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Monday 27th March 2017

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Colin McCormick
Wednesday 30th March 2005
8:20 pm U.K.


V2000 to DVD transfers:

In case you are here because you want to be able to view some old V2000 tapes, I would like to mention that I offer this service at very competitive prices starting at just £15 (see http://www.colin99.co.uk/beta.html). I use two V2000 machines because some tapes play best with Dynamic Track Following models and some play best without, this means I can get the very best from your tapes. I also use a digital timebase corrector to improve the picture stability.

As well as V2000, I offer Betamax, VHS, Video8, Hi8, S-VHS and professional Betacam SP transfers to DVD. You can see testimonials to my work on the web site too.



Email: colin99@bigfoot.com

Tuesday 29th March 2005
9:20 pm U.K.


I'm looking for a service manual for a Philips VR-2022 recorder. My problem is that the frontpanel key's are not working. The Clock and tapecounter are ok but none of the key's are working. Can someone help me???

tee hee
Saturday 26th March 2005
6:20 pm U.K.


if theres any one out there whos 12 and has a hotmail email address can u chat to me

Tuesday 22nd March 2005
1:13 am U.K.



darren hibbert
Monday 21st March 2005
12:13 pm U.K.


I am looking for a working V2000 machine for sale.

I can pay postage or collect if not too far away from Northants.

Will pay upto £40 for one.

Richard Moseley
Wednesday 16th March 2005
6:46 pm U.K.


Three Grungig V2000 2x4 VCR circuit boards on eBay.Removed from a working machine some time ago.If you are interested, search on Grundig V2000.Please contact me if you require any info.

Richard Moseley
Wednesday 16th March 2005
12:05 pm U.K.


Hello,I have put some parts for Philips VR2020 -2023 V2000 VCR on eBay if anyone should be interested. Search on Philips V2000 should find them. I also have some boards for Grundig 2x4 which i may list later. Please e-mail me if you are interested.

Richard Moseley

Tuesday 15th March 2005
8:48 pm U.K.


Kurt Abraham, I think you need video-DIN, a vintage audio/video standard. Sets are still sold by http://www.conrad.nl.

Anyone got Monty Python prerec releases on video 2000 or N1700 btw?

fatima abbas
Monday 14th March 2005
4:49 am U.K.



Sunday 13th March 2005
10:40 pm U.K.


Hi, I am still looking for Philips VR2023 & Pye 20VR23 machines, I now have a special boxthat i would send you so you would'nt have any packing problems. If you have one for salejust email me . Thanks, Jimmy.

Chris Riding
Sunday 13th March 2005
12:31 pm U.K.


Hi all v2000 enthusiasts,I came accross this website yesterday.I have for sale the following video 2000 machines and tapes.1. One GRUNDIG VIDEO 2000 2 X 8 Model no. 2080 GB with operating Manual.Machine functional but requires video servo setting up.2. Two, GRUNDIG V2000 2 X 4 Model no 800 These two machines are both complete but not functional, but are Ok for spare parts.3.One Philips V2000 20VR20, not functional but OK for Spares.4. Approx 30 BASF and Grundig VCC 480 TAPES, All used but virtually as new.These machines need a good home for some T.L.C.Please E-Mail me if anyone is interested.c.g.riding@talk21.comBest regards to all

Sunday 13th March 2005
7:24 am U.K.


Hi there,

Could anyone help me out? I have a Philips V2000 type VR2120/00 (haven't found anyone on this site mentioning this number) which is no longer in working condition. We have a lot of tapes (which capture important family events) and I am desperate to either find a working machine to purchase if anyone has it. I am not sure which other model would be able to play these tapes, but if there is an alternative V2000 machine that would I would be happy to get that.Can anyone please inform me of any solutions? Thank you

Saturday 12th March 2005
8:04 pm U.K.


what are using this bord(DSBK-140/0 i.LINK/DV Input/Output Board (for DSR-70AP) and DSBK-160A SDI/i.LINK(DV) Input/Output Board (for DSR-70A/70AP) ,How are useThankyou Taha al mamary

Kurt Abraham
Thursday 10th March 2005
8:51 pm U.K.


Hi! First, I'm in New York and I have to deal with a lot of PAL / NTSC conversions. I only recently discovered Video 2000. It happened as a result of someone sending me some tapes - and I didn't know what they were. I had never seen them before. I took them around to several professional duplication houses in NYC - and NOT ONE person had ever seen them before. No one had a clue. So I got a friend in Germany to find me a machine (Video 2000 2x8 Best Nr. 2080) and I just received it. However he didn't send any cables. Now I'm on a search for the cables. Does anyone know where I can get them? I specifically need the output cables which would go from the player to a German TV. I'd be looking for extra sets as well - since I'm sure I will ave to do a bit of splicing.

Monday 7th March 2005
1:07 pm U.K.


Did you know that even sony made VCC cassettes? I found some. Weird hey, they had their own betamax system, but they also made video 2000 tapes.

Chris Squires
Sunday 6th March 2005
7:26 pm U.K.


Hi All

Just to say I have just had two of Jimmy's other B&O machines, and not only are they beautiful to look at, they work like a dream too, well worth the Money and the trip to bonny Scotland in last weeks snow. So if you need a fully working one, get in quick, it is worth it.Cheers and thanks again Jimmy.Chris

Jimmy Jack
Friday 4th March 2005
10:33 pm U.K.


Hi, I have 3 B/O model 8802V machines for sale all with romote controls. I am looking for Philips / Pye / ITT / Marantz 2023 models dead or alive as long as they are complete. Also have 5 philips VR2022 machines (working) for sale. I am prepared to exchange machines.

Russell Kirk
Friday 4th March 2005
8:06 pm U.K.


If like me you have come to this site looking for someone to transfer your Video 2000 tapes to a more current format I can recommend the services of Martin Potter who has a number of postings on this page.

When moving house I found a number of old tapes and Martin has successfully transferred them to DVD so I can once again see the old rubbish that I recorded back in the 80's. His service was both effective and reasonable so if you have a similar requirement then give him a call.

Martin Potter
Thursday 3rd March 2005
11:47 am U.K.


V2000 Video 2000 used cassettes for sale large quantity all with old television recordings on both sides, tapes are a mixture of 2x2 , 2x3 , 2x4 hours ,tapes can be erased and reused.please contanct me for more details .

Dino Panayiotou
Tuesday 1st March 2005
12:57 pm U.K.


Hi, It's the usual sort of request. I have a number of V2000 tapes with some prescious old football games which I would love someone to record for me onto VHS or DVD. I also have an old Grundig 2x4 (silver facia) which anyone is welcome to have for spare parts free of charge.

I can also be reached at dinosimon@yahoo.co.uk. Tel: (eve) 020 8983 0215


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