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Monday 27th March 2017

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Friday 4th October 2002
11:16 pm U.K.



does anyone know anything thing about a philips VR2870?It was a HiFi Stereo Video 2000 (digital PCM)I have a small folder, but I want to know more about it.It was sold in 1985, but only on exhibitions.

Does anyone habe a VR2870?

I have many 2000 Rekorder (Grunig 850,880,1600,2000,2000a,2080,2200,2280,2280a and Philips 2334,2340,2350,2840)but I still search for a 2870.

Greets from Germany

Steve Simmonds
Friday 4th October 2002
2:45 pm U.K.


I've just managed to pick up a 2nd generation V2000 Beocord 61 (Philips V2334 clone). Its suberb for playback of recordings from my VR2020 using the SCART to my TV. However, because the unit is from Germany, the RF side of things is devoid of sound due to the different varient of PAL used over there. Does anyone know of any "tweaks" inside that can modify the varient of PAL used? If not I've still got a great machine for playing existing recordings and making new ones via the AV connector. Thanks to anyone who can help!

Wednesday 25th September 2002
2:59 pm U.K.


If anyone has any phillips vr2020 /ITT 850/05 video recorders that are bin working order, please could you e-mail me. Will pay good money.


Tuesday 24th September 2002
3:04 pm U.K.


wanted: 1 video 2000 machine in working order - will arrange collection uk.

Thursday 19th September 2002
8:13 pm U.K.


Hi. Can anybody copy some old BBC television recordings onto VHS for me? I'm after stuff from the 70's mainly, but early 80's will do. You guys are the only people out there with stuff that goes back to the early 70's. I am mainly interested in the continuity between the programmes but having the whole programmes would be nice too. If you have any footage of the BBC Schools idents that would be especially appreciated. Drop me an e-mail if you would like to help.

Tuesday 17th September 2002
1:02 pm U.K.


I have put a batch of Video 2000 tapes on ebay for sale....ow start price.....search on ebay as VIDEO 2000 TAPES BETAMAX RIVAL


Jean-Marc BRESKI
Monday 16th September 2002
3:40 pm U.K.


Hello,Does any one hold one VCR in working condition ? I would like to buy it.

Thank's for your answer.


Nick Carr
Monday 16th September 2002
11:33 am U.K.


Thanks again Richie, I have a machine that works much better now, just a small bit of blurring to the bottom of the screen but I think I can put up with that.Cheers Nick.

Monday 16th September 2002
9:35 am U.K.


Hi Nick. The head switching adjustment is on one of the three boards located to the right of the cassette carriage. I can't remember exactly which one it is now, but if you are careful, you can adjust each one in turn until you find the right one, remembering of course the exact position that each one was in. The backup battery is located on the syscon board located to the left of the cassette carriage. The battery is at the bottom of the board so is difficult to see. It is a 3.6 volt battery (no longer available), but Philips produced 2.4v and 1.2v backup batteries for their VHS vcr's and televisions which are freely available. You can solder a 2.4v and a 1.2v together to make a 3.6v battery which can be easily mounted on the board. Hope this helps. Rich..

Nick Carr
Tuesday 10th September 2002
10:02 am U.K.


Hi Richie, Thanks for the advice I will give it a go, with regards to head switch point how is this done and what board is the head servo board? (Probably obvious if I trace back the wiring). Thanks again for you help. Does anyone know about the memory back up supply for time and tuner as mine is lost on shutdown? Cheers Nick

Monday 9th September 2002
11:36 am U.K.


Hi Nick. First of all, the heads fitted to the 2020 are slightly different to the ones fitted to the 2022. The 2022 heads were modified so they could bend further to track in picture search - something not necessary on the 2020. The 2020 head can be used in the 2022, but picture search will never be perfect because the heads can't quite bend far enough to achieve the correct tracking angle. Secondly, the head height wasn't determined with feeler guages on the early machines. If you look at the top of the head there are three screws securing a round plate through which a threaded screw protrudes. This plate determines the head height. With the plate in place, push the head gently onto the shaft, down as far as it will go. The top of the shaft will eventually contact the plate stopping the head going any lower. This is the correct height. Lastly, tighten the head onto the shaft using the screw on top of the head. Now you may be lucky and it will play ok, but you may need to alter the head switch point electronically on the head servo board to rid yourself of any noise at the bottom (or top) of the screen. Bear in mind that if there is disturbance in picture search, there is nothing you can do to stop this. Hope this helps. Rich..

Nick Carr
Friday 6th September 2002
3:51 pm U.K.


Can anyone help? I have a Phillips 2020 as spares and a 2022 I wish to repair, the head on the 2022 was no longer working (cracked peizo) so I have swapped it for the one from the 2020. When I first tried the machine the picture was not bad but for a bit of distortion to the bottom of the picture, so I decided to adjust the head height and things have just got worse I either get a very bad picture that goes from black and white to colour or distortion and noise at the top or bottom of the picture. Does anyone know the correct height the head should be fitted, (maybe if I were to use feeler gauges) is the orientation of the head to the motor shaft important? Also the clock memory and tuner memory how is this done is it a battery or a capacitor? (is their a good fix for this)

Claire Gavalda
Friday 6th September 2002
3:41 pm U.K.


Hello!I lost the A/V Connector of my Philips VR2022. Does someone have an unutilized A/V Connector that is compatible with my recorder? Of course I will pay for it!Thank you very much!

JSP - B2
Friday 6th September 2002
1:27 pm U.K.

administrator @ betahifi com

does anyone have any v2000 vcr's for sale<br><br>in australia?

Steve Whelan
Wednesday 4th September 2002
3:02 pm U.K.


To David with the VR2020 B&W problem

If the image on the screen is actually OK [other than being B/W] i.e. geometrically OK, then it's very unlikely to be anything to do with the head bearings. The fact that things go OK after 25mins or so hints that it's something related to temperature. There's probably some components on the Chroma PCB that have somehow become temp. dependant [or if you're lucky. it might just be the actual edge connector that has gone a bit dodgy]. Look for a PCB inside [if you feel happy to open the unit - but remember to switch it off - AND with V2000, wait a minute or so for the High Voltage caps to discharge] with delay line components on it [quite large blue componants, narrow and tall - there's about two or three of them on the same PCB] and remove it and re-insert it - it's worth a try. After that I'm sorry, but I don't know exactly where to look on the PCB itself to fault find.

Wednesday 28th August 2002
10:48 am U.K.


Hi,I have a Philips V2020 and unfortunately it plays in black/white for the first 25 minutes or so, then it is perfect. Any ideas? The TV repair man said the head motor bearings get tired/stiff & may need lubricating. Any truth in this?Cheers, David

Johan Dijkhuis
Tuesday 27th August 2002
12:56 pm U.K.


Hi there,

I have an Erres 2324 machine which is working fine except for the fact that it doesn't want to switch on for long periods of time, and then a few months later, it just works perfectly again, until it refuses to switch on again. Anyone know what could be the problem?

Saturday 17th August 2002
2:12 pm U.K.


I noticed these Philips and Grundig Video 2000 machines were popular in UK and Germany in the early 1980's. I was wondering did the Video 2000 machines ever sell in Australia and USA? I know the old 1970's Philips VCRs N1500/N1501/N1502/N1512/N1700/N1702 sold in Australia during the mid and late 70's but I never heard about any Video 2000 machines being on the Australian market.

Sunday 11th August 2002
8:51 pm U.K.


Anyone interested in an ITT 580 Video 2000? When last used it was working except that it kept turning itself off every few minutes. There are a few tapes and the instruction booklet. I am in Hampshire.

Stu Holden
Thursday 8th August 2002
10:49 pm U.K.


I have a working Philips V2020 and a tape to go with it.Does anyone know how much it is likely to be worth?

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