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Monday 27th March 2017

Please bookmark http://chat.palsite.com/chat_page.py as the new URL.

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T Plaister
Monday 18th January 2016
11:56 am U.K.


JP Keiz

I would be interested in collecting if you live near Sheffield England.

Thanks Tom

Sunday 17th January 2016
6:04 pm U.K.


I have four V2000 machines, all Philips, VR2020, VR2022 (x2) & a VR2023. The VR2023 used to work with the remote but I haven't tried any within 10 years. I also have sealed blank tapes. Is there any interest in these otherwise they're going to the recycling centre.

Ross Willett
Wednesday 13th January 2016
8:18 pm U.K.


Hello, I am looking for new prerecorded V2000 tapes to watch. Please let me know if you have any. Thanks.

Sunday 10th January 2016
4:39 pm U.K.


The V2000 chatpage is back, unfortunately recent posts have been lost.

Wednesday 12th October 2011
2:52 pm U.K.


Philips N1501 VCR Video Cassette Recorder for sale Very Rare machine in good condition. Will need a set of belts and a full service. 399

Monday 26th September 2011
6:52 pm U.K.


Philips N1700 VCR for sale . Fully serviced and working. With added Audio and video outputs as well as a very rare SVIDEO output socket fitted. Comes with a complete box full of used cassettes full of old television recordings. You can erase and reuse the cassettes if you wish. Offers please. I would consider posting the item if costs are paid for good packing . but would prefer collection to show machine working. email me at vcr1500@yahoo.co.uk

Richard Simmonds
Monday 26th September 2011
6:44 pm U.K.


Hello, I'm interested in getting an N1700 VCR preferably with tapes

Sunday 25th September 2011
2:26 pm U.K.


Philps V2000 VCR System Cassettes, Cassettes all contain old television recordings on both sides from the 80's. Cassettes are in good used condition priced at 2.50 each plus postage costs. Please contact me for details . Also A large box full of over 30 Pre Recorded V2000 Films priced at 2.50 each. email vcr1500@yahoo.co.uk

Sunday 25th September 2011
2:21 pm U.K.


I have a number of used Philips VC Video Cassettes for use in the N1500 and N1700 VCR, Cassettes all contain old television recordings. Cassettes are in good used condition priced at 6.50 each plus postage costs. Please contact me for details . email vcr1500@yahoo.co.uk

Tuesday 30th August 2011
8:32 am U.K.


Hi everyonee,I'm on the lookout for a few used (or new!)V2000 tapes to try in my newly found machine.If anyone can help please can you email me at james19761@live.co.uk Cheers,james

Friday 26th August 2011
3:41 pm U.K.


I have just listed a few V2000 machines, a N1500, various tapes, IR remote kit and VR2020 service manual on Ebay.


Thursday 25th August 2011
10:09 pm U.K.


C60 are audio tapes...

stephen brinkley
Wednesday 24th August 2011
3:28 pm U.K.


Can anyone transfer Phillips C60 video tapes to DVD they are about 38 years old

Tuesday 23rd August 2011
9:29 am U.K.


Hello Everyone

Please can i appeal to all that reads these posts, if you have any old tapes with recordings on from the MID 70's (Probably on old phillips N1500 tape) Please check labels or if you have the equipment to play them, check for any recordings of Wew Faces, TX date 8th Febuary 1975, One of the acts on this show was Kenny Windsor (Comedian) and The winner was Dennis D'ell (Former lead singer of the honeycombs)Please get in touch should you by chance come accross any recordings you may have. I will convert any tapes found to DVD format free of charge and return the tape and DVD to you. If you do not have the particualr episode of new faces that im after, BUT you do have a recording i'd love to know about these aswell. Thanks for Reading. Lee 07790779792 or l_elcocks@hotmail.co.uk

Simon B Kelly
Sunday 14th August 2011
3:02 pm U.K.


Hi, looking for somewhere around London where I get a Philips VR2020 serviced and repaired. Any suggestions?

Tuesday 9th August 2011
9:22 pm U.K.


I need AV cable(round headed) to My Philips Video 2000 player

Gary Clark
Sunday 17th July 2011
7:43 pm U.K.


Hi,I have a Phillips VR2022 for sale, the machine is in good condition and does everything it is meant to do except it shuts down after about 6mins of play or record, not sure what is wrong with it. I live in Salisbury but make the trip to London most days so am happy to meet or arrange delivery if on my route. I am looking for around 70.00 for the machine and maybe a few pounds toward delivery.I also have 13 tapes, these all play and have a lot of interesting shows on, the all work, are in reasonable condition and are stored in my spare bedroom. I am looking for around 30.00 for the tapes and as above can deliver if on my route to work.Anyone interested?Give me a call on ggc75@hotmail.com


Saturday 18th June 2011
7:57 am U.K.


We service and repair Philips VCR machines from the 1970's, have over 10 years experience, and a large collection of spare parts.

Over the last few years we have also auctioned many machines through Ebay and can provide you with the positive 100% feedback from all our customers.

If you have a VCR that needs a repair or service please get in touch, we give free quotations, work on a no fix no fee basis, and are based in the Midlands UK.

Please note the models we currently service are as follows:

N1500 N1501 N1460 N1502 N1512 N1700 N1702

Thursday 9th June 2011
2:06 pm U.K.


Hi I am new to the forum. I have been collecting films for about 20 years now. I have quite a few on vhs some on beta and some on v2000. Problem is I don't have a V2000 player. I live near Heathrow airport and am willing to travel a couple of hours away. Does anyone have a player for sale?Please email me.

Friday 3rd June 2011
12:23 pm U.K.


HelloI have 20 phillips 2000 system tapes 240, 360, 480, all have been used to record films etc with the last item being a Freddie Mercury tribute just after he died. they have been in a box in the loft ever since. Anyone interested?

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