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Monday 27th March 2017

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Wednesday 21st July 2004
12:56 am U.K.

hello! is any body here?

Tuesday 20th July 2004
9:58 pm U.K.

Dont want to get involved in some one elses argument, but dispite the nasty e-mails I read from some old bloke, I decided to use Mr Potters service, I posted my tape to him last Monday and recieved it back today. Spot on! As for the cost, if I didn't think it was worth it I wouldn't have sent it. Cheers Martin, Top bloke!

Tuesday 20th July 2004
10:18 am U.K.

Now we are fed up of all this junk from Mr. Ken Rodgers!! If he har bothered reading the guidelines for this chat, he will (hopefully) understand that he i violating them. I will not take part in the conflict between him and Mr. Potter, but his messages are not serious at all. Hanging another person out on at chat like this is at least to be acting like a child. And the only thing that he obtains is giving sympathy to Mr. Potter and to be hated himself.

I do hope that the moderator of this board removes all the above mentioned junk.

I am writing this message anonymously only because I am afraid that Ken R. would spam my E-mail too if I had given name and address here. A person as seious as him could well do that.

Monday 19th July 2004
5:35 pm U.K.

Are there any administrators watching over this Chat Page??

If so, please can you delete all the recent messages from Ken Rodgers, Martin Potter and their friends.

I hope you both resolve your differences very soon, but please continue your arguments via e-mail and stop spoiling this once good chat page, which is supposed to be dedicated to V2000.

Please do us all a favour and stop spamming each other through this chat page!!

Ken Rodgers
Sunday 18th July 2004
4:50 pm U.K.

Let me make it perfectly clear about Mr. Potter.... he was given a chance to mail back my valuable non replaceable 20 year old tape......... I provided him a U.P.S. RETURN NUMBER to RETURN the irreplaceable item........ NO COST!!!!... safely ......... His decision to put it in the mail without postage ...... overseas just like putting it in the garbage!...... This is not a man of integrity he lied to me about returning my tape to end this and he is lying to all of you........ HIS MOTIVE IS MONEY ............... petty but true............ he holds a copy on DVD ( he tells me) and is trying to exploit me for that!............ I will not let Potter get away with poor business practice at the expense of hostage holding...... BE WARE!!!!! of doing business with Potter your non-replicable items may be LOST or held HOSTAGE by a THIEF ...........thank all you who have e-mailed me about this, customers should not be bashed or treated poorly by business owners..... we need to stand up to the ternary of these individuals................... I WILL NOT BE IGNORED!!! I WILL NOT GO AWAY!!! I WILL NOT LET POTTER RIP OFF ANOTHER PERSON !!!!!!!!!! THIS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL MY TAPE IS RETURNED AND WE ALL GET AN APOLOGY.

Joe Warner
Saturday 17th July 2004
1:14 am U.K.

Martin Potter & Ken Rodgers you are both being childish to say the least ! No one is suggesting the return post should be free - But simple putting the video tape in a post box without potstage is at best petulant. A very cheap second class surface post would not have bankrupt you Mr Potter ! Mr Rodgers move on - you have had a bad day with regard to this issue. As with regard to transfering video footage onto VHS or CD r at cost price plus second class post is well in the reach of many Video 2000 fan who may not be so well off as you Mr Potter, at least this way I provide the rare chance of those who at one time in the past owned a video 2000 machine can transfer video footage for less than £ 2 a tape, - not everyone wants to pay through the roof for the odd favorite movies from the 80's etc to be saved


Ken Rodgers
Thursday 15th July 2004
10:14 pm U.K.

Martin Potter WARNING! BEWARE! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH Martin Potter a.k.a.. ( DO NOT SEND HIM ANY OF YOUR TAPES FOR TRANSFER !!! DO NOT SEND HIM MONEY!!! I will continue to post this warning until Mr. Potter sends back my V2000 tape undamaged I will also post on E-bay, Yahoo, and all relevant sites. If you need more information on the poor business practices of Mr. Potter please e-mail me. I will not be ignored.

Thursday 15th July 2004
9:56 pm U.K.

I would also like to give my support to Mr Potter.

I have a collection of vintage Philips VCR's, and in recent months Mr Potter has given me regular advice and assistance via e-mail, on how to repair and service those recorders. He has given me lots of his time and advice for free, and has been invaluable.

I am pleased to recommend Mr Potter to all other Palsite visitors.

Thursday 15th July 2004
9:25 pm U.K.

I Sent Mr Potter a set of 2000 tapes, and I had no problem at all, I did however send money for the return postage.How stupid can some people be.Is there any others out there who have had a great service from Martin. ??I know I have.CheersI am sorting some more tapes out and will send them soon.I'll send a email when i am ready to continue


Thursday 15th July 2004
9:18 pm U.K.

Ken :Theres only you who has sent a tape for transfer and sent no return postage costs everyone else was good enough to send payment with the tape,Thats why the tape has been posted back to you with no postage payment just dropped in the post ,You can't expect me to pay the return postage for a tape thats sent from the UK to the USA .Maybe when you get your tape back you and Joe can contact each other has he beleives in doing this service FREE ,He may even pay your return postage cost too. Regards,Martin

Ken Rodgers
Thursday 15th July 2004
8:50 pm U.K.

Martin Potter WARNING! BEWARE! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH Martin Potter a.k.a.. ( DO NOT SEND HIM ANY OF YOUR TAPES FOR TRANSFER !!! DO NOT SEND HIM MONEY!!! I will continue to post this warning until Mr. Potter sends back my V2000 tape undamaged I will also post on E-bay, Yahoo, and all relevant sites. If you need more information on the poor business practices of Mr. Potter please e-mail me. I will not be ignored.

Ken Rodgers
Thursday 15th July 2004
8:49 pm U.K.

Martin Potter: WARRNING THIS GUY IS FAULTY check out his e-mails .... if you are following this he is A BIG FAT LIAR ......

Ken, Thanks for the post on PAL Site , Due to you posting my name and your comments I have had 3 requests to transfer tapes just today,Thankyou. Everyone who contacted me thinks you are going a bit too far and making a fool of yourself "My Lawer is bigger than yours " is the best Ken . They all agree you should have sent payment if you cherish your 20 year old tape so much then you would have had it sent back 1st class mail and it would be there by now.I don't know how you expect me to pay for postage of your tape from the UK to the USA would cost at least 6 UK Pounds if not more Anyway keep on posting your comments it's all working out fine for me . Your DVD looks quite good ,can't be your tape anyway as It's PAL encoded and German ,You use the inferior NTSC system over there and V2000 machines were only available in Erope 20 years ago so who's the German friend you have promised to transfer it for ? Maybe he will send payment for the DVD ? Regards,Martin

----- Original Message ----- From: Ken Rodgers To: Martin Potter Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2004 11:49 PM Subject: Re: TAPE?

Today is JULY 13th! and still no tape ............................. I will resume my efferts ...... you cannot be trusted.

Martin Potter wrote:

> Ken,> > Your tape is in the post ,Standard post may take a while .> > >> ----- Original Message -----> From: Ken Rodgers> To: Martin Potter> Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2004 1:36 PM> Subject: TAPE?>> This E-mail was received 6-6-04 and today it is 6-22-04 it has been 2 weeks and no tape! please explain? where is my tape? ...........>>> Ken,>> I have taken legal advice regarding this matter and have been advised to return your tape but retain my DVD copy as no payment has arrived from you,>> All statments have been recorded from you on Pal Site ,even the one that was removed and I may be seeking compensation from you regarding your comments about me.>> I will retain the DVD for 3 months after that it will be destroyed as It remains my property until paid for.>> The tape will be sent Monday ,I want you to confirm when it arrives.>> Now I want you remove all your coments about me from Pal site.>> Regards,>> Martin

Thursday 15th July 2004
8:31 pm U.K.

Joe :

I transfer all tapes to DVD not on VCD lower quality on standard CD's like yourself and the equipment is expensive ,I don't use a PC ,The tape is played and composite signal is fed to a filter then fed direct to a Philips DVDR 980 Stand alone recorder and recorded to DVD in real time at a high Quality setting.all this takes time and I sit through the whole tape to monitor it.And if people (Yes you Ken ) send me return postage payment it helps .anyway thanks for your comments.Regards,Martin Potter

Joe Warner
Thursday 15th July 2004
2:53 pm U.K.

Mr Martin Potter I believe it would best serve this chat room if you went elsewhere - you have & continue to upset others with regard to making large amounts of money in transfering video 2000 to other formats. In any case it is morally wrong to over charge supporters of video 2000 & betamax users to transfer video footage to other formats.

I provide the same service as you & it's my opnion that this kind of work should be done as a hobby & the charge for such a service should be at Cost Price ( ie: the cost of a blank tape or bank CD) Plus second post.

You should be ashamed of yourself at the was you have treated others users of this format!

I hereby call on all other users of the Video 2000 & Betmax format to boycott this man (Martin Potter) untill such time he has resolved outstanding issues & takes a less Capitalist approach to riping people off.


Ken Rodgers
Thursday 15th July 2004
12:20 am U.K.

MARTIN POTTER: WARNING! RIP OFF! EXTORTION! HOSTAGE! LIAR! LIAR! LIAR! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SCHMUCK! HE HAS NO IDEA! WARNING DO NOT SEND HIM ANY BUSINESS! CLOWN! MORAN! .......... Attached is his rebuttal regarding returning my 20 year old tape. Martin Pottet wrote:........ 7-13-04 Ken, The tape was dropped in the post when I emailed (6-23-04) you with no stamp or postage payments as you made no effort to send me any payment to cover the cost of either transfer or return postage of your tape (no effort??? refer to Palsite chate page Sunday 6th June 12:39 am UK time name Martin:) ........He sent this 6-23-04:.......Ken, Your tape is in the post ,Standard post may take a while....... Martin Potter must be 10 years old because he does not have a brain of an adult!!! WARM REGARDS form us AMERICANS .......................Oh ya the comment about your LAWYER ....... well my LAWYER is BIGGER THAN YOUR LAWYER .................... pea brain.

Saturday 10th July 2004
12:46 pm U.K.

For sale Philips N1700 VCR in good condition ,faulty for spares or repair offers,please contact me for more details and a picture if required .

Saturday 10th July 2004
11:14 am U.K.

For Sale : Grundig V2000 2x8 Video Recorder ,Machine has a PSU fault ,working but has intermitent playback tape stops,all other fuctions work fine ,machine in good condition with remote.Sold for spares or repair, offers.

Tuesday 6th July 2004
11:43 am U.K.

heya,ne vamps out there lookin4 a doner in london? email me if u wana find out more about me........ x :)

Sunday 4th July 2004
12:41 pm U.K.

V2000 Cassettes for sale all used and contain Television recordings from 1980-1994 ,priced @1 pound per tape plus postage costs ,We also have a large cllection of Television adverts from 1973-1979 all in fantastic quality contanct me for more details.

Joe Warner
Thursday 1st July 2004
11:35 am U.K.

Video 2000 Users .

It was just last night I managed to get my head around this problem & I have now corrected this problem.

I bought a standard scart lead & placed one end into OnDigital box & feed the other end into A/V scart on the Video 2000 machine, I opened up this end & soldered a Video out / Audio out Phono leads - which I feed into my Betamax Video in /Audio in & then used ariel out connection & feed this into my VHS Machine which in connected to my TV .

This now means I can record UK normal transmissions or Digital Transmission via my Video 2000 or Betamax & VHS & it also makes it very easy to transfer programmes recorded on Video 2000 or Betamax to VHS format - all this is looped into my computer & now I can transfer (capture) onto normal CD-R any programming in Divx/Xvid format.

Wow, this has been an interesting project but worthwhile.

I hope this Solution helps others get around a simalar problem.


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