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Saturday 25th March 2017

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Tuesday 30th October 2001
7:55 am U.K.


Full information on fixing a C9 DC to DC converter can be found on PALsite. Both MkI and MkII converters are now covered.


Steve Rowley
Sunday 28th October 2001
9:02 pm U.K.


For use with the Grundig 2x4 Super machines I have four sets of the VIF-K1 infra red remote kits comprising receiver unit (form fits onto side of machine) and the handset. Three at £20 each, £25 for one that is boxed 'as new' in original packaging. Can post at your cost and risk.

Sjef Bosman
Saturday 27th October 2001
4:23 pm U.K.


Power supply for VR2840: could anyone tell me where to get a new or 2nd hand power supply for this VCR?

Or can it be repaired? Can't see what's wrong with it, the fuse blows, even without the rest of the equipment attached to it.

12NC: 8203 170 1055.3

Help is appreciated!

David Wiseman
Wednesday 17th October 2001
4:51 pm U.K.


Hi, i'm trying to find somewhere in the UK, (prefferably near Manchester, but location not important) that will transfer Phillips N1700 tape to either VHS, or even better, to a digital format, preferably of Broadcast quality. We need to do this before Friday 26th October 2001 - ie. ASAP!! If anyone knows of anywhere that can do this, you can contact me : david.wiseman@bbc.co.uk or on 0161 244 3248. Any advice would be most appreciated.David Wiseman:

Sunday 14th October 2001
1:02 pm U.K.


Or if you do feel like it, just post a message for the above dilemma.

Thanks again, vanessa

Sunday 14th October 2001
12:59 pm U.K.


Hi,I have been trying to get my V2000 to work to look at the loads of tapes I have of recordings off television years ago. The V2000 hasn't been on for about 5 years and now that I switch it on, put a tape in and press play it shows me a black screen for about 2 seconds and shuts down. It stopped recording the last time I had it working, but now it really doesn't want any of it!! It's a Philips VR2023. Does any know if and how I can fix it? Or if there is anyone near me that would be able to help?If anyone can help could you please e mail me! I would love to see those vids again. thanks

Area: Central Scotland

Jon Spence
Saturday 13th October 2001
2:55 am U.K.


I have a Sony Betamax recorder SLO-323, and it has a few problem: during play, f-forward, re-wind, or rec., it will work for a few seconds, then shut of, as though you have pressed stop. this is getting better, but still happens. when it does work and it records, the playback has horizontal blue lines accross the screen. any advice?-Jon-

Glenn Dennis
Friday 12th October 2001
3:17 pm U.K.


Does any one have a VR2334 family machine which they do not want. Please e-mail me. Thanks

Heidrun Grützmacher
Wednesday 10th October 2001
12:02 pm U.K.


HI, I just have a question to all fans of V2000: who can mail or fax an instruction for an ITT V2000? See my adress above. I found a recorder on the garbage and couldn't easy walk away. I think it should work, but I don't know what I have to do. so I would be very pleased, if anyone could help me!Thanks a lot! Heidrun from germany

Sunday 7th October 2001
9:51 pm U.K.



After a lot of years sterling service my Sony C,9 gave up the "Ghost" in a big way. The PSU, including the DC/DC Converter was u/s. "Sony don't make that part any longer ".I was told by my Sony Parts Center. Eventually I gave up looking for that elusive part. "Was I the only Beta user around here?". I thought. It seemed like it The trusty old C.9 was put on the bottom shelf, where it gathered dust, for many a year. That is until recently I ,quite by chance came across the "Beta Palsite" in a magazine Reading through the emails I came across the "Advert " for Lucreziagalaxy With high hopes of seeing my C.9 back in action again I contacted this." Help Line". telling my tale of woe. Having been convinced by a quick reply to my request, that a repair was definitely on the cards, I sent my C.9 away, insured against damage as advised, for a report on its condition. Within a couple of days of its arrival, I received a detailed report of the faults found, the parts required, and the estimate for the lot. It did not appear cheap at first. ,but considering the availability of the parts for a C.9, the equipment and expertise required to fit and test them, it seemed to me pretty reasonable. So I went ahead with the repairs. I was kept informed all the way through the "restoration", until ,the day arrived, when I was informed that after a long Test program my C.9 was ready for home. My first impressions of the restoration? Its works like a dream. The picture on Pause and X 2 are marvelous. Why buy a DVD for picture quality, when with Beta Sony C.9 and a" Diggie". Box you can get a Better deal. It is a machine in its own class, I have insured it separately under my House Contents Insurance, after receiving a report of its market value. Thank you Lucreziagalaxy for a 1st Class Job.& Many Thanks for all Your Help and Sound Advice . The cost was worth every penny. If any one out there has problems with their C.9,do what I d ,consult the" Experts." They are only an email away. John. REMEMBER MY WEBPAGES AT http://members.aol.com/lucreziagalaxy/index.html

Bernard Benoot
Sunday 7th October 2001
12:24 pm U.K.


Hi,I'm looking for a recorder to transfert my V2000 cassettes to miniDV.Who can help me?I have 5 new videocassettes in original package: Videocassette VCC480 XHG (Extra High Grade) from PHILIPS. Who is interested?Regards, Bernard

Neil McAdam
Saturday 6th October 2001
4:06 pm U.K.


For anyone looking for format conversions, Jessops (camera shot) summer catalogue (p.61) refers to film-to-video transfer and includes V2000 on its list - presumably they could also transfer from one tape format to another.... (they do stipulate non-copyright material only).

Hope this is of some use.

Cheers. Neil

Thursday 27th September 2001
10:06 pm U.K.


Hi I have a Philips VR 2020 for sale including a few tapes.Fully working order.If interested e-mail me.Cheers Paul

Saturday 22nd September 2001
11:32 am U.K.


HERE IS YET ANOTHER TESTIMONIAL ON MY BEHALF FOR THE QUALITY WORK I DO ON BOTH BETAMAX AND V2000 FORMATS: Hello to all who read this. Yes I had a Sony SLC9 that was not feeling so well. A severe case of DC converter sickness. I took it to numerous so called medics but nobody could make it well and it got put into the attic to ferment. Then one day I was on the net and came across WWW.Betapals and found Lucreciagalaxy and in no time what so ever we were in touch and a cure was on the dispensing table. My unit was parcel posted (well insured as instructed) forthwith and once again I received rapid response. The C9 problems had been diagnosed and surgery to put right had been identified. All I had to do was submit the necessary from my "drink token" account and the C9 went under the knife. The treatment was not cheap but when born neither was the C9. So far the unit (patient) is responding to all commands and if all goes well has undergone a full reincarnation. No I am not in the medical profession, actually I am a mechanical biased person. But to finish I must say well done lucrezia as all the credit goes to her. All the best and keep operating Stan REMEMBER MY PAGES CAN BE FOUND AT http://members.aol.com/lucreziagalaxy/index.html THANK YOU

Thursday 20th September 2001
2:11 pm U.K.

littlemisslove 1@aol.com

Hi can any one help me i have got a philips v2000 v2022 and i am looking for a new set of video heads or can any one give me info where i can new heads or working used ones. THANKS.

Nick Cole
Sunday 16th September 2001
12:12 pm U.K.


I've got some V2000 blanks for auction on eBay if anyone's interested.


Thursday 13th September 2001
1:57 pm U.K.


Graham. try cleaning the micro relays underneath the mechanism. I've had this problem, and cleaning the contacts cleared the fault. Rich..

Tuesday 11th September 2001
12:03 pm U.K.


I've got a Philips V2022 made in Oct 1981. Its got a fault where if you play or record a tape it stops after a couple of minutes or even a few seconds. I've watched the video head when this happens and it seems to vary its speed just before shutting down with the resultant loss of picture. I've gon through the machine and re-soldered all the connections but no success. I've seen info regarding this fault as the Piezo electirc driving unit..But I'm not sure what modue this resides on...


Graham Pullmangraham@streetwulf.demon.co.uk0207 252 0839(UK)

Saturday 8th September 2001
12:20 am U.K.


The tapes (see 27th August post) went within a couple of days to a delighted V2000 fan. So I will try to shift the V2000 machines and see if I can get in the good books of the other half - for once !

1 x Philips VC2020 working, 1 x VC2022 intermittent shutdown fault - PSU ?, 1 x Grundig 2x4 Plus - cover not closing the actuator switch, 2 x Grundig 2x4 Super's - one working the other has a grainy picture which is definately a PSU fault (swapped between units to prove). User manuals for the VC2022 and Grundig 2x4 Super's.

Anyone up for donating £100 for the lot ? - must be worth well more than this even if broken up for spares.

Buyer to collect or I could possibly meet half way etc. depending on distance.

Nick Cole
Sunday 2nd September 2001
11:37 am U.K.


I have some V2000 films for auction on Ebay within the UK if anyone's interested:


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