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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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Saturday 2nd March 2002
10:22 pm U.K.




Tuesday 26th February 2002
7:58 pm U.K.



I am getting a 2X4 from Germany and I'd like to use it to receive broadcasts in the UK.Is there a way to switch, or modify, the tuner to receive the sound signal on the 6MHz carrier, as it is broadcast here in the UK?



Stuart Reid
Saturday 23rd February 2002
11:15 am U.K.


Hello fellow V2000 enthusiasts. I'm clearing a bit of space in my flat and have two machines and a ton of tapes. The machines are: Philips VR2020 and Pye VR2023 - both in full working order and cosmetically very good. The Pye has the I/R sensor and a non-working remote control. I also have over 30 tapes for these machines. AND - the full SERVICE manual for the 2023. I'm looking in the region of £100 for the lot. Buyer to collect from east London. Thanks for your time guys.

Arjen Meek
Friday 22nd February 2002
12:13 pm U.K.


I have a Philips VR 2414. I use it to demodulate the TV-cable signal to video signal so that my computer's video card understands it (it has video-in). The problem is that the VR 2414 automatically shuts down after some time when it's not playing or recording. And when I just use it as a tuner, it never plays back or records so that I have to switch it back on every now and then, which is quite irritating.Now I know that one solution is to just record everything I want to watch for more than a few minutes, but that doesn't really make things any easier.So it would be nice if anyone could tell me a way to remove the auto-off feature. There must be some component inside that shuts it down, but I've no idea which it is. Ofcourse I could just analyse all the circuit boards to find out but that would take ages :-(

So anyone who knows a few things about the VR 2414 and might have an idea how to solve this, please respond.


Iain Dyche
Thursday 21st February 2002
12:29 pm U.K.


I have five V2000 machines - two Philips and three Grundig, some working and some not, three even have user manuals. I am sure that at least four of them have good heads. One of the Philips also has the remote control unit. These are now taking up valuable space that is needed for another project. I am situated in the lower Midlands (Hereford).If anyone wants to make me an offer for the lot (£75 ?? worth it for heads and power supplies alone) then let me know. If you want further details email me and I'll forward them.

Wednesday 20th February 2002
12:32 pm U.K.


I noticed that many 1970's TV shows were deleted and re-used because of rising costs in videos or they are turfed out because they take up too much space.

In Australia we had a fantastic pop music show called "Countdown" which started in October 1974 and finished around April 1987. But most of the episodes from 1974 to 1978 were deleted and re-used so hardly any episodes from then still exist. However I reckon there are people in Australia that would have either owned a Philips VCR or a VTR and taped Countdown back in the mid 70's when those shows originally aired. Now if there's ANYONE out there in Australia or even overseas who has old Countdown episodes on reel-to-reel or Philips cassette PLEASE email me because I would love to buy or trade for them or copies of them.

Also I bet there are people in UK who taped Top Of The Pops on those Philips VCRs or VTR in the 60's and 70's. If anyone reading this board has Taped early Top Of The Pops episodes on Philips cassette or VTR reel-to-reel please email me. A lot of Top Of The Pops episodes prior to 1977 were deleted. There are ABSOLUTELY NO episodes prior to 1967 however some footage still exists and I have a some of the clips on VHS tape from that "Sounds Of The 60's" program. From 1967 to 1973 not too many episodes exist. From 1974 to 1976 I guess half of them still exist. From 1972 only 2 episodes exist which is a shame. How I know this is I looked through the Popstastica Encyclopedia on the Top Of The Pops website and I looked through each episode guide. The only hope of recovering the missing episodes is on old home video tape whatever format it may be.

Also there was a really sad story with the early Dr Who episodes, a lot of the 60's episodes were burnt to a crisp to make more space in BBC archives. However more and more episodes have been recovered over the years as many copies were made for airplay in various countries around the world. Still I bet there are people out there who have some long lost episodes on reel-to-reel tape. Also although all of the 70's episodes still exist some of them only exist in B&W due to the fact the colour ones were canned. But there's always a chance of recovering the colour ones on early home video.

Anyhow as I mentioned I'm on a big hunt for Pre-1978 Countdown episodes taped when they were originally aired so if anyone has them on home video please email me. Also ABC might like to digitally copy them to Digital Beta and air them in next January's Countdown season on Rage. 1975 was a fantastic year of Countdown because there was a lot of fantastic glam rock such as:SkyhooksSherbetHushAC/DC (They were once a glam metal group)Ray Burgessetc...

And I heard Alice Cooper also performed live on Countdown in March of 1975 however I'm not so sure if that footage was kept. And the fashion was real wild that year. Also the Temptations might have done Countdown around September of 1975 as well.

I've just GOTTA get those early episodes.

Wednesday 20th February 2002
11:53 am U.K.


Did these Philips N series N1500, N1502, N1700 etc... sell in USA in NTSC format or were they sold in UK, Europe and Australia only in PAL format?

Sunday 3rd February 2002
8:56 pm U.K.


Hello ! I have got a number of good video 2000 tapes that i am willing to sell, some have films on them, some are blanks. I live in the Birmingham region. Please e-mail me if you are interested. Thanks


Saturday 2nd February 2002
8:07 pm U.K.


has any one got a philips /pye portable for spares? mine suddenly died many moons ago and ive now got the urge to fix it !!

Also I have extensive knowlege on the Grundig V2000 and VHS machines should anyone need advice on repairing them.. The VS 680 super vhs beast is my baby.. I trained in germany on that one !! what a beast.

James Armstrong
Wednesday 30th January 2002
4:21 pm U.K.


Does anyone have a working Philips V2000 or similar with tapes which they would care to sell? Must be cheap and, if possible, in the North of England (can collect!)

Samuel Hunt
Monday 28th January 2002
10:13 pm U.K.


Two things:-

1:- I'm looking to get hold of a Tube camera (Trinicon, Saticon, etc, all fine), for the effects. I don't know why, but there's something in me which keeps shouting "these are better quality". I guess it's just my excuse for my love of cameras with lag (if only it's the tiniest bit!)

2:- I'm looking for a service manual for a Trinicon HVC-2000PE. My friend gave me this one, and it's been totally uncalibrated. I've taken off both sides, and got an image (which actually isn't that bad, and is better than I reckon it was originally. I've got it to be low lag and high contrast. Good colour balance too), but I'm not certian it's the best it could be. Only a service manual will help me. Any ideas?

Could you please reply by e-mail?? (I know it's a lot to ask, but this chat page isn't easy to navigate. It should be made into a YahooGroup)

Mad Beta Collector
Sunday 27th January 2002
4:50 pm U.K.


Anyone got a pic of a remote control model no. TPV 355 for the Grundig 2x4 super Vcr??If so post the pic or link to me at my email address shown above

Thanks :-)

Tamas Ribarszky
Thursday 24th January 2002
12:23 pm U.K.


Wanted Grundig Video 2000 XP and casette. I am interested in any solution, any price. Please somebody ......

Christian König
Tuesday 22nd January 2002
11:28 pm U.K.


Hello,I am a great Video 2000/Betamax/VCR-normal/LP/SVR fan.Here in Germany, Video 2000er are still very common.Sometimes it is possible to get old spare parts.I have the LOEWE OC 6020, its a great videomachine.One rumor of the demise of the V2000 was, that there were so fewporn movies for this system.But there were very few rental tapes in general. They tried to offer high price tapes for the endconsumer. And they crashed with this strategy.

Steve Rowley
Thursday 10th January 2002
3:43 pm U.K.


Wanted: Philips 2840 dead or alive. Thanks.

Keith McHugh
Wednesday 9th January 2002
9:13 pm U.K.


I know this is not Video2000 question but one about one of Philips earlier machines.... Does anyone know much about repairing N1702 machines ? I've got one in reasonable condition but it won't do any tape functions, it just laces and then unlaces again. I've got a second N1702 for spares. Anyone have any suggestions ? I've already replaced the belt for the head drum and the original had stretched and fallen off.

Thanks, Keith.

Sunday 6th January 2002
12:43 pm U.K.


Wanted Recordings made on V2000 from the early 1980's prefer with adverts .

Thanks for looking

John Hall
Saturday 5th January 2002
5:12 pm U.K.


I have an N1700 nearly working, good for spares plus a number of fair-quality tapes. Anyone interested in buying? If so, make me an offer!Will deliver free 100-ish mile radius of Cambridge.

brian wyles
Thursday 3rd January 2002
7:24 pm U.K.


Hi Mike Thank you very much for you offer, I would have jumped at the chance but for the fact that I have Just arranged to buy a Phillips portable system which I located on the 'Maarketplas' link. I recommend this link to anyone who is looking for v2000 equipment. If you are still going to part with your portable perhaps someone else will contact you. If not I will shortly have a spare video camera suitable for use with the philips portable if you are interested.Thanks again for your reply.RegardsBrian

Tuesday 1st January 2002
10:43 am U.K.



who can help me? I've got a Philips VR2020 and working, but whenI play videotape you'll see red and blue stripes in pair acrossthe screen. What is causing this?


PSThe best whishes to you all for 2002

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