SL-C6 Belt kit
The picture shows the SL-C6 belt kit. It contains many drive belts which are used in the mechanics of tape transport.

A similar kit is also used in the SL-C5 / SL-T7 / SL-T9 / V-5470 / V-8600 / VTC-9300 / PVC700 / PVC740.

Belt failure is the main cause of problems with early Betamax videos.

There are many different symptoms depending on the model and which belt has failed.

Symptoms include: tape transport problems, failure to load and eject, sluggish response, failure of tape counter.

When a problem arises due to the belts, it is advisable to replace all the belts in the machine. Replacement belt kits are still available for most machines.

See the Belt Cleaning Guide.