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Monday 27th March 2017

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Louis Rayner
Sunday 24th November 2002
8:12 pm U.K.


Hi All,

Has anyone here in the UK got a working Philips VCR N1700,who could transfer 3 tapes onto VHS for me?

There would be a small reward too!


Steve Rowley
Saturday 23rd November 2002
6:31 pm U.K.


Original service manuals for Philips 2020, and for 2022. Contained in ring binders for easy reference, £25 each including postage.

Steve Rowley
Saturday 23rd November 2002
12:13 am U.K.


Wanted: Philips 2840 (working or not), any second generation Philips machine, any B & O machine, any new V2000 heads. Thanks.

Steve Rowley
Saturday 23rd November 2002
12:11 am U.K.


Were V2000 machines sold in the United States?

Steve Rowley
Saturday 23rd November 2002
12:10 am U.K.


Grundig 2 x 4 Super service manual, (includes electrical and mechanical sections) £25 including postage.

Tuesday 19th November 2002
6:14 pm U.K.


Hi, I need a full working V2000 unit. Can anyone sell it to me? La Coruña, Spain. Thanks.

Tuesday 19th November 2002
6:10 pm U.K.


Hola. Estoy interesado en comprar algún reproductor de V2000 que esté en buen estado, es España.Gracias.

R Bruff
Tuesday 19th November 2002
5:17 pm U.K.


I have 14 Video 2000 tapes which seem to be in good condition. Would anyone like to make me an offer for them as I have no machine to play them on.


Friday 15th November 2002
8:39 am U.K.


Dave.Re faulty Grundigs. Read my messages 18 and 25 April approx 2/3 way down archived message section which may help.Steve.

Thursday 14th November 2002
9:21 pm U.K.


Apologies for the broken images etc on the site at the present time. The web server suffered an aoutage today and we are working to restore the site.

Thursday 14th November 2002
7:13 pm U.K.


Re: David

I don't now what the symptoms of your 5 v2000's are, but I have a Grundig 2x4 witch had the following problems. The video went on, the tuner gave a very bad picture and in playmode there barely was any picture (most black/white). I replaced all the capacitors 470uF 50V from the power supply (print on the left) and the video acted as brand new!

Wednesday 13th November 2002
10:33 pm U.K.


I own 5 Grundig's but none of them work! I live in Cornwall - does anyone know of anyone say west of Bristol who could repair one or all of them? Alternatively, does anyone have one for sale (in working order) make not important.Many ThanksDavid

Wednesday 13th November 2002
12:51 pm U.K.


Can anyone help me. In the early 80's my family had a V2000. I have got a tape that I haven't seen for 20 years and would like to know if anyone can copy it on to VHS for me. I can be contacted by e-mail or on 01702 619100 during the day. Any help will be appreciated.

Anne Taylor
Monday 11th November 2002
9:52 pm U.K.


We have a Phillips V2023 video recorder and some tapes. They have been stored in my fathers attic for a number of years and are in working order. Is anyone interested in these?

Mad Beta Collector
Sunday 10th November 2002
10:50 pm U.K.


I have a stereo Tv (1983) if i connect the Tv with my 1983 Stereo VCR will I get stereo sound?If so will it only come in phono and scart or just aerial connection?

Thursday 7th November 2002
4:19 am U.K.


I've also being doing some experimentation with the Philips VCR format. When I got some cassettes from a bloke in Victoria one of them was empty, so I bought a cheap VHS tape and gutted it and loaded the VHS tape into the VCR cassette. Then I've recorded stuff off TV onto the VCR cassette using my Philips N1700, and it works!!! And the picture is pretty good too. I did the same experiment loading some Philips VCR tape into my gutted VHS cassette and did recordings on it and it also works!!! The picture does have a bit of tracking problems and streaks though, but that's because I'm using really old tape dating 1975 in my VHS which has been worn out a bit, but other than that the picture is not bad.

What happened was, when I fast forwarded one of my standard play VCR tapes, it spliced off near the end of the tape as it looked like it had a diagonal cut somewhere towards the end. So I loaded the last few minutes of the tape that was still stuck to the bottom spool onto my blank VCR cassette and checked if there was anything on it, there was nothing on it so I thought, yeah I could experiment and see how this tape would record on a VHS. Anyhow the program on that 60 minute cassette goes for 50 minutes so fortunately I haven't lost any of it. But unfortunately the program tracks terribly for some reason. Most of my other standard play VCR tapes play really good.

I must say it was a fun and successful experiment. Now if any of you's want to try this, DON'T use tape that's got recordings on it as early video recordings are really valuable because TV archives have been known to wipe old valuable archive material and you might have the only copy of whatever programs you have on VCR cassette.

Wednesday 6th November 2002
12:05 pm U.K.


Hi everyone. As you's know I'm looking for 70's Countdown episodes on early video cassettes. And good to see some Aussies saying on the board they have a Philips VCR. Anyhow to all you Aussies reading that have 1970s Philips VCRs or 1970s National Cartridge VCRs or other early video machines, if any of you's have ANY Countdown episodes on early video cassettes, I would LOVE a copy of them especially if they are pre-1978. And just to let you's know my N1700 works and my N1500 works too. Although they have some faults especially the N1500, they both play cassettes quite nicely especially the N1500. I've been transferring Philips VCR recordings dating way back to 1975 to VHS tape although the earliest stuff is educational videos from a college library. I've also got some home Long Play Philips VCR recordings dating back to 1978 with the original TV ads which I've also transferred to VHS although the long play tapes tend to have more tracking problems than the standard play. Anyhow to all you Aussies out there, if any of you's want your Philips VCR cassettes transferred over to VHS I'll gladly do them as I LOVE transferring and watching really early home recordings, so contact me at my email address ac_dc_rocks@hotmail.com . Or if anyone in Australia wants to get rid of their Philips VCR and cassettes also contact me as I will love to have them.

And I have my Countdown hunt website at http://web.1earth.net/~funkydud/ . I'm still yet to update it, anyhow on my site I showed how my N1500 scallops tapes, well I've found the problem the head doesn't fully lace up as the lacing spool needs to be araldited, but problem easily solved I manually lace it up by rotating the bar on the top of head drum as I turn it on and most of the tapes play beautifully without any scalloping and hardly any tracking problems whatsoever.

Peter Löf
Wednesday 6th November 2002
8:38 am U.K.


Are there any detailed information and pictures available on the Philips LDL1100 transportable VCR1500 recorder from ca 1977? Very little information about this machine is published on Internet.

Mad Beta Collector
Sunday 3rd November 2002
1:16 am U.K.


Hear Hear Steve

Friday 1st November 2002
4:50 pm U.K.


Hi: anybody have a full-working V2000 unit for sale?? I like to get one. I´m from Barcelona.Thanks.

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