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Monday 27th March 2017

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Keith Southwood
Tuesday 4th May 2004
8:35 am U.K.


How easy is it to open up a V2000 cassette for repair? I rewound one and the tape has pulled off the spool.

Saturday 1st May 2004
2:21 pm U.K.



Mijn VR2350 moet waarschijnlijk worden gereset. Is there anybody out there die uitvoerig gedetailleerd weet hoe zoiets moet????????

Thursday 29th April 2004
5:08 pm U.K.


there is something going on with the VR2350. every time i plug in, the machine goes with a sound like morse-code beeping and whistling all along. what is there to do about it?

Kocht ik me onlangs twee exemplaren van de VR2350, ik zet 1 ervan in de stroom, en dat gaat wel goed, een volgende dag test ik die andere, en die doet het ook wel aardig. Maar als ik die eerste weer aansluit geeft die ineens een continue piepgeluid, als ononderbroken morse. Toen die tweede maar weer aansluiten, is die ineens net zo erg. Terwijl allebeide apparaten eerder deze week nog nagenoeg vlekkeloos functioneren. Wat kan ik hieraan doen om het te verhelpen?

Jimmy Jack
Sunday 18th April 2004
4:53 pm U.K.


Hi, I am still looking for VR2023 in good working order and also a genuine service manual.Distance no object, I will uplift and pay cash. Good price paid for right machine. Thanks JJ.

Sunday 18th April 2004
10:00 am U.K.


Hello I'm a french v2000 user so scuse for my english ;-). I've 2 VCR v2000 PHILLIPS v2220. On the first, commands doesn't do anything. When I push a button, play for example, the v2000 try to play but stop itself... For my 2nd VCR, any tape I put inside is cutted (the band). If someone can help me I will be very gratefull.Use my mail for this please =)

Friday 16th April 2004
7:46 pm U.K.


Foe Sale quantity of Philips LVC N1500 / N1700 Video cassettes ,all used but in good condition they contain TV programs you can wipe and reuse them ,priced @ 2 pounds each (plus postage or collect).I also repair Philips N1500 / N1502 / N1700 VCR's and can add audio and colour video outputs to these machines.Please email me for more details.

Thursday 15th April 2004
10:39 pm U.K.


Large selection of V2000 Pre recorded films for sale ,also large selection of used V2000 cassettes various lenghts 2x4/ 2x3 /2x2 hours all contain TV recordings from the 80's on both sides priced @ 1 pound each,V2000 tapes transfered to VHS or DVD in high quality email me for details.

Carol Humphreys
Wednesday 14th April 2004
11:14 am U.K.


This message is for jk mchugh, whose name I found on your chatline. Am sending this message via the chat page as well as to jkmchugh email. I have a Phillips VCC 360 Video 2000 tape which I desperately need to be transferred to VHS so that I can transfer it to DVD. The film is priceless to our family as it contains 50 year old images, previously transferred from 8mm film. After scouring Australia, I found only one machine in Canberra, in the archival Screen Sound, but it did not work. (Government department!) I hope that jkmchugh can help me - I am willing to pay all necessary mailing and transferring costs so that our family can see this film . Please advise soonest.

Wednesday 14th April 2004
10:36 am U.K.


Hi page and pagers.

Is this site still active in 2004?

I have two Grundig machines, neither of which is working now (something to do with the mechanics I think.

A year or so ago I spoke to a guy on the Kent/Surrey border who said he could repair them, but I think that may be too far away for me.

Does anybody know if there is somebody in the NorthWest of England who is still repairing these machines? I would be happy to end up with one working machine and leave the other with some lucky guy for spares/repairs.

Can anybody help?

Tuesday 13th April 2004
2:00 pm U.K.


I have a large quantity of Philips V2000 machines ,they are the VR2020 / VR2021 / VR2022 / VR2023 machines all complete condition unknown some may even be working ,theres also a complete brand new boxed video head from philips for these machines along with remotes and pickups that plug into the machines and a few manuals,all most go would accept offers for the lot or may split,Large quantity of V2000 tapes also must go to make room,contact me for details on 01422 248920 all machines can be collected or posted at cost.

Tuesday 13th April 2004
11:01 am U.K.


I'm looking for a Grundig 800 operating manual, or at least some hints how to record. Playback works fine, but I haven't worked out how to watch TV and record from TV, let alone use the timer record. TIA to all who can help.

Sunday 11th April 2004
10:23 pm U.K.


If anyone is interested, I've got a working N1520 up for sale on eBay for the next few days - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3090158546

Saturday 10th April 2004
6:01 pm U.K.


please write to me i am a female 13 and live in louisiana

Thursday 8th April 2004
8:03 pm U.K.


For Sell Panasonic W V F200 CLE 3CCD NTSC Camera with Camera Back and View Finderhttp://www.videogeorge.bravehost.com

Tuesday 6th April 2004
3:37 am U.K.


There are Grundig V2000 drive belt kits and pinch rollers for sale on ebay but can be easily found at less than half the price as same parts fitted in early VHS models.

In last few months I found belts at around £1 and rollers for less than £3 plus VAT at a number of suppliers.

Further details on request.

Richard Moseley
Monday 5th April 2004
7:31 pm U.K.


Grundig V2000 2x4 plus and MONO/1600 service manuals on eBay.

Monday 5th April 2004
3:04 am U.K.


For V2000 service manuals, you could try Fryerns Electrical Services, tel/fax 01206 211570.

I recently bought Grundig one for £13.75 including postage. Other suppliers also advertise in Television and Home Electronics Repair mag.

Also, new drive belt kits and pinch rollers can be found. Send message if more info needed.

Sunday 4th April 2004
3:52 pm U.K.


Thanks to Steve Hanley's great instructions I was able to fix all my old tapes.While doing this I noticed that grundig cassettes are of noticeably worse mechanical quality than Agfa and ITT ones. Inside the Grundig Cassettes the tape is just _glued_ to the reels! Didn't take apart any other brands, but thought I'd share that with the community.

Ken Rodgers
Sunday 4th April 2004
12:29 am U.K.


HELP !!! I have a V2000 tape that I need to convert to VHS, I bought a used Philips 2022 on E-Bay and the playback head is bad, Oh well! can anyone help me?? and tell me where I can get this converted in the U.S.??? I would even ship it over the big pond to be converted if I knew where it could be done. THANKS ......... Ken n303kj@centurytel.net

Jimmy Jack
Friday 2nd April 2004
10:50 pm U.K.


Hi.I have just found this PALsite and i am amazed that V2000 is still around today.I am looking for the following machines. VR2022 and VR2023 models. I will accept none runners but they MUST BE COMPLETE. Also i require a ORIGINAL VR2023 service manual.I will pay cash and uplift machines personaly (DISTANCE NO OBJECT)Hope someone out there can help me,Many thanks.

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