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Saturday 25th March 2017

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Stephen Cole
Tuesday 19th August 2003
8:07 pm U.K.


I have a Grundig V2000 available (was still working when I archived it about 12 years ago)incl the remote control add-onPlus another that probably doesn't work (bought from a boot sale for spares)Plus a stack of tapes(some of which havent even 'broken' and had to be reconnected to the spools !)

Going very cheap to a good home(else I could put it on ebay ...)

Would need to be collectedI'm in the Hants/Berks area

K Foster
Tuesday 19th August 2003
7:35 pm U.K.


A colleague is looking for video 2000 cassette tapes urgentlyplease ring mark 02077297039 london area Bethnal Greenor e mail me keith

Roland Pickett
Saturday 16th August 2003
11:54 am U.K.


Free to anyone who can collect. Philips N1500 VCR (first domestic VCR - museum?) and N1700 VCR with some cassettes. I don't think either work. 2 Hanimex 8mm cine projectors (one super8 - again both need attention). Bell and Howell video presenter (old and needs servicing). Various other old stuff which should be skipped but just in case someone somewhere can use it. First caller must agree to take the lot (what you do with it afterwards is up to you but it must be removed from my premises in Peterborough).Email me at rpe*@sitesource.co.uk (remove the astrisk* - I have had to do this to stop spam; my penis is large enough already, thanks).

Friday 15th August 2003
4:47 pm U.K.


I have a Grundig V2000 machine which I bought new in Germany in 1984. It has been well used but I haven't played anything on it since 1995. I have just got it down out of the atic after seeing this site. It doesn't seem to fit in with any of the models listed on the site. It has the symbol "EU=RO" and the model name "Video 2x4M" on the front. On the back it has Best. Nr. 850 (order No 850),serial number 72629.

It used to work before I put it up in the atic (In it's original packaging)After seeing the site I decided to try it out again. However, now it won't thread itself.

Is it worth my wile trying to get it to work? I still have about 30 cassettes, some of which have material on them I'd love to see again

Any input from people with more experience than me would be more than welcome


Mark Boulton
Friday 15th August 2003
2:09 pm U.K.


To mackmuck:

Re the ITT580 at the car boot sale, if I found one and it was demonstrated to be working I'd snap it up, even for $50 (which I assume if US£ would equate to about GB£30).

Philip Wright
Thursday 14th August 2003
10:36 am U.K.


Hi I am looking for a schematic wiring diagram for the philips video 2022 can anyone help me or tell me where i could find one thanks

David Rogers
Wednesday 6th August 2003
10:03 am U.K.



I have a collection of old VCRs - 1700, 1702, 1500, 2022, 2023. Does anyone know of a UK-based engineer who could take a look at 1 or 2 of them (ideally south).


Christian Berger
Monday 28th July 2003
11:31 am U.K.


I've scanned the service manual of the Video 2000 2x4 super machine made by Grundig.I left out the tuner parts as well as some of the spare-parts lists as well as notes and stuff. It's scanned with 300dpi and compressed to JPEG. A page is about a meg large.http://casandro.dyndns.org/service_manuals/

Ohh, BTW you can donate if you want to help scanning more manuals. :)

Sunday 27th July 2003
12:35 pm U.K.


Hi Thomas Bennett,

Re Philips 1500.

See my message above yours about yahoo user group for 1500 and 1700 models.


Andy M.
Saturday 26th July 2003
4:17 pm U.K.


Hi everyone!

About half a year back, I was at a flea-market where I found a V2000-player/recorder (I think it was an ITT 580 ). I didn't know much about it though, so I didn't buy it. I went there again today and it was still there. The price was about $50 with some cassettes included, and the seller showed me that it works. Now, the question which I would like you enthusiasts to answer is: Should I buy it?

Saturday 26th July 2003
7:53 am U.K.


Grundig 2x4 Plus for sale. Working order and good appearance apart from some scuffs on the ends. Second machine (rough) for spares, and photocopy of manual. £20. Located Shropshire. Must be collected.

Christian Berger
Thursday 24th July 2003
11:54 am U.K.


I'm scanning the Grundig 2x4 super (first version mono) so I'll put it online.

Victor Spink
Thursday 24th July 2003
12:10 am U.K.


Hello.Wanted a Philips 2000 so The Friends of Chertsey Museum can show occasionaly a 2000 tape of a bit of Chertsey's history © 1975 which is in the collection. Must work properly, but the outside condition not important. Any reasonable price considered. Will collect within 150 miles from Surrey.

Thomas Bennett
Tuesday 22nd July 2003
11:12 am U.K.


Hi I am trying to find a working N 1500 to buy, it must have a decent upper drum at least enough left on it to allow me to copy many tapes. Alternately on to beg / borrow / hire. I live on the Isle of Wight.thanks

Tuesday 22nd July 2003
1:17 am U.K.



Re Philips 1700 VCR. Try address group.yahoo.com and search vcr for user group. good luck.


Monday 21st July 2003
9:42 am U.K.



I'd like to buy a Philips N1700/1702, working or faulty, as long as it has all it's parts.

I'll pay a good price and postage (or collect) from anywhere in the UK.

Please get in touch if you can help...



Simon Webb
Monday 7th July 2003
10:21 pm U.K.


My wife is selling a B&O Beocord 8802-V video recorder on ebay.It's a lovely machine, but its HUGE and we havn't got the room.



Monday 7th July 2003
12:09 pm U.K.


Hi all,

I picked up a Video200 machine yesterday complete with some tapes (and all for 50p) itís a Grundig V1600 2x4

The machine is in great cosmetic condition, but seems to have a few faults.

When a tape is playing the sound is muffled and quiet with changes in pitch, is this just a simple clean of the audio head or something else?

The picture is a little grainy but not too bad, rewind and fast-forward is good.

I canít seem to tune in any channels using the tuner, nothing is picked up on the uhf band, is this serious or a simple fix?

Also does anyone know the pinouts for the av din plug or better still a copy of the manual / service manual



stuart cooper
Friday 4th July 2003
12:08 pm U.K.


I'm looking for home movies filmed on V2000 for a new LWT show. The footage really has to be taken in London because it a regional show I'm afraid. I've some the show blub below but if you have any V2000 stuff that you can't play anymore or would like to reminisce about drop me a line. Stuart 020 7633 2573.

LWT invites you to share your home movie memories with the rest of London. Working in conjunction with registered charity the London Film Archive, London Weekend Television are producing a new programme which will look back over the last century through Londoners own home movie footage.

Any format of film or video footage, any subject matter. If you are willing to recollect your movie memories on TV we would very much like to hear from you.

Thursday 3rd July 2003
9:57 pm U.K.


hi to allim in need of a head for a phillips vr2220 portable .if any one has one. can they email me please .or alternatively is there any other head that will fit ?? any info would be usefull as im not very familiar with this model.where are all the v2000 enthusiasts???? as theres not much post on here lately !!!!!cheers malcolm

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