the back of your computer's power supply unit). That should slide from 110v to 240v (after you've unplugged it!!!) and the deck should be ready to work on our power. If the sticker says 110v ONLY or there's no red slider then look at http://www.maplin.co.uk for a voltage converter. I don't accept any responsibility for you frying your machine if you get it wrong, but then you have got two of them to go at :)

I had a mate who was a DJ (not the brightest guy I've ever met) who brought along all his gear to do a disco on a cross-channel ferry. It was a brilliant explosion when he switched on the power for the kit which he had somehow managed to attach to the ferry's internal three-phase supply, bad idea! :)

Hope that's of some help David.

Monday 18th June 2001
7:11 pm U.K.


Hi again.I'm also looking for a place to service my u-matics in the Manchester/Cheshire area Any suggestions. Thanks

Monday 18th June 2001
12:56 pm U.K.


Hi! I'm a total technophobe so bear with me. I have 2 U-matic machines that i brought back from the U.S. and would like to transfer material onto pal vhs format with time code burn in & character generation. I'm trying to find the most cost efficient way of doing this without sacrificing quality(I presume I would need convertor, dual monitor & character generator) Any suggestions on what equpment & where to sourceit.I'm also looking for the best way to power the machines given the voltage differential between UK & US. Any input would be appreciated.

Walter Steenvoorden
Monday 18th June 2001
9:25 am U.K.


i have on sale the following: 1 Hitachi FP 10, (with with viewfinder from Z one C and lens) 1 Panasonic NV-9400 (without PSU, but chargable from anything 12V, with battery). Camera comes with an polymer hard case (flightcase quality) and a recelled battery. Sony VP9000 (NTSC), JVC low band player. I have sold both Hitachi/BVV5 combo's and the Ikky/BVV5 combo!.

Sunday 17th June 2001
8:27 pm U.K.


Kent - There are very few 'like new' machines around these days (U-matic was last in regular daily use about fifteen years ago) If you want a decent one you'd better try LRC (London Repair Centre) at http://www.lrcvideo.com they're pricy but being an engineering company they do all come with a clean bill of health and you can be sure they'll work. Also try Forward Engineering who also ocassionally have a cleaned up deck or two.

I'm still after a power supply for my Trinicon. As well as an Ikky 79'I'm also after a Sony BVP330 and Hitachi FP-C1 but basically anything shoulder-held. Thanks.

Roland Pickett
Friday 15th June 2001
9:13 pm U.K.


Ghostbusters! http://www.u-matic.com

Kent Snowden
Friday 15th June 2001
8:52 pm U.K.


I am looking for like new condition u-matic. I would prefer Sony. Who can I call?

Jean-Yves Chasse
Friday 15th June 2001
4:28 pm U.K.


Hi, I have some SONY professional equipement to sell. Sony Vo-5800 video recorder go see specifications: http://umatic.palsite.com/vo5800spec.shtml Sony Vo-5850 video recorder go see specifications: http://umatic.palsite.com/vo5850ovi.shtml "Automatic Editing Control Unit RM-440" - all the cables required black and white monitor about 50 Betacam tapes of different timing everything is in perfect shape and i can delivered anywhere near montreal. Right now on the market the price is about 3500$I ask for it only 1500$CAN for everything (its a good deal!) For anyone who like to have more informationPlease just contact me at

Nick Tann
Friday 15th June 2001
10:58 am U.K.


Good morning, just stumbled across your site, I have some items you might be interested in. I work at Richmond Upon Thames College in Twickenham as a media technician and have a variety of old Umatic machines to dispose of as well as around 70 or so used cassettes. Ok I have a JVC cr8200E, vd5800, cr6600e, cr6650e, cr8250, and a vd5850 with an unknown audio fault. How about a JVC edit control unit rm-86u ? a sony auto edit control unit rm-440 ? Rolec pmx62 audio mixer ? and last, but by no means least a Teac 6 channel 2a mixer. If anyone is interested in any of these items email me and we'll have a chat. Nick T

Kris Merkel
Wednesday 13th June 2001
11:30 am U.K.


Hello U-sers,

I am looking for up to four Sony BKU-701 RS-232 Cards, Can anyone help me find them?

Thanks in advance,Kris MerkelTVCA Operations Coordinator503-629-8534 ext.124kris@tvca.org

Sunday 10th June 2001
7:57 pm U.K.


Well hi there Craig,

Complex stuff syncing sound to picture - and probably something best left to the client unless you think you've got the guts to tell them that in the course of laying-back the mixed track you've accidentally wiped the vision too! :)

You'd need a controllable Beta deck that is capable of frame accurate audio dubbing and RS232 control, something like a Sony BVW70 or BVW75. But these cost a bomb - second hand and pretty beaten up you're still looking at dishing out 4000 to 8000. And remember Beta is a steadily dying format - how long will your client continue to be using it?

When I have to send out a programme for post-prod audio or music to picture I usually burn an AVI (at 25fps) with a 44.1Khz soundtrack (both separate and interleaved with the picture) that can be layed straight onto the timeline of Cubase (getting rid of realtime capture). Maybe your client could burn an AVI and guide track to a CD for you? If they can't then look at a basic BVW22 or UVW1200 Beta player and get a video capture card for your computer to make your own guide AVI. If the client is supplying a near completed programme they should be able to get your mixed track layed-back to the master at their edit facility. You'd just need to burn a disc from the timeline.

...just a few things to think about before making a large investment in kit that isn't going to be with us for much longer. Hope that's of some help.


If your deck is a French one (which I presume it is) It will ONLY record in SECAM. However, ALL U-matic decks regardless of local standards can playback SECAM tapes on a multistandard monitor (most, if not all domestic TVs and monitors made within the past fifteen or so years can display SECAM pictures) But remember to clearly mark your tapes as SECAM so the recipient can flick the switch over on the front of their player and/or monitor

Now then - has anybody out there got a power supply/charger for a 1979-80 Sony DXC1640 Trinicon camera? I don't know the model number but it needs to go from 240vac to 12vdc @ 1A.

Also I'd love to hear from anyone with an Ikegami HL79D, alive and well, with lens, viewfinder and power supply that they wish to dispose of cheaply (it is 22 years old remember!!!). Also looking for BVU950P or VO9850P (very, very, very dirt cheap) and a Sony BVM1302 19" rack monitor in decent nick. I don't have any transport but would naturally cover delivery costs.

Drop me a mail - Ta Muchly.

Roland Pickett
Wednesday 6th June 2001
11:05 am U.K.


Bob, if you check Walter's message posted on the 5th of May, I think you will find that the "H" signifies that the machine is a hospital unit and that it only records in monochrome. Perhaps Walter can advise as to that particular model. There is a Quantel effects unit being auctioned at http://www.u-matic.com for the benifit of anyone interested . I will be happy to answer anybody's queries etc. regarding this item.

Craigy D
Wednesday 6th June 2001
9:59 am U.K.


Hi I have a small sound studio, running Cubase5, Soundforge5 on PC, with all the basic equipment needed to record, master etc.I am totally new to the Beta scene and would like to know what would be the most cost effective way for me to have a Beta system up and running. Would it mean syncronising my current set up to a Beta machine, with a TV screen? I have no idea! I would like to be able to do voice-overs/music to existing beta material, master it and have it ready for the client in Beta format.Any info would be much appreciated.ThanksCraig

Walter Steenvoorden
Wednesday 6th June 2001
6:19 am U.K.


The H on the 5800 is a black and white Highband model. It was used at hospitals and industrial video application wich required high resolution. I don't know what a 9000 series H is. Probally a hybrid system with bigger bandwith audio tracks or a modified machine wich has the same head as the 5800H.

Monday 4th June 2001
10:51 pm U.K.


Thanks for the info. Does anyone know what the VO9600H is? I see the VO9600P on this website, but the H looks different. An H is available to me cheaply, but I'm not sure if I should buy. I just need standard, lo band NTSC recording/playback.


Beth Brown
Monday 4th June 2001
2:19 pm U.K.


Well howdi partners! Nice talking to you!What are u up to you guys! Me, not much! U must check out U-maticChat Page, it's fun!

Mr. Bill
Monday 4th June 2001
2:05 pm U.K.


Does anyone have info about the Hi-Band mod for 5800/5850?

Walter Steenvoorden
Sunday 3rd June 2001
8:16 pm U.K.


Impressions on recording qaulity?. Well the basic series 1000 and 2000 record lowband, and due to their age they will give picture qaulity just above VHS. The 5000 and 7000 recorders give a very good and decent picture wich exceeds video(hi)8, (S)vhs and substain copying better then SVHS and Hi8. The U-matic-H (standard Highband) exceeds SVHS and Hi8 both, where the U-matic SP system exceeds SVHS/Hi8 by far. If you wish to have a better qaulity then U-matic, you'll end up with DV , Betacam SP or M-II

Saturday 2nd June 2001
12:42 pm U.K.


I'm looking for a portable NTSC recorder

eg: umatic NTSC portapak vhs NTSC portapak NTSC camcorder of any kind

If anyone's got something like this kicking around do get in touch.Thanks,Chris.

Friday 1st June 2001
12:46 pm U.K.


I am a french student and I need to know if the U-matic can be used in PAL, SECAM and NTSC or just on of them.Please give me an answer, it's for my studies.Thank you.

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