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Monday 27th March 2017

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Sunday 14th December 2003
11:48 am U.K.


I am trying to find out information about an old Hitachi Color Video Camera, Model VK-C870E. Saticon System. I would like to know when the camera was made, how good quality it was, how much was it new, and whether it would have been used for recording TV pictures as it appear to have a cathodray tube.

Victor Perrett
Saturday 13th December 2003
2:24 pm U.K.


Hello!I am fortunate enough to posses an orignal(NEW unused) v2000 tape head for my v2023 machine,however i have neither the tools or D.I.Y. knowledge to undertake this operation!is there anybody out there ex Phillips trained engineer or boffin/enthusiast perhaps with the neccesary skills required!?I have tried local TV repair outlets without success!I am more than willing to pay/reimburse travelling/labour costs involved as I am lost without my beloved machine does that make sense or am i just sad?!THANK U in advance for any genuine offers,Please R.S.V.P. A.S.A.P.!!!

Tuesday 9th December 2003
10:29 pm U.K.


I was looking on ebay and found a boxed 2x4 V2000 machine if anyone is looking for one it looks in very good condition and it's working ,take a look !!! Wanted portable V2000 machine please any condition heres the link


Sunday 7th December 2003
1:58 pm U.K.


If you collect old VTR formats then this might be of interest...


tony swan
Thursday 4th December 2003
4:10 pm U.K.


Hi I am looking for replacment drive belts for the n1702 and a n1502 i am a service enginer but my supliers do not have any of this type of drive belts, N1702 and N1502 are in perfect condition so i would like to get them up and running so PLEASE HELP

Sunday 30th November 2003
8:28 pm U.K.


I have a selection of Used LVC tapes now on ebay they were recorded in 1979 on a Philips N1502 and contain various television programs of the time ,please see my other ebay items for more tapes. LINK :http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3061789770&category=39999

Sunday 30th November 2003
2:35 pm U.K.



Saturday 29th November 2003
11:01 pm U.K.


Hi , I can transfer your Philips N1500 or N1502 tapes to VHS or DVD in very high quality ,all tapes returned ,please email me for details ,WANTED Philips N1500 or N1502 VCR for spares any condition ,LVC VCR tapes Wanted any quantity .

Mad Beta Collector
Monday 24th November 2003
1:41 pm U.K.


Unfortunately I don't have the time to attend to my vcrs and repair them.If there is anyone who is qualified.. (ex video repair) that can look at my V2000 machine and some beta machine I would be happy to pay and can get service manual for themMost important repair at the moment is my Grundig 2x4 vcr :)Must be in the manchester (preferly near stockport) areaEmail me Thanks

Paul :)

Friday 21st November 2003
1:45 am U.K.


WANTED Grundig V2000 2x4 Super Video Recorder Working or not ,also wanted used V2000 tapes any quantity ,any old recordings from 1980-1984 on V2000 Tapes Wanted .

Sunday 16th November 2003
1:08 pm U.K.


hii whant so spec and in fo on a BeoCord V8802 1982 it a v2000 by bang olufsenplease help !

Luke Bell
Friday 14th November 2003
5:24 am U.K.


need help finding software for a Videomaster PV-640 Prolab

Please Help

Monday 10th November 2003
5:22 pm U.K.


hi from francei'm looking for a V2000 recorder (i have a philips vr2334 who needs to be repaired but nobody is able to do... in fact, the seller wasn't right with me when i bought it 10 years ago and it is important to know that this machine has less than 100 hours of using !!!)if somebody is interested he always can get me an offer...but first of all, i want one who is correct and able to read a few tapes i have...thanks for help et MERCI...thomas

Anthony Bentley
Sunday 9th November 2003
11:55 am U.K.


Looking for additioal V2000 tapes of all sizes either new or 2nd user in good working condition.

melanie (australia)
Tuesday 4th November 2003
2:17 pm U.K.


Hello PLEASE HELP am desperately seeking all over to find the old classic movie of superwoman not superman superWOMAN. might be on Beta Cord.it is rather old so i wouldnt be suprised if it was late 1970's or something like that i think it may have been around the christopher reeves time period.it is not a cartoon it is a normal movie and at the time was probably on VHS or Beta cord even something like that.i know DC crimes sindacate seems to have some old things like this although i have seen more action figures than actual movies from them. have you ever heard of or seen this old old movie.Or do you even know what the name of the actress in it is as i can not even search via her name for i do not know it.thanking you kind regards melanie -xxx-PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE HELP cheers :))

chris lowdon
Sunday 2nd November 2003
3:21 pm U.K.


I have a VR2324 that is reluctant to accept deck commands. It responds to the keys but usually then rejects it and if you can get it to lace up it invariably laces out again. After persistant 'play' attempts it will eventually accept and then plays fine. Can anyone help or offer service data.By the way I have full service data for the Grundig 2X4 Super so would happily swap.You can also Email me at nokia.com

Nick Cole
Sunday 2nd November 2003
12:53 pm U.K.


V2000 Pre recorded film (on a VCC-180) for auction:


Saturday 1st November 2003
10:53 pm U.K.



When my Grundig died a few years ago it took some time to find an engineer willing to fix it but all it needed was a new capacitor and life was restored. When a TV went dead recently it turned out to be a break inside the power lead near the plug. All it took was to chop off the end couple of inches from the cable. Hopefully you might find a repairer who will at least check out these possible easily fixed problems.


Michael Baragwnath
Saturday 1st November 2003
4:30 pm U.K.


if people are offering equipment for sale which requires collection, could i suggest that they indicate their approximate location please?

Michael Baragwnath
Saturday 1st November 2003
4:27 pm U.K.


hi, plymouth based, looking for grundig v2000 recorder, also someone to mend pwer supply on my existing one which was in perfect order otherwise.

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