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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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johnson williams
Tuesday 10th January 2006
9:43 pm U.K.


LETTER OF BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPWe are mobile phones wholesalers.We deals on all brands and models of mobile phones such as Nokia,Motorola,Samsung,Sony Ericsson,Sagem, Nextel,Sidekick II,Sprint,Ipods, Laptops, Mp3 players and many more at very cheap prices.We are using this medium to look for buyers of mobile phones.Do kindly reply back if you are interested and as you do you will be glad you do,


WE ARE SELLING ALL KINDS OF MOBILE PHONES LIKE:MOTOROLA RAZOR V3 AT JUST $140usd,NEXTEL i930 AT JUST $130usd,NEXTEL i860 AT JUST $110usd,SONY ERICSSON P910i AT JUST $160usd,SONY ERICSSON W800i AT JUST $160usdSONY ERICSSON S700i AT JUST $145usdMOTOROLA MPX 220 AT JUST $140usd,MOTOROLA MPX 300 AT JUST $180usd,SONY ERICSSON S700i AT JUST $140usdSONY ERICSSON W800i AT JUST $160usdNOKIA 9500 AT JUST $210usd,NOKIA 9300 AT JUST $190usd,NOKIA N90 AT JUST $210usdNOKIA N91 AT JUST $230usdSAMSUNG D500 AT JUST $180usd,SAMSUNG D415 AT JUST $150usdSIDEKICK II AT JUST $120usd,Nokia7260-$150usd7270-$150usd8800-$200usd8910i-150usd9500-180usd3120-80usd 9300 -160usdN90-200usd6600-100usd6630-120usd6260-130usdSAMSUNG PRODUCTSX120-$150usdS500-$150usdP510-$i80usdSONY ERICSSONZ520i-$120usdZ800i-$140usdW800i-$150usdMOTOROLA PRODUCTSD500-$200usdV3(silver)-$150usdV3(black)-160usdHAIER PRODUCTpen phone(P5)-$100usdTHURAYA PHONE-$150usd

ian whiteley
Monday 9th January 2006
7:06 pm U.K.



Ritchie ''Ibrahim'' Varga
Saturday 31st December 2005
3:08 pm U.K.



Monday 26th December 2005
2:50 pm U.K.


Philips N1500 / N1502 / N1700 VCRs for sale , all serviced and in full working order, machines include audio and video outputs so would be ideal for tape transfer, LVC cassettes also for sale, please contact me for more details.

Monday 26th December 2005
2:48 pm U.K.


V2000 Video 2000 cassettes transferred to DVD in high quality using the latest digital equipment , please email me for more details.

Monday 26th December 2005
2:47 pm U.K.


Philips N1500 / N1502 VCR LVC Cassette transfers to DVD in high quality using the latest digital equipment ,Service is FREE if you send your old faulty Philips N1500 / N1501 / N1502 VCR along with cassettes . Please email me for more details.

Saturday 24th December 2005
7:18 pm U.K.


<a href="http://www.neopets.com/refer.phtml?username=wwemastergold"><img src="http://images.neopets.com/creatives/faerie_magic_468x60.gif" width=468 height=60 border=0></a>

johnson joel
Wednesday 21st December 2005
1:48 am U.K.


fesdexmobilecompany.One of the leading cellphones marketing outlet.We are intobulk buying and selling of GSM phones.We have lots of stocks available now.Seriousbuyer should contact by email.Thank's and God bless. johnson joelfesdexmobilecompany@yahoo.comNokia 1100-- US$55 Nokia 2100-- US$45 Nokia 2300-- US$60 Nokia 3100-- US$65 Nokia 3108-- US$60 Nokia 3200-- US$75 Nokia 3230-- US$95 Nokia 3300 - US$85 Nokia 3310-- US$25 Nokia 3315-- US$29 Nokia 3330-- US$30 Nokia 3350-- US$35 Nokia 3410-- US$35 Nokia 3510-- US$40 Nokia 3510i-- US$45 Nokia 3530-- US$50 Nokia 3595-- US$45 Nokia 3610-- US$55 Nokia 3650-- US$185 Nokia 3660-- US$195 Nokia 5100-- US$65 Nokia 5140-- US$110 Nokia 5210-- US$40 Nokia 5510-- US$105 Nokia 5550-- US$50 Nokia 5170iR-- US$39 Nokia 6020-- US$130 Nokia 6670-- US$105 Nokia 6630-- US$175 Nokia 6100-- US$80 Nokia 6108-- US$90 Nokia 6220-- US$105 Nokia 6230-- US$110 Nokia 6260-- US$135 Nokia 6310-- US$69 Nokia 6310i-- US$70 Nokia 6500-- US$60 Nokia 6510-- US$60 Nokia 6600-- US$135 Nokia 6610-- US$80 Nokia 6630-- US$175 Nokia 6170-- US$145 Nokia 6650-- US$82 Nokia 6800-- US$105 Nokia 6820-- US$110 Nokia 7200-- US$185 Nokia 7210 Turquoise-- US$100 Nokia 7230-- US$120 Nokia 7250-- US$120 Nokia 7250i-- US$120 Nokia 7260-- US$135 Nokia 7280-- US$155 Nokia 7600-- US$165 Nokia 7610-- US$195 Nokia 7650-- US$160 Nokia 8250-- US$65 Nokia 8310-- US$90 Nokia 8910 Titanium-- US$160 Nokia 8910 Black-- US$165 Nokia 8910i-- US$185 Nokia 8890-- US$115 Nokia 8850 Special Edition-- US$105 Nokia 8850 Gold Edition-- US$110 Nokia 8800 ------------ US$315Nokia 6680......US $220 Nokia 6681......US $220 Nokia N90......US $250Nokia N91......US $250Nokia N70......US $250Nokia 6060......US $230Nokia 6111......US $260Nokia 7710 -- US$ 200 Nokia 8855-- US$100 Nokia 9210 Communicator-- US$195 Nokia 9210i Communicator-- US$195 Nokia N-Gage-- US$110 Nokia 9500 (communicator)-- US$250Sony Ericsson P800-- US$155 Sony Ericsson P900-- US$205 Sony Ericsson P910i-- US$210 Sony Ericsson T20e-- US$35 Sony Ericsson T20s-- US$39 Sony Ericsson T28s-- US$39 Sony Ericsson T28 World-- US$45 Sony Ericsson T29s-- US$49 Sony Ericsson T100-- US$30 Sony Ericsson T105-- US$35 Sony Ericsson T200-- US$45 Sony Ericsson T230-- US$55 Sony Ericsson T300-- US$55 Sony Ericsson T310-- US$50 Sony Ericsson T600-- US$69 Sony Ericsson T610-- US$130 Sony Ericsson T630-- US$135 Sony Ericsson T68i-- US$105 Sony Ericsson T68m-- US$110 Sony Ericsson Z200-- US$100 Sony Ericsson Z600-- US$170 Sony CMD-J5-- US$30 Sony CMD-Z7-- US$35 Sony CMD-J7-- US$40 Sony CMD-J6-- US$40 Sony CMD-Z5-- US$90 Sony CMD-MZ5-- US$155 Sony Ericsson R520m-- US$100 Sony Ericsson R380 World-- US$90 Sony Ericsson R380s-- US$105 Sony Ericsson R600-- US$35 Sony Ericsson S700-- US$175 Sony Ericsson K500i-- US$180 Sony Ericsson K700i-- US$189Sony Ericsson K750i-- US$ 200 Samsung SGH A200-- US$50 Samsung SGH A300-- US$40 Samsung SGH A500-- US$70 Samsung SGH A800-- US$70 Samsung SGH C100-- US$85 Samsung SGH E400-- US$125 Samsung SGH 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US$150 PDA'sHP IPaq Pocket PC H4150 ========= $190Asus MyPal A716 ================= $175HP IPaq Pocket PC H4350 ========= $185Toshiba Pocket PC E405 ========== $120Sony Clie PEG-TH55 ============== $155Toshiba Pocket PC E800 ========== $220PalmOne Zire 72================== $120PalmOne Tungsten E ============== $90PalmOne Tungsten C ============== $140PalmOne Zire 31 ================= $65palm Treo 650====$120 and many more that are just release

Wednesday 21st December 2005
12:09 am U.K.


hola a todas

Till Rückerli
Tuesday 20th December 2005
3:51 pm U.K.


Hello VCR Friends , There is a PHILIPS/GRUNDIG PORTABLE VCR LDL1100/VCR601 on E-BAY Germany!Have a Look !

Sunday 18th December 2005
10:38 pm U.K.


whats up ppls

Peters Reed
Monday 12th December 2005
4:34 pm U.K.


For Sale:Nokia 8800/N70/N90/Samsung D500/D600 Dear Valued Customer,Introdcing the CELLPHONESINC.We are one of the major marketers of GSM/NEXTEL phones in West Africa.We located in Lagos Nigeria.The CELLPHONESINC is a registered company with CERIFICATE OF INCOPERATION.Serious buyers should contact by e-Mail or telephone.SEE PRICES:Nokia 8800 = 200usdNokia N90 = 220usdNokia N92 = 250usdNokia N70 = 210usdSamsungD500 = 135usdSamsungD600 = 155usdSamsunge730 = 125usd

Thanks!Peters Reedcellphones_inc@hotmail.competersreed01@yahoo.comTel: +2348032491094.

Wednesday 30th November 2005
5:18 am U.K.


Message for Clive and Colin.

User group for Philips vcr (1500/1700 models) on Yahoo might help.


Monday 28th November 2005
3:25 pm U.K.


Hello, im from argentina

Monday 28th November 2005
12:06 pm U.K.


Gudday, I've just aquired a Philips N1701 in "almost" working condition. Anyone have, or know where I can get, a copy of a service manual in either paper or electronic form? Cheers, Clive [in Australia].

Monday 21st November 2005
12:44 pm U.K.


hi ppl ne 1 tlkin ? xxx

Saturday 19th November 2005
5:41 pm U.K.


THought someone may be interested in this job lot of 25 tapes for V2000 on ebay aution for another 5 days


Saturday 19th November 2005
11:43 am U.K.


im bored send a message to me and add me plzz and i want girls and boyz between 12+14 plz hunnis lol:):):):):):):):):):)

Saturday 19th November 2005
11:42 am U.K.


hheeeeeyy im called kayleigh and im single andlooking im looking around da area of southamptonso answer plz oh and im 12 years old

Wednesday 16th November 2005
6:51 pm U.K.


Wanted: Philips N1502 video head (probably the same as N1500?). Please contact colin99@bigfoot.com.

I also do N1700 / V2000 / Betamax / Betacam / Video8 / Hi8 / Digital8 / VHS / SVHS (etc...) video to DVD transfers: http://www.video99.co.uk

Wednesday 9th November 2005
11:40 pm U.K.


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Wednesday 9th November 2005
4:10 am U.K.


I have a Sony tuner # TGV-3. I need the pin connections to wire the tuner as a standalone unit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Dave

Josep Figueras
Saturday 5th November 2005
11:42 am U.K.


I have a Grundig 2x4 V2000 VCR available. Please contact me if interested.

Friday 4th November 2005
12:28 am U.K.



Herman Verbrugghe
Tuesday 1st November 2005
1:52 pm U.K.


search to hire vc2000 in belgiumI have 1 tape 2x4hr to transfer in digital formatcan somebody help me ?

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