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Thursday 27th April 2017

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Marco Polak
Tuesday 7th January 2003
10:08 am U.K.


Created a group on Yahoo:


Monday 6th January 2003
11:14 pm U.K.


I have an ITT VR580 and 12 video cassettes that I wish to sell. Could someone offer a view on what this is worth? I was planning on selling all this on ebay. I should say that the player has a defect where it switches out of "play" moments after the button has been pressed. I remember looking into this at the time and it seemed like it may be a common problem witha particular sensor. Please let me know your thoughts.

Monday 6th January 2003
3:38 am U.K.


I am a proud owner of a Sony SL-2700 Beta player that has a broken transport mech. Does anyone have any helpful hints as to whether or not this can be repaired still by a Sony repair facility or whether or not the parts will be availible. Any info would help. Thanks

Monday 6th January 2003
12:41 am U.K.


For sale: complete PHILIPS VIDEO 2000 camera

Haven't got the exact model number but it's a PHILIPS portable from 83 with everything included.It was working fine last time I used it (albeit some years ago) - for filming, viewing and connected with a VHS for copying.

Camera, microphone, normal lens, wide lens, 2 batteries, battery charger, recorder in its original case with shoulder strap, cables and manual (in Swedish) as well as the receipt.

The best that money could get back in 83 :-)

Goes to the highest bidder.The camera is currently in Sweden, but can be taken to Belgium for pick-up / shipping?

Christophe BELLAY
Friday 27th December 2002
11:23 am U.K.


Hello, I have more than 200 hours of videotapes in V2000 format. These cassettes contain many memories the early childhood of my daughters. I would like to be able to view them but my Philips 2334 cannot function any more more than 3 minutes without stopping. Does somebody want to sell a video tape recorder V2000 Pal/secam well to me? Thank you.

Friday 27th December 2002
10:15 am U.K.



Thomas Elsner
Thursday 26th December 2002
6:31 pm U.K.


Hello Friends of Old Video Recorderswhen You wanted Video 2000, go to Ebay.de, Type by Search Video 2000 and see a lot ofStuff. I knew that a British Pound is ca 1,56 Euro and i think ,that You can buy good withthem in Germany.SincerellyThomasfrom Germany

Thursday 26th December 2002
4:10 pm U.K.


Hallo everybody! I'm writing from Italy. My Grundig 2x8 broke and now I have more than 300 movies that I cant see. I hope that someone can help me. I'm looking for a "new" video recorder. Ciao

Claire Gavalda
Tuesday 24th December 2002
11:41 am U.K.


Wanted: a Philips VR2020, 2021, 2022 or 2023, even in not working conditions.So that I live in France, I would like to buy a V2000 that is compatible with the Pal/Secam system. Please mail me if you have any V2000 for sale!Thanks, Claire Gavalda

Monday 23rd December 2002
10:06 am U.K.


A short and simple question, maybe not so simple to answer: Who is the inventor of the V2000 system. Is it Philips or can it also be Grundig. Does anyone have some information on this, that can be tracked. The reason for this is that I (dutch) had an argue on this item with a German. I don't mind if it is a German invention, but I have always thought that it was an invention/devellopment from the "Philips Natlab" at Eindhoven.

Monday 23rd December 2002
5:26 am U.K.



Have a look at Television magazine (try major newsagents like W H Smith) which has ads for manual suppliers and tv/vcr spares companies. Same parts may fit Philips VHS machines and still be available.


Saturday 21st December 2002
9:32 pm U.K.



already found it once i discoverd it was called a 6 pin DIN AV connector, see:


greetings, frank

Saturday 21st December 2002
9:25 pm U.K.


hi, I have owned a philips vr2023 for about 10 years now and I want to digitize my old tapes on CD-roms. I once built a audio/video composite connection for the DIN-AV outlet on the back so the signal wouldn't have to be converted into an UHF signal first.

I lost my self-soldered connectors, can anyone tell me what pins carry what signals?

As I remember they were audio and video in and out and ground.

ps. I dont mean the 20pin square connector, but the round AV 6-pin connector

thanks, Frank

Saturday 21st December 2002
2:13 pm U.K.


I have two Philips vr 2840 vcrs. They both work but I would like to clean the heads and drive spindles etc.Can workshop manuals be obtained. One of the vcrs requires a battery for the memory services are these available. Thanks

Keith A. Cheasman
Thursday 19th December 2002
12:38 pm U.K.


Looking for a good home for:

Phillips VR2023 video recorder and 6/8 tapes – inherited about 5 years ago and in occasional use since.

Picture quality fair but not wonderful – probably heads need cleaning, maybe tapes over-worn.

Sound OK unless switch to standby and then back to operate within about 10 seconds.

Instruction folder and manual

Brochure for VR2022

(Will be dumped after Christmas if no takers)

I'm based in Wollaston, Northants.home e-mail: keitha.cheasman@tesco.net

Thursday 19th December 2002
10:16 am U.K.



Saturday 14th December 2002
5:17 pm U.K.


Hi, can anyone help me find what is wrong with my Philips VR2424?

In fact it works very fine .... when it works !!I mean it is very hard to make it run in play or in fast mode. The only mode that starts easily and continues to work is the rewind (both ways are ok).I noticed that when making it play without any tape works and it helps in making it work for a while with tape inside, but after a few minutes, it will stop and disable any function. It then needs to be switched off and on again to clear.The front panel switches give the impulse but the motor stops after trying to turn for a very short time (same result with different tapes).It looks as if there was not enough power to drive the tape and the system stops automatically.Where can I check if the power supply ouput? I think it should be 5.1 volts but not sure.

Has anyone some technical manual for this model?I have a large quantity of these PAL V2000 and Betamax pre-recorded tapes and can may be help someone; if looking for something, just send me a list of what you are looking for - tapes are in english, french, dutch and german, including some Walt Disney, Warner, etc...)

Thank you a lot for your help.


Thursday 12th December 2002
6:22 pm U.K.


salut a tous

Thursday 12th December 2002
6:16 pm U.K.



Wednesday 11th December 2002
1:22 am U.K.



Bernard Benoot
Sunday 8th December 2002
11:13 am U.K.


Looking for V2000 videorecorder in perfect condition for transfering V2000 to DV. Who can help me.Thanks.

Steve Rowley
Friday 6th December 2002
8:10 pm U.K.


Does anyone know the equivalent Philips machine (if there was one) to the Pye 23VR33. I have seen an image of it in a service manual and it looks like a VR2334 or VR2324. If you apply the normal conversion 'rules' it would suggest a VR2333 - but what is one of those?

Thursday 5th December 2002
10:22 am U.K.



Hi all Philips VCR format enthusiasts. I've just created a Philips VCR Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/philips_vcr/ . This group you's can discuss, send photos, share info, talk about early VCR recordings etc... even do deals and swaps if you wish on this group. I'm in the process of adding photos of some early VCR machines not just from Philips but also from Grundig, Loewe and hopefully sometime the USA Norelco if I ever get any pictures of those machines. I'll try and make the group as exciting as possible with adding pictures and even video files of what I've transferred from VCR cassette. I've got stacks of pictures of these old VCRs from various websites especially EBAY. Anyhow enjoy.



Steve Rowley
Wednesday 4th December 2002
12:12 am U.K.


Will swap my new, boxed 1702 (1700) head for your new 1500 head.

Friday 29th November 2002
11:32 am U.K.


hi,i'm from italy.i'm searching for a good working video head for the Philips VCR 1500 or 1700.mine are now broken,and i have still many tapes to copy in vhs, so i need it.if have it please write me!!!thanks

Quello che segue è indirizzato agli utenti italiani:se qualcuno di voi avesse il videoregistratore, ripeto formato VCR(quello con le videocassette quadrate) da vendere io sarei interessato all'acquisto.grazie mille

Tuesday 26th November 2002
2:56 am U.K.


I Just Want To Create A ChatRooms to talk with people like me...the gothics,vampyres,and people like this ...

Monday 25th November 2002
6:10 pm U.K.


Hi, Anybody have new heads for the Philips portable V2220? Or know how to get it? Thanks. Rafa.

Sunday 24th November 2002
9:37 pm U.K.


last message e.mail wrongsorry this is correct e.mail address baffles_uk@yahoo.co.uk

Sunday 24th November 2002
9:28 pm U.K.



Louis Rayner
Sunday 24th November 2002
8:12 pm U.K.


Hi All,

Has anyone here in the UK got a working Philips VCR N1700,who could transfer 3 tapes onto VHS for me?

There would be a small reward too!


Steve Rowley
Saturday 23rd November 2002
6:31 pm U.K.


Original service manuals for Philips 2020, and for 2022. Contained in ring binders for easy reference, £25 each including postage.

Steve Rowley
Saturday 23rd November 2002
12:13 am U.K.


Wanted: Philips 2840 (working or not), any second generation Philips machine, any B & O machine, any new V2000 heads. Thanks.

Steve Rowley
Saturday 23rd November 2002
12:11 am U.K.


Were V2000 machines sold in the United States?

Steve Rowley
Saturday 23rd November 2002
12:10 am U.K.


Grundig 2 x 4 Super service manual, (includes electrical and mechanical sections) £25 including postage.

Tuesday 19th November 2002
6:14 pm U.K.


Hi, I need a full working V2000 unit. Can anyone sell it to me? La Coruña, Spain. Thanks.

Tuesday 19th November 2002
6:10 pm U.K.


Hola. Estoy interesado en comprar algún reproductor de V2000 que esté en buen estado, es España.Gracias.

R Bruff
Tuesday 19th November 2002
5:17 pm U.K.


I have 14 Video 2000 tapes which seem to be in good condition. Would anyone like to make me an offer for them as I have no machine to play them on.


Friday 15th November 2002
8:39 am U.K.


Dave.Re faulty Grundigs. Read my messages 18 and 25 April approx 2/3 way down archived message section which may help.Steve.

Thursday 14th November 2002
9:21 pm U.K.


Apologies for the broken images etc on the site at the present time. The web server suffered an aoutage today and we are working to restore the site.

Thursday 14th November 2002
7:13 pm U.K.


Re: David

I don't now what the symptoms of your 5 v2000's are, but I have a Grundig 2x4 witch had the following problems. The video went on, the tuner gave a very bad picture and in playmode there barely was any picture (most black/white). I replaced all the capacitors 470uF 50V from the power supply (print on the left) and the video acted as brand new!

Wednesday 13th November 2002
10:33 pm U.K.


I own 5 Grundig's but none of them work! I live in Cornwall - does anyone know of anyone say west of Bristol who could repair one or all of them? Alternatively, does anyone have one for sale (in working order) make not important.Many ThanksDavid

Wednesday 13th November 2002
12:51 pm U.K.


Can anyone help me. In the early 80's my family had a V2000. I have got a tape that I haven't seen for 20 years and would like to know if anyone can copy it on to VHS for me. I can be contacted by e-mail or on 01702 619100 during the day. Any help will be appreciated.

Anne Taylor
Monday 11th November 2002
9:52 pm U.K.


We have a Phillips V2023 video recorder and some tapes. They have been stored in my fathers attic for a number of years and are in working order. Is anyone interested in these?

Mad Beta Collector
Sunday 10th November 2002
10:50 pm U.K.


I have a stereo Tv (1983) if i connect the Tv with my 1983 Stereo VCR will I get stereo sound?If so will it only come in phono and scart or just aerial connection?

Thursday 7th November 2002
4:19 am U.K.


I've also being doing some experimentation with the Philips VCR format. When I got some cassettes from a bloke in Victoria one of them was empty, so I bought a cheap VHS tape and gutted it and loaded the VHS tape into the VCR cassette. Then I've recorded stuff off TV onto the VCR cassette using my Philips N1700, and it works!!! And the picture is pretty good too. I did the same experiment loading some Philips VCR tape into my gutted VHS cassette and did recordings on it and it also works!!! The picture does have a bit of tracking problems and streaks though, but that's because I'm using really old tape dating 1975 in my VHS which has been worn out a bit, but other than that the picture is not bad.

What happened was, when I fast forwarded one of my standard play VCR tapes, it spliced off near the end of the tape as it looked like it had a diagonal cut somewhere towards the end. So I loaded the last few minutes of the tape that was still stuck to the bottom spool onto my blank VCR cassette and checked if there was anything on it, there was nothing on it so I thought, yeah I could experiment and see how this tape would record on a VHS. Anyhow the program on that 60 minute cassette goes for 50 minutes so fortunately I haven't lost any of it. But unfortunately the program tracks terribly for some reason. Most of my other standard play VCR tapes play really good.

I must say it was a fun and successful experiment. Now if any of you's want to try this, DON'T use tape that's got recordings on it as early video recordings are really valuable because TV archives have been known to wipe old valuable archive material and you might have the only copy of whatever programs you have on VCR cassette.

Wednesday 6th November 2002
12:05 pm U.K.


Hi everyone. As you's know I'm looking for 70's Countdown episodes on early video cassettes. And good to see some Aussies saying on the board they have a Philips VCR. Anyhow to all you Aussies reading that have 1970s Philips VCRs or 1970s National Cartridge VCRs or other early video machines, if any of you's have ANY Countdown episodes on early video cassettes, I would LOVE a copy of them especially if they are pre-1978. And just to let you's know my N1700 works and my N1500 works too. Although they have some faults especially the N1500, they both play cassettes quite nicely especially the N1500. I've been transferring Philips VCR recordings dating way back to 1975 to VHS tape although the earliest stuff is educational videos from a college library. I've also got some home Long Play Philips VCR recordings dating back to 1978 with the original TV ads which I've also transferred to VHS although the long play tapes tend to have more tracking problems than the standard play. Anyhow to all you Aussies out there, if any of you's want your Philips VCR cassettes transferred over to VHS I'll gladly do them as I LOVE transferring and watching really early home recordings, so contact me at my email address ac_dc_rocks@hotmail.com . Or if anyone in Australia wants to get rid of their Philips VCR and cassettes also contact me as I will love to have them.

And I have my Countdown hunt website at http://web.1earth.net/~funkydud/ . I'm still yet to update it, anyhow on my site I showed how my N1500 scallops tapes, well I've found the problem the head doesn't fully lace up as the lacing spool needs to be araldited, but problem easily solved I manually lace it up by rotating the bar on the top of head drum as I turn it on and most of the tapes play beautifully without any scalloping and hardly any tracking problems whatsoever.

Peter Löf
Wednesday 6th November 2002
8:38 am U.K.


Are there any detailed information and pictures available on the Philips LDL1100 transportable VCR1500 recorder from ca 1977? Very little information about this machine is published on Internet.

Mad Beta Collector
Sunday 3rd November 2002
1:16 am U.K.


Hear Hear Steve

Friday 1st November 2002
4:50 pm U.K.


Hi: anybody have a full-working V2000 unit for sale?? I like to get one. I´m from Barcelona.Thanks.

Wednesday 30th October 2002
9:21 am U.K.


Steve, thanks very much for your advice! It’s nice to see that posting a message pays off.

I don’t smoke myself, but I got my machine from a flea market – so I don’t know about the previous owners. On the first machine I had there was an add-on “IR-eye” for remote control. With my Philips tv-remote I was able to perform most functions, just not “eject”. So in the end I put the machine into storage. Both the advice on the battery and on the controls give good confidence to try and get it back to working order.

steve whelan
Tuesday 29th October 2002
11:14 am U.K.


Just goes to show you how sad some people are doesn't it!!!!

To the post above that, Arnolf, the functions stopping working is probably just down to the tactile buttons wearing out or becoming dirty. Do you smoke? Nicotine stains ruin the contactability of switches and can lead to failure much earlier than normal.

With regards to the tuner losing it's stations - this is simpley down to the fact that the memory battery had reached the end of it's life of charging / re-charging cycles. Philips no longer sell the 3.6V tripple cell battery, but they do sell a 1.2V [for VHS machines and later V2000s] and a 2.4V for their 1980's/ early 1990's TVs. You can solder them together to make the 3.2V.

On the VR2022, the momory battery is on the processor PCB [1st to the left of the cassette carriage - as you look at the machine from the front.]

I don't know about the 2840, it's not one I've seen, but I assume it's one of the smart later machines, so it might only use a 1.2cell or the double 2.4V version.

These batteries are cheap [approx 1 pound in the UK] and they will cure the problem.

The switches are common to most philips VCRs, so you could buy a scrap VHS and salvage some spares.

Good Luck

Monday 28th October 2002
3:02 pm U.K.


Subject: Receiver & controls go bad

In the past I have owned two Philips V2000’s (2022 and 2840). Both of them were more or less in working order when I got them, but after a while functions (control buttons) started to fail. After a longer time also the receiver started to fail (“memory” for stations start to fail channel after channel). Although my knowledge of electronics is rather limited I guessed this might have something to do with the voltage, which is nowadays 230v instead of 220v. I think this somehow corrupts or destroys components. The reason for this ‘diagnose’ was that both displayed similar symptoms in similar order.

Question: can anyone tell me if this is indeed related to changed power and if there is any solution for this?. Or does anyone how I can prevent this if I buy another machine?

Thanks for your solutions/comments/thoughts, Arnolf

steve whelan
Monday 28th October 2002
1:29 pm U.K.


Whoever is posting the STUPID "snail" text messages, why don't you fcuk off back to the States. If you care to actually read what is going on on this page you'd see it was genuine people asking technical questions, trying to discover how to solve a V2000 problem, or, helping others with theirs. Read the message thanking Martin Potter a few posts above - that's what this site is about.

Three years ago, when I discovered this site, the Betamax page was like this. And look what happened to that. You filled it will trivial nonsense about how your machine was better than someone elses, were more concerned about e-bay bids than solving faults, and then the stupid ASCII txt messages appeared that 12year olds write on their nokia phones.

Grow up and you might get the beta chat page back, but p!ss about like that.. well, what do you expect?

Oh, and you'd put a genuine name and e-mail address instead of hiding.

Monday 28th October 2002
12:14 am U.K.



Re Grundig 2x4 instruction book. I have one but not on the computer. If you e-mail me your address, I could send you photocopies.


Monday 28th October 2002
12:04 am U.K.



Re Grundig 2x4 service manual. I suggest you buy Television magazine (try large newsagent like W H Smith) which has adverts from companies selling manuals.


Friday 25th October 2002
9:22 am U.K.


Hi, does anyone have a service manual (in PDF or MS word format) for a Grundig 2X4 super machine (its the machine without long play). My machine is fully working, but things could always go wrong, i would also like to repair some of my other machines but i cant do this very easily without the service manual.

if anyone has it (or if one even exists) in *.PDF or *.DOC format could you please e-mail it to me on thomasmt84@lycos.co.uk


Thursday 24th October 2002
1:33 pm U.K.


I had decided to pull out of storage my old V2000 VCR['Grundig 2x4 - GB' which was made in Germany and, although bought in UK,has all controls in German] to see if it would still play - and was verypleased that it did! I then found this chat page and one of your other contributors [I think it was Martin Potter] had given advice that an A/V connector kitcould be bought from ARGOS stores in the UK to enable the DIN socket on theback of the VCR to link to a SCART socket on a VHS machine. Again I am pleasedto say that having followed that advice,[the kit was £9-99] I was able totransfer some old V2000 family videos onto VHS with reasonable quality.

I'd therefore like to thank very much Martin Potter or whoever it was for providing that information - it saved me a great deal of hassle.

Finally, since the instruction book for this VCR seems to have disappeared doesanyone have that on a '.pdf' file they could E-Mail to me [I do not want aservice manual just the basic instructions]?

Many thanks

Wednesday 23rd October 2002
5:44 pm U.K.



Can anyone help me!?I'm a collector of v2000 and since I've had a Grundig 2x4, Universum 2x8, and a few vr2334 's. I also had a few vr2023 bud they had all the same problem. The vr2023 slow's down the drum speed when playing or recording, hereafter the video goes stand-by. I've already replaced the transistor witch poweres the drum motor, cleaned all connectors, and checked the drum motor itself. It didn't make a difference. Does anyone know about this problem?

Wednesday 23rd October 2002
2:00 pm U.K.


Hello everyone, I have a Vr 2334 and I'm searching for V2000 cassette, also with no good tape inside, I need only the cartrige. If someone want sale please write me.

Wednesday 23rd October 2002
5:25 am U.K.


Wow! At last I have got a working V2000 machine but it is not mentioned on PALsite. The machine is Philips VR2414. Does anybody have information? The only problem is that I can not set up a clock. If it is analog to VR2021 clock setup then I have to find VR2021 manual that I own. VR2414 is missing a plastic glass cover (may be of red colour) over LEDs and digital indicators. AMi

Mad Beta Collector
Tuesday 22nd October 2002
10:40 pm U.K.


wanted Sanyo VTC M40 or 50 email meManchester area and must deliver

Tuesday 22nd October 2002
7:15 pm U.K.



I recently got a real bargain ... a B and O 8802 (i think) TV for £10 ... it works like new!

Sadly being so old, it doesnt have a scart or phono input but some wierd connector i have never seen before.

Can anyone advise me on whether its possible to connect to my DVD player which only has phono out?

Replies to my email address would be greatly appreciated.


neil garrett
Monday 21st October 2002
7:48 pm U.K.


i have 3 phillips v2000 tapes of early eighties music programmes that i would love to be transfered onto vhs all the tapes need spliceing together as over the years they snapped but from what i can remember a bit of super glue and there fine can anyone help.....neil...manchester...uk

Mad Beta Collector
Sunday 20th October 2002
3:00 pm U.K.


Anyone want a lasermax player with computer for trade for a laservision player or video2022etc

Please email meThanks

Thursday 17th October 2002
7:44 am U.K.


Can anyone on here transfer from Philips N1500 (VCR Format) - I have 2 VC60 tape and one VC45 with someone's important video. Can anyone transfer this over to VHS. My own N1500 has broke: the head doesn't work so I am unable to transfer it myself.

Thanks, Michele.

Thursday 17th October 2002
7:07 am U.K.


Hi!I'm write from Italy. I would know if somebody have videorecorder philips N1500. I should reverse 3 tape VCR to VHS. I have an old Videorecorder Philips N1500 but it doesn't work because the video-head is broken.Might You help me ???


Iain Macpherson
Wednesday 16th October 2002
4:52 pm U.K.


Oh, and I forgot to say that I can't get it to tune in a TV station number (I can't see the picture on screen, but guess that after the SEARCH routine I should be pressing STORE and 01, etc) When I do that though, it reverts to 00 and won't do anything.

Iain Macpherson
Wednesday 16th October 2002
4:48 pm U.K.


I took my old V2000 Bang & Olufson Beocord 8802-V out of the loft and let it sit in the living room for a few hours (to avoid condensation in case it had chilled while it was in the loft).When I plugged it in, the clock and all the lights came on as normal but whenever I ask the cassette to move in any way (play, record, rewind or forward) I just get a nasty metallic-sounding chattering noise.I am also unable to tune the TV to the VCR.Any suggestions, or has this quietly died on me while it was in storage?

Giordano G.C.
Tuesday 15th October 2002
1:49 pm U.K.


Hi, I have a VR2220 and a VR2120 in good conditions. I think both should work fine, but I can't assure that as I don't have cartridges V2000. If anyone is interested to them, I may be contacted at the reported E-mail ; I'm shure we will reach an agreement. In any case my tel is 0039 011 698411. My best regards to all the readers.

Giordano G.C.

John McGinn
Sunday 13th October 2002
9:42 pm U.K.


Can anyone help me with an n1700. I bought one new around 1977 and used it for a few years. It has been in the box ever since together with around 8 cassettes recorded from the TV at the time.With great optimism, I switched it on today and loaded a tape. It seems to fire up OK but just goes through the motions of lacing up and down and then switching off. I suspect that it might be the belts that have stretched - in the same way that mine seems to have done over the same period!

Is it possible to still get replacement belts?Failing that, is there anyone who still repairs these things (I live in Chester, UK)?Failing that, is there a reasonable copying service for this format. (I Know that one of the tapes has footage of one of my children dancing on the TV, which I would like to recover in order to embarass him)?

Saturday 12th October 2002
9:07 pm U.K.


Could anyone help me, i have a fully working grundig 2X4 super machine, only problem is the power supply generates a LOT of heat. It gets hotter than any 1980's VHS or beta machine that i own. Could anyone tell me if this is normal, or is something about to blow.(There is also pleanty of air space above it so air-flow is not a problem)

any help would be appreciated


Yanez Sambiglyon
Saturday 12th October 2002
12:23 pm U.K.


I'm after a V2000 machine in good condition, I need it to transfer some stuff on V2000 to DVD recorder :)


Saturday 12th October 2002
12:06 pm U.K.


I have a Philips VR2022 with 5 cassettes - anyone interested ?East Midlands area

Friday 11th October 2002
1:05 am U.K.


Hello to everyone, I'm looking for anyone that has any beta tapes recorded back in the 80's from the NBC's day time soap operas from 1983 to 1988. I'm looking for these soaps, The Days Of Our Lives, Another World, And Santa Barbabra, I like watching the old soaps, commercials, and opening and closing themes....Please let me know if you have any or know who does...I would be intrested in buying them....Please responed to my E-mail: chillen30@hotmail.com


Olive Thomas
Wednesday 9th October 2002
11:25 pm U.K.


Lucrezia! Long time no hear. We all thought you were dead...

...or banned from the chatpage.

anyways the new chatpage is at http://www.quicktopic.com/16/H/7L8CrFSk7E7

but please turn off the CAPS LOCK .....

Wednesday 9th October 2002
10:04 pm U.K.



William Duffy
Wednesday 9th October 2002
9:22 am U.K.


Hi there

Just found this chat site & it looks great!

I am in Western Australia, & I used to have the Philips N1502 VCR. I still have some of the tapes with material on them, which I hoped to be able to transfer into another format, but never had the opportunity in the end.

Can anyone tell me where in Australia I may be able to get my hands one of the VCR's capable of playing these tapes?

Also, out of curiousity, what was the quality comparable with (vhs, svhs, etc..), as I recall the picture looked great?


Mike Buckett
Monday 7th October 2002
6:48 pm U.K.


Just checked some old Video 2000 equipment I inherited.

PYE 22VR20 with 21VR20. This still works and is in very good condition, 1 tape with it.

Is there any demand/use for this equipment these days ?


she-snailie _@_v
Sunday 6th October 2002
12:34 am U.K.


_@_v and can you please bring back the betamax chatpage? otherwise we'll just stay at http://www.quicktopic.com/16/H/7L8CrFSk7E7 ....

she-snailie _@_v
Sunday 6th October 2002
12:33 am U.K.


RE:Name: Allen @ deej_mulder@hotmail.com Thursday 19th September 9:13 pm U.K. Time

_@_v - v-2000s were available from around 1979-85/6 so to get early 70s bbc broadcasts you'd need somebody with either a Sony u-matic (1971) or phillips vcr (1973). post-1978 broadcasts would've been recordable on betamax, vhs, or v-2000 vcrs (the three big-seller formats of that age)

Friday 4th October 2002
11:16 pm U.K.



does anyone know anything thing about a philips VR2870?It was a HiFi Stereo Video 2000 (digital PCM)I have a small folder, but I want to know more about it.It was sold in 1985, but only on exhibitions.

Does anyone habe a VR2870?

I have many 2000 Rekorder (Grunig 850,880,1600,2000,2000a,2080,2200,2280,2280a and Philips 2334,2340,2350,2840)but I still search for a 2870.

Greets from Germany

Steve Simmonds
Friday 4th October 2002
2:45 pm U.K.


I've just managed to pick up a 2nd generation V2000 Beocord 61 (Philips V2334 clone). Its suberb for playback of recordings from my VR2020 using the SCART to my TV. However, because the unit is from Germany, the RF side of things is devoid of sound due to the different varient of PAL used over there. Does anyone know of any "tweaks" inside that can modify the varient of PAL used? If not I've still got a great machine for playing existing recordings and making new ones via the AV connector. Thanks to anyone who can help!

Wednesday 25th September 2002
2:59 pm U.K.


If anyone has any phillips vr2020 /ITT 850/05 video recorders that are bin working order, please could you e-mail me. Will pay good money.


Tuesday 24th September 2002
3:04 pm U.K.


wanted: 1 video 2000 machine in working order - will arrange collection uk.

Thursday 19th September 2002
8:13 pm U.K.


Hi. Can anybody copy some old BBC television recordings onto VHS for me? I'm after stuff from the 70's mainly, but early 80's will do. You guys are the only people out there with stuff that goes back to the early 70's. I am mainly interested in the continuity between the programmes but having the whole programmes would be nice too. If you have any footage of the BBC Schools idents that would be especially appreciated. Drop me an e-mail if you would like to help.

Tuesday 17th September 2002
1:02 pm U.K.


I have put a batch of Video 2000 tapes on ebay for sale....ow start price.....search on ebay as VIDEO 2000 TAPES BETAMAX RIVAL


Jean-Marc BRESKI
Monday 16th September 2002
3:40 pm U.K.


Hello,Does any one hold one VCR in working condition ? I would like to buy it.

Thank's for your answer.


Nick Carr
Monday 16th September 2002
11:33 am U.K.


Thanks again Richie, I have a machine that works much better now, just a small bit of blurring to the bottom of the screen but I think I can put up with that.Cheers Nick.

Monday 16th September 2002
9:35 am U.K.


Hi Nick. The head switching adjustment is on one of the three boards located to the right of the cassette carriage. I can't remember exactly which one it is now, but if you are careful, you can adjust each one in turn until you find the right one, remembering of course the exact position that each one was in. The backup battery is located on the syscon board located to the left of the cassette carriage. The battery is at the bottom of the board so is difficult to see. It is a 3.6 volt battery (no longer available), but Philips produced 2.4v and 1.2v backup batteries for their VHS vcr's and televisions which are freely available. You can solder a 2.4v and a 1.2v together to make a 3.6v battery which can be easily mounted on the board. Hope this helps. Rich..

Nick Carr
Tuesday 10th September 2002
10:02 am U.K.


Hi Richie, Thanks for the advice I will give it a go, with regards to head switch point how is this done and what board is the head servo board? (Probably obvious if I trace back the wiring). Thanks again for you help. Does anyone know about the memory back up supply for time and tuner as mine is lost on shutdown? Cheers Nick

Monday 9th September 2002
11:36 am U.K.


Hi Nick. First of all, the heads fitted to the 2020 are slightly different to the ones fitted to the 2022. The 2022 heads were modified so they could bend further to track in picture search - something not necessary on the 2020. The 2020 head can be used in the 2022, but picture search will never be perfect because the heads can't quite bend far enough to achieve the correct tracking angle. Secondly, the head height wasn't determined with feeler guages on the early machines. If you look at the top of the head there are three screws securing a round plate through which a threaded screw protrudes. This plate determines the head height. With the plate in place, push the head gently onto the shaft, down as far as it will go. The top of the shaft will eventually contact the plate stopping the head going any lower. This is the correct height. Lastly, tighten the head onto the shaft using the screw on top of the head. Now you may be lucky and it will play ok, but you may need to alter the head switch point electronically on the head servo board to rid yourself of any noise at the bottom (or top) of the screen. Bear in mind that if there is disturbance in picture search, there is nothing you can do to stop this. Hope this helps. Rich..

Nick Carr
Friday 6th September 2002
3:51 pm U.K.


Can anyone help? I have a Phillips 2020 as spares and a 2022 I wish to repair, the head on the 2022 was no longer working (cracked peizo) so I have swapped it for the one from the 2020. When I first tried the machine the picture was not bad but for a bit of distortion to the bottom of the picture, so I decided to adjust the head height and things have just got worse I either get a very bad picture that goes from black and white to colour or distortion and noise at the top or bottom of the picture. Does anyone know the correct height the head should be fitted, (maybe if I were to use feeler gauges) is the orientation of the head to the motor shaft important? Also the clock memory and tuner memory how is this done is it a battery or a capacitor? (is their a good fix for this)

Claire Gavalda
Friday 6th September 2002
3:41 pm U.K.


Hello!I lost the A/V Connector of my Philips VR2022. Does someone have an unutilized A/V Connector that is compatible with my recorder? Of course I will pay for it!Thank you very much!

JSP - B2
Friday 6th September 2002
1:27 pm U.K.

administrator @ betahifi com

does anyone have any v2000 vcr's for sale<br><br>in australia?

Steve Whelan
Wednesday 4th September 2002
3:02 pm U.K.


To David with the VR2020 B&W problem

If the image on the screen is actually OK [other than being B/W] i.e. geometrically OK, then it's very unlikely to be anything to do with the head bearings. The fact that things go OK after 25mins or so hints that it's something related to temperature. There's probably some components on the Chroma PCB that have somehow become temp. dependant [or if you're lucky. it might just be the actual edge connector that has gone a bit dodgy]. Look for a PCB inside [if you feel happy to open the unit - but remember to switch it off - AND with V2000, wait a minute or so for the High Voltage caps to discharge] with delay line components on it [quite large blue componants, narrow and tall - there's about two or three of them on the same PCB] and remove it and re-insert it - it's worth a try. After that I'm sorry, but I don't know exactly where to look on the PCB itself to fault find.

Wednesday 28th August 2002
10:48 am U.K.


Hi,I have a Philips V2020 and unfortunately it plays in black/white for the first 25 minutes or so, then it is perfect. Any ideas? The TV repair man said the head motor bearings get tired/stiff & may need lubricating. Any truth in this?Cheers, David

Johan Dijkhuis
Tuesday 27th August 2002
12:56 pm U.K.


Hi there,

I have an Erres 2324 machine which is working fine except for the fact that it doesn't want to switch on for long periods of time, and then a few months later, it just works perfectly again, until it refuses to switch on again. Anyone know what could be the problem?

Saturday 17th August 2002
2:12 pm U.K.


I noticed these Philips and Grundig Video 2000 machines were popular in UK and Germany in the early 1980's. I was wondering did the Video 2000 machines ever sell in Australia and USA? I know the old 1970's Philips VCRs N1500/N1501/N1502/N1512/N1700/N1702 sold in Australia during the mid and late 70's but I never heard about any Video 2000 machines being on the Australian market.

Sunday 11th August 2002
8:51 pm U.K.


Anyone interested in an ITT 580 Video 2000? When last used it was working except that it kept turning itself off every few minutes. There are a few tapes and the instruction booklet. I am in Hampshire.

Stu Holden
Thursday 8th August 2002
10:49 pm U.K.


I have a working Philips V2020 and a tape to go with it.Does anyone know how much it is likely to be worth?

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