We all know that technology has moved on... please tell us though about which feature or aspect of the Betamax video system that made you feel that Beta was the better format of its time... please no obcenities though.

Why was Beta better?

Alan , I think Betamax was better because: The Pictures are better:)

Martin , I think Betamax was better because: The system is so response. No waiting around for tapes to thread and unthread.
Marcus Voyles , I think Betamax was better because: Betamax is better because it's color is much stronger, it's hi-fi system is still much more advanced compared to VHS, and has features never available on a VHS because of how it is designed.
John S , I think Betamax was better because: The picture,especially on the Super beta models,is superb! The sound quality of the Hi FI is excellent,without the tracking problems of VHS. Beta is not affected by Macovision,or copy guards,so I can rent a new VHS movie,and copy it right onto my Super Beta Hi-FI! Beta tapes seem to last much longer than a VHS tape.Beta tapes are smaller,and easier to store.Betamax simply reigns suprememe!
Colin , I think Betamax was better because: No VHS machine ever built can match the resolution of Beta (it's physically impossible). Imagine how good Beta would be now if it had been allowed to develop. Nearest thing to it is Hi-8....
Martin Imber , I think Betamax was better because: The picture is better, the tapes are smaller, and they are more reliable
david etheridge , I think Betamax was better because: all of the above! Now when will someone re-introduce the things?!!!!
Ebsen , I think Betamax was better because: The bigger headdrum means:clear and sharp picture!
Nick , I think Betamax was better because: The BETA U-load system wraps completely around the head drum, resulting in better picture quality, VHS's Mload causes eaten tapes, and the way it's drum turns causes more tape wear!
Bjoern Esser , I think Betamax was better because: Betamax is better because it has been abandoned as well as Video 2000
John C , I think Betamax was better because: I have never seen a Betamax working before (perhaps because I was born when they were phased-out ) but the better picture and sound quality proof is in the specifications. A slower tape speed and bigger head is enough proof. I am getting a Sony SL-C5UB soon, anyway.
Tixiv , I think Betamax was better because: Well, I think the reasons why beta is cool is because of the bigger head drum and thus higher head/tape speed, and because of the better implementation of hi-fi audio. But I think, that VHS has advantages, too: ever tryesd to adjust a betamax mechanicaly? argh!!! VHS is much easier to adjust. Also, the Video head ware is lower in VHS, and VHS pic still looks acceptable with a worn head drum, beta doesn�t. This is just a little constructive criticism - I also think, that beta would be great today, if it would have developed.
Martin Imber , I think Betamax was better because: Because a heavily used Sanyo HiFi ran for 12-13 years on its original head, Sanyo head life is excellent
Rick Sims , I think Betamax was better because: The picture blows VHS away. Sure, Beta was first with a lot of innovations (e.g., real-time counter, on-screen display, etc.), but when all is said and done, Beta is better because the picture is GREAT!! Bells and whistles are nice, but isn't the PICTURE what it's all about??!!
Will , I think Betamax was better because: I think Beta is best because ,A: the tapes last longer, B: The sound doesn't make that hissing noise, and C: The picture is quite clear, and it isn't grainy at all.
a , I think Betamax was better because: beta have better sound and colour LONG LIVE BETA
a , I think Betamax was better because: Beta Is Better Then Vhs Long Live Beta:-)
S Sekinger , I think Betamax was better because: Beta offers superor colour perfomance & better dynamic range to the VHS system. Sony's desire to be one step ahead ment that their top models made the VHS equivelents of the day (& a lot of modern VHS recorders) look clumbsy & almost antiquated in comparison.
tony , I think Betamax was better because: beta shows the best picture i have seen to this day. the quality is incredible.i have beta tapes from 1984 and i played one this week 9-28-99 and it looked as good as the day i recorded it. i can`t say the same thing about vhs tapes that i recorded alst year 1998, they are showing breakdown already. that`s why i will always as long as it is possible keep a beta machine.
Rick , I think Betamax was better because: Let's try this again. Beta is Better for many reasons. The picture quality is way above VHS. The recordings last much longer. I have a beta tape I recorded off of tv in 1976. 23 years and it still looks great. VHS is good for about 12 to 15 years at the maximum. Beta was designed as a compact version of the professional U-matic system. VHS was designed with the mindset of what's the least we can do to get a picture on someones tv. Beta went on to all but replace U-matic in broadcasting with the jazzed up Betacam. JVC's M-II format, which was it's broadcast VHS system came and went without much notice from the broadcast community. Maybe they could fool the general public on the merrits of thier system. But the broadcasters just didn't buy it.
Dylan Lewis , I think Betamax was better because: BetaMAx is better because the sound is much clearer and louder, When I turn the sound up on my sterio vhs vcr you hear a loud hiss of static but when I turn the sound up loud on my SLHIFI-950 it is crisp and crystal clear even on my old one speaker tv. LOng live the BetaMAx.
rufus , I think Betamax was better because: i just dig beta because my vhs tapes used to get permanently "borrowed" too often. i haven't had one tape stolen since i switched. also, i buy a lot of 'blanks' at flea markets/yard sales. they have lots of other things recorded on and over them, but they seem to hold up better to repeated recordings than vhs. i recorded days of our lives on one particular tape every day for over four years (after it had been re-recorded over god knows how many times by the previous owner) before it finally wore out. my vhs tapes were wearing out about every six months.
MB , I think Betamax was better because: of the sound and picture quality. I only have two machines, and they are both low end models. Even though they are low end, the picture and sound quality blow VHS away. Even the linear audio sounds excellent with very little hiss. The picture quality is noticibly brighter, sharper, and clearer. The one machine has at least 1500 hours on it, and it has only needed a cleaning one time, while my crappy VHS is only 3 years old, mabey only 100 hours on it, and I already have had problems with it. Also,for some reason, when I copy VHS tapes to Beta, the copy on the beta looks better than the VHS original. BETAMAX RULES!!!
Sven Svensson , I think Betamax was better because: Better picture, better sound, and longer lasting. Thus, when you see old videotapes, it will come out better than it would on a VHS. Plus, when you see old home videotapes, it gives you a better idea of how the past was like. It's also easier to carry.
Walter Steenvoorden , I think Betamax was better because: I think Betamax is much better then VHS since it gives an almost proffesional kind a picture , when dubbed the qaulity stays and with VHS(Very Horrible Sreening) dubbing leeds to all kinds of horrible stuff, I used Betamax when in training in the early 80's and have been using the system for a long time, Today i use Betacam SP, and i have even converted a 750 NTSC Betamax to playback Betacam SP (+P.C.B + Video head and some filters)
a , I think Betamax was better because: my beta that i found in a yard sale has out lived 3 VHS recorders i am staying with the good old BETA:-)
sven , I think Betamax was better because: because the tapes cost more and only sony makes the tapes which sucks and the most recent machines are several years out of production and are ageing, and you cant really tell the difference between vhs and beta, super vhs blows super beta away. betamux is also better because the head drum wears out and the replacement is hard to find and when you do find it its mucho dinero.
Alex Codeglia , I think Betamax was better because: Theres no need to explain it!!! Beta is better; VHS is crap! It's that simple.
Martin Imber , I think Betamax was better because: Because I can copy Macrovision protected DVDs and also I can get a flipper on one tape VHS is crap is crap vhs is crap My 950 will last to the end of tape as will my M40 2 out of 3 UK home HiFi Betas Works well with my 32" Wega IDTV, Beta is not hot on sound - only HiFi stereo
Michael Staple , I think Betamax was better because: BETA is the kick ass type of video equipment that I personally see used in many Science/Medical Labs, the picture and sound is definately in a class by itself, there is so many unique features, benefits and satisfaction using a SL-HF1000, VHS only wish, and still is in dream land, VHS cannot even come half close to Betamax. If I have my choice, it would be definately BETAMAX all the way.
Bob Gaul , I think Betamax was better because: 1) better video quality 2) TV stations use it 3) I can bypass copyguards on VHS 4) Beta got a raw deal 5) never had any problems programming ANY Beta machine. 6) tapes take up less space 7) the price was right (once the other format took over) I think that covers it. If I forgot any, please let me know.
Robert M , I think Betamax was better because: Every reason stated in the Betamax PALsite comments! Longevity,picture quality and sound quality - Some of my tapes date to early '86 and look and sound like they were taken this year.My beatamax camera never once gave me an ounce of trouble and has never been in the shop. Like one 'commenter' suggested,"Come back,beta come back."
Madness , I think Betamax was better because: (IMO) I believe that both formats have their pros and cons. However, �etamax's pros far outweigh it cons! Alot of �eta's seem to have been covered by other posters: better picture/sound, longer tapelife, smaller physical cassette size, etc. VHS does allow longer recording times (w/ the right tapes) than �eta, but the picture in the (VHS) EP mode is certainly MUCH worse than even a �III! Super�eta vs. Super-VHS? Not much to say except add 100 lines to the former! Super�eta makes flawless copies of DVDs w/o being affected by Macrovision (on my Sony HF900 [NTSC]). It also seems to me that most �etamaxes can double as DAT recorders for PCM audio. Although I haven't yet tried this feature, I've never seen a VHS machine with feature. Closet rival would be Video8 (I believe). It's also a shame that the "tapewar" in the early 80's has kinda resurfaced in the computer world as the "OS-war" -- Microsoft vs. Apple; MS vs. OS/2; MS vs. Linux (and other BSD's), etc. The former (Windows) is certainly inferior to any of the other 3 mentioned! However, it's popularity and compatability made it reign supreme (unfortunately). I would still be using OS/2 and running smoothly if there was major support for it. Now I have support on Win98 but get tried of system crashes, memory leaks, reource-hogging apps, etc. But on the video front, I'd never give my �etamaxes -- not even for DVD-writeables! (Incidently, JVC introduced D-VHS; I think it'd be funny to see Sony introduce D-�eta!) Anyway, if my 15-year-old �etamax can outlive 3 VHS machines, it'll always have a place of honor in my entertainment center!
Walter , I think Betamax was better because: Betamax was derived from U-matic (wich is good) and devolped into Betacam (wich is even better). From Betacam sony developed the Betacam SP,Betacam G,Betacam SX,Betacam SX and the HDTV format HDCAM. All on the same sturdy cassette design. Whilst VHS has been designed using Audio technology. VHS Sucks!, VHS Sucks!, sedle down buttmunch.. huh uh uh huh
AndyMan , I think Betamax was better because: Beta is better becuase it just is. i am 13 and have only just aquired a BETAMAX machine. they are better than VHS and always will be. The name BETAMAX sound better than VIDEO HOME SYSTEM (now spit on the ground)!! PS. Does anybody have the set of the Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy on Beta or VHS if you have email me at [email protected]
AndyMan Aka. Andrew Benham , I think Betamax was better because: Beta is better because the machine outlive all VHS machines. i have had 10 VHS machines in the time I have had my Sony BCb-30. the construction is better and the heads outlive everything else on the planet!!! LONG LIVE BETAMAX!
AndyMan Aka. Andrew Benham , I think Betamax was better because: It's just so obvious, betamax is better. Sorry about the above thing, if you thought 'Ive never heard of a 'BCb-30' will it never existed, I ment SC-30. Betamax Is So SEXY!
Will , I think Betamax was better because: BETA just rocks, period. To Hell with all video formats that make recording a pain in the ass. BETA lasts forever and when they break after 20 years they're easy to fix. The picture, the sound the cosmetic appearance alone should have been enough to convince people to buy BETA. Whereas BETA is the correct way to read/write video tape, vhs is just a bunch of hodge podged crap thrown together with 20 years of corrective back ass modifications behind it just to get it to play.
LatinoPikachu , I think Betamax was better because: Betamax has ALWAYS been better than VHS***ty!!!!!! I have a 20 year old SL-2000 and other than a few missing screws here and there,it works fine. By the way,will the Betacam SX Oxide tapes work with a Betamax machine? And where can I find a working NTSC professional U-Matic machine??? (VHS is a sucky system that should've gone down!!!!!!) I guess it's like the light-rail vote here,people didn't know what was good for them. Go and read the fact sheet,Betamax is SOO much better than VHS***ty!!
Rob Suttner , I think Betamax was better because: it had hi-fi way before vhs did, there are alot more recording selections,and the loarding system is alot better and alot more reliable than the stupid,gay,faggoty,M-loading system of VHS
ROB SUTTNER , I think Betamax was better because: there are alot more recording features on it compared to VHS. its HI-FI system came way before VHS's, and the loading system on it was alot more better and reliable compared to the stupid,asswiping,gay,faggoty,M-loading system on the VHS players
"Spiney Norman" , I think Betamax was better because: the rareity of Beta users means the riff-raff won't mooching videos from you. And what crack-head'd bother stealing a Beta machine?
David , I think Betamax was better because: Pienso que el sistema Beta es el mejor por la resistencia a los golpes de las cintas, su reducido tama�o respecto al Vhs y al V-2000 y por su gran calidad
Michael Graham , I think Betamax was better because: More lines, better signal to noise ratio.
Limbabwe- Man , I think Betamax was better because: VHS sucks
Emil Jensen , I think Betamax was better because: Because of the 21 % bigger Head Drum
Will , I think Betamax was better because: Even on the Cheapest models, the manual focus lens on beta camcorders is better then any of todays consumer camcorders.
Nick (I'M BAAACK!) , I think Betamax was better because: Quick-load is BETTER!!! Quick-load not only came first on betas, but it has much less tape wear! (e.g., the head doesn't spin for 5 minutes, meaning 5-min of tape oxide killing the heads on a VHS system!).
john , I think Betamax was better because: beta suffers tremendous reliability problems unfortunately i see these machines donated every day and i scoop them all up some are very nice ....
john , I think Betamax was better because: stupid beta people you forgot to realize vhs hi fi is a true stereo recording format unlike pcm in beta which is all sampled music my jvc hr7000 blows beta out of the water also ed beta is the format that solves all those problems s
john , I think Betamax was better because: more betas are found in the garbadge than any other make i collect them all because people dont want to fix them .....
S-Dog , I think Betamax was better because: Beta produces a superior picture because of all the reasons other posters mentioned, such as, U-wrap, large drum, high speed, all factors that provide added bandwidth. The format is based on Sony's U-matic Professional and the only reason that it was superceeded by the VHS system was because it cost more to produce Beta machines and JVC, Panasonic, and others convinced Sony that the profits were better producing crappy VHS units. Dont blame JVC for the demise of Beta format, blame Sony because they hardly put up a fight to support Beta even though Sony knew it was a superior system. Remember Sony introduced Beta II and Beta III to cheapen the line before they caved in. It was all about profits, as the saying goes: Follow the money.
nobby , I think Betamax was better because: owning a beta is something to treasure tapes are available secondhand very cheap, and both of my betamax recorders were rescued from bins
B H Studios , I think Betamax was better because: Beta is much better because even the machines are more reliable. The picture doesn't jump while on pause unlike VHS s***. Even SVHS pisses me off, 2 years and the heads are F*****. Beta lasts forever.
Andrew Scarlet , I think Betamax was better because: Beta is better because it takes less time toreload and unload tapes on my beta vcr machine
Adrian , I think Betamax was better because: beta will alwasy be better nometter what new technlogy that they come out with i have worn out more vhs tapes in 10 years then i would have with my beta that the tapes are still in new condition (VHS IS CRAP!!!) long live beta
Bill , I think Betamax was better because: My Beta is 20 years old. I use it constantly. Never broke, never had it repaired. I never even clean it! I have had countless VHS machines that last an average of 2 years, then I toss them in the trash!! I think I might have to include my Beta in my will!!!!!
sony betamovie bmc 500p , I think Betamax was better because: battery
OL , I think Betamax was better because: When i started reading this page i thought you people were all pretty sad....but now i realise that "THE MAN" always wins.... regardless of quality....look at the demise of the vinyl record......
Gerbrand , I think Betamax was better because: Better picture, better sound, not have to buy a new one every half year, not eating tapes, not as much plastic and other visual fantastic looking high tec s*** that does not mean a thing.
abdel , I think Betamax was better because: my two little children ruined my first betamax recorder, which i bought via an adverticement in the local paper, along with some twenty tapes. first i thought i could take the risk because of the price but the man had installed the machine at home when i came to collect it and he said it worked very well, and it did! so after this machine left our home (the children damaged the sledge and there was no possibility in the vicinity for maintenance) i bought an other one after some searching in the same paper. by now i have a small collection of tapes and i am collecting the noteworthy films for my children, and dance and music-items for myself and my wife. and it works very well ! absolutely better and very reliable, especially if i consider the low cost, that is to say: exept the tapes. if there are any still to be found in a store they cost around $9 for a 500-tape and are not on stock any more, so i am very happy to have found this site.
robert w. , I think Betamax was better because: i have 3 beta machines,and i will not part with them.picture and sound are surperb next to vhs,but hard to get parts for.
gary haddow , I think Betamax was better because: vhs is crap betamax does everything instant crap vhs takes forever vhs spins the videoheads 5mins after the tape has stoped this wears out the tape and videoheads betamax does not superior picture and sound supre vhs is a contradiction in terms vhs is the worst format ever long live betamax
TheBetaMan , I think Betamax was better because: This is not a normal one: You people sound like betamax is dead..."if it was allowed to develop"? if you want it to be better then go start a fortune 500 company or just get off your ass and put betamax up VHS's ass. Betamax was at a prime in it's day and age; however, when creating a masterpiece or pure genious one must take breaks to collect themselves. Betamax just took a break...break time over...get off you ass...and put betamax back where it belongs.
Jim Murdoch , I think Betamax was better because: You're all barking mad! In a blind "A-B" test, nobody can tell the difference between Betamax and VHS! Shock horror BLASPHEMY! Betamax is measurably inferior to VHS in just about every parameter! Why did it REALLY fail? Because Betamax was originally developed from an earlier failed attempt by Sony to miniaturize the U-Matic format. The original "Beta" format tapes only gave a 60 minute play/record time. When that format bombed, Sony engineers redesigned it as a "domestic" format by halving the tape speed, drastically reducing the video bandwidth and grafting on a TV tuner and a mechanical alarm clock for a timer. The trouble was, 120 minutes still wasn't long enough for many movies and sporting events. Their big blunder was retaining the original Beta tape cartridge instead of designing a bigger one. JVC looked at the problem and designed their own version of the machine which by the simple expedient of using a slightly bigger cassete allowed them to have a three hour playing time and also to run the tape 50% faster, ensuring higher video and audio quality. (The name "VHS - Video Home System" was an obvious dig at the rejected "professional" ancestry of Betmax) . And the next person who tries to tell me that "Beta is Better" because TV stations use it for their broadcast recordings risks getting a Beta tape shoved somewhere uncomfortable! BETACAM has virtually nothing whatever to do with BETAMAX - they use the same cassette shell and that's it. Betacam operates on quite different principles to Betamax - in particular a three hour Betamax tape will only record for about 20 minutes in Betacam!
Richard , I think Betamax was better because: Betamax is better because it has a higher resolution,the cassettes are very long lasting and you can copy everything with macrovision. You can also use BETACAM tapes, a 30min betacam tape is 3hours betamax time. The only problem is audio when you have a recording that is a little loud you can hear headswitching (Hiss)but also vhs has that problem. Furtherwise it is a supurb machine.Richard from Holland
Alex , I think Betamax was better because: Vhs will always be s*** Beta will always be the best When i go the video shop that still have beta movies they all look at me like im some crazy idiot with old junk but i know that everyone that works in that shop have some sort of s*** VHS recorder (Long Live Beta)
Martijn , I think Betamax was better because: Beta was good because it employed thousands of Sony technicians worldwide to repair the machines.
colin , I think Betamax was better because: Beta is wonderful,I PLAYED "THE SANDPIPER"yesterday on my sl-hf100,for an84 vcr and a 65 movie it was picture perfect,the color.sound etc magnificent
Casimir , I think Betamax was better because: Did you know that Sony made VHS first, buafter Sony saw the bad format he did, he sell it for a few dollars or yens (I don't know it exactly) to JVC, when Sony didn't realised that it will ruin his new beta. I also want to say that I has an old very, very low-end Thomson (JVC really) VHS, and quality is much better that those new videos that sell to you with a recording quality that causes great dammage to your eyes (I bought a new thomson and the old one blows it up) Sony throughout all the time he meda betas he always maintained an extra high quality with machines, what JVC dropped its quality out when he had the VHS monopoly. That it's one of the most important reasons why beta is better.I think this is the story.
Ron , I think Betamax was better because: Using a Dazzle video capture I am getting GREAT frame captures from my old �eta tapes, much better resolution than from VHS, even new VHS.
Casimir , I think Betamax was better because: SL-HF 950's Linear skate cassette loading system
Uwe Braun , I think Betamax was better because: because the pic quality is superior to VHS in its fourth generation. It�s from Sony, that sums it all up.
leonardo ferraz , I think Betamax was better because: all the betamax are the true machines,see a betamax working and fell the difference..
Edward The 4th , I think Betamax was better because: Because my Sanyo 4010 hasen't had to be cleaned in 17 years. And where else will you find A good copy of the entire 1st season of Dinosaurs in full sound and color.
Smokey Guy from X-files , I think Betamax was better because: What better way to keep secret's than to tape them on a format almost nobody has? I've got a dozen alien autopsies in my tape collection and it drives Fox Mulder nuts because he can't find an 'adapter' to play the tapes on his VHS machine...
Matthew , I think Betamax was better because: Because the audio quality from a mono beta blows away the VHS comparison. The machines were built better and stronger and i have never got a tape stuck in my preciuous SLC6AS yet, its old but plays like new. VHS picture quality is better now than standard beta but the machines are so poorly built that only $1200 + dollar machines will last. And if it wasnt for digital beta, digital vhs or data vhs as it is known would not of been released. I had 2 tapes stuck in my older beta machine once because i forgot that there was one in there and i got the tapes out and the machine is still going perfectly The Beta format tapes are smaller and are harder and never wear out. And finally a brilliant tape loading path makes Beta simply Better VHS is such a cock up with its V shape loading which can stretch and snap tapes If you get a tape stuck in a VHS machine, sometimes the drive belts and pulleys snap and you need to take the machine in for repair whereas the beta just re aligns itself and keeps going
Chris of Stocksbridge, England , I think Betamax was better because: Beta is better because the picture quality is better than VHS, the audio quality always had more potential than VHS, the cassettes are smaller so more easily stored, Beta machines are easier to work on, elctronics and mechanics included!.....etc....etc...! Trust me, I know!!!!
Edward The 4th , I think Betamax was better because: The people who want to make copies of embarassing tapes and send them to my girlfriend have a heck of a time finding a VCR to play them. If sony had only introduced a 4.5 hour tape in the beginning, we'd be talking about VHS machines instead, and talking about how great they were, but they're not. Send hate mail to JVC, they've got it coming to them.
Jesse5000 , I think Betamax was better because: My grandmother has both a VHS and a Beta deck. When I had a choice, I always chose a Beta video. In my youth, I just knew it was better
____@_�� , I think Betamax was better because: because I can poach them cheap and jack up the prices to all the Beta suckers - Tha Snail
Jonathan: , I think Betamax was better because: Beta is better because the early machines were designed by the same people who did Stonehenge - heavy, but they last !!
Vegeta , I think Betamax was better because: Kababata natin yan!
Bigger George , I think Betamax was better because: because if you replace the insides then you make an excellent toaster oven which makes really great toasted sandwiches. and shortbread.
Mizzo Krenn , I think Betamax was better because: Beta from Sony is better, because there is a beatyful handy slot for the cassette,which looks best itself,the beautiful colored Front who lights out of the black face on post modern recorders and hopefully sony will make taping movies by ß format popular long live Beta nothin more ¬hing less!
St�phane from Montreal , I think Betamax was better because: sony betamax are the best two reason first still have the famous portable sl-2000 with tuner tt-2000 and the camera,hvc-2400 second reason did you people ever try to record music with the sony sl-hf 300 beta hi fi unbelievable no noice, beats all expensive tape deck
Tardismon , I think Betamax was better because: Because Betamax� offered clear graphics, a proper tape loading system, they record without a hitch (unlike my Gran's VHS machine that dosen't record at all when you press record it dosen't record at all) I can sum up Sony Betamax� in one word: Reliability. Shame that VHS beat the Betamax platform, VHS shouldn't have stood a chance with Betamax' high image quality and response times. Compaired to VHS' laughable speed and it is so unreliable, everytime I use a copy of Jumanji, my VCR chews it up.
Simon Newbery , I think Betamax was better because: In its day it was certainly beta than VHS, but just like Windows - its all in the marketing. Sony charged a licence fee for every Beta produced. JVC never collected theirs till the early 90's. Sony Beta was always better specified than everyone elses Beta machines so in preference people bought Sony and the other makers gave up except for Sanyo and this still applied. Its true to say the high end Sony Beta's were a work of art. I remember when my C9 was new. When it was recording you could turn out the lights and it would look like something out of Star Trek. Simply fantastic. And here we are today - just trying to get my C9 repaired as well as my SL715 Sony VHS which is just as well made as the C9. DVD is better than everything though but its taken more than 20 years to come up with something that is technically beta than Betamax and that is quite an achievement.
anonymous , I think Betamax was better because: Honestly, I have never used Beta, but I have used VHS enough to say that it's no good. [But then again, my VCR is crap] The quality off my VHS is just horrid. And that counts even for full-length movies [most of my use comes off recording TV shows] Anyway, any consumer tape format that's good enough to spawn into a [still] successful professional/broadcast format is better. And even though DVD is getting close to burying VHS, there is a better consumer TAPE format than VHS, and we all know what that is! Now I just wish my high school [yes, I go to school!] would put some Betacam equipment into their TV studio...
Bigger George is Back , I think Betamax was better because: I have now come to hate Betamax as it burnt my last tasty snack!
MOMO , I think Betamax was better because: I know all of you think Betamax is better, but listen to me for just one second: vhs is better. You may all have been fooled to think beta is better, but my dad says vhs is better. I think you all should listen to my dad and throw away your betamax machines. my father is always right, I know that he is always right because he tells me he is always right. I believe him. and you should too. I am sorry to inform you that vhs is better than betamax.
tiger-san archives , I think Betamax was better because: at least up here, betamax is so rare, and been literally forgotten, that anything you keep on beta tape will never be stolen :) that's why all the video i want to keep i put on beta, and all the music i want to keep i put on 8 TRACK! (have an 8 track recorder :)
Mohommed Saeed al Safaf - Information Minister for the Republic of Iraq , I think Betamax was better because: there is no other video technology. Akio Morita - praise Allah - and his Betamax will reign for a thousand year. The infidels dog mericnaries at JVC have been vanquished and their stomachs are roasting in hell.
the mad doctor , I think Betamax was better because: A friend of mine has over 600 Beta movies,shown once only and has no Beta machine,I have 3 so I get to watch plenty of sample movies,today watched Casanovas big night out,on my sl-hf100as
Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Iraqi Information Minister , I think Betamax was better because: these lies you continually perpetrate against the Betamax, are complete fabrications! It is the Zionist propaganda which has made you crazy. Betamax, Allah be praised, is still the number one superior video format and will never run away! Never! I triple guarantee you! JVC has never progressed with their infidel VHS, if they had, which they have not, they would be commiting suicide before the Betamax and their stomachs will roast in Hell. The fabrications of Al-Jazeera against this great and benevolent format are LIES! Nothing but LIES perpetrated by the American press. Do not believe them! The Zionists snakes at JVC are merely persecuting those who are right and fair, and we will cut them to pieces and hit them with old shoes....
beta fan , I think Betamax was better because: betamax and other beta makes are easier,more reliable and easier to find out what any minor faults may be. ithink that betamax needs to start getting back into action for all us beta lovers.
Moshe , I think Betamax was better because: On PAL system, it is obvious that BETA is better! why, anyone think's different?
sebb , I think Betamax was better because: It's still the format used by the television industry throughout the world, pretty much everything you see on TV was recorded with a Betacam
Matt Steck , I think Betamax was better because: Unlike Visibly Horrible S***, my SL-HF300 Beta, and all the other consumer-grade units I've seen, have had a PHYSICAL TRACKING KNOB, what the hell ever happened to this? It worked. I guess people got too lazy to turn a knob, so now V.H.S. has the AutoTracking feature, which in my opinion, just F's with the Vertical hold to make the illusion that its doing something. I like every feature of the Beta system, even though my machine only exhibits a few of them. The only downfall today of getting "new" (new-old-stock) blanks (only from Radio Shack) is that they still cost $5.99, and V.H.S. tapes, although crap to begin with, are like $1.99, and, once you buy the tapes from RS, they stop stocking them. Oh Well, any 20 year old blank beta is just as good as a new one, your really only paying for the label.
Matt Steck , I think Betamax was better because: One more thing, long live the Apple Macintosh, to let me type this, while my s*** WinXP machine with GAY-OL won't find the Modem! But thats another topic.
Nilton , I think Betamax was better because: Okay, Let me put an end to this debate! Over the holiday season, I purchased a high resolution T.V. I then connected my Super Beta Deck(Sony SL-HF750) and my JVC Super VHS deck simultaniously to my television. I then recorded a DVD on to both formats. I used a High-Grade S-VHS tape and a High Grade Sony Beta tape. I used SP rec. speed for VHS and BII for beta. I hate to say it folks, but the Super Beta outperformed the S-VHS by far.I don't know why. You would think that after all these years that JVC would develop the VHS to meet todays needs for high resolution video. It's kind of embarrasing when a 17 year old Super Beta produces a better picture than a BRAND NEW high end S-VHS! The difference wasn't subtle either. The playback of the Super Beta out-perfomed the S-VHS by far unfortunately. I guess the only format in the consumer market that can give Super Beta a run for it's money is the new DVD RAM/R/RW. That's next on my shopping list. I was hoping to retire my Super Beta by using S-VHS, but I guess not. I'll have to wait until I buy a DVD recorder. For analog recording purposes, the old Betamax is still the best. Gee, I wish Sony still made 'em!
Who Cares???? , I think Betamax was better because: What the hell does it matter? We live in a day in age where there are much better formats than beta out there! You people need to get a life and stop living in the past! Beta......what about DV, Digital 8 DVD-R/RW? It's time to move on folks. The year is 2004 and not 1984!! And NO Betamax was never used by professionals! The PRO formats shared similer cassette shells, loading system, and name, but that's where the similarities end! They record at different speeds, much higher resolution and use different technology altoghether!
RiffMaster , I think Betamax was better because: Subjective picture quality has always been reported as being superior to VHS. One thing though, and this may help with the chroma signal to noise ratio (its amplitude modulated), is that Beta has a higher head to tape writing speed. From memory (25 years ago!)it was about 6.5m/s, and faster than VHS. Early Betamax machines (SL-8000 etc) were not as good picture wise as the equivalent VHS.
RiffMaster , I think Betamax was better because: Some comparisons based on 1980 specifications... VHS: linear tape speed 2.34cm/s, Writing speed 4.83m/s, Track width 49um. Beta: linear tape speed 1.87cm/s, Writing speed 6.6m/s, Track width 30um. Philips N1700(LP): linear tape speed 6.56cm/s, Writing speed 8.1m/s, Track width 84um.
The Beta Bandit , I think Betamax was better because: I don't need to explain why Beta is better because anyone that has experienced it will know its advantages. I think that us true fans are getting a bit annoyed with people that are saying that Beta is the same quality as VHS and it isn't as good as Betacam, what is the keyword in BETAcam? Yes there are digital formats, but quite frankly who cares about them? Who wants to store data on a disc that can be corrupted by one scratch? Anyone that says Beta is crap should be beaten. Check out the guardian website for the VHS vs. BETA article, it will get any Beta fan quite irate!!
bruce wagner , I think Betamax was better because: you don't even have it on your list, but the SL-HF900 video quality is barnun (the 950 has Beta I)
ajs318 , I think Betamax was better because: My best mate's parents used to have a Sony C6, we had a Sanyo 9300. Then his parents bought a TV set with Teletext. In those days, before the Internet, teletext used to be a form of entertainment in its own right. Our youthful experimentation soon showed that the C6 would quite happily record most of the teletext signal -- a few dropouts here and there, but in our area there were dropouts all over anyway, so that was nothing not to be expected ..... Teletext was just a part of the signal, and it seemed logical that it should be recorded along with the picture, colour and sound. (In those days, subtitles for the deaf, hard-of-hearing and kids whose parents were trying to have a conversation were on a different page on each channel ..... they had not standardised on 888 across the board. But I'm rambling.) My parents, preferring for some old-fashioned reason to pay cash rather than instalments, did not get a Teletext TV till after we had already switched to a VHS recorder. Anyway, one night I was watching a film I had recorded earlier ..... For some reason or other, I had to turn the sound down, and I was very disappointed to find no teletext subtitles. I've never known a VHS machine record Teletext, so I guess the format simply isn't up to the job. Not surprising really ..... Now I have a DVD recorder, I realise just how lousy VHS really was -- even on short play. My parents still have an old Sanyo Beta VCR in their loft. It's a 5000, I think.
chris , I think Betamax was better because: i have an old sony c7 that has not failed me yet when all those vhs scrappers are gone on the tip my c7 will still be going strong so ha to all those maniacs who own vhs machines switch to betamax and throw that useless pile of junk that is the rubbish invented by jvc after a few pints in the pub!
HPLAK , I think Betamax was better because: The picturer is just a tiny bit brighter, than on VHS. But sadly, bad playing time!!!!!! Understands why VHS won!! Sorry guys!
andros , I think Betamax was better because: beta is dead dead dead dead
chris , I think Betamax was better because: i now hate betamax as i can find no where to have them repaired
bam , I think Betamax was better because: betamax sucks i bet most people on this page are all above 40+ which means your all as old as the video player which is well old
ted , I think Betamax was better because: what are all your faverite television programs recorded on! betacam a system derieved from betamax from FATHER TED to MR BEAN and have you all you poor vhs users (who have deluded themselves into thinking vhs is better)have you noticed that tv programs are all of (clearly)higher quality than your crappy vhs tapes and machines with their inherant graininess and high noise level (incedentaly as well as vhs i also hate DVD!)betamax forever!
cassie , I think Betamax was better because: I think Beta is the best because it gave thousands of employees jobs,and the pictures are so much better and i dont have to say the rest because anyone who has expierenced this hsould know how good Beta really is.
Brittany York of Asheboro nc. , I think Betamax was better because: I think that BetaMax is better:Because the tapes are alot smaller easy steorage and I think the pictures are alot better to. So go with BetaMax.
Spinnyheads , I think Betamax was better because: Because it has spinny heads!
Cannot see a difference folks!!! , I think Betamax was better because: it's not better:) It LOST didn't it??
ted , I think Betamax was better because: do I really have to say why betamax is the best format around because we all know what makes it the best quality video system around the larger video headrum resulting in better recordings,the advanced features of the majority of beta decks(basic models included!),the metal leader tape (unlike vhs's optical system), the fact that a pilot colour burst is burned onto the tape resulting in far more acurate colour reproduction,the less bulky cassete design making it easy to store ,wieght is also an issue the early betamax decks were as heavy as the stones at stonehenge! so though unintentional the machines were almost impossible to steal! the reason betamax failed in the market was due to most of these reasons as this made the machines very expensive (exept prehaps the most basic models)the better quality tape was also at a higher cost than vhs, sony were heading for quality so this made machines and tapes more expensive so jvc saw that a poor quality format at nearly half the price would win the title as THE home video system, but betamax is far better quality than vhs there that sums it up! BUT more expensive so understand why beta failed and vhs emerged victorious
ted , I think Betamax was better because: it is the best video format of all time with advanced features at the moment i have a very ill sl c7 with a badly worn video head but soon i'm getting a sanyo vtc 5150 also i have a collection of several beta movies and programmes including star wars, coranation street,E.T , open all hours and the poseidon adventure betamax forever!
behzad , I think Betamax was better because: because it's made by sony!
[email protected] , I think Betamax was better because: Beta was sexy. I bought the original HiFi machine, big as a small car and so high tech with vu meters! Beautiful chrome and no clunky vhs "push buttons". That first orgasmic experience of hearing a movie through your "stereo". Who could ever forget their first time? AND, the best part, in the fastest speed, no need to worry about the movie being longer than 2 hours!
Nicky , I think Betamax was better because: If it were 20 years ago, this would have been a valid debate. However, arguing today over which video cassette format was better seems very pointless. The truth is, video tape altogether is dying. We've entered into a new era of digital video recording. And to that guy that said that he hates DVD and long live betamax, needs to wake up to reality. What is he going to do when his betamax machine breaks down? These things are on borrowed time folks. Most repair shops can't and wont repair these machines, and a lot of the parts (even Sony) aren't even available anymore. Sorry, but that's the truth. I mean, look at a calender, the year is 2005. We've come a long way since the old betamax. Just to let you know, I know what I'm talking about. I have 1 very high end Sony Beta Hi Fi, 2 High end Sony Super Beta machines, Denon Laser Disc, JVC S-VHS,Mini DV, and a Panasonic DVD recorder with an internal HDD, SD and PC Card slots. Which machine produces the best picture quality? The DVD recorder, bar none. I just came to this website to try and get some information on my Beta machines and I found it rather amusing that people are actually having this debate in this day in age! LOL It's time to move on. I don't even use my Beta machines for recording anymore, just play back. Actually, once I back up all my content onto disc, I'll be retiring the Beta format in my house after 21 years.
Nicky , I think Betamax was better because: Oh, by the way, Betacam and Betamax, are two completely different formats. Even Betacam in the broadcast world has been replaced and is not used very often anymore. But to think Betacam and Betamax are the same is a fallacy. Get your facts straight people. All they have in common are the cassette shells and this was to keep manufacturing costs down.
Robert , I think Betamax was better because: Give it up, folks. DVD is good, better, best. And thinner to store.
Lance , I think Betamax was better because: Beta is better simply because it was the inovator the format was superior in picture quality and design but most importantly it lead the way in innovation and ingenuity. Almost all feataures you see on VCR's were on Betamax first and in many cases are still superior in quality and performance than today's machines. I think history will shine for Beta as the innovation format VHS as the all so rand copier and DVD as the long awaited replacemnt for them both. Thanks Beta for pushing the boundrys of innovation and forcing an inferior format to give us a reasonable standard to work with albeit under sufferance.
Al , I think Betamax was better because: maybe betamax is better but it is nice to see sony get beat by jvc
Lance , I think Betamax was better because: Betamax was the best consumer analog format ever produced, first to market, made taping programs lawful (Betamax Case), the second biggest seller and still widely used today together with variants of the basic format video 8, Betacam etc. According to estimates around 6 million Beta VCR's were sold globally. Only an ignorant unsophisticated individual would consider this a failure. Beta's problem was that it didn't understand the simple minds of the average joe. Hell most people had issues with setting timers, connecting leads, tuning the VCR and T.V. and the list goes on. I recall performing these functions for others as a 10 Y.O. this is why I later recognised beta's superiority and have always used the format. The electronics consumer of the 70's and 80's was very ignorant and unsophisticated something Sony's arrogant engineers failed to recognise. I would have thought they would recognise this when the service of installing a VCR was popular, something a 10 Y.O. could perform. The question was never which format was technically superior it was about how unsophisticated the consumer public was and their ability to make a rational judgement. Clearly they had no idea. I plead with the engineers to release only the best compatible formats in future and never let the public decide the best format again if they did this with VCR we would have had only Beta and not all incurred the pointless format war that ensued and had VHS thrust upon us. I can only hope that competition within the format manufacturers would have kept the innovations coming that the formast war provided a significant catalyst for. Beta is alive and well its VHS that is likely dead because as an all so rand it has little loyal following and is now redundant as the third best format. DVD, Beta and VHS is the order. Thanks Sony for inventing the technology for Umatic, Beta and VHS and for giving us the video revolution. I'm sure the profile and Psychology of the consumer will be your focus and not as they say building the best mousetrap. Sony and the other Beta makers are to be commended for their efforts and are stronger and more learned for the experience. The question is are the general consumer public? That debate is a whole other story and provides great material within places of learning worldwide.
Bishop Banging , I think Betamax was better because: Beta is better because it kept my original stuff in crystal condition, making a revelatory 'voyage of discovery' when I was forty. There are no civilian electromechanics like the C7. My little girl is fascinated (but her fingers are banned) from it. Live long!
William Gates 111 , I think Betamax was better because: If not for Betamax I would not have a job today. It's revolutionary use of anti-spyware tracking and a definitive pro nuclear stance have given it a clear lead in the ultimate battle for corporate survival. In fact I based my company on it's design, and I now have an annual profit margin of over $50,000--not bad for a kid from Tupelo Mississippi who likes boys, fast cars and a good late afternoon spanking session with my houseboy Enrique. May the force find its way up your ass as it did mine.
Commander Dennis Cumquatch (retired) , I think Betamax was better because: One troubling aspect of spontaneously broken gauge field theories based on the Higgs mechanism of giving mass to gauge bosons is that it's not only the coupling constants, but also the masses, that get renormalized by quantum corrections from taking into account all possible virtual processes at all possible momentum scales. Suppose there is new physics at some scale L, so that the Standard Model of particle physics is no longer adequate to describe physics at higher momentum scales. The quantum corrections to fermion masses would depend on that cutoff scale L only logarithmically whereas the scalar Higgs particles would exhibit a quadratic dependence on the cutoff scale. This means that the masses of Higgs particles are very sensitive to the scale at which new physics emerges. 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stuart , I think Betamax was better because: beta has the capability to record the colour pilot burst for a more accurate colour rendition, the resolution is 20 lines for beta & 40 lines better than VHS & the features now available on VHS such as record index marks were built into betamax from day one & having a slow tape speed made the use of smaller casssettes possible plus the HIFI sound has greater dynamics & the unique feature on betamax is the audio only record mode, never featured on VHS. The leader tape of betamax was more reliable than the optical tape of the VHS format because the lamp could burn out & the VHS machine cold rewind untill the tape snapped while the contact within the betamax machine will stop the machine rewinding, so beta is better featured & is more reliable than VHS
Bart , I think Betamax was better because: but VHS was even better than best..... Sony had for once got their marketing wrong, JVC/Victor got it right this time around....
sony bmc 500p , I think Betamax was better because:
, I think Betamax was better because:
bob , I think Betamax was better because: i hear that beta was superior in many ways... but that doesnt matter now cause theyre both dyin out. for what? a ####### dvd!! dvd just wears dies when it gets scratched, like a cd. COME TO YOUR SENSES PEOPLE!!! dvd has better picture.. yeah. but vhs will last forever.. a scratch on the film here and there.. but it still keeps going and doesnt freeze.. so ya can finish the damn movie. dvd makes me sick. vhs and beta(even though i never saw one in person yet) will live forever as long as people like me are faithful to it. DEATH TO DVD!!!!! ive been in electronics for about 12 years. i am 22. i hate dvd. all these advancements.. too fast. im not impressed with dvd
simon , I think Betamax was better because: betamax and vhs are nothing compared to recordable dvd�s!
bob , I think Betamax was better because: fuck you simon. record this record that. cheap this play that. just, fuck you. i hope your stupid little recorder breaks. if you donot value beta then stay the fuck outta this site. we that like the old stuff are sick of hearin it!!!
K Lambert , I think Betamax was better because: It was designed that way. Superior and the tapes more handy and neat looking.They made VHS tapes look old hat and too big. Sanyo were the best manufacturer for me. Amazingly long video head life, cleverly and ergonomically well designed machines that were BUILT to LAST...........and i have serviced and sold( and own) many to prove this..... Sony achilles heel was the over complexity of it's machines and the always laced up 'peep search' feature.Not to mention holding back it's liscenses for other manufacturers......tut tut........ If it was'nt for Sanyo's agressive marketing strategy way back in 82 with the very popular VTC5000 i don't think Beta would've been around for half as long.......I believe 1.5 million Beta format owners in the UK alone in 1984. VHS is suffering a big defeat now and amazingly the BETA's are SO in demand.In a way the tables HAVE turned on the inferior but always updating to make up for it's inadequasies.VHS system. Long live Beta..it will while i'm around anyways and my respect to all those who agree to that for the RIGHT REASONS......
K Lambert , I think Betamax was better because: Beta IS better out of the domestic tape recording formats....PERIOD. As for the newbie on the block... DVD it was only a matter of time before those wonderfull Japanese developed something even better.I'm talking about HIGH DEFINITION DVD. It would seem yet another pointless war is on the horizon. Sony ( yet again) in one camp and TOSHIBA in the other. Sanyo this time have decided to back Toshiba as it's version is designed to be cheaper and esier to duplicate.Maybe Sanyo learned from there last allegiance with Sony ( not that they did too bad out of that). I'm quite happy with my huge collection of BETA ,'VHS',and DVD ( not to mention CD,LP and cassette) and i'm not ready to jump on yet another 'amazing decvelopement' badwagon. Watching some Beta movies and recordings can be very nostalgic too like the first Beta machine you bought, how exciting to watch what YOU wanted WHEN you wanted and be able to record it even if you were'nt home yet , what 'shocking' movies you could watch on it, the old adverts you 'used' to record before you realised what the 'pause' button was for...am i right? I'll sit this one out i think and not feel annoyed and cheated when the 'most popular' (for whatever reason) wins and the loser or less popular fades in obscurity. I'll never forget the 'sorry we don't do Beta tapes anymore' or the even more annoying 'the format was no good to begin with' that you were usually met with at video stores.Then there was the cheap sell through titles.....'nope we can't get them on Beta'.That is the main reason i bought a VHS....and they has served me well.i might add. Why can't they agree to ONE standard ?They are'nt the only ones who lose out ........ WE the PUBLIC are............It also makes you warey about doing the same thing again.Not that i regret Buying a Sanyo Beta FAR FROM IT.The best move i ever made i think. By the way there ARE still some who service and repair Beta's ( myself included, SANYO ONLY though) so these machines will be around for a while yet i feel. It will take a long time too for VHS machines to simply dissappear.There are just too many out there for that. Each to his own. You will always get some who stand by their choice and hold on to something they value for their own reasons.....RIGHTLY so (myself included). It's a good job we don't all change over and throw out something deemed by new technology 'old hat' because there would be nothing to remember how this 'newer' format came to be. Some don't like change whilst others panic because of it........ I am glad i made the decisions i have because ,along the way i've made some great friends ,helped a lot of truly grateful people out and kept an open mind. Some like nothing better than to declare BETA is DEAD ,well if this site is anything to go by IT CERTAINLY is NOT. Perhaps the most annoying aspect of DVD (for me) especially in 'rental terms' is the amount of scratches these seem to clock up and SPOIL the enjoyment of the 'perfect' viewing experience' That's why i NEVER lend out my discs. At least with tape you got the odd 'dropout' but the films just keep rolling along.Unless someone's unserviced machine decided to 'eat it for lunch' ..that (thank god) was relativley rare though(for VHS ,Beta's sometimes had terrible score marks and the like most likely from the 'always laced up ' sony design.The worst a Sanyo Beta did was to crunch it up ,usually at the beginning when the reel idler or motor needed servicing , at least at the beginning it was easy to splice or fast forward past it.The 'always laced up' type of damage(scratches,wavy,narled tape edges causing the picture to jump if at the top or very poor sound at the bottom)) nearly always lasted ALL THROUGH THE FILM....THAT WAS annoying..That's why i say if you hire always check the quality visually (open the flap for tape or ckeck the disc) before you take it home..........it can save a lot of frustration later on.Enjoy the viewing in whatever you are mad, passionate or 'into' at this moment in time..... THAT is YOUR RIGHT......... ...............Kevin
olie , I think Betamax was better because: well all i really know about beta is what youve about it i was just wondering if anyone knows when it was released im doing a report on a related subject
ollie , I think Betamax was better because: i hope im the last person to do this because i think its time you stop worry about why betas so great and mr mahammed alwhatever the rest was why does everyone at sony have to have their stomachs rote in hell thats pretty weird
cleo , I think Betamax was better because: the picture is sharper, the smaller cases make it easier to store; the cases seem sturdier and do not crack, the sound is excellent; there are a lot of classics available. i wish i could get more tapes. last sunday at the flea market, i found zero. i will search garage sales.
Mike Scott , I think Betamax was better because: Beta is the professional broadcast television standard including digital and HD. That's pretty much all that needs to be said about Beta being better. Consumer electronics buyers made a terrible mistake, years ago that can never be corrected and now has become moot with the introduction of the DVD. Sad for Sony and sad for consumers who weren't able to see the far superior definition of the beta picture over the past 30 years.
hugh getmi , I think Betamax was better because: off forgotten. what a pointless and irrelevant discussion, technology has moved on and there is absolutely no reason to continue a debate over 2 obsolete formats. plus no is allowed to argue against you, therefore its just a bunch retro tech geeks trying to reassure each other on a home electronics decision they made 20 years ago! There is beautiful and exciting world out there guys, get out there and enjoy it. x
Craig Felsmann , I think Betamax was better because: Basically, it uses the far superior U- loading tape transport system. And l prefer the smaller, sturdier tapes.
Andy , I think Betamax was better because: The reason that Betamax is better is because nine out of ten owners can't be wrong just ask the cat from the Sony C6 ad which was run on tv in the UK during the early 80's
Wow... , I think Betamax was better because: you guys need to seriously get on with life. This debate has been over for almost twenty years people. Do yourselves a favor and go see your family doctor. Perhaps hay may be able to prescribe some medication for your condition. BETA IS DEAD. Get on with it. All of you guys should do yourselves a favor. When you finally get on your medication that your docter has prescribed you, go and buy a DVD recorder or a PVR. Seriously. Life needs to go on for you poor saps. WELCOME TO THE 21ST CENTURY!! :) (Ed: You wouldn't stop appreciating an old film for example would you?)
andy 101 , I think Betamax was better because: because it is.Plus the reason beta faded away was because the machine was too expensive and vhs is cheap and nasty
Nemo X Noone , I think Betamax was better because: Film is better