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Monday 27th March 2017

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Richard Jacques
Sunday 15th June 2003
8:59 pm U.K.


Just in case you wanted to check out my web site on the end of "Regional ITV" http://www.richardmarxist.freeuk.com

Take Care Richard

Richard Jacques
Sunday 15th June 2003
8:57 pm U.K.


I'm looking to buy a Working Video 2000 - either a Phillips or Grundig not bothered about condition on the outside as long as it's in good working order on the inside ! phone me anytime on 01246 208272 or 07977 857664 - I have over 500 tapes plus 3 other machines that are not working - please get in touch As soon as you can ! Even if I buy one regardless of the date posted I will buy other machines.

take Care Richard

jeff willes
Sunday 15th June 2003
6:27 pm U.K.


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Sunday 15th June 2003
4:46 pm U.K.


Are LVC Philips VCR cassettes made for (I think) the 1500 and 1700 rare or common. I have 13 including some new and sealed. What prices do they go for? I'm not selling at the moment, Iím just interested in knowing if thereís a market for them.

BASF SVC 4 x 4Scotch LVC-150 x3Philips LVC 120

New n SealedBASF SVC LVC 180 Long Play x2Philips LVC120 x3

Thursday 12th June 2003
10:44 am U.K.



GOAL!Here: http://homepage1.nifty.com/Sony/Data/Parts_Making.html

All models vcrs Betamax (from 1975 to now) can to repair each type of gears and mechanical (PAL and NTSC)!

Before, is very problem and now yours all vcrs Video 2000, VCR, VCR-LP and SV are function that to come back new after repair!Also whatever others format: Betamax, V-Cord, VX, U-matic, VHS, Video 2000 and others reel tape (all measures)!Need also toys if is broken for repair!


Tuesday 10th June 2003
8:03 am U.K.


Glorious Video2000.... Help me about PHILIPS VR2220!!!

I want to know the modality to recharging the battery, for the use of a camera. In particular, during the phase of recharge, who is the correct position of the switch?

Position 1: tuner/mains orposition 2: camera/battery?

Also, in this moment VR2220 must be separated from VR2120? Write me to e/mail...

Keith McHugh
Tuesday 3rd June 2003
11:19 pm U.K.


Does anyone have service information on the Philips VR2324 ?I'm not sure if this machine has worn heads - or if it's the tapes which were all recorded between 1981-83. It's the typical "bearding" effect on peak whites in the pictures.

Monday 2nd June 2003
5:48 am U.K.



Repairs to Grundig videos.

I know of a couple of places in South Yorkshire who may be able to help.

Let me know if close enough and I'll supply further info.


Monday 2nd June 2003
5:44 am U.K.


Message to Bonkers.

Re new tapes. I believe a Dutch firm called Conrad Electronics may sell them. Try address http://www.conrad.nl though I heard of them a couple of years or more ago. Good luck.

Monday 2nd June 2003
5:34 am U.K.


Info for Martin Potter and Slothpuck

Re Philips 1500 and 1700 machines. Go to address groups.yahoo.com and search vcr to find user group who can maybe help. Good luck.

Saturday 31st May 2003
9:31 am U.K.


Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the list ,and i'm looking for any footage of Grampian or Scottish TV on Beta,VC 2000,or N1500 formats or even VHS from the 80's or 90's get intouch if you have anything to sell.

Thanks Derek.

Tuesday 27th May 2003
8:02 pm U.K.



I am currently looking for a working V2000 machine. I have approx 15 tapes at home, some of which contain Video footage of my late father, and I am in need of a Video player so that I can transfer these to VHS. I am not bothered about record quality as I shall not be using this function

I do not mean to seem rude, but I am a student and so excessive prices and long distances may prove a problem. I would quite happily give this machine away to an enthusiast after I am finished with it as my main aim is to transfer family footage over to VHS.

I live in Presto (lancashire) and do own a car (25 years old!) so I can travel the surrounding areas.

Many thanks for all your time - I do hope this request is successfull.


P.S WE do have a working Betamax recorder at home, as as part of a return favour I can transfer a few Betamax cassettes over to VHS!! :-)

Friday 23rd May 2003
11:46 am U.K.


Hi! I'm new to this list - I'm sorry if I am going off-topic here but I'd just like to ask/say one or two things. Firstly I have an old N1700 Philips VCR. It's working (largely) OK - most of the electronics are fine and the mechanical side of this VCR although it sounds "tired" (it takes forever to rewind) seems to be in order. The biggest problem though is that my N1700 has a problem in that colour is missing - everything recorded and played back is in black and white! There's a fuse on the main board (top right) which seems to do nothing so I'm guessing some voltage isn't making it to the board, indiciating a power supply fault - but what's wrong with the power supply I don't know :( (and I'd rather have a N1700 with a colour fault than a dead N1700!).

Also, can anyone tell me what's the best way to store/treat such an ancient machine to make sure it works for as long as possible? I tend to use the N1700 as little as possible, is this the best way? Can I carry out any general mantienence to prolong its life?

Finally if anyone has any old N1700 tapes they don't want :) please email me, I'm always after N1700 tapes (esp. if they have old material on!)

Thank you.


Monday 19th May 2003
2:37 pm U.K.


Hi Gize.

It is now 19 May 2003

I have two Grundig Video 2000 machines, a 2200 model and an 880 model. The latter has a removeable infra-red control unit and I also have the remote control for that (currently without active battery). One (the 880) hasn't worked for a good while, the other has only just been found to have ceased working. Which is a shame coz some of my old tapes have pix of my late wife on, and others are of historical interest, like Live Aid 1986.

Does anybody still repair these machines? Or does anyone know where I can get a replacement. Or as a last restort, anybody interested in 80 or more Video-2000 tapes?

Here's hoping there are answers to the earlier hopes.

...and by the way, I have also inherited about 100 old Betamax tapes (along with a Betamax machine, which works fine except for not giving sound over to my tele ~ which could be the tele's fault), most with western movies on, which I'd be happy to let go to a betamax aficionado.

Write soon, just to let me know this site is still alive.


Sunday 18th May 2003
9:13 pm U.K.


VR2020 colour instruction manual - I have one of these in good condition if anyone wants it for a couple of quid?

Let me know, first come first served.

Will be disposed of by 23/5 if no interest.

Remove the anti-spam. bit to reply.

Clive Fincham
Friday 16th May 2003
3:20 pm U.K.


I have Phillips V2000 Type VR 2022 /05 no. W0 10 221 8 202/700 and 29 double-sided tapes. The machine does not work. I would like to find someone who can repair it OR I will sell the lot to someone who can make good use of it. I live in Deeping St James near PETERBOROUGH. Email clivefin@aol.com

John Wilkes.
Sunday 11th May 2003
6:50 pm U.K.


For sale: Pye 22VR20/21VR20 video combination in original boxes. Mains power supply/timer/tuner unit & separable portable video recorder with two re-chargeable batteries. These batteries probably don't work. When playing cassettes the recorder produces a picture mostly covered in 'snow'. In fast-wind mode it pulls whichever end of the tape it reaches off the relevent hub instead of automatically stopping. Offers or part-exchange for a Grundig two speed Video 2000 recorder. English West Midlands.

Tim Alston
Sunday 11th May 2003
6:32 pm U.K.


Hi,In one of the archives on this site, I found mention of the Sony TGV-3. I am looking to get hold of one of these units, so if anyone who reads this has one or comes accross one, I would be happy to make an offer (although not a really high offer - im a student).Thanks,Tim

Monday 5th May 2003
5:17 pm U.K.


I currently have available 2 Grundig 2x4 Super VCR's in good working order. I also have some tapes and instruction manuals. There is also a rare item which is the AV unit which plugs into the rear of a Philips V2020 /21 series to enable video/audio input/output.

I am located in the Manchester area and can deliver within 40 miles of the M60 as I travel a lot during the course of my work.The VCRs are not suitable for sending via the mail/courier due to the way the courier companies throw them about. If anyone is interested then e-mail with sensible offers for what is now becoming a rarity.

Sunday 4th May 2003
9:46 am U.K.


Philips N1500 :


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