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Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Martyn Ransom
Sunday 3rd August 2008
10:42 pm U.K.


Hello all!I bought a Grundig Video 2000 machine in 1982. It came with a add on remote control unit, and it cost me a total of £685. When you consider that I only earnt £65 a week in those days, that was quite a lot of cash! It was a fine machine when it worked, but it did have a few problems with drop-out, etc. Even the tapes were very expensive, with a 8 hour (480)tape setting me nack around £24 a time. Madness!It's good to see that the old format is still being talked about. I still have loads of tapes, and 1 machine, (not the original though) this one cost me £25 about 15 years ago. Not sure if it still works. Must try it out one day.I will return to this site soon, but for now, cheerio.

Stephen Gray
Tuesday 29th July 2008
8:04 pm U.K.


Hi all, great site. I'm after a V2000 tape (and other vintage tape formats!) for training purposes. I'll be teaching archivists how to recognise and care for old tapes. Anyone have a spare tape to donate toa good cause? It doesn't even have to work. Cheers - Stephen (gray__@hotmail.com)

Sunday 27th July 2008
8:32 am U.K.


Hey i have a question. i bought a video 2000. but it has no scart output. the tv output dont work. i think the tv dont read it on the videoIN.

the video 2000 has although a round AVout. can i use this one? what is that output named today? i find it nowwhere.plz give me some hinds... thx

Saturday 26th July 2008
12:13 am U.K.


Found a philips N1500 video cleanning cassette on ebay not seen one of these in a while. Item number: 120286385428

Thursday 10th July 2008
11:13 pm U.K.


Nice site! I am certainly interested in offers. Email me at Jessamy@thebox.bz

Michael Wincott
Friday 4th July 2008
8:38 pm U.K.


Looks like a nice machine just listed on ebay: http://tinyurl.com/54usgf

peter cook
Monday 30th June 2008
11:14 am U.K.


Hi I am peter and I have some old v2000 tapes with nostalgic content and I want to find anywhere that can copy them onto disc or memory card etc as i have no machine to play themhope you can help....... Peter

Thursday 5th June 2008
11:38 pm U.K.


Hi, I just bought a Philips VR2087. It looks like the VR2023 but it has VR 2087 printed on the front. Is it a "special" version of the VR2023?

Chris H
Wednesday 4th June 2008
2:28 pm U.K.


I have 24 V2000 tapes for sale at the mo on Ebay...

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=130228014733&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=003 (Item number: 130228014733)

...all kinds of interesting footage from the early 80s up to the mid 90s.


Tuesday 3rd June 2008
6:00 pm U.K.


Hi never heard about this format before untill today.

Have aquired 2 tapes of ebay of FIRST BLOOD AND RAMBO FIRST BLOOD PART 2.

I have no use for them as I only have a vhs machine.

Was wondering what they were worth and if anybody wanted to give me a fair price for them?

They are apperently precertifaction as the cases do not have any ratings but the tapes do have 15 marked on them.

Tuesday 27th May 2008
8:48 pm U.K.


Philips N1512 VCR Video Recorder Ex BBC Machine in fair condition very rare looks like a Philips N1502 needs belts and service for sale for £195 I also have a Grundig 2 x 4 Super STEREO Video 2000 recorder (silver machine) with added silver remote box and metal remote handset and original user manual along with a box full of cassettes, pre recorded pre cert and TV recordings all for £180. Buyer collects . V2000 used casettes large quantity all with old TV recordings from 1980's - 1992 £ 1 each cassette, email me for more details.

Sunday 18th May 2008
8:37 am U.K.


Hi!Looking for any hints,why my B&O starts correctly,with picture and everything,but after say 2-5 min..it shuts down?.

Here is something for the Grundig2x4-Plus owners.Because there is no tracking,you can take of the whole cover,inside beside the head,you will find 4 goldplated bolts,while u run the tape,adjust with a screwdriver,till u get perfeckt picture.

Works for me/

Thanx Tino/Sweden

Friday 9th May 2008
8:07 pm U.K.


want to sell pal uvw 1800 and pal uvw 1400. both low hours and in good conditon.email for pics and hours if interested. thanks

Friday 9th May 2008
4:25 am U.K.



Ref your Grundig's mechanical fault. If it is not loading or ejecting cassettes properly it might just need new drive belt which is still available - see earlier message on subject


Chris H
Thursday 8th May 2008
10:02 pm U.K.


I have a box of used V2000 tapes for sale on ebay if anyone is interested? There are 22 tapes all VCC480s. They contain all kinds of retro TV recordings from the 80s and 90s, but can be recorded over if necessary.http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=130221179093&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=003 or Item number: 130221179093 if the link does not work.


Sunday 20th April 2008
9:26 pm U.K.


For Sale Philips N1500 VCR Video Cassette Recorder in very good condition received from a school complete with 5 cassettes also in good condition. Untested as there is no mains lead. buyer to collect £250.

Bill Craswell
Sunday 20th April 2008
7:17 pm U.K.


I have just put a V2000 Infra-Red (NOT wired)complete add-on remote control on eBay it has the unit to fit on the side of the VCR and the handset. The unit suits the front loading brown & gold Grundig 2x4. Give your legs a rest ! It can be found at http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=270230401073&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=017 or if you have a problem with that then the item number is 270230401073

Bill Craswell
Saturday 19th April 2008
9:50 am U.K.


Hi, I have a V2000 2x4 super VRC - the brown and gold front loader for sale. It is not working, I believe it is a mechanical fault but would be very useful for spares as it has a motherboard with plug-in cards also 17 tapes. I am based in Gloucester.

Karl Mooney
Tuesday 15th April 2008
6:18 pm U.K.


I am looking for a service manual (the electrical and mechanical parts) for a Grundig 2x4 Video 2000 machine - the familiar brown and gold finished beast. Ideally a printed copy, but a photocopy or scan would be close second choices. Any advice or pointers in a useful direction would be very welcome - thanks in advance.

Thursday 3rd April 2008
9:21 pm U.K.


I have a Phillips V2000 with approx. 5 blank tapes in good condition. I am based in South Wales, near Swansea, any offers please?

Martin White
Sunday 30th March 2008
11:08 am U.K.


Hi all,

My Philips VR2350 Matchine V2000 VCR (in the UK, a specially-imported model) has developed a fault - it hasn't been used for a while. On powering up, the clock display is blank and the beeper is switched on permanently. Meanwhile, all of the segments of the function display are lit up. There were a few dry joints, which have been resoldered to no avail. I've also replaced the electrolytic capacitors in the power supply - but this made no difference. Does anyone have any idea as to what's wrong? I've tried looking for a circuit diagram or service manual on-line, but to no avail. If a kind reader (probably resident in Europe) could e-mail be one, that would be terrific and I would be eternally grateful! Kind regards, Martin

phil Wingfield
Sunday 23rd March 2008
9:18 am U.K.



This is the latest in a line of requests for someone who can service/repair a V2000 machine (and an N1700 as it goes). I know there have been other requests and I can't find any replies but I am ever positive and hoping that the rest of the exchanges were private and all these people now have fully functioning machines, hmmmmm.

Otherwise, there is a solution but not an cheap one that I am on the cusp of using. There is a guy in Holland who services, repairs and sells V2000/N1700 machines. He sticks them on Ebay on a regular basis. The ones he sells were built for the european market and I believe there were some compatibility issues when playing into a UK TV. He did explain it to me but my tiny non-tech brain could not take it in. However, he is prepared to service and repair my machines but I, obviously, must shoulder the cost of shipping. It depends entirely on how much a working machine is worth to you.

I am here exploring the alternatives. If nothing comes from this site I will go ahead and let you all know how it works out.

I have sent an e mail to the Dutch guy asking if I can give out his details on this site. It may be that he is already known to this community. His Ebay handle is Charly_Rackslider and you could track this down by searching on Ebay for these machines.

Hopefully more later,


tape collector
Friday 7th March 2008
12:35 pm U.K.


hidoes anyone have any old vhs or v2000 tapes that you no longer need?no prerecorded tapes please.

i live in the wembley area and don't drive so can either arrange for post or can you deliver for a reasonable fee?

no time wasters or scammers please.any amount wanted.thank you.

Simon Williamson
Tuesday 4th March 2008
7:54 pm U.K.


thanks, Steve, I'll look into your suggestions and report back.

Tuesday 4th March 2008
6:54 am U.K.



Re Grundig 2x4 drive belts. Try Grandata in Wembley, tel 020 89002329, part ref BK 94, or Visionaids tel 0195 2273130 (if phone number still same - or look for website to check) part Konig 7535.10 - Grundig fitted same belts in many early VHS machines so were still plenty about but not listed under V2000 models.


Chris H
Thursday 28th February 2008
2:23 pm U.K.


I have another batch of V2000 tapes up on ebay. 21 tapes in all, mostly 2x4hr and 2x3hr. Lots of old off air TV footage from the early 80s up to about the mid 90s. Tapes can easily be re-recorded over.


Item number: 130201837230 if the link doesnt work. Auction finishes next Wednesday night (March 5th)


Simon Williamson
Sunday 24th February 2008
9:22 pm U.K.


I have recently rescued my Grundig VR2000(2X4) from the attic, with the intention of transferring my old tapes to DVD. Unfortunately internal examination of the machine revealed a broken belt for the cassette mechanism....anyone know of a source of belt kits for these machines? Dimensions 112 x 1 x 6 mm.

Long shot, thanks for any tips/advice/etc/

Friday 22nd February 2008
5:21 pm U.K.


I am seeking a working V2000 machine, ideally 2X4 super, so that I can transfer treasured tapes to DVD. Location Oxfordshire. Can anyone help?

Chris H
Saturday 16th February 2008
8:09 pm U.K.


Big batch of V2000 tapes for sale. 42 tapes of differing lengths, the majority being 2X4hr. Lots of old off-air footage from the 80s and 90s. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/V2000-Video-Tapes-x42-used-80s-90s-retro-TV-RARE-FORMAT_W0QQitemZ130198912713QQihZ003QQcategoryZ39999QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItemEbay Item number: 130198912713 (if the link doesnt work)

Colin McCormick
Sunday 10th February 2008
11:05 pm U.K.


VR2023 CTR board wanted:

I require a CTR (processor) board U20 for a VR2023, or a whole scrap machine. Can anyone help? I'm based in Devon but also visit Bedfordshire sometimes so may be able to collect.

The battery leaked all over mine, and though I was able to bring it back to life for several years, it's now expired.

Thanks for any help.


Tuesday 5th February 2008
10:25 pm U.K.


Wanted !!!....working V2000 machine please ! 07904296298 ....Cheshire area if possible.


Con McCumiskey
Saturday 26th January 2008
11:54 am U.K.


I have a Philips VR2022 and about 60 tapes which I want to transfer to DVD. My problem is that the VCR hasn't been used for many years and needs a good service. Is there anyone reasonably near to Nottingham who could help me out?

A White
Thursday 24th January 2008
9:04 pm U.K.



Hi im looking for some help, I have amassed some 8'000 old original beta and vhs collectable tapes over 18 years of collecting. I hoarded around 200 V2000 tapes on the off chance i'd get a good machine I have a few philips and grundigs which were never up to scratch for converting the rare tapes i have however i recently aquired a mint condition 23VR33 and it plays good but there is a grainyness on every film i play there is no tracking so this doesnt help is there anything i can adjust that would soften the picture or take away this haze/grainyness. You help would be great. Ive tons of beta machines and a few V2000's also if anyone can repair their slight faults. Anyone into tapes near west yorkshire area?

Sam Simon
Thursday 24th January 2008
4:01 pm U.K.


Hi, my father is searching for a working Phillips V2000 video recorder on which to play a number of treasured tapes he has not been able to watch for years. Does anyone have a reasonably priced V2000 for sale please? He can be contacted on 07816 052232.

A White
Monday 21st January 2008
10:52 pm U.K.


Hi im looking for some help, I have amassed some 8'000 old original beta and vhs collectable tapes over 18 years of collecting. I hoarded around 200 V2000 tapes on the off chance i'd get a good machine I have a few philips and grundigs which were never up to scratch for converting the rare tapes i have however i recently aquired a mint condition 23VR33 and it plays good but there is a grainyness on every film i play there is no tracking so this doesnt help is there anything i can adjust that would soften the picture or take away this haze/grainyness.You help would be great.Ive tons of beta machines and a few V2000's also if anyone can repair their slight faults. Anyone into tapes near west yorkshire area?

Goran Nilsson
Friday 11th January 2008
2:20 pm U.K.


Hello !

I have 2 new DUX 20VR23 (same as Philips VR2023 ) in new BOX, newer used.A purschased that from a TV/Radio store sinced the owner died, the machines have been in the basement for 25 years.What can those machines be worth ?

Regards Goran

Roy Sandbach
Wednesday 2nd January 2008
5:03 pm U.K.


Happy New Year,I have a Philips V2000 video circa 1987 that is in good condition and has been stored in my mother's attic for several years. It appears to work perfectly well, but I only have one tape that says "faulty" on it, so I'm not 100% certain. It definitely is electronically sound.....I would like it to go to a good home and suspect that there is a market for these wonderful old machines. If anyone is interested, just let me know at sandbach.dr@pg.com. Thanks,Roy

Mark Boulton
Wednesday 26th December 2007
7:53 pm U.K.


I really wish I'd seen the ad above when it was posted - I'm in East London and a stash like that is what I've been waiting years for! (And I haven't even taken the plunge vis-a-vis a machine yet!) I haven't visited PALsite for a number of months and just took a quick look on Christmas Eve - and ended up totally kicking myself!

ron harris
Monday 17th December 2007
9:01 pm U.K.


The tapes have now gone!

ron harris
Saturday 15th December 2007
6:07 pm U.K.


We have about 40 v2000 tapes a few pre-recorded rest with old tv programmes recorded on them. If anyone is interested in collecting them from E London then they can have them for free.

Saturday 8th December 2007
6:10 am U.K.



Can you give make and model of VCR, an idea of problem, and part of country you live.


phil Wingfield
Thursday 6th December 2007
12:22 pm U.K.



I need to find somone to repair a 2000 machine, anyone help?


Tuesday 27th November 2007
1:19 pm U.K.


Philips N1500 / N1501 spares for sale . Video Head drum belts new and unused rare items £15 each including postage costs. Limited supply email me for details.

Wednesday 21st November 2007
8:29 pm U.K.


Video 2000 V2000 cassettes for sale over 500 all with old TV recordings on both sides from 1980's also many pre recorded film titles. All cassettes £1 each buyer collects.

Wednesday 21st November 2007
8:26 pm U.K.


VC and LVC cassettes for sale for use in Philips N1500 and N1700 VCRs , all contain old UK televison material, received with machines over the years, no idea of contents to many to look through, all priced at £5 each , contact me for details.

Wednesday 21st November 2007
8:22 pm U.K.


Philips N1501 VCR for sale with cassettes from school,1974 machine very rare hard to find has video and audio outputs will need service to get working. Requires belts, £400 buyer must collect.

Monday 19th November 2007
8:27 am U.K.


HiI need a working vcr and a vcr-lp player. PAL.

If you have one please mail me. And remove the "removethis" from my email adress.

Stephen Davies
Sunday 18th November 2007
8:48 pm U.K.


I have just inserted an ad on ebay this evening, selling a batch of 5 Pye/Philips V2000 VCR's and with over 300 Pre-Recorded tapes!! The starting price is low with NO Reserve. All units have some kind of fault, but Service Manuals are included! The only downside is that the buyer has to collect due to the sheer weight of the whole batch. Searching for Philips Pye V2000 VCR should easily find this 10day listing. It may take a few hours yet for it to appear. Thanks for reading. Please see the ad for more details and pictures. A hobbyist could have a field day with this lot - wish I had the time

Chris H
Sunday 18th November 2007
1:20 pm U.K.


Looking for a main drive belt for a Grundig 2X4 Super GB. Mine has perished! If anyone can help out please get in touch.


steve Rowley
Monday 12th November 2007
2:14 pm U.K.


My very rare Marantz MVR400 V2000 machine has been re-advertised on Ebay at a lower price. See:


Richard Blake
Wednesday 7th November 2007
1:55 pm U.K.


Hi everyone,

I have a Philips V2000 Video Cassette Recorder, with multi language tuner + Remote Control ( VR2840 )for sale. It is in mint condition and wotks 100%. Included in the sale are in excess of 200 original manufactures V2000 films and documentries etc. Some are for Children, some are many popular UK TV series, some are well known films and some are hardcore aldult material. I purchased the complete collection of tapes from a video rental store for £500 back in the early 90's. Most of which were brand new and unopened. Those tapes that do not appeal and can be sold on or used to record over. Best offer over £ 200 + shipping secures.

Reason for reluctant sale - moving abroad - email or telephone 07833-512208

steve Rowley
Saturday 3rd November 2007
8:49 pm U.K.


Ultra rare Marantz V2000 machine on Ebay:


Yvonne Mary Craggs
Thursday 25th October 2007
10:39 am U.K.


My mother has a Grundig Video 2000 with tapes that she no longer wants. Is there a market for them? I think it works

Tuesday 2nd October 2007
3:23 pm U.K.


Update for my post above, there are a quantity of LVC philips N1500 cassettes from the same seller as the drive belt if anyone out there is on the lookout for old recordings. heres the item num 110176380091 All the best Ron.

Tuesday 2nd October 2007
10:46 am U.K.


Hi all , Just found a belt on ebay for the philips n1500 video machine if anyone is on the look out for these items here's the page . All the best Ron. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Philips-N1500-VCR-Head-Drum-Belt-N1501-N1460-N1520-Rare_W0QQitemZ110176386156QQihZ001QQcategoryZ39999QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Luís Antunes
Tuesday 25th September 2007
7:39 pm U.K.


Hello. I am portuguese and I would like to buy a Video 2000 recorder, so that I can record with my Grundig super color fac 1700. I also need one or two tapes.Can any one help me?

Thank you

Monday 17th September 2007
12:43 pm U.K.


The Value of home recordings

Do you have tapes full of old TV shows you recorded in the seventies? Don't throw everything away without looking!

This may come as a surprise to some, but TV studios until recently did not keep tapes of everything. The tape was expensive and so it was recycled, or thrown away. Some well-known examples of series with episodes gone missing are "Dad's army" (one or two episodes missing) and "The avengers" (first series missing) and "Doctor Who" (over a hundred missing episodes).

If you are about to junk your early tapes, check http://www.missing-episodes.com first. Just to make sure.

Friday 14th September 2007
10:04 pm U.K.


Hi,I have a phillips video 2000 system (2023) and would like to have it repaired as it makes a really loud fast intermitent clicking sound and has to be switched off.i live in west of scotland,anyone know of any shops where i can have it repaired? i got no manual or would try it myself thanks.

John Ejler Nielsen
Monday 3rd September 2007
8:31 am U.K.


I forgot to mention tha I have the Servic manual to go with the tape recorder. Sorry.Johnejler

John Ejler Nielsen
Monday 3rd September 2007
8:13 am U.K.


I have a B&O Beovision MX2000 Type 4455 with 23 Videotapes Very litle used, so good as new, for sale. If you are interested so give a bid to johnejler@mail.dk

Ian Clifton
Wednesday 15th August 2007
10:25 am U.K.


Hi to all, I have a grundig V2000 super for sale. If anyone is interested then please mail with questions and your best offer. The system is being sold in working order (not been used for many a year but was working when last attempted and remote (wire based, if I can find it). Thanks and regards, Ian

Jan Bladh
Sunday 12th August 2007
10:10 am U.K.


Hi I have a Bang & Olufsen (B&O) VCR 60 Video 2000 recorder (1986). It is the same engine as Philips VR2340. Works very good, still a step better than VHS. Some years ago I exchanged the Video drum and the DC motors for forward and backward. I also have a B&O Servicemanual to it.If anyone are interested Please mail me.

Richard Symes
Saturday 4th August 2007
9:18 pm U.K.


Hi, I have a problem with a 22AV5530 AV adapter in that it doesn't record audio. It records and plays back video ok through the BNC sockets, and it will playback audio but it just wont record audio through the 5 pin DIN socket. The playback volume is very low however. Any clues? Thanks, Richard.

Tuesday 17th July 2007
11:38 pm U.K.


A radio/TV repair store will most likely replace the belts for just a few pounds.

Richard Symes
Saturday 14th July 2007
10:57 am U.K.


Hi, Is Ian Barlow still out there! I can't send mail to your freeserve address. Please let me know if you're still able to help me with my poorly VR2023 ! Regards, Richard.

Ian Culver
Monday 9th July 2007
12:44 pm U.K.


Hi ,I'm after any Gary Numan videos especially on the V2000 and Betamax format. I'll pay good money.Please can someone help. I know there must be some out there somewhere. If you can help please eamil me spaceward@hotmail.com

Ian Culver
Monday 9th July 2007
12:42 pm U.K.


Hi,I'm after any Gary Numan videos especially those on the V2000 and Betamax format. I'll pay good money. Please can someone help. I know there must be some aboutout there somewhere. If you can help please email me spaceward@hotmail.com

Monday 2nd July 2007
4:10 am U.K.


Hi Chris.

Ref Grundig 2x4 Super.

Go to the V2000 user group on Yahoo, click on files (left of page) then Grundig.

There is a user manual listed page by page. Rather slow though.

To set clock, just key in time (eg 1430) then press clock on left side panel)

Chris Robinson
Friday 29th June 2007
8:52 pm U.K.


I have recently purchased a Grundig 2x4 super machine which plays tapes well and tracks all my old tapes ( recorded on a Philips 2023 years ago). However there is no instruction manual with the machine which would obviously be useful. Can anyone help me please and maybe email me with some help on the relevant clock setting procedure etc.

Wednesday 27th June 2007
8:08 pm U.K.


Grundig 2x4 Super remote add on box found on ebay Item number: 110143655054http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110143655054&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fsearch.ebay.co.uk%3A80%2Fsearch%2Fsearch.dll%3Ffrom%3DR40%26_trksid%3Dm37%26satitle%3D110143655054%2B%2B%26fvi%3D1

Monday 25th June 2007
12:44 pm U.K.


Philips N1500 VCR new Lace up cords and springs rare hard to find ,also can be used with N1501 , N1460 , N1520 VCRs email me for details or see ebay item : 110142494598

Monday 25th June 2007
12:39 pm U.K.


Philips N1500 VCR Belt set , for Philips N1500,N1501,N1460,N1520 VCR , Very rare and hard to find , email me for details or use ebay link : Ebay item 110142172683 Web Link : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=001&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=110142172683&rd=1&rd=1

Monday 25th June 2007
12:38 pm U.K.


Plilips N1500 VCR Belt set , for Philips N1500,N1501,N1460,N1520 VCR , Very rare and hard to find , email me for details or use ebay link : Ebay item 110142172683 Web Link : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=001&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=110142172683&rd=1&rd=1

Friday 22nd June 2007
7:36 pm U.K.


Theres a working Philips VR2022 V2000 VCR with 20 tapes on ebay if anyone is interested Item number: 110141546740Link : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110141546740

Tuesday 19th June 2007
9:25 pm U.K.


WINDMILL Chris Serle Series 1 episodes 1 - 6 , 6 full episodes on V2000 Cassette found on ebay :Item number: 110140818799 Link:http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110140818799

Richard Symes
Tuesday 19th June 2007
5:53 pm U.K.


Hi Guys, Can anyone sort this one? I have a Philips VR2023 whic I have just bought off ebay. When it arrived it played a tape ok, but was mechanically noisy. I found that the transport/ tape carriage had been damaged in the post. I managed to remove the tape carrier and repair the damage. Mechanically the machine is now ok but when I try to play, wind or rewind a tape the machine cuts out after about five seconds, also the tape counter ramains on '0000'. This is very frustrating as this looks like a great example of a 2023. Any ideas gratefully received! Thanks.

Monday 11th June 2007
10:28 am U.K.



Sweden needs help!=)

Have(had) two working Philips 2020/2022..Suddenly 2 days ago,the 2022 when i put in the cassete, I cant push it down in the right"click" position!!Its nearly down but not enogh. Without any cassete.it goes down in place..and everything works.

Looking for some help if anybody had this problem.


Richard Symes
Saturday 9th June 2007
7:49 pm U.K.


Hello there! Glad to see a site that's keeping V2000 alive! I'm looking for anything to do with the VR2020 or VR2023, complete machines or spares. Please let me know what you've got.



Monday 4th June 2007
12:28 pm U.K.


V2000 Video 2000 VCC Cassette trasfer to VHS or DVD reasonable prices ,High quality trasfers digital time base correction and video noise reduction used in all trasfers to DVD, contact me for full details and prices. Email: crazychic_5@hotmail.co.uk

Monday 4th June 2007
11:25 am U.K.


Found this on Ebay :How To Kill 400 Duponts Terry Thomas V2000 Cassette


Sunday 3rd June 2007
7:56 pm U.K.


Rare V2000 Cassette on Ebay Item number: 110134732031

BLOODBATH AT THE HOUSE OF DEATH Starring KENNY EVERETThttp://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110134732031&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fsearch.ebay.co.uk%3A80%2Fsearch%2Fsearch.dll%3Fcgiurl%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fcgi.ebay.co.uk%252Fws%252F%26fkr%3D1%26from%3DR8%26satitle%3D110134732031%2B%2B%26category0%3D%26fvi%3D1

Adrian Cronauer
Monday 28th May 2007
5:48 pm U.K.


Hello all, I found a manual for the VR2324 - in german language - if someone is interested in that, send me an email and I will send it to his / her postal address - if this is wanted.

Wednesday 7th March 2007
7:36 pm U.K.


Hi everybody, from Italy.I own a Philips 2334 not working, that I cannot fix, and some dozens of cassettes.All I want is to have a working VCR to play the cassettes and save them on the computer.After that, I'll donate the VCR (good for replacement parts if you too are unable to fix it !)and the cassettes to who rents to me the working VCR.

Joe Strong
Saturday 3rd March 2007
7:03 pm U.K.


HI, Yes i've got the full philips manual for the 2020 [I think it covers the 2023 as well]. It's dog eared and as you may know it comes in loose leaf form, was vey helpful when i last used it. Sadly my 2020's got slung out by my folks when I left home about 20 years ago. I've just got the tapes and manual and a few panels left [the computer boards i think]. If you want the manual it's yours for free, just cover my postage cost. If you don't have it it'll get slug out sooner or later!Joe

Saturday 24th February 2007
3:30 pm U.K.


Hi everyone. Can anyone help me? I have three old Philips VR2020 video recorders which are in need of repair. Does anyone have a service manual for these videos? Anyones help would be appreciated.

Saturday 24th February 2007
4:43 am U.K.


Hi Crazy Chic

Suggest you try philips_vcr user group (for 1500-1700 models) on Yahoo


Crazy Chic
Saturday 17th February 2007
11:34 pm U.K.


Philips N1500 VCR circa 1972 in good condition did belong to a local school not used in many years unable to test as no mains lead ,includes cassettes please email with offers. may sell cassettes seperate.

Thursday 8th February 2007
2:20 am U.K.


Hi, if someone can provide me any informations on the HI-FI stereo, auto reverse, and XL V2000 released in 1986 please e-mail me i went to know more about the story of this incredible model.


William Cameron Rintoul
Tuesday 30th January 2007
11:49 pm U.K.


I have a V2000 with retmote control users manual and a number of tapes anyone interested?

Cameron Beattie
Tuesday 23rd January 2007
11:06 pm U.K.


Does anyone want an original Grundig 12 page brochure for the Video 2000 system ? Pay postage only.

Monday 22nd January 2007
2:41 am U.K.



There is a Philips VCR user group on Yahoo for 1500/1700 machines which might help


Keith McHugh
Sunday 21st January 2007
5:15 pm U.K.


Hi - if anyone needs some old Video2000 tapes transferred to DVD/VHS/S-VHS - I have a small number of working machines including the Philips model that plays XL (longplay) tapes.

I'm also looking for someone who can transfer some old Philips N1700 cassettes or has some knowledge of repairing these machines as I've been given an old N1702 which switches off not long after the threading cycle starts.


Christian König
Monday 15th January 2007
8:47 pm U.K.



I had my V2000 VCR in the attic for years and I just started to check it today.Picture is fine, but now the volume level is very low. I tried several cassettes, even the original tapes. How is this possible ? Thanks for your help.


Monday 15th January 2007
12:31 pm U.K.


I have available a very rare external AV adapter for the Philips VR2020 Video Recorder.Its model 22AV5530/00 and is in good condition with the manual and in original box.It has BNC connectors for video in and out and three DIN connectors for monitor, camers/TV and audio. I prefer to ship to a UK buyer. I may be persuaded to ship elsewhere.

If interested please email with snesible offer. Thanks.

Saturday 6th January 2007
2:07 am U.K.


Hi people, I live in Auckland, New Zealand and I'm in need of a video 2000 player... I have lots of tapes but no video to see them... help please nele@dr.com or nellioni@yahoo.com

Rhiannon Evans
Thursday 4th January 2007
7:40 pm U.K.


I agree.

nonbon9@hotmail.com / xavboy4@hotmail.com

Leon Finch
Thursday 4th January 2007
7:38 pm U.K.


Nice site, my comliments!

Tuesday 19th December 2006
11:37 am U.K.



Wednesday 6th December 2006
7:34 pm U.K.



There is a collection of 28 ex rental V2000 horror films in original cases for sale on Ebay:


Sunday 3rd December 2006
4:55 pm U.K.


Hi I am looking to buy a working V2000 machine as i have several tapes i would like to tranferIf Anyone can help please e-mail meThanks Bryan

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