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Saturday 25th March 2017

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Monday 19th March 2001
11:11 am U.K.


I have 3 Philips Video 1700 (the system before V2000) for sale.All not working, but can be fixed. I don't have the time anymore to do it. Make an offer. I am in the Netherlands.

Rob Bestwick
Sunday 18th March 2001
7:39 pm U.K.


v2000 for sale , 2x8 grundig owned from new , as new condition , no box or instructions , miner scratches on the top , apart from that it is "as new" . Very very serious offers please !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 15th March 2001
11:35 pm U.K.


Has anyone got a Philips VR2840 (working or not) that they are willing to sell? Thanks.

Simon Ferber
Tuesday 6th March 2001
10:17 am U.K.


I used to replace faulty tapes of VCCs. But there are two questionsI couldn't answer right now.First, what kind of tape are the best for V2000? I'd like to havegood quality and hopefully a "new" 480min VCC with the correct timedisplay (on my 2x4 super). So the tape-thickness would be important.The VHS-tapes I tried seem to be to thick. Second, the tape end recognition is done by a "silver-line" onthe back of the tape. I wonder if there is a possibility to drawthis line myself. Till now, I used a tape-repair-kit to merge thenew tape with the ends of the old tape. But this way I have lessquality at the beginning/end and I wonder if the headdrum likesthe splice.Simon

Steve Whelan
Sunday 4th March 2001
6:50 pm U.K.


Is anyone intersted in the following:-

An adapter box for Grundig 2x4 and 2x8 to link to a grundig TV to make the VCR remote controlled

A complete remote kit for Grundig 2x4 super including telepilot handset (lovely chrome credit card style (almost!) affair)

both are boxed as new and include manuals to install them

price: five quid each, plus what ever post it will cost to send them to ya.

call 07976 418 169 if interested


Keith McHugh
Sunday 4th March 2001
12:28 pm U.K.


I though longest Video2000 tapes was a VCC480 until I saw this picture of a VCC 540 !

Friday 2nd March 2001
8:34 am U.K.


V2000 tapes for sale, Use (or at least what they are labeled with) seems to be to tape TV, bought with a V2000, but the VCR didn't make the trip home. Buyer pay postage or collects. Make me an offer, there just in the way at the moment as I have no deck, and a girlfriend who thing s I have too much video junk anyway (11 VCRs isn't excessive is it?)

Keith McHugh
Tuesday 27th February 2001
12:00 pm U.K.


Anyone know of a supplier for a head drum and contact bridge for the Philips portable Video2000 (VR2220).


Keith McHugh
Sunday 25th February 2001
8:03 pm U.K.


There's a Grundig 2x4 Super on Auction at e-bay at the moment if anyone looking for one.


Sunday 18th February 2001
9:52 pm U.K.


Your (reasonable) price paid for a Philips VR2840 long play machine. Please advise condition, working/not as applicable. Thanks.

Ian Barlow
Saturday 17th February 2001
11:35 pm U.K.


Hello,Can anyone provide me with the circuit diagram fo a Grundig 2x4 Super power supply please.I'm endeavouring to get to the bottom of the very common power supply fault that seems to bug nearly all of these machines. If I find an answer, it will be made common knowledge on this chat forum!Cheers, Ian.

Friday 16th February 2001
11:59 pm U.K.


I have a VR2022 breaking for spares. Looking for parts? Let me knowand I'll see what I can do. First come first served. Some of these parts I can test to ensure they work, some I cannot.

Email at the address above with details of the boards you are looking for and I'll see if I can help. Mechanism to go allinone if at all possible.

Thanks, Graham

Mad Beta Collector
Friday 16th February 2001
7:20 pm U.K.


I've just got a ITT 580 (philips V2022 ) from Graham Bisset and my god the threading system is completely different (wire type thingy) and it seems to have snapped can someone tell me how can I access to it and replace it or rewrape it etc as am not sure if it suppose to be permantly attached or works in a similar way of cheap needle type radio tuning mech etc????Cheers


Andrew Kantowski
Thursday 15th February 2001
7:32 pm U.K.


Are there any outlets where 2000 pre recorded tapes can be obtained.


Sunday 11th February 2001
6:32 am U.K.


I have a broken Philips 2020 machine and about 10 Video 2000 tapes dating back to the early Eighties. The tapes are full of old BBC/ITV programmes/commercials of the time, old TOTP's etc etc...

I would like to play these tapes again or at the very least copy them to VHS.

Ideally though I'd like to buy a working Video 2000 machine. I'll pay a good and fair price and will collect within a 50 mile radius of London.

Many thanks


Alex Taylor
Monday 5th February 2001
10:26 pm U.K.


Not quite V2000, but still Philips.

I have two VCR format machines. One standard, broken machine. One long play, good working machine. And a few (big, square) tapes.Any offer considered - these must be historic. They're certainly heavy. Email me.

Alex Taylor

Alex Taylor
Monday 5th February 2001
10:10 pm U.K.


V2000 Clearout! Free stuff!I can't remember the model names exactly, I'm clearing out my old bedroom at my parent's house. I have a Philips VR2022 (I think) with cable remote and a Grundig 2x4 with a dodgy front flap and instruction book, and a few tapes. All working.Free to anyone who wants to collect them!

Monday 5th February 2001
10:05 pm U.K.


Does anyone know the exact thickness of the milar shim that is used to set the height of the video head on a 2nd generation Philips V2000 machine? Better still does anyone have a shim? Even better, does anyone have a new 2nd generation head which comes complete with the shim? Thanks.

Maxim Devereaux
Monday 5th February 2001
2:20 pm U.K.


I am looking to find a Philips VR202~ machine in good working order. Money no object - well, not exactly, but I want one pretty badly... have had three in the past (1981-1990), now all sadly defunct...

Jim Robb
Thursday 1st February 2001
11:54 pm U.K.


Does any body know where I can get some Philips 2000 tapes converted to VHS

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