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Saturday 25th March 2017

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Wednesday 21st November 2007
8:29 pm U.K.


Video 2000 V2000 cassettes for sale over 500 all with old TV recordings on both sides from 1980's also many pre recorded film titles. All cassettes £1 each buyer collects.

Wednesday 21st November 2007
8:26 pm U.K.


VC and LVC cassettes for sale for use in Philips N1500 and N1700 VCRs , all contain old UK televison material, received with machines over the years, no idea of contents to many to look through, all priced at £5 each , contact me for details.

Wednesday 21st November 2007
8:22 pm U.K.


Philips N1501 VCR for sale with cassettes from school,1974 machine very rare hard to find has video and audio outputs will need service to get working. Requires belts, £400 buyer must collect.

Monday 19th November 2007
8:27 am U.K.


HiI need a working vcr and a vcr-lp player. PAL.

If you have one please mail me. And remove the "removethis" from my email adress.

Stephen Davies
Sunday 18th November 2007
8:48 pm U.K.


I have just inserted an ad on ebay this evening, selling a batch of 5 Pye/Philips V2000 VCR's and with over 300 Pre-Recorded tapes!! The starting price is low with NO Reserve. All units have some kind of fault, but Service Manuals are included! The only downside is that the buyer has to collect due to the sheer weight of the whole batch. Searching for Philips Pye V2000 VCR should easily find this 10day listing. It may take a few hours yet for it to appear. Thanks for reading. Please see the ad for more details and pictures. A hobbyist could have a field day with this lot - wish I had the time

Chris H
Sunday 18th November 2007
1:20 pm U.K.


Looking for a main drive belt for a Grundig 2X4 Super GB. Mine has perished! If anyone can help out please get in touch.


steve Rowley
Monday 12th November 2007
2:14 pm U.K.


My very rare Marantz MVR400 V2000 machine has been re-advertised on Ebay at a lower price. See:


Richard Blake
Wednesday 7th November 2007
1:55 pm U.K.


Hi everyone,

I have a Philips V2000 Video Cassette Recorder, with multi language tuner + Remote Control ( VR2840 )for sale. It is in mint condition and wotks 100%. Included in the sale are in excess of 200 original manufactures V2000 films and documentries etc. Some are for Children, some are many popular UK TV series, some are well known films and some are hardcore aldult material. I purchased the complete collection of tapes from a video rental store for £500 back in the early 90's. Most of which were brand new and unopened. Those tapes that do not appeal and can be sold on or used to record over. Best offer over £ 200 + shipping secures.

Reason for reluctant sale - moving abroad - email or telephone 07833-512208

steve Rowley
Saturday 3rd November 2007
8:49 pm U.K.


Ultra rare Marantz V2000 machine on Ebay:


Yvonne Mary Craggs
Thursday 25th October 2007
10:39 am U.K.


My mother has a Grundig Video 2000 with tapes that she no longer wants. Is there a market for them? I think it works

Tuesday 2nd October 2007
3:23 pm U.K.


Update for my post above, there are a quantity of LVC philips N1500 cassettes from the same seller as the drive belt if anyone out there is on the lookout for old recordings. heres the item num 110176380091 All the best Ron.

Tuesday 2nd October 2007
10:46 am U.K.


Hi all , Just found a belt on ebay for the philips n1500 video machine if anyone is on the look out for these items here's the page . All the best Ron. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Philips-N1500-VCR-Head-Drum-Belt-N1501-N1460-N1520-Rare_W0QQitemZ110176386156QQihZ001QQcategoryZ39999QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Luís Antunes
Tuesday 25th September 2007
7:39 pm U.K.


Hello. I am portuguese and I would like to buy a Video 2000 recorder, so that I can record with my Grundig super color fac 1700. I also need one or two tapes.Can any one help me?

Thank you

Monday 17th September 2007
12:43 pm U.K.


The Value of home recordings

Do you have tapes full of old TV shows you recorded in the seventies? Don't throw everything away without looking!

This may come as a surprise to some, but TV studios until recently did not keep tapes of everything. The tape was expensive and so it was recycled, or thrown away. Some well-known examples of series with episodes gone missing are "Dad's army" (one or two episodes missing) and "The avengers" (first series missing) and "Doctor Who" (over a hundred missing episodes).

If you are about to junk your early tapes, check http://www.missing-episodes.com first. Just to make sure.

Friday 14th September 2007
10:04 pm U.K.


Hi,I have a phillips video 2000 system (2023) and would like to have it repaired as it makes a really loud fast intermitent clicking sound and has to be switched off.i live in west of scotland,anyone know of any shops where i can have it repaired? i got no manual or would try it myself thanks.

John Ejler Nielsen
Monday 3rd September 2007
8:31 am U.K.


I forgot to mention tha I have the Servic manual to go with the tape recorder. Sorry.Johnejler

John Ejler Nielsen
Monday 3rd September 2007
8:13 am U.K.


I have a B&O Beovision MX2000 Type 4455 with 23 Videotapes Very litle used, so good as new, for sale. If you are interested so give a bid to johnejler@mail.dk

Ian Clifton
Wednesday 15th August 2007
10:25 am U.K.


Hi to all, I have a grundig V2000 super for sale. If anyone is interested then please mail with questions and your best offer. The system is being sold in working order (not been used for many a year but was working when last attempted and remote (wire based, if I can find it). Thanks and regards, Ian

Jan Bladh
Sunday 12th August 2007
10:10 am U.K.


Hi I have a Bang & Olufsen (B&O) VCR 60 Video 2000 recorder (1986). It is the same engine as Philips VR2340. Works very good, still a step better than VHS. Some years ago I exchanged the Video drum and the DC motors for forward and backward. I also have a B&O Servicemanual to it.If anyone are interested Please mail me.

Richard Symes
Saturday 4th August 2007
9:18 pm U.K.


Hi, I have a problem with a 22AV5530 AV adapter in that it doesn't record audio. It records and plays back video ok through the BNC sockets, and it will playback audio but it just wont record audio through the 5 pin DIN socket. The playback volume is very low however. Any clues? Thanks, Richard.

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