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Saturday 25th March 2017

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Richard Reynolds
Friday 20th April 2001
7:31 pm U.K.


I have decided to auction my second VR2840 V2000 VCR if anyone is interested. This is the top of the range Philips VCR with the long play facility. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1231799996 Rich..

Keith McHugh
Saturday 14th April 2001
8:24 am U.K.


Anyone still got their original Philips VR2021 /22 demonstration cassette, with the animation about how to operate the machine intact on side A ? I got hold of 2 recently but both had been wiped over.

Friday 13th April 2001
6:38 pm U.K.


Try making your own high spec V2000 cassettes by winding modern, high quality VHS tape into the V2000 housing. It's a bit complicated to describe in detail here, but anyone with nimble fingers and an electric drill should be able to do it. Use a Maplin splicer to join up to the silver leader section at each end. The results are excellent: better picture quality, better (more stable) trick performance and smoother rewind. Thanks to the inherently poor quality of VHS (the system), tape manufacturers have consistently improved the quality of tape to improve VHS over the past twenty years or so. The result; better quality for V2000 and Beta too if you're prepared to "wind your own."

Just one question, does anyone know which is the absolute best tape (actual tape type, not just manufacturer) in terms of picture quality ie resolution? Maybe Which magazine has done a review of tapes recently perhaps? I have had good results with TDK EHG and Maxell HGX, but if there is anything better out there I'd be interested to know.


Friday 13th April 2001
2:00 pm U.K.



Wednesday 11th April 2001
12:56 pm U.K.


I'm currently looking for a V2000 machine. I would preferably like a B&O to go with my existing system but will consider any other makes.Must be in working order although I can repair the machines. I'm also interested in purchasing some tapes. I will offer a pay a fair price or exchange for a Sanyo VTC5150 Betamax VCR.

Tony Hughes
Saturday 7th April 2001
4:23 am U.K.


I have a Philips 2020 'player' that doesn't anymore! At least, it did up until yesterday, when I got it down from the attic to play some old tapes for the first time in about 3 years.

I read the very interesting surgery notes about re-activating, so I'll try the leaving it on for an hour routine etc...

The actual problem is that it comes to life fine, then, when I tried each of my tapes, inserted them and pressed play, it makes a 'ping' and ejects the said tapes, instead of playing them.

Is it knackered please? Or, can a Luddite like me save it??

Tony HughesLondon

Martin Evans
Thursday 5th April 2001
7:16 pm U.K.


Take a look at the new "V2000-Lore" site at PALsite. You can submityour own stories about the V2000 system. There are currently twoentries showing how to bring old units back to life.


Sunday 1st April 2001
8:25 am U.K.


Hi Ray,

The going rate for an old 'as is' V2000 machine is between zero and 30. This is for machines that probably do not work properly - if at all. The sort of thing that started playing up 15 years ago, and has sat underneath the bed ever since. Of course the passage of time does not fix them - they get worse! Beware of the famous phrase, "It did work...."

There are exceptions of course; good, well maintained machines bought from enthusiast/engineers, second generation machines (working or not) and so on. For these, you have to weigh up how badly you want the machine and judge accordingly. If someone has spent many hours restoring a machine then obviously their time, effort and parts have to be paid for.

You do get people who payed 400 for them new and seem to think that an old non-working, un-maintained machine is worth 100 now. Forget them, there are lots of others about.

What is your interest? - hobbyist or do you just have old V2000 tapes to play, are you able to work on machines?

Monday 26th March 2001
6:32 pm U.K.


Is there a typical going rate for a working Video 2000 format VCR? Bearing in mind buying one is huge risk, as you are getting around a 20 year old machine that could conk out as soon as you've got it home. I would have thought paying any more than 20 to 30 tops would be silly, unless you're desperate to own one again? I wouldn't be surprised to hear they go for a lot more than that though!!

Robert May
Thursday 22nd March 2001
8:30 pm U.K.


I am sooo happy to have found this site.I picked up a Grundig V1600 about a year ago from a bloke for 20...He gave me a demo to make sure it was working and said he had beengiven it by a collector who had bought it back when it first came out,played it once and then given up on it.So far I haven't been able to find anywhere that has anything to dowith it,Doe's anyone know anywhere that I can get some tapes for it,All I have is a couple of blank tapes and just want to test the machineonce in a while just to keep it going.Also,Since most of you here have some knowledge on old and 'dead' formatscould someone help me with my search on information for a format called 'Super Video'...The version of it I've got is made by Grundig...I haven't got any information other than someone who used to own a videoshop telling me that it was brought out BEFORE betamax and VHS...I hope someone can help me...Looks like I've got the whole set as well with being able to pick up TWOSanyo betamax VTC-5000 's for only 4.40 the lot at an auction monday night,seeing if they work will be a different matter though!!!.I hope someone can help me out,Rob M

Richard Reynolds
Thursday 22nd March 2001
10:13 am U.K.


Philips VR2840 Long Play V2000 Machine for auction:


Tuesday 20th March 2001
9:00 pm U.K.


I have a number of Grundig 2X4 Super machines which I am offering for spares or repair at 25 each. Buyer collects (Midlands).

Tuesday 20th March 2001
12:11 pm U.K.


I have 2 N1700 series machine, both in cosmetically good condition, but non workings. PSU seems ok, but wont play etc. These use the same tapes as the older N1500's.

Also have 2 x VR2022 's breaking for spares. Email for full details.

I intend to junk all these machines in the very near future for the ever present need for more space, so if you want them let me know asap!

I can get these machines to you anywhere in the UK.

Monday 19th March 2001
11:11 am U.K.


I have 3 Philips Video 1700 (the system before V2000) for sale.All not working, but can be fixed. I don't have the time anymore to do it. Make an offer. I am in the Netherlands.

Rob Bestwick
Sunday 18th March 2001
7:39 pm U.K.


v2000 for sale , 2x8 grundig owned from new , as new condition , no box or instructions , miner scratches on the top , apart from that it is "as new" . Very very serious offers please !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 15th March 2001
11:35 pm U.K.


Has anyone got a Philips VR2840 (working or not) that they are willing to sell? Thanks.

Simon Ferber
Tuesday 6th March 2001
10:17 am U.K.


I used to replace faulty tapes of VCCs. But there are two questionsI couldn't answer right now.First, what kind of tape are the best for V2000? I'd like to havegood quality and hopefully a "new" 480min VCC with the correct timedisplay (on my 2x4 super). So the tape-thickness would be important.The VHS-tapes I tried seem to be to thick. Second, the tape end recognition is done by a "silver-line" onthe back of the tape. I wonder if there is a possibility to drawthis line myself. Till now, I used a tape-repair-kit to merge thenew tape with the ends of the old tape. But this way I have lessquality at the beginning/end and I wonder if the headdrum likesthe splice.Simon

Steve Whelan
Sunday 4th March 2001
6:50 pm U.K.


Is anyone intersted in the following:-

An adapter box for Grundig 2x4 and 2x8 to link to a grundig TV to make the VCR remote controlled

A complete remote kit for Grundig 2x4 super including telepilot handset (lovely chrome credit card style (almost!) affair)

both are boxed as new and include manuals to install them

price: five quid each, plus what ever post it will cost to send them to ya.

call 07976 418 169 if interested


Keith McHugh
Sunday 4th March 2001
12:28 pm U.K.


I though longest Video2000 tapes was a VCC480 until I saw this picture of a VCC 540 !

Friday 2nd March 2001
8:34 am U.K.


V2000 tapes for sale, Use (or at least what they are labeled with) seems to be to tape TV, bought with a V2000, but the VCR didn't make the trip home. Buyer pay postage or collects. Make me an offer, there just in the way at the moment as I have no deck, and a girlfriend who thing s I have too much video junk anyway (11 VCRs isn't excessive is it?)

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