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Monday 27th March 2017

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Saturday 15th September 2001
4:41 pm U.K.


Hi !Unfortunately I'm kinda new to the u-matic world. I'm looking for a cheap u-matic machine with decent picture (above 300 lines) and a solid & flexible direct driven mechanism. (I'd love to get an editing machine, but that would lead to BVU -800 (+) - which is above my budget right now).I got offered the following VCR's (VTR's)JVC CP-5550E,Sony BVU-110P,VO-8800P,VO-4800PS.Now I am very interested in buying a SP capable u-matic.As far as I know the JVC isn't even HB capable, the two following Sonys are HB and the last one is a LB again. But now, after I've studied these postings carefully I stumbled across someone who's selling a SP capable 110 -he has mentioned some kind of a conversion. Was that made by a special kit - or are there special versions of 110's that do support SP. I thought the "P" after 110 stands for "PAL" but who knows.. ;) Any help appreciated.Anyone that can prove me wrong, and recommend me one of these gems.

Jeff Copelan
Wednesday 12th September 2001
10:44 pm U.K.


I have a VO-5600. I was rewinding a tape when the machine stopped. It would not perform any functions and the tape would not eject. I manually removed the tape. Now it does nothing except spin it's wheels when I first turn on the power. Please, I would be grateful for any help.Jeff

Wednesday 12th September 2001
6:59 am U.K.


This has been a horrible day...probably the most tragic day in American history.Please keep the memories of all those who died today in your prayers.

And please don't forget the following people....

The PoliceThe FirefightersThe EMTsThe civil workers (gas, water, and electric)The MilitaryThe PilotsThe mediaAnd everyone who was just trying to go to work as all of us did.The families of all those who perished so horrifically.

Tuesday 11th September 2001
5:45 am U.K.


Matt, it ain't a Series 2. That one looks to new, but the "original" looks near identical except for I don't have as many control knobs on the right side. As for getting power to it I will take your ideas as they make good sense. I agree that it was probably manufactured by someone else. Like Betamax in the fact that Sanyo made Sears and Radio Shack vcrs. Sony made Pioneer and Marantz, etc., etc. Anyway, I will let you know what happens in the near future with this unit. Later. Pepse.

Monday 10th September 2001
5:21 pm U.K.


I guess by computer cord you mean an IEC mains lead? These seem to be standard on just about everything these days. Rather than hard wire the socket (possibly a good temporary method just to see if the beast lives) might it not be an idea to consider fitting an iec or 'computer' type input socket. Particulalry if you're using the thing in the house this could be a safer alternative.

I'm almost certain this machine will be something else re-badged. Commonly Sony ad JVC made Umatics and might be tempted to guess your is a '2 series' player. Take a look at the palsite gallery and see if it physically resembles anything.

I think Umatic came into being in 1968 and I was using the format 'in anger' untill early this year; Great machines all of them!

Monday 10th September 2001
6:34 am U.K.


Matt, as Roland states all NTSC machines have our standard 110 Volt socket. And I did make it to a Radio Shack and all they have are computer cords and the type of cord that has 3 bare wires on the on end. Meaning if I don't find a proper cord soon I'll get one of them and take the cover off and hard wire it to the back of the socket area. As for Wollensak, it was (is? still) a division of 3M Company. They used to sell Beta and vhs video tapes. Since I posted my cry for help on Fri., 08/09, I have discovered that Sony is about the only Company that anyone would be familiar with. The one thing I seen on the one U Matic page mentions that the format started in the late '60's early '70's and my guess is that this Wollensak I got is probably a very early model. So, as of this time it looks like I'm sorta on my own; at least until I can find a way to power this puppy up and see what happens. And if things go good and my wife lets me play with it more (to be able to bring it in the house and leave it there). And even tho this is a player only it will still be interesting if it runs. Oh, BTW, Wollensak also made Reel to Reel audio tape players as well as audio cassette players and some other stuff. They were mainly used in schools and other institutions as well as the Armed Forces. One of my brothers stopped by this eve and said that U-Matics players are what the Army used in the '70's. Mostly training tapes. Later. Pepse.

Roland Pickett
Sunday 9th September 2001
4:25 pm U.K.


John, 9.5 cine delivers better quality than VHS. Betacam SP is reckoned to be the industry standard for quality, but still expensive.Some of the mini DV formats are very good. U-matic highband SP is probably the best economic solution, but remember that they do not have built in tuners if you are recording television programmes. They also take up a lot of space. Hi8 and SVHS formats are better than VHS if you are working in a domestic environment. It is a confusing world out there........

Sunday 9th September 2001
4:06 pm U.K.


Would it be useful to get a betacam or u-matic recorder in stead of a vhs recorder? Which one delivers better quality?

Sunday 9th September 2001
11:39 am U.K.



Most Umatics I've seen have a standard IEC mains input lead; standard in Europe that is. Are these commonly used in NTSC land? Wollensack? Never heard of them but possibly a re-badged Sony. This thing is a top loader right?

Roland Pickett
Sunday 9th September 2001
8:45 am U.K.


All the NTSC machines that I have had dealings with have had the standard 110v sockets, i.e. two flat pins and one round, and some have also had the female 110v sockets located next to that for a loop through to a monitor.

James Burch
Saturday 8th September 2001
7:47 pm U.K.


Hello U-Matic fans. I have the following machines available for sale if anybody is interested:Sony VO-9600P (600 Head hrs and as new condition) 850Sony VO-7630P 350Sony VP-7040p 300Sony VP-5040p 150Sony VP-5040P 150

Also have available a limited stock of BVU-800P series spares (boards, motors etc) and some '5' series spares, if anyone is interested.

Saturday 8th September 2001
3:18 am U.K.


Well, I don't know how to start this because after reading abit about U-Matics on the main Web page I actually feel a bit like an ass for needing any info/help. But since I'm here I'll go for broke. I live in the US and was at an auction today and for the grand total of $2.00 I got a Sony SL-8600 VCR, and a Wollensak VP-205 U-Matic VTP with about 12 tapes. If I sound abit vsague it is because I bought this stuff against my wife's better wishes, so at the moment all this stuff is in my shed. But, I am wondering if the power cord (didn't get one with it) is a special kind or is it something I might find at Radio Shack?? There is a recessed hole in the back for the external 110 volt plug. It is the sort of typical 3 prong connector. Sort of, meaning that the ground prong looks to be a bit bigger round than your standard 3 prong plug. I hope to get a cord for this so I can see if it still works. Another question? There is a tape in the unit and a lever on the machine to eject the tape but it doesn't ejct. Does it need power or.........?? Let me know if I was an ass for this aquisition or what. Later. Pepse. The guy who knows about the 1/2 inch format but is clueless about 3/4 inch.

Saturday 8th September 2001
2:39 am U.K.


anyone know how to output the phantom audio track, commonly used for sync on a Sony Umatic VO-5800

Friday 7th September 2001
3:54 pm U.K.


Anyone know where I can purchase a Sony Umatic 7040 and/or a Sony Beta UVW - 1200 RGB?

Thursday 6th September 2001
4:27 pm U.K.



I have been asked to look at a SONY model* VP-7000 U-MATIC VTR. I put in a tape, could REW, FF, PLAY, EJECT - everything worked. I put in a 30 min tape, and let it play. It got to the end, and now nothing works!!! It is displaying STANDBY. I recycled power, but it still shows in STANDBY, and will not EJECT or REW the tape.Of course I don't have a manual, or any other info. Is it in the wrong MODE??? Is it broken and not worth the trouble???Is there a good repair place for these machines??? The user still has many Training tapes he would like to refer to from time to time.As you can tell, I am unfamiliar with the U-MATIC WORLD.Any advice or info would be most appreciated from anyone out there!

Thanks in Advance,

Aaron Martin

Jay Sulfridge
Wednesday 5th September 2001
12:53 am U.K.


Have a few Umatics that need repair or rebuild. Anyone have a phone #, address, e-mail or webpage to check with Sony? Ideas on how much to put new rubber, heads, etc. on 5850's? Know a better place to get repairs done in U.S.?Thanks,Jay

Tuesday 4th September 2001
10:06 pm U.K.


Thanks Keith, for responding. The Machine is a model VO-2610 and I can't see anything in the tape path. The tape ejects and appears undamamged.

Keith McHugh
Sunday 2nd September 2001
10:46 am U.K.


The Autostop coming on normally indicates a fault. What model of U-Matic is it ? Is there a tape stuck inside it ?

Saturday 1st September 2001
2:25 pm U.K.


We have been recording church services on a Sony 3/4 U-Matic and have experienced few problems. The recorder now has an Auto-Stop light and the controls are unresponsive. We can't seem to clear the Auto-Stop. We would appreciate any help!

Tom Hellsten
Saturday 1st September 2001
4:52 am U.K.


U-matic recorders and players for saleI have 8 utmatic players and recorders (mostly low band)for sale. Some of them are not in working condition, but most of them are. They have all been in use on a broadcasting company. Prices are very low, starting from 100 FIM for those who not are i working condition, and endning up on 800 FIM for a SP player. They are located in Finland close to Helsinki. If you are interested, please contact me on my email adress.Tom

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