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Current Beta Machines: Sony - C9 and Sony HF100

I Bought my first Betamax in a cash converters store for 75 dollars and in the first week it started to chew up tapes, so I took it back to the store and they fixed it, and the beta machine has skipped a beat for two years so far. Then later on that year I saw another Betamax which had Beta Hi-fi so I said to my self I have to this one. But the label said on the top does not record. But when I got it home it recorded, but later on I noticed that the tuner was broken, but that does not bother me since the aux port still worked so now I pirate from my Hi-Fi VHS to My Beta Hi-Fi. But now my C9 unit just sits in a cupboard, not being used. But still works.

When I bought my Beta (for the disrespectful price of $15.18 shipping cross-country included), I learned that it had been through 2 earthquakes and droped 15 feet in one of them. The next day while at Lechmere, I overheard a salesman telling how you cannot put a television on top of a VHS vcr for it will crack the case! My Beta has solid metal construction and a VHS crap box is made of plastic.

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Submitted Thu, 25 Feb 1999 03:57 GMT