Sanyo 1983
Betamax VTC-5005

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VTC-5005 owner manual

VTC-5005 Owner's Manual
The 5005 shared a very similar design to the VTC-5000.


  • Popular BETA recording format
  • Three hours 35 minutes recording time with a compact L-830 cassette
  • Built-in preset VHF and UHF tuner
  • Programmable timer enables 1 unattended recording within 8 days
  • Soft touch mechanism operation
  • Digital tape counter with "0000" position memory
  • Fast picture scanning, forward and reverse
Like the 5000, it was remarkably light weighing only 8 kgs compared to 15.5 kgs for the Sony SL-C7. It also incorporated the latest power-saving ICs which meant it consumed only 32W, compared to 45W for the SL-C7. Sanyo also reduced the number of mechanical solenoids in this model to none. Instead the loading motor carries out all the mechanical operations needed.

Picture search and pause on the 5005 was black and white, without sound. The pause operation is automatically stopped after 5 minutes to avoid tape damage.

Thanks go to Llan Uriel & Brendan Coulson for the images.

Front view of a 5005

Front view of a VTC 5005