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Phil Winfield
Friday 29th September 2023
3:56 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Hi, I own quite a few old ex broadcast kit. My BVW-75P was playing a tape yesterday when the picture suddenly disappeared on the monitor. The TCR code still shows, sound is ok too, but no picture. The monitor does show that a PAL signal is present.

I have lifted and replaced all the cards I can see, but still nothing. Looking at the technical manual, perhaps the fault lies with one of the TBC cards, caps look ok on all the cards?

The picture was stable and no noticable issues before it disappeared.

Daniel Oxer
Tuesday 5th September 2023
9:08 am U.K.


I have 50(ish) (brand new in boxes)

FUJI DIGITAL BETACAM D321 D94L tapes for sale

I am open to offers for these,

MY PHONE NUMBER IS 07903329721



Chris Gregory
Monday 31st July 2023
9:43 am U.K.

[email protected]

Hi All,

Hope your well well !

I am looking to buy 2x Sony DVW-500P with good HO2 and H12 hours, ideally a later machine so 17xxxx onwards with regards to the Serial number.

It has to be the 500P and not the A500P !

Thanks in advance


Peter Alanton
Monday 3rd July 2023
4:41 pm U.K.

Hi, does anyone know the original price in the UK, of betacam decks Sony PVW-2800P, or BVW-75P ?

Yes I have searched via google very thoroughly but cannot get a definitive answer!

Wednesday 28th June 2023
4:49 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Is correct to use Betacam Digital, SX, IMX and HD Cam tapes in machines that only play and record in Betacam SP?

Tuesday 6th June 2023
7:30 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Ron NEVER clean again the heads with acetone, this will destroy the heads

But you can to clean with alcohol, the best alcohol is isopropyl for clean

If I am confused I wait that someone warn me

And the best quality of this vcr is by the Y, B-Y and R-Y outputs, is the same quality of RGB but this vcr hasn't this outputs

For convert to digital you need a Y, B-Y, R-Y or RGB + sync input recorder

But the digital players has less quality of the Betacam SP players

Betacam digital perhaps but Betacam SX or IMX is worse, (has compression)

Also DV and mini DV too are worse, (has compression)

Perhaps the M2 format has the same quality of Betacam SP, here appears:


Tuesday 6th June 2023
2:28 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Billy Young exist 2 versions UVW-1800P for only for PAL tapes and UVW-1800 only for NTSC tapes

Tuesday 6th June 2023
2:26 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Jon Lipman this message belongs to the Betamax section but I saw the characteristics and appears that this camera run in 2 centimeters/ second (Beta II)

The vcrs beta run in other speed more slow

I think that your tapes don't run correct in a normal vcr

Today I know that some beta cameras run in other speed and I am surprised

I knowed that the NTSC run in various speeds but in PAL I thought that only has one speed as Betacam PAL

Tuesday 6th June 2023
2:13 pm U.K.

[email protected]

This message is for the owners of the web:

In the section, Betacam format the list characteristics is for NTSC machines because appears 1800 RPM and major speed tape

Do you change these characteristics to the same of the PAL machines?

Jon Lipman
Wednesday 29th March 2023
5:33 am U.K.

[email protected]

Hi ..Can someone please tell me if I can view a previously recorded Betamax tape on the bmc200 betacam ? I just found a 35-40 year old camera and tapes we�d made back then . I want to view them before deciding to pay for digitizing content. Any Help or advise , please email ? Thank you !

Billy Young
Friday 24th February 2023
2:28 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Hi Guys,

My first Post here,

Does anyone know if the Sony UVW-1800p Betacam Recorder,

can play PAL & NTSC small BetaSP tapes,

or is there a hidden Menu option to change NTSC to PAL ?

Many Thanks in Advance

Daniel Sachon
Thursday 17th November 2022
10:58 am U.K.

[email protected]


Hi! I am urgently looking to rent or purchase a BetaCam SP camera in working order - ideally with all the accessories (i.e zoom lens, on camera sound etc)

Please email me [email protected] if you may have one you are willing to rent in London, or if you are selling one

thank you!!

Sunday 9th October 2022
12:09 am U.K.

[email protected]


I have acquired a Sony UVW-1800 BetaCam SP deck. I'm expanding my digital conversion business and recently a customer gave me a bunch of these tapes (and I didn't know at first there was a difference between BetaMax and BetaCam. The deck seems to work just fine mechanically, which is exciting. I'm wondering if someone here might help me with getting better video output quality! Using both the S-Video out and the Composite output (BNC) I am getting exactly the same issue with my picture quality. I have gone after each head with a cleaning swab and acetone and unseated and reseated all of the "expansion" boards to no effect.

What would you suggest by this picture:


Thank you for any guidance! I really want to get these tapes to play well for my customer (who is also my friend!)


michel de jong
Wednesday 3rd August 2022
2:20 pm U.K.


I have a dvw500 is it possible that the auto rewind after tape end is disabled

So that the tape is not rewinding any more

I know that the DVW 2000 this option has.

thanks for the help

regards Michel

Tuesday 24th May 2022
4:46 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Karkera also of the service manual is necessary a sine wave generator, a oscilloscope, a voltimeter and perhaps more instruments

Tuesday 3rd May 2022
10:11 pm U.K.

Dear michel de jong,

Regarding the Audio problem there could be audio circuit problems in AU boards or misalignment of audio heads(in that case your tape will show a folded dent on either top or bottom) if tape is fine then it's the AU BOARDS just in front after the RF boards..as a first aid just remove these AU boards by pulling up and reinserting the same back,if problem persists then you need to troubleshoot with extension board and service manuals if you are competent enough. If you need service manual it's on net. Best regards

Monday 28th March 2022
10:13 pm U.K.

[email protected]

The Sony BVW-70 can play and record oxide tapes?

Saturday 26th March 2022
7:16 pm U.K.

[email protected]


we are right now inventorying the equipment of an old film production studio in portugal and we have a lot of old camera & video editing equipment available. Eg.

Sony Betacam DVW-A500 P

sony betacam sp BVW-50P

Sony betacam SP BVW-75 P

Sony Betacam SP BVW-70 P

Sony VO-9850P u-matic SP

Jvc KY 1900 E inc. JVC HZ-2060

Nizo FP1 S

in case you are interested here is the full overview:





all the best,


michel de jong
Friday 11th February 2022
2:55 pm U.K.

[email protected]


I have serval Sony DVW510p players

some of them is the audio level meter not working

But some times it is for a very sort time

I don't know where to look to fix this problem

Anyone out there that knows what the problem is??

Hooping to Hera from you


Michel de jong

Saturday 5th February 2022
10:23 pm U.K.

I'm no expert, but I believe most Betacam machines that accept large tapes will also accept the small tapes directly. No adaptor necessary. Just slot the smaller tape into the machine in the centre of the loading slot.

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