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Monday 27th March 2017

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Monday 7th March 2005
1:07 pm U.K.


Did you know that even sony made VCC cassettes? I found some. Weird hey, they had their own betamax system, but they also made video 2000 tapes.

Chris Squires
Sunday 6th March 2005
7:26 pm U.K.


Hi All

Just to say I have just had two of Jimmy's other B&O machines, and not only are they beautiful to look at, they work like a dream too, well worth the Money and the trip to bonny Scotland in last weeks snow. So if you need a fully working one, get in quick, it is worth it.Cheers and thanks again Jimmy.Chris

Jimmy Jack
Friday 4th March 2005
10:33 pm U.K.


Hi, I have 3 B/O model 8802V machines for sale all with romote controls. I am looking for Philips / Pye / ITT / Marantz 2023 models dead or alive as long as they are complete. Also have 5 philips VR2022 machines (working) for sale. I am prepared to exchange machines.

Russell Kirk
Friday 4th March 2005
8:06 pm U.K.


If like me you have come to this site looking for someone to transfer your Video 2000 tapes to a more current format I can recommend the services of Martin Potter who has a number of postings on this page.

When moving house I found a number of old tapes and Martin has successfully transferred them to DVD so I can once again see the old rubbish that I recorded back in the 80's. His service was both effective and reasonable so if you have a similar requirement then give him a call.

Martin Potter
Thursday 3rd March 2005
11:47 am U.K.


V2000 Video 2000 used cassettes for sale large quantity all with old television recordings on both sides, tapes are a mixture of 2x2 , 2x3 , 2x4 hours ,tapes can be erased and reused.please contanct me for more details .

Dino Panayiotou
Tuesday 1st March 2005
12:57 pm U.K.


Hi, It's the usual sort of request. I have a number of V2000 tapes with some prescious old football games which I would love someone to record for me onto VHS or DVD. I also have an old Grundig 2x4 (silver facia) which anyone is welcome to have for spare parts free of charge.

I can also be reached at dinosimon@yahoo.co.uk. Tel: (eve) 020 8983 0215


Sunday 27th February 2005
9:10 pm U.K.


A VR2025 which is switched onto play, and seconds later it shuts off into standby. It also shows no picture. Any comments like service manuals and other technical advices are welcome. In Nederlands would be quite o'rite.

Ros Ralfe
Saturday 26th February 2005
5:27 pm U.K.


Hello, I am new to this site. I have recently acquired a Phillips V2000 model 2021 machine. It has not been tested and has not been used for some time but when last used it was in working order. Is anyone interested in making me an offer? Also have 8 used V2000 tapes. Please contact me directly if you would like to know more on rosralfe@connectfree.co.uk

Martin Potter
Friday 25th February 2005
8:13 pm U.K.


N1500 / N1700 VC / LVC tapes transferred to VHS or DVD in high quality using the latest digital equipment,DVD's have menus to find the program you want after transfer,Advice for repair and modification including Audio and Video outputs for Philips N1500 and N1700 Video Recorders via email or phone ,Please contact me for more details.

Wednesday 23rd February 2005
8:18 pm U.K.


Dear friends. I have a problem with my VR-2340. It plays back and tunes only in black and white. No color at all. Everything else works fine. Does anybody have a service manual or schematics of this model? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Tuesday 22nd February 2005
7:49 pm U.K.


i'm looking to buy a dvd player that plays divx.I would like a reasonabbly good one-- around$100.00.Can anybody reccommend one to me and where to purchase it.Thanks, Denny

Sunday 20th February 2005
6:34 pm U.K.


hi hi hi hi hi

Sunday 20th February 2005
1:51 pm U.K.


I'm in serious trouble with my V2000 machine. I was casually watching an old tape when suddenly I heard low crackling sounds from the machine (Siemens 304, identical to Grundig 2x4 Super) and the picture started to go bad. Knowing the tape was slightly damaged but had gotten a lot better from being viewed a few times I just pressed fast forward to get over the bad section. No chance. Only snow and sound. Now it's like that with all tapes. Any chance for rescue or is the head drum shot? If yes I'll have to look into fixing my old Philips.Please help me! I have about 60 V2000 tapes and would love to watch them again!

Saturday 19th February 2005
7:13 am U.K.


i want to know about hot mail chatroom AND install it

Martin Potter
Wednesday 16th February 2005
8:19 pm U.K.


Video 2000 / V2000 tapes transferred to VHS or DVD in high quality ,please contact me for more details .

Wednesday 16th February 2005
5:39 pm U.K.


Philips N1500 VCR Wanted for spares any condition can collect anywhere or will pay postage costs ,N1500 / N1700 cassettes also wanted please contact me with details .Tell 01422 248920

Chris Squires
Monday 14th February 2005
8:24 am U.K.


Hi Everyone

I am still trying to find a working V2000 model, I don't mind which. So if you have a collection you want to whittle down or are giving up due to space, time etc then please consider me as a good home for your treasure. Payment on your terms, I will come and collect wherever you are (I am in Wiltshire). This is the third time of asking and I just missed out on getting something nice on both occasions. Please help.Many ThanksChris

Saturday 12th February 2005
8:00 pm U.K.


Which brand of tapes is in best shape today? I sometimes see stocks of video 2000 tapes where I live, it's mostly philips 480. No idea of their condition. I don't use them but if anyone truly needs tapes let me know.

also I'd like to repeat my post way up:

WANTED: original releases of monty python on video 2000.

Sunday 6th February 2005
4:17 pm U.K.



Colin McCormick
Thursday 3rd February 2005
8:46 pm U.K.


Could anyone provide me with a used V2000 tape by around 10th Feb 2005? Pay post and costs of course. I need to test a Grundig 2x4 (Grundig 1600) which I have just bought, before letting it loose on other people's tapes for DVD transfer. Alternatively, if you have a tape you want transferred to DVD, I'll do that free of charge for the donation of a tape. Thanks.

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