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Saturday 25th March 2017

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Saturday 2nd February 2002
8:07 pm U.K.


has any one got a philips /pye portable for spares? mine suddenly died many moons ago and ive now got the urge to fix it !!

Also I have extensive knowlege on the Grundig V2000 and VHS machines should anyone need advice on repairing them.. The VS 680 super vhs beast is my baby.. I trained in germany on that one !! what a beast.

James Armstrong
Wednesday 30th January 2002
4:21 pm U.K.


Does anyone have a working Philips V2000 or similar with tapes which they would care to sell? Must be cheap and, if possible, in the North of England (can collect!)

Samuel Hunt
Monday 28th January 2002
10:13 pm U.K.


Two things:-

1:- I'm looking to get hold of a Tube camera (Trinicon, Saticon, etc, all fine), for the effects. I don't know why, but there's something in me which keeps shouting "these are better quality". I guess it's just my excuse for my love of cameras with lag (if only it's the tiniest bit!)

2:- I'm looking for a service manual for a Trinicon HVC-2000PE. My friend gave me this one, and it's been totally uncalibrated. I've taken off both sides, and got an image (which actually isn't that bad, and is better than I reckon it was originally. I've got it to be low lag and high contrast. Good colour balance too), but I'm not certian it's the best it could be. Only a service manual will help me. Any ideas?

Could you please reply by e-mail?? (I know it's a lot to ask, but this chat page isn't easy to navigate. It should be made into a YahooGroup)

Mad Beta Collector
Sunday 27th January 2002
4:50 pm U.K.


Anyone got a pic of a remote control model no. TPV 355 for the Grundig 2x4 super Vcr??If so post the pic or link to me at my email address shown above

Thanks :-)

Tamas Ribarszky
Thursday 24th January 2002
12:23 pm U.K.


Wanted Grundig Video 2000 XP and casette. I am interested in any solution, any price. Please somebody ......

Christian König
Tuesday 22nd January 2002
11:28 pm U.K.


Hello,I am a great Video 2000/Betamax/VCR-normal/LP/SVR fan.Here in Germany, Video 2000er are still very common.Sometimes it is possible to get old spare parts.I have the LOEWE OC 6020, its a great videomachine.One rumor of the demise of the V2000 was, that there were so fewporn movies for this system.But there were very few rental tapes in general. They tried to offer high price tapes for the endconsumer. And they crashed with this strategy.

Steve Rowley
Thursday 10th January 2002
3:43 pm U.K.


Wanted: Philips 2840 dead or alive. Thanks.

Keith McHugh
Wednesday 9th January 2002
9:13 pm U.K.


I know this is not Video2000 question but one about one of Philips earlier machines.... Does anyone know much about repairing N1702 machines ? I've got one in reasonable condition but it won't do any tape functions, it just laces and then unlaces again. I've got a second N1702 for spares. Anyone have any suggestions ? I've already replaced the belt for the head drum and the original had stretched and fallen off.

Thanks, Keith.

Sunday 6th January 2002
12:43 pm U.K.


Wanted Recordings made on V2000 from the early 1980's prefer with adverts .

Thanks for looking

John Hall
Saturday 5th January 2002
5:12 pm U.K.


I have an N1700 nearly working, good for spares plus a number of fair-quality tapes. Anyone interested in buying? If so, make me an offer!Will deliver free 100-ish mile radius of Cambridge.

brian wyles
Thursday 3rd January 2002
7:24 pm U.K.


Hi Mike Thank you very much for you offer, I would have jumped at the chance but for the fact that I have Just arranged to buy a Phillips portable system which I located on the 'Maarketplas' link. I recommend this link to anyone who is looking for v2000 equipment. If you are still going to part with your portable perhaps someone else will contact you. If not I will shortly have a spare video camera suitable for use with the philips portable if you are interested.Thanks again for your reply.RegardsBrian

Tuesday 1st January 2002
10:43 am U.K.



who can help me? I've got a Philips VR2020 and working, but whenI play videotape you'll see red and blue stripes in pair acrossthe screen. What is causing this?


PSThe best whishes to you all for 2002

Monday 31st December 2001
6:26 pm U.K.


Hi Brian, (Tried Your ntlworld adrress but email returned)     Read your notice and wondered if you would be interested in purchasing my Pye portable.     A bit of history:     Years ago i saw it advertised in Dixons at the (then) bargain price of £299.For some reason I felt compelled to buy it and bizarrely it was only available in a Philips/Pye combination, so the tuner is silver in colour and badged "Philips" and the recording section dark grey/light charcoal badged "Pye". Excellent pictures and sound.     A year later I purchased the top (or near top) of the range Philips VR2840 , a stereo machine with remote control and extended play.I had to place a special order for it and it cost me over £600 !.......My enthusiasm was short lived because the picture quality was disappointing (oddly, extended play was better) and I couldn't return it to the dealer as it was a special order and poor picture quality to someone, may be alright to someone else.     The VR2840 failed last year, I didn't even try and repair it.Put it out for the binmen.     Back to the portable unit,the Philips tuner is under the bed and the Pye section in the lounge so both parts have been stored well. I also check at least twice a year that the main functions are OK--recording,playback,timer etc and that the picture is still very good. External appearance is also good, the Pye being in near mint or you may even class it as being in mint condition !     I would reluctantly sell them, and only together for £110 including postage costs within the UK.     The price may seem steep but i would make sure it was working fine before posting and I have every reason to believe you would be happy with it.     I also have an official Philips V2000 "Cleaning Maintenance Cassette" (for the heads) which I can include in the above price. i didn't use it much as i originally purchased it for the VR2840 and I don't as a rule like to use these cassettes preferring to use a swab and alcohol to clean heads (VHS)..The heads on V2000 are hard to access hence the cleaning cassette.     Sending you this email has bought back some memories to me.In case you want the item numbers, the Pye recording section is 22VR20 and the Philips tuner  VR2120.     Mike.    

Keith McHugh
Sunday 30th December 2001
10:25 am U.K.


I'm trying to have a clear out so I'm wondering if anyone is interested in either a mostly complete Grundig 2x4Super (power supply board is missing).Also a Philips VR2022 (not working but complete) also it's got the top lid of a Pye version so is dark grey.

Let me know if anyone's interested in either the whole machines or any parts. Both machines are located in the Cumbria/Northumberland border (not far from Haltwhistle).

Cheers, Keith.

Thursday 27th December 2001
8:56 am U.K.


Hi I found this website on christmas eve and think its great and found the 'out of retirement' very good.In the past I have owned the Grundig 2x4 plus and 2x4 stereo currently I have a Pye portable and aPhillips 2022.All functions appear to work on both but although the sound is fine on both on the Pye I do not get a picture at all and on the Phillips. The picture on some tapes is black and white with lots of interference and sometimes dissapears altogether. Other tapes do not give a picture at all. I would very much like to get a machine working as we have lots of video of the childreen when small which we would like to transfer.I would also be interested if anyone had a working machine for sale. {so that I could prove to my sons what a superior system this is} I have magazines dating from the early eighties with the reviews of various Video 2000 machines which I will list in a future posting in case anyone could use the information.If anyone could help please e mail me or post a message. Many thanks

Sunday 16th December 2001
9:51 pm U.K.



Mike Bennett
Sunday 9th December 2001
3:40 pm U.K.


Oh yes - I nearly forgot - there's a VR2022 on ebay at:



Mike Bennett
Sunday 9th December 2001
3:29 pm U.K.


Many apologies for the slightly not-v2000 related post, but I'm desperately looking for a Dynatron CTV1 / CTV2 or similar colour TV from 1968 / 1969. It's a huge dual-standard monster which works on 405 or 625 lines. See http://www.oldtechnology.net/colour.html for a Pye version of the set. It doesn't look the same, but it does have the same chassis and controls. Top money paid for the right set.

Many thanks.


mobile:07796 930429.http://www.tvmuseum.co.ukhttp://www.oldtechnology.netmailto:mikey@oldtechnology.net

Gerrit van der Heide
Tuesday 4th December 2001
11:57 am U.K.


Hi, I'm looking for schematics and service manuals from a V2334 and V2340. Both machines are working well, but want to know a little bit more about them. Does anyone know how to clean the heads ?

Cor Kooter
Sunday 2nd December 2001
7:13 pm U.K.


I've got an old Philips VR2334 recorder and some tapes recorded years ago, that I want to transfer onto VHS or -even better- onto my computer. I've been trying to transfer the recordings connecting the out-port of the V2000 to the in-port on a VHS recorder, playing the V2000 and recording on the VHS, but this only results in snow on the VHS tape. As I'm a newbie in these areas, could anyone let me know how to do the transfer, or what I need to get it done?

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