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Monday 27th March 2017

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Richard Reynolds
Sunday 7th January 2001
6:36 pm U.K.


Hi Keith: Just to add to my last message I remember having a VHS vcr (a Sharp) in for repair with the same symptom and it turned out not to be a faulty sensor, but the reel table in so far as the reflective surface has deteriorated. The VCR had apparently not been used for months and had not been stored in ideal conditions, I think damp had got to it. Could this be what's causing your problem? Richard.

Richard Reynolds
Sunday 7th January 2001
6:27 pm U.K.


Hi Keith:I'm not too sure about the Grundig V2000 machines but all the later Philips machines used a magnet on the teel table that triggered a hall effect ic. Logically the sensor would be mounted on the take up reel but many vcr's have a sensor on both to account for reverse motion, ie: picture search. If you have access to an oscilloscope you can scope the relavant testpoint in the vcr and see if an adequate waveform is produced. Sorry I can't be of any further help on this one, though the actual fault is probably very easy to cure. Richard.

Keith McHugh
Sunday 7th January 2001
2:24 pm U.K.


Richard: I suspected the reel sensor but I'm a little confused on how it's supposed to work ! There only appears to be a single sensor and that's on the take-up spool (connected by a three wire ribbon cable). The sensor looks like a small black cylinder just at the front end of the reel. It looks like it should be a optical sensor but there's no reflective material or any gaps on the reel for this to work. If it's an electro-magnetic type - would the small magnet be inside the reel itself, again there's nothing apparently on the reel itself. Thanks, Keith.

Iain Dyche
Sunday 7th January 2001
12:13 pm U.K.


Two things I would like a little help with if there is anyone out there that can assist. First, I have a Grundig 2x4 Super that loads the tape around the head but then immediately stops ans winds it back into the cassette and leaves the LED above the TAPE switch flashing. Also, I have noticed that the head capstan drives from the moment the tape is inserted until the unit times out. I assume that this may be a sensor problem, any ideas on where I should start looking.

Second, when trying to play tapes from a Philips 2022 in the Grundig, the picture keeps breaking up and there is sound only very occasionally. The Philips and the Grundig both have Dynamic Tracking with the signals being recorded on the tape. Is perhaps the Philips incompatible with the Grundig or should this work. ??

Any help appreciated.

Richard Reynolds
Saturday 6th January 2001
9:48 am U.K.


Keith:I'm not sure absolutely about your model, but check the reel motion sensors they may be contaminated or faulty. If the machine can't detect any reel motion it is assuming there is no tape drive and triggers the stop command. The reason you can see a still picture is because no reel motion occurs in pause or still mode to there is no fault to detect. They are located underneath the reel tables.Richard.

Keith McHugh
Friday 5th January 2001
9:43 am U.K.


Does anyone know what might be wrong with my Grundig 2x4 1600. It runs for only about 2 secs (FF,REW,PLAY,REC) and then shuts downs with the pause light flashing. However if I press pause just after playback starts it will stay on still frame but and soon as I start it up playing again it shuts down. Also the counter doesn't move much only by one digit when I first start the machine up Any ideas ? Thanks, Keith.

Martin Kirk
Thursday 4th January 2001
4:18 pm U.K.


I'm looking for a working Grundig 2x8 VCR so I can use my large stock of old tapes. Nayone have one available? Failing that, anyone know a source of repairs, especialy new heads?

David Squires
Monday 1st January 2001
12:19 pm U.K.


Whoops! Just noticed the message above my last!

David Squires
Monday 1st January 2001
12:17 pm U.K.


I have just acquired a Grundig 2x4 GB front loader. Does anyone have a spare manual or could let me have a photocopy of one? Please email me - thanks!!

Mad Beta Collector
Thursday 28th December 2000
8:50 pm U.K.


Good news to all that needs a service manual go to WWW.Mauritron.co.uk they have service Manuals for nearly all vcrs of any format including Grundig 2x4 super!!

Iain Dyche
Monday 25th December 2000
12:15 pm U.K.


HiCan anyone supply, or lend me a copy of the Service Manual for the Grundig 2000 2x4 video recorder. I have copying facilities and could return it reasonably quickly.

Mad Beta Collector
Wednesday 20th December 2000
6:56 pm U.K.


Does anyone have a Circuit Diagram for the Power supply of the Grundig 2x4???If you do or know of website or whatever please contact me(E-mail shown above)

Thanks anyway:-)

Monday 18th December 2000
3:34 pm U.K.


Hi - good to find a site devoted to the best VCR system.Thought somebody might find interest in the following ad, which appeared in last Friday's Coventry Evening Telegraph:"Grundig 2000 2x4 Super video recorder plus 25 tapes, G.W.O; 60 ono. Tel 024 7650 4547".Incidentally, I had my Grundig 2x4 fitted with new belts about three years ago by Videotec in Oxford, but whether company is still able to repair V2000s, I don't know. They have a website:www.videotec.co.uk/

Walter Steenvoorden
Friday 15th December 2000
10:48 pm U.K.


There is no Audio in the SVHS signal, but i doubt computers being any good at DVD playback. Most soundboards have a small delay, and pictures and sound do not sync easy. A DVD player for a tv costs around 300 euro, and playback perfect. Or try a 21 inch trinitron monitor on your PC (Like i did :-)...)

Scott Holmes
Thursday 14th December 2000
7:33 pm U.K.


Can anyone help me with a problem I have to do with S-VHS ?I am trying to run a lead to a television with only scart inputs from a computer(for DVD) with an S-VHS output. I have found an S-VHS to composite video converterin a catalogue but it looks like there is only a phono video output and no audio.Is this right? Is there no audio in an S-VHS signal? Do I therefore use the soundcard phono audio outputs and connect them to the correct pins in a scart plug theother end?

Michael van Londen
Sunday 10th December 2000
2:03 pm U.K.


Recently I bought a Philips VR2334, and wanted to playback the tapethat were recorded on the my parents Erres VR2234.Unfortunally the image is very bad and I thinking that is has to dowith the tracking, but I haven't been able to adjust the tracking.Is there a way to adjust the tracking? New recordings made in the Philips are looking good.

Mad Beta Collector
Wednesday 6th December 2000
6:30 pm U.K.


Hey Stuart who offered me a grundig 2x4 I am having difficulty contacting you pls confirm your E-mail is stuart.bell@fsmail.net and if not or whatever please please contact me thanks ever so much.

E-mail is shown above

Paul :-)

Sunday 3rd December 2000
5:02 pm U.K.


Has anyone out there got a Grundig 2x4 (Super) working power supply in a worn out machine ? Will pay any reasonable amount.

Sunday 3rd December 2000
2:59 pm U.K.


ciao a tutti, sono antonello e vengo da napoli

martin wright
Friday 1st December 2000
12:25 pm U.K.


anyone whith a good working v2000 video recorder for sale must be cheap + any one with any blank or prerecorded tapes like star wars trillogy i want to start a collection for 6the first time sofar ive been collecting 16mm film i will transfer my films over to tape for people realy cheap if you are interesteds then why not e mail me i allso want a good working v2ooo for archiveing my 16mm films + 8mm filmsthanks for readingmartin

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