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Saturday 25th March 2017

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Ken hansell
Sunday 10th January 2010
3:15 pm U.K.


Hi An interesting site.I have a Phillips VR2022 recorder/player with a few tapes. When I last tried using it about 10 yearsago I am sure the video head has failed although all else worked then {picture broken up both play and record. } Can you get replacement heads? or is anybody interested in purchasing this. Must say it is very heavy so I expect postage will be high.

Tuesday 29th December 2009
12:15 pm U.K.


Does anyone have a V2000 Video Tape Recorder that actually works or more specifically will Play Back VCC480 & 360 Tapes so I can copy old content to DVD so I can watch them.All stuff was recoded on a Grundig Video 2x4 Super during the late 80's, which packed up a long ago and when no one could repair it I threw it away. I now have 80+ Tapes and no means of playing them.

Tuesday 15th December 2009
8:19 am U.K.


Hi, I have a Radiola 20VR22 V2000 videotape (Philips 2022 version) from a vintage electronics collection, for sale. Actually doesn t works properly because don t play videotapes and when switch on starts rewind or stay with hour display blinks. If your are interested I can send photos by e-mail (scilabtech@gmail.com). This equipment is in Spain and works with 220V.

Sunday 13th December 2009
11:44 am U.K.


Hello i m looking for a Video 2000 Machine (in sweden) In Working condition. For copy over my old tapes.

Tuesday 1st December 2009
4:16 am U.K.


Message for Philips 1500 VCR users.

There is a user group on Yahoo which may help.

Stefan adamsson
Tuesday 24th November 2009
12:16 pm U.K.


HelloI have one GRUNDIG SYSTEM 2000 2X4plus for salethere is also a tape in it..

paul Shuttleworth
Sunday 22nd November 2009
12:33 am U.K.


Hi folks, been a while since I last posted on this thread,

Does anyone have a spare remote kit for a Vr2020 or similar? I'm just getting annoyed having to get up..


Marie Howles
Tuesday 17th November 2009
8:49 am U.K.


Please help...

I've been trying to repair my old Philips N1502 video recorder since I have some tapes I'd like to play.

Does anyone have one of these VCRs, in any condition, that I could perhaps buy and repair or just use as spare parts for my own machine?

Thanks in advance


Michael Farmer
Sunday 15th November 2009
2:40 pm U.K.


Hello. Probably the only time on here.... Have been keeping my Grundig 2x4 Super and 2 dozen tapes for many years. Always intended to copy good stuff such as Beat Club from German TV, and some other music I recorded in late 80s.Unfortunately, now I have finally decided to do this, the set lasted about 30 minutes, when it suddenly started belching acrid grey smoke....! RIP. So - Does anyone want the tapes? Mostly bought new by myself and only used for personal TV recording. Mainly BASF 480s. Although I did aquire some 2nd hand Grundigs. I m sure the BASFs would still record fine. Don t want anything for them, although if anyone who wants them could do me a favour.....? One of the tapes featured Heartbeat - A charity music concert from 86. I was watching that when it went up in smoke. I d love to have a copy of that. Anyway, tapes are free, but must be collected from Stourbridge, which is near Dudley - West Midlands. Anyone interested, please mail me.Regards,Mick farmer

Saturday 14th November 2009
10:58 am U.K.



I'm auctioning a fully working Philips N1501 on Ebay in excellent condition, please take a look if that's of interest, item number 300366765292

It's quite unusual to find an N1501 model in any condition nowadays, so thought some fellow collectors reading this page might like to hear about it.

Best wishes


Tuesday 13th October 2009
6:31 pm U.K.


Hello!I just bought a Radiola 20VR23 V2000 VCR, the French equivalent to the Philips VR2023. But when I plug it in, it goes fast forward for some seconds. During that, no button responds, no fonction is available. Then it goes in standby mode and a little dot lights up in the bottom-right corner of the band counter. No fonction is still available. I cannot even set the clock. Help me please! Thank you in advance.

Sunday 30th August 2009
6:20 pm U.K.


I have just listed two V2000 VCRs on ebay. One is an example of the first Grundig 2x4, and the other is a Grundig 2x4 Super. Full details are on the item listings.

Wednesday 26th August 2009
11:25 am U.K.


I have just been given a 'Grundig System Video 2000 (2x4)

There is one tape in it.

I notice when I pull back the top plastic cover on the tape I do not see any tape going over the brass rollers...is this normal.

When I place the tape in the machine I hear a flapping wing noise and then a sudden motor whirl down and then silence.

When I try to play the tape I hear the same noises.Taking the top cover off the actual tape playing area has another steel cover over it so I can not see what is happening.

Any ideas?

Cheers Jim


Thursday 13th August 2009
7:10 pm U.K.


Du Pont produced a longer V2000 tape called a VCC540. This produced a tape length of 9 hours (4h 30 mins per side). I bought a couple in Holland, not sure if they were available anywhere else? My Grundig 2x4 Super used to think it was a 4 hour. Much later a similar problem with VHS 300 tapes and the ATTS system (although at least with my VS660 Nicam you can adjust and enter the tape length via the remote) Also Grundig produced (towards the end) a really good looking VCC with a much larger tape window(during the maple leaf shield period - I guess when Philips had a share in the company).

Tuesday 28th July 2009
3:51 pm U.K.


Hi All

I used to work for Grundig technical & am willing to help where I can withV2000 machine problems

Sunday 12th July 2009
8:10 pm U.K.



I have a Philips VR2324 V2000 machine, with no instruction manual. Does anyone know if there is any way of altering the tracking on this machine manually?


Saturday 20th June 2009
5:16 pm U.K.


Philips N1500 video recorder found on ebay with tapes Item number: 110404702350

Andy W
Tuesday 26th May 2009
11:25 am U.K.


Hi, after finding a Grundig 2x4 Super in my grans attic i have geve it a quick check over and plugged it in, everything works well except that i cannot tune it into my tv, is there a channel adjustment screw on the back of the recorder, there appears to be afew adjustmentn screws on the back of the recorder, any advice would be greatly appreciated ?, Many Thanks, Andy

Sunday 24th May 2009
3:50 pm U.K.


Hi all,I have a Philips VR2340 stereo.It's fully functional but it have a problem:when I press PICTURE SEARCH or REVERSE button after few seconds there is an image noise and I hear noise of the tape what curls into mechanism drive.If I press PICTURE SEARCH ffwd is OK.Play reproduction is perfectly.Rewind tape is ok.

Why i have a problem with PICTURE SEARCH REVERSE?bEST REGARDSMike from Italy

Wednesday 20th May 2009
12:46 pm U.K.


hi i have about 40 v2000 tapes+a dimantled philips 2020.most tapes are home recordings but about 12 proper films maybe more. i did have video working but onley in black+white you arange pick up+they are free. also if anyone has betamax sony sl-c7e parts rubber tyres belts give me price thank you anthony

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