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Thursday 27th April 2017

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Jimmy Jack
Sunday 18th April 2004
4:53 pm U.K.


Hi, I am still looking for VR2023 in good working order and also a genuine service manual.Distance no object, I will uplift and pay cash. Good price paid for right machine. Thanks JJ.

Sunday 18th April 2004
10:00 am U.K.


Hello I'm a french v2000 user so scuse for my english ;-). I've 2 VCR v2000 PHILLIPS v2220. On the first, commands doesn't do anything. When I push a button, play for example, the v2000 try to play but stop itself... For my 2nd VCR, any tape I put inside is cutted (the band). If someone can help me I will be very gratefull.Use my mail for this please =)

Friday 16th April 2004
7:46 pm U.K.


Foe Sale quantity of Philips LVC N1500 / N1700 Video cassettes ,all used but in good condition they contain TV programs you can wipe and reuse them ,priced @ 2 pounds each (plus postage or collect).I also repair Philips N1500 / N1502 / N1700 VCR's and can add audio and colour video outputs to these machines.Please email me for more details.

Thursday 15th April 2004
10:39 pm U.K.


Large selection of V2000 Pre recorded films for sale ,also large selection of used V2000 cassettes various lenghts 2x4/ 2x3 /2x2 hours all contain TV recordings from the 80's on both sides priced @ 1 pound each,V2000 tapes transfered to VHS or DVD in high quality email me for details.

Carol Humphreys
Wednesday 14th April 2004
11:14 am U.K.


This message is for jk mchugh, whose name I found on your chatline. Am sending this message via the chat page as well as to jkmchugh email. I have a Phillips VCC 360 Video 2000 tape which I desperately need to be transferred to VHS so that I can transfer it to DVD. The film is priceless to our family as it contains 50 year old images, previously transferred from 8mm film. After scouring Australia, I found only one machine in Canberra, in the archival Screen Sound, but it did not work. (Government department!) I hope that jkmchugh can help me - I am willing to pay all necessary mailing and transferring costs so that our family can see this film . Please advise soonest.

Wednesday 14th April 2004
10:36 am U.K.


Hi page and pagers.

Is this site still active in 2004?

I have two Grundig machines, neither of which is working now (something to do with the mechanics I think.

A year or so ago I spoke to a guy on the Kent/Surrey border who said he could repair them, but I think that may be too far away for me.

Does anybody know if there is somebody in the NorthWest of England who is still repairing these machines? I would be happy to end up with one working machine and leave the other with some lucky guy for spares/repairs.

Can anybody help?

Tuesday 13th April 2004
2:00 pm U.K.


I have a large quantity of Philips V2000 machines ,they are the VR2020 / VR2021 / VR2022 / VR2023 machines all complete condition unknown some may even be working ,theres also a complete brand new boxed video head from philips for these machines along with remotes and pickups that plug into the machines and a few manuals,all most go would accept offers for the lot or may split,Large quantity of V2000 tapes also must go to make room,contact me for details on 01422 248920 all machines can be collected or posted at cost.

Tuesday 13th April 2004
11:01 am U.K.


I'm looking for a Grundig 800 operating manual, or at least some hints how to record. Playback works fine, but I haven't worked out how to watch TV and record from TV, let alone use the timer record. TIA to all who can help.

Sunday 11th April 2004
10:23 pm U.K.


If anyone is interested, I've got a working N1520 up for sale on eBay for the next few days - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3090158546

Saturday 10th April 2004
6:01 pm U.K.


please write to me i am a female 13 and live in louisiana

Thursday 8th April 2004
8:03 pm U.K.


For Sell Panasonic W V F200 CLE 3CCD NTSC Camera with Camera Back and View Finderhttp://www.videogeorge.bravehost.com

Tuesday 6th April 2004
3:37 am U.K.


There are Grundig V2000 drive belt kits and pinch rollers for sale on ebay but can be easily found at less than half the price as same parts fitted in early VHS models.

In last few months I found belts at around £1 and rollers for less than £3 plus VAT at a number of suppliers.

Further details on request.

Richard Moseley
Monday 5th April 2004
7:31 pm U.K.


Grundig V2000 2x4 plus and MONO/1600 service manuals on eBay.

Monday 5th April 2004
3:04 am U.K.


For V2000 service manuals, you could try Fryerns Electrical Services, tel/fax 01206 211570.

I recently bought Grundig one for £13.75 including postage. Other suppliers also advertise in Television and Home Electronics Repair mag.

Also, new drive belt kits and pinch rollers can be found. Send message if more info needed.

Sunday 4th April 2004
3:52 pm U.K.


Thanks to Steve Hanley's great instructions I was able to fix all my old tapes.While doing this I noticed that grundig cassettes are of noticeably worse mechanical quality than Agfa and ITT ones. Inside the Grundig Cassettes the tape is just _glued_ to the reels! Didn't take apart any other brands, but thought I'd share that with the community.

Ken Rodgers
Sunday 4th April 2004
12:29 am U.K.


HELP !!! I have a V2000 tape that I need to convert to VHS, I bought a used Philips 2022 on E-Bay and the playback head is bad, Oh well! can anyone help me?? and tell me where I can get this converted in the U.S.??? I would even ship it over the big pond to be converted if I knew where it could be done. THANKS ......... Ken n303kj@centurytel.net

Jimmy Jack
Friday 2nd April 2004
10:50 pm U.K.


Hi.I have just found this PALsite and i am amazed that V2000 is still around today.I am looking for the following machines. VR2022 and VR2023 models. I will accept none runners but they MUST BE COMPLETE. Also i require a ORIGINAL VR2023 service manual.I will pay cash and uplift machines personaly (DISTANCE NO OBJECT)Hope someone out there can help me,Many thanks.

Monday 29th March 2004
9:31 pm U.K.



the following Grundig V2000 recorders were on the market:

1st Generation:700 the first recorder, top loader, no special functions770 2x4 plus, same as 700 with picture search and still function

2nd Generation: 800 2x4 super, many special functions, APF850 2x4M same as super, but without APF880 2x4 Stereo, same as 800, stereo, cable tuner

3rd Generation:1600 2x4 top loader, b/w picture search, no DTF !, very bad recorder2000 2x4 Mono2200 2x4 Stereo2080 2x4,2x8 Mono, Longplay2280 2x4,2x8 Stereo, Longplay2000a newer revision of 20002280a newer revision of 2280

For more Informations look at my infopage:http://home.arcor.de/ccz/video2k/VIDEO2000.htmlIt´s in german, click on "Modellbezeichnungen und ihre wesentliche Ausstattung"

Best regardsChristian

steve rowley
Saturday 27th March 2004
11:45 pm U.K.


V2000 service manuals on Ebay for VR2020, VR2022, and Grundig 2x4 Super.

Friday 26th March 2004
2:41 pm U.K.


There were considerably more V2000 models than I found listed here, at least on the German /Austrian market.I once had Grundig model identical to the 2080 but without XP. It also had the weird front loading mechanism where you have to press the eject button first. Identical to it were some Siemens. Ingelen made a Philips copy.Then I once had a very late Grundig model. It had a standard front loading mechanism and was considerably smaller and more modern than any other V2000 machine I've ever seen. Didn't look too different from early-90ies VHS machines. Unfortunately it was beyond repair (like all V2000 machines that have any problems, unless you know the right people, most repair people won't even touch V2000). Recently I bought obne of the mentioned Grundig videos at EBAY. Two days ago I got it shipped... smashed into pieces!. NEVER trust the Post or other packet services! I was close to either crying or throwing the machine flat onto the next available hard surface to cool myself off. I've got a handfiul of tapes, some with way cool movies on them. Unfortunately my Siemens machine took the life of three tapes in its last day, since it just wouldn'T stop at the end of the tape rewinding. Just tore off the tape, and so far I haven't figured out how to open a V2000 cassette and most of all put it back together. Less screws and considerably more springs than a VHS cassette.

Thursday 25th March 2004
9:20 pm U.K.


I have a Grundig 2x4 video 2000 machine,but it has a fault.It will eject and accept the tape,but it will not play.It rewinds o.k ,but will only fast forward very slowly.When i press the play button it winds on the tape into position,but on reaching the pinch roller it immediately unwinds it again and the red light above the tape button starts flashing.Does anyone know what might be causing this fault.

Thursday 25th March 2004
12:13 pm U.K.


V2000 used tapes for sale various lengths 2x4 hours ,2x3 hours ,2x2 hours all contain some recordings from TV in the 1980's ,You can wipe and reuse them £2 each .Email me for more details.

Wednesday 24th March 2004
12:59 am U.K.



See my message 8 Jan at end of Archived Message section for new tapes.


Tuesday 23rd March 2004
5:18 pm U.K.


I have an Aristona 22vr20 in perfect working condition and still I use it for recording some films and other things. I have 7 tapes but now are quite old so if somebody knows how to find some “new” pls send a message. I live in Yugoslavia but I will appreciate if you have some suggestions

Richard R
Monday 22nd March 2004
2:08 pm U.K.


Hi all.

If anyone is interested I have 12 LVC130 videotapes available on Ebay. These were the tapes designed for the earlier Philips format, the N1500 / 1700 machines. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3086003789&category=39999

Monday 15th March 2004
11:06 pm U.K.


Tapes transfered from Philips V2000 / Philips N1700 / Philips N1500 formats to VHS or DVD in very high quality,contact me for more details.

Sunday 14th March 2004
6:09 pm U.K.


LAST CALL FOR V 2000 machines and Tapes [ See earlier advert in above pages.]Anyone interested? Please contact above email address or telephone 024 -76 -319777Wednesday 17/03/04. Collection must go.

Saturday 13th March 2004
3:20 pm U.K.


Philips VR2023 V2000 Video Recorder in full working order with good sharp picture ,Records and plays back with a good picture quality ,Picture search model with slow motion and still frame ,AV video output socket at the rear if you wanted to transfer your V2000 collection to another Video format.The machine is now on Ebay :http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3084523892 : please email me if you require more details.

Friday 12th March 2004
8:35 pm U.K.



Richard Moseley
Wednesday 10th March 2004
6:39 pm U.K.


Service manuals available for Philips VR2020, Grundig 1600 and Grundig 2x4 Plus(GB). All include full circuit diagrams and service / setup information. Any offers considered.

mike smith
Saturday 6th March 2004
3:26 am U.K.


how do you clean diesel oil from casset tapes that sank in a boat?

Donald Horsburgh
Friday 5th March 2004
8:59 pm U.K.


Can anybody be of help to me in a search for a possibly new or good used motor for my Grundig GV250(Archive)VCR,circa 1999? With the departure of Grundig, I am desperate to replace my motor as I am currently unable to find what is on all my videotapes,around 150!

Dave Stapleton
Thursday 4th March 2004
8:18 pm U.K.


Free as long as 'buyer' collects:- Grundig 2080 V2000 video recorder (not working), and approx 50 recordable V2000 video tapes. Leicester area.

Andrew Bennett, Derby
Tuesday 2nd March 2004
5:13 pm U.K.


I have a User Manual for Philips 2023 -- anyone in need of a complete photocopy welcome to get in touch.V2000 recordings transferred to horrible, inferior V.H.S. (More exciting to try http://www. Marktplaats.nl and get a working machine from Holland!)

Sunday 22nd February 2004
5:52 pm U.K.


For sale Philips VR2023 in working order good picture quality ,picture search model with still frame and slow motion,machine has audio and video outputs so you could use this to transfer your V2000 tapes to VHS or DVD,offers please,buyer pays postage of £15 within the UK or collects.

Mad Beta Collector
Saturday 21st February 2004
3:31 pm U.K.


Wanted :

Copy of Service Manual for VR2020

Email me :)

Mad Beta Collector
Saturday 21st February 2004
3:27 pm U.K.


Is the VR2020 Capstan supposed to keep running when the VCR is in stop mode? (just starts running when out of standby)

Richard Moseley
Friday 20th February 2004
7:27 pm U.K.


2 V2000 machines + tapes still available.Please see note from 7th January.

Any reasonable offer.

Richard Moseley

Friday 20th February 2004
6:54 pm U.K.


howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww are u there?

Friday 20th February 2004
6:54 pm U.K.



Monday 16th February 2004
2:47 pm U.K.


I have a V2023 that gives a perfect picture in picture search mode, but in normal playback it loses chroma lock fairly frequently and the picture also suffers from periodic jitter. Can anyone suggest any fixes?

vikki goodier
Sunday 15th February 2004
7:01 pm U.K.


hi nikki wot u up 2 im soooooooo Bord are you cumin out or not.(call me) Did you get any valentines cards every one is out Luv you lodz Luv vikkixxxxxx

Mike Buckett
Sunday 15th February 2004
12:37 pm U.K.


PYE 22vVR20 AND 21VR20 units available to good home. Please email if interested.

Thursday 12th February 2004
9:41 pm U.K.


I have aquired a VR2020. OK cond. When plugging in it made a click or two then a very very loud high pitched howl. spectacular! the motors seem to go but this recorder has spent a while upside down in damp for a while. there is a lot of oxide around in it.then on later pluggings in a waft of smoke drifted up from the front rightmost PCB card. oh dear! this was from a small elevated resistor, photos available on request.I have never been into V2000, I'm a Umatic man. this was a chance find so there it is. I have no tapes nor ambition to hold on to it. I'm thinking about if you, or someone who really would appresiate it, could pick it up from Sutton Coldfield west mids UK, it's theirs. I'm not very much after money. tricky to post.I'm undecided if I should take it to a VCR repairest, limited use to me.


Martyn Scott
Wednesday 11th February 2004
10:37 am U.K.


Hi,I have a Grundig V2000 2 x 8 player that was, until last night, in pretty good working order. Unfortunately, I purchased a film from E-bay tried to play it and the picture was terrible. At first I thought it was the tape so I tried one from my collection that I knew was good but this was the same. I checked the heads and found the usual black deposits from a dirty cassette. I cleaned the heads and the picture improved but now it seems to "wobble" back and forth across the screen very slightly. The sound also "wobbles" again very slightly. I'm assuming (praying) that it is just a roller or something that has gotten dirty from the cassette as the last time I used the player it was fine. Has anyone outhere got any ideas?

Sunday 8th February 2004
12:36 pm U.K.


i have a Grundig V2000 super any ideas on where i might get it repaired. tried restarting it recently but no movement.want to get it moving to transfer treasured videos to a new format.

Thursday 5th February 2004
8:07 pm U.K.


Battlestar Galactica The Original theatrical version 1980/ Mision Galactica "The Cylon Attack" / Conquest of the Earth all on V2000 tapes for sale ,see my other items for more V2000 tapes in this set and blank V2000 cassettes.Ebay Link :http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=39999&item=3076265549

Tuesday 3rd February 2004
8:20 pm U.K.


Still AVAILABLE - FOUR V 2000 PAL VCRs [ 2 x Grundig 2x Philips ] for sale as spares. 95 Used tapes various sizes. Ready for collection to the best offer.Nr Coventry. West Midlands. UK

Friday 30th January 2004
1:36 pm U.K.


Is anyone looking for a Philips N1500 mains lead as I now have one on Ebay :http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3075071325&category=39999

Thursday 29th January 2004
12:38 pm U.K.


I have 25 Philips N1500 / N1700 Video cassettes for sale now on ebay ,all used in good condition with television programs on each. Ebay Link : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3074623095&category=39999

norman haigh
Tuesday 27th January 2004
7:20 pm U.K.


Has anyone got a Philips VR2220 tuner/timer for sale or a lead to connect the tuner/timer to the cassette deck?

Please respond to Douglas Haigh 01484 645076 Thanks

Sergio (betamaxDATminidiscMSX)
Monday 26th January 2004
11:38 am U.K.



You are interesting this document (file Adobe Acrobat), but language italian: http://web.ticino.com/pagna/Pagine/Documentazioni/Supporti%20audio%20e%20video%20(ricerca).pdf


Saturday 24th January 2004
9:43 am U.K.


School looking for a Philips VCR N1500, N1502, N1700 or N1702, working or faulty.

We have a storeroom full of VCR tapes containing educational programs, and we'd like to transfer these onto VHS to use again, but our old VCR's broke down a long time ago.

If you have a recorder in any condition, that we can repair or use for spares, please get in touch. (No tape-transfer services please).



Thursday 22nd January 2004
11:29 pm U.K.


I can transfer any V2000 tape to VHS or DVD in very high quality,all tapes returned,contact me for more details,thanks.

Thursday 22nd January 2004
11:15 pm U.K.


WANTED Philips N1500 / N1501 / N1502 Video Recorder,need not be working as it's only for spares ,Tapes for these machines also wanted.I offer a N1500 tape transfer service to DVD or VHS please contact me for more details.Thanks.

Thursday 22nd January 2004
10:08 pm U.K.


I have my Grundig V2000 2x4 super User manual on ebay ,also theres a Philips VR2021 / Vr2022 User Manual on my other items along with a Grundig 2x4 1600 machine in good condition with good video heads for spares, if you want to take a look heres the link:http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3073565387

Klaas Veenstra
Thursday 22nd January 2004
11:57 am U.K.


What is there to do, when a vcr shuts down every time a transportkey is pressed. I do think that the transporting-mechanism is dry or dirty. How can I solve this problem?

Thursday 22nd January 2004
11:37 am U.K.


I have loads of V2000 tapes but no philips v2000 to play them on. Does anyone have an old V2000 that they wish to sell?

Thursday 22nd January 2004
5:54 am U.K.



i have the V2000 but somehow my tuner gives me lines, like it would be antenna qualityany idea what exactly could be broken or needs cleaning?the cable itself on tv is great also with a vhs videolet me know via email thx!

Tuesday 20th January 2004
11:19 pm U.K.


HI all i currently own a Philips N1500 vcr which as far as i know works except it requires a full set of drive belts.

could anyone shed light onto the approx value of this machine either in current condition or if repaired. i also have about 20+ tapes.

please email me Thanks Dave

Simon Rogers
Monday 19th January 2004
11:13 pm U.K.


Firstly just say to thanks to those that set this site up, at least I am not alone in V2000 land.

I am trying to get a Phillips VR2334 up and running. The machine appears dead when a tape is in although the panel lights come on when the relevant button is pressed, play, rewind etc. With no tape in the loading tray goes up and down OK and the motor runs when rewind etc is pressed.

I've checked all fuses and connectors and all seem OK. The next step is to replace the backup battery but I cannot seem to locate it. Can anyone tell me where it is or offer other things to try, hopefully it's something simple !



Monday 19th January 2004
12:16 am U.K.


Is anybody can help me about converting some V2000 recordings to VHS S-VHS 8 or Hi8mm or even in digital like DV or DVD ?

Francis Mayet
Sunday 18th January 2004
6:34 pm U.K.


I own hundreds of v2000 cassettes and can't get any machines to read them . Can you help me find any ? I live near Poitiers in France .Thanks gor helping .J'ai de nombreuses cassettes v200 dont certaines que j'ai faites avec un camescope et j'aimerais pouvoir les recopier en vhs mais il me faut trouver un lecteur v200 en état d emarche et les miens ne fonctionnent plus et je ne trouve personne pour les réparer. Merci de m'aider en m'envoyant un message. J'habite près de Poitiers, dans la Vienne (France)

Saturday 17th January 2004
10:17 pm U.K.


WANTED Portable V2000 System with or without tuner ,or V2000 colour camera for use with porable system or full size machine ,please email me with details.Thanks.

Saturday 17th January 2004
7:13 pm U.K.


I have put on ebay a few of my V2000 tapes among them is The Best of Benny Hill ,Thames Tape in very good condition,thers some of my used V2000 cassettes on my other items.Ebay Link:http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=30144&item=3379422157

Thursday 15th January 2004
10:54 pm U.K.


For Sale Large Quantity of V2000 Cassettes all mixed 3 hours and 4 hours Used with Films/Programs on them ,Will split offers,contact me for more information.

john norman
Thursday 15th January 2004
10:26 pm U.K.


i have for sale 3grundig 2x4 one with rem kit 2020x1 2022x2 20vr23 x1 2324 x1 23vr24 2840x1 B&O v8808-2 x1 ITT580 x1 w/s manuals 2022 2324/2334 2840 150 assorted uesd tapes 2x video heads new and 2 large boxes of new panels all boxed offers please

Tuesday 13th January 2004
11:29 pm U.K.


Hi u all! Two years ago I was given a Grundig's 2x4/2x8 V2000 (model name 2080) recorder from a friend's family who had purchased it a mere 12 years ago (what a deal for the store!). It needed some circuitry service and, after a 100€ bill, it was perfectly working & I was perfectly happy (along with my beta/svhs machines). Then, this old tape stuck in and the cassete lid got broken... so the machine is no longer working. As our technician put it, circuitry is [relatively] available but not mechanical parts. So ANYONE OUT THERE with INFO or SPARE UNITS of this superb model, plz contact me.

Greetings from Madrid (Spain).

Klaas Veenstra
Tuesday 13th January 2004
8:44 pm U.K.


I own a vr2840, and so it is known that the machine has XL mode. When I try for that, the picture is not quite as good as claimed on this site, in the overview about the VR2840. Is there something wrong with my machine??

Tuesday 13th January 2004
10:53 am U.K.



Ian Patey
Saturday 10th January 2004
4:47 pm U.K.


Date 10th Jan 2004 Hi - I have recently sold my VC2000 recorder and have two for sale on E-bay on the UK site Grundig 2x4 Super that partly function. I have about 50+ VC2000 tapes that were used for home recordings avialable - open to offers for tapes. These are mostly 2x4h and 2x3hour tapes - I don't expect much for them as postage will be quite a lot due to their weight. Please e-mail me if you are interested.

Friday 9th January 2004
7:15 pm U.K.


Hi there.A Philips VIDEO2000 is available for parts on ebay. Just 3 Euros plus shipping !Anyone interested ?Look at this address before it's too late:http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=3318&item=3070226054Claudio

Friday 9th January 2004
7:52 am U.K.


Anyone looking for brand new (sealed and unused anyway even though probably over 15 years old???) V2000 tapes?

Try stanleysonline.co.uk who have Philips 3hr and 3M (Scotch) 4hr cassettes.

I have heard Scotch tapes were abrasive and caused extra wear on heads so suggest use sparingly, and when I used to play in Grundig 2X4 Super tended to jam up in Index Search.

Also, came across company who have maybe around 50 cassettes but will only sell as one package. Anyone interested - let me know and I'll check out number and price etc.

Also, new drive belt kits and pinch rollers for Grundig videos are available at 3 or 4 dealers advertising in Television magazine. Maybe for Philips too. Prices vary a little.


Wednesday 7th January 2004
9:56 pm U.K.


Does anyone know where to get V2000 tapes copied onto DVD???

Richard Moseley
Wednesday 7th January 2004
12:54 pm U.K.


I have two V2000 machines for sale - both in working order.First is Philips VR2023. case is in good condition, new head fitted with extimated less than 100 hours of use. Old head also available still working but well used.

Second is Grundig 1600 ( with german language controls ) Working order, but case is a little scratched on the sides. Playback on the Grundig is not as clear as the Philips, but the Philips is a higher spec machine.

Machines have not been used for a long time but I tested them beginning of January when I found this site and they seem OK.

Service manuals available for both machines ( including all circuit diagrams etc.)I also have 50+ used tapes, various lengths - mostly 360 and 480.

All reasonable offers considered.Location is Warwickshire, Leamington Spa.

Klaas Veenstra
Tuesday 6th January 2004
10:27 pm U.K.


does anyone or anybody own, or can lend me a schematic diagram of a vr2340 and a vr2840. 'cause i have a major electrical problem in the piece of electronic attached on to the cooling-rib right next to the AC mains

Klaas Veenstra
Tuesday 6th January 2004
10:12 pm U.K.


anybody that knows some more about the electric feed system of a vr2340 or vr2840. Every time i put my 2840 into the electric source, only the capstan-axle and headdrum starts rotating like crazy, and my 2340 shows only the clock and shuts down the transporting mechanism within a few seconds whenever i press one of the transportkeys it is no funn at all...

Klaas Veenstra
Monday 5th January 2004
9:17 pm U.K.


Een vast veel voorkomend probleem (althans bij mij dan). Vanaf de trafo loopt de stroom naar een printplaat gemonteerd op een koelrib (koellichaam). Van daaruit gaat de stroom door het hele apparaat. Nu heb ik onlangs een 2340 (precies dezelfde layout als mijn 2840) aangeschaft, en die voorzien van een mooiere kast. En nu heb ik alweer het zelfde probleem: het lijkt alsof het elektries blijft hangen in het koellichaam. Wat kan ik hieraan doen? Steeds maar weer een v2000 kopen op de markt verveelt ook snel, en zoveel tijd, geld en moeite hoeft een dolfijne hobbie niet te kosten....

Saturday 3rd January 2004
11:02 pm U.K.


WANTED Philips N1500/N1501/N1502/N1700/N1702 Video Recorders for spares ,any machine considered ,LVC tapes also wanted for these machines,please email me with details and you location ,I also transfer Philips N1500 and N1700 /V2000 tapes to DVD/VHS/Betamax Thanks.

Micheal Austin
Tuesday 30th December 2003
9:18 pm U.K.


I'ts AMAZING !!! Just how many BOXED Grundig 2x4 1600 V2000 VCRS there are, Or could this be just the same machine again on sale because it has been tampered with and the case removed by someone with a screwdriver who knows nothing about the machines,It's a shame as this machine would have been a must for a collector such as myself but now theres a big ? in my mind as to what has been done to it ,I should have bought it when it was first on ebay ,heres the link to this machine again, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3068936252&category=39999 notice the seller has changed his name but the machine remains the same.Thanks Micheal Austin (VCR Collector)

Tuesday 30th December 2003
8:20 pm U.K.


Apologies above message email address corrupt.Please note amended email address.

Tuesday 30th December 2003
8:18 pm U.K.


Available. Several used V 2000 video machines and large number of V 2000 mixed length tapes.Machines although working in play mode should be assumed to be for spares or repairs. Interested? contact me. location Coventry West Midlands UK.

Tuesday 30th December 2003
3:02 am U.K.


I need a V2000 to transfer my old tapes (kids and family). I would like to buy it, but I would also consider a rent.I am located in California (San Francisco area).Any suggestions?

Micheal Austin
Monday 29th December 2003
1:54 pm U.K.


please note post above this, then read this post

This item was sold on ebay recentlycheck out item number 3064684784 see linkhttp://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3064684784&category=39999then this was posted

Name: JessicaEmail: jess@golden-fleece.freeserve.co.ukSunday 28th December 2:55 pm U.K. Time How do you get inside the Grundig 2X4 1600 machine? It does not seem to have any screws to remove the top part of the case? Anyone know? The only screws seem juyst to relove the bottom metal grill panel revealing only the base of a circuit board and no access to the general interior


I know as i wanted to bid on this item when it was sold first timeCheersMicheal Austin

Monday 29th December 2003
11:32 am U.K.


Check out this item on Ebay, brand new boxed, with manual, original packaging, and mint V2000 Grundig, looks pretty good. Item 3068703937, perfect and as new.

Monday 29th December 2003
3:13 am U.K.


hi does anyone have a v2022 for sale if so email me at cancanuk@yahoo.com

Sunday 28th December 2003
2:55 pm U.K.


How do you get inside the Grundig 2X4 1600 machine? It does not seem to have any screws to remove the top part of the case? Anyone know? The only screws seem juyst to relove the bottom metal grill panel revealing only the base of a circuit board and no access to the general interior.

A White
Saturday 27th December 2003
4:36 pm U.K.


Just got a V2000, well chuffed i have been dying to watch Charlottes Web since i saw it at school years ago, now im having a problem recording???Am I a div or doing something wrong...I cant find no record button but in with the tapes i bought were a pile of tapes the fella had copied himself off TV???Its a Grundig and is on the site says 2x4 on front it has all the ins-outs etc.....another query for anyone who can help...cheers

Wednesday 24th December 2003
2:03 am U.K.


Does anyone have any V2000 cassettes or faulty V2000 machines for sale.Contact me with information.

Tuesday 23rd December 2003
10:43 pm U.K.


WANTED Bang and Olufsen V2000 Video Recorder any condition working or not,please email me with full details thanks .

Saturday 20th December 2003
10:14 pm U.K.


My ALLSOP3 Video 2000 Head Cleaning cassette is now on ebay at a low price Link:http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3066841873I have also listed a few V2000 machines for spares.

Thursday 18th December 2003
4:37 am U.K.



Ref your 1500/1700 cassettes.

Suggest you place message on Yahoo site (groups - vcr) for fans of this format.


Tuesday 16th December 2003
6:36 pm U.K.


I am seeking to buy some V2000 tapes, various lengths, not bothered about content, just mneed some quality tapes to use as blanks. Anyone help? I live in Sheffield area.

Richard R
Monday 15th December 2003
8:31 pm U.K.


Hi all.

For those that are interested I have 14 unused and factory sealed N1500 / N1700 videocassettes available on Ebay. They are unsold stock that were put into storage in approx 1984.



Klaas Veenstra
Monday 15th December 2003
7:57 pm U.K.


I'd definetly need some new video heads for my VR2840. Or some heads as good as new. So that I can continue watching my nostalgic tapes. Anybody who knows about a good retailer in the Netherlands???

Sunday 14th December 2003
11:48 am U.K.


I am trying to find out information about an old Hitachi Color Video Camera, Model VK-C870E. Saticon System. I would like to know when the camera was made, how good quality it was, how much was it new, and whether it would have been used for recording TV pictures as it appear to have a cathodray tube.

Victor Perrett
Saturday 13th December 2003
2:24 pm U.K.


Hello!I am fortunate enough to posses an orignal(NEW unused) v2000 tape head for my v2023 machine,however i have neither the tools or D.I.Y. knowledge to undertake this operation!is there anybody out there ex Phillips trained engineer or boffin/enthusiast perhaps with the neccesary skills required!?I have tried local TV repair outlets without success!I am more than willing to pay/reimburse travelling/labour costs involved as I am lost without my beloved machine does that make sense or am i just sad?!THANK U in advance for any genuine offers,Please R.S.V.P. A.S.A.P.!!!

Tuesday 9th December 2003
10:29 pm U.K.


I was looking on ebay and found a boxed 2x4 V2000 machine if anyone is looking for one it looks in very good condition and it's working ,take a look !!! Wanted portable V2000 machine please any condition heres the link


Sunday 7th December 2003
1:58 pm U.K.


If you collect old VTR formats then this might be of interest...


tony swan
Thursday 4th December 2003
4:10 pm U.K.


Hi I am looking for replacment drive belts for the n1702 and a n1502 i am a service enginer but my supliers do not have any of this type of drive belts, N1702 and N1502 are in perfect condition so i would like to get them up and running so PLEASE HELP

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