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noel higgins
Sunday 2nd October 2022
1:50 am U.K.

[email protected]


The Sony SLC9 is known for issues in the load mechanism - especially broken load gears. I supply replacements for these on eBay, but you can make your own.

See the PALSITE technical help area under the this models listing. If all else is OK then you might have an issue with the drive pulley having cracked at its bearing.

This, in conjunction with stretching/age hardening of the drive belt, means the belt slips under load and the machine eventually gives up. I don't think replacement pulleys are available.

Check/replace the rubber belt and use a scribe to score the smooth inside of the V pulley to give it extra grip and see if that helps.

There are lots of other things that can happen to stop tapes loading like the drive arm on the middle of machine side of the load mechanism coming off due to tape/gear issues such as the tape going in skewed and not matching up with the reel drives.

Good luck - they are a great machine if you can get them going.

The DC/DC driving the display is another common issue but the machine can still work without that.

regards Noel

noel higgins
Sunday 2nd October 2022
1:39 am U.K.

[email protected]


The Sony SLC5 model requires a new belt kit as a minimum but that might not be enough. These machines are very old now and require electrolytics (the Sanyo light blue ones) on the servo booards underneath to be replaced and the circuits realigned for a stable picture.

Also the electrolytics in the power supply are likely to fail. Repair is a big job requiring at least a multimeter to reset the servo circuits.

regards Noel - Betaheaven.com (in Australia)

Thursday 29th September 2022
9:17 pm U.K.

[email protected]


I bought a used SL-C9 and upon turning it on (without cassette) it goes straight to lacing, then unlaces along with some unhealthy sounds and the eject light stays blinking.

Can you please help me?

Monday 12th September 2022
8:06 pm U.K.

hello everyone I bought an old sony sl-c5e and I wanted to know if there are user manuals. I intrude the cassette, I hear noise but the play, stop, rew and ff buttons don't seem to work. The light comes on when the button is pressed but the cassette is stopped. Thanks in advance

Saturday 13th August 2022
9:12 am U.K.

Sorry, i ment horizontal lines not vertical

Saturday 13th August 2022
9:06 am U.K.


I have a C-SL30 that i canít get working properly. The image is black and white only, and full of vertical black stripes and noise. Iíve so far replaced all electrolytes on the YV25 board and also C319 and C320 on the PSU. Donít know what to do next?



Tuesday 9th August 2022
10:52 am U.K.

[email protected]

Tim please contact me Iíd be happy to rebuild you PSu for you mate

Ben Standing
Saturday 6th August 2022
12:49 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Hi all,

I am working on a deep-dive documentary on the videotape format war of the 1980s for a YouTube series, I'd love to hear from anybody who was either working in retail of the machines around the the time of the format war, working in the hire of tapes or machines or anybody else with any interesting stories about the Betamax/VHS format war. If you'd like to get in touch please drop me an email at [email protected] - Either in Europe or North America, I'd love to hear from you.



Tim Dyson
Monday 1st August 2022
7:33 pm U.K.

[email protected]


Does anyone have a spare power supply for a Sony SL-C9UB they'd be prepared to sell? I'm UK based. The one from my C9 constantly blows.



Friday 29th July 2022
5:01 pm U.K.

Phonenumber:931-316-1601Email:[email protected]

Hello! I have a issue with the Betamax I recently bought.

It is a Sony SL-5000 from 1981. The issue is this:

I insert a cassette/tape into the VCR. After about five seconds, the tape ejects. I manage to get it to stay in after a few tries, but it makes a loud, fast spinning noise, and then a click. If I push PLAY, the green light turns on. No picture on the TV appears. I push FAST FORWARD, the picture appears on TV, being sped up. I push REWIND, the picture appears on TV, being rewinded. The only local VCR repair shop told me that ,"they don't work on Betamax machines." If anyone could tell me how to resolve this issue, I would appreciate it! Thank you so much!

Kevin Lambert
Sunday 10th July 2022
8:15 pm U.K.

[email protected]


Once that loading ring is fully retracted the locking mechanism should be free'd so you can pop up the tape,(albeit with tape hanging out the front that has'nt been spooled up).

I would'nt try to force anything.I've seen a few with broken parts by some too keen to get the tape out without the vcr being in the proper mode.

You have used the correct method to retract the loading ring by turning the worm gear on the side.Make sure nothing is preventing this ring from retracting fully as, until it is ,the cassette hatch will be locked in the down position.

Hope this helps?....................Kevin

Saturday 9th July 2022
6:22 pm U.K.

[email protected]

I have a Sanyo Beta VTC5000 machine since new (1980's) Now it has a problem. It will not power up & there is a full cassette stuck in the drive. I find one of the thick, small, approx. 1 inch drive belts is broken. I cannot eject the cassette. I have managed to dismantle the case by first removing the cassette chamber top (two screws under a plastic strip.) Then I removed all the case-work - so most of the insides is visible if not accessible. Since the machine will not power up (the internal fuse is OK) how can I eject the cassette? Pressing the 'Eject Lever' does nothing. Though the Cassette was loaded and there was tape in the loading mechanism, I have managed to return the tape to its cassette by manually operating the pulley with its worm-gear situated next to the Drum-Head. Whilst operating this I took up the slack tape by manually turning the take-up spool. Now I need to manually eject the tape. But how? and where can I do this? On each side of the cassette there are two heavy helical springs keeping two levers clamped down onto the top of the cassette. And, as I said, the eject lever doesn't work. Once this is resolved I shall ask for help in getting the machine working again. Michael Gamble UK

noel higgins
Monday 6th June 2022
11:16 pm U.K.

[email protected]


Some hints.

1/ The "jig used for aligning the capstan is just a 1/2 inch wide metal strip with a right angle end which is long enough to sit on the ACE assembly bottom metal edge and against the capstan to indicate when it is at right angels to the ACE assembly so the tape is not being dragged high or low as it is drawn past the heads by the capstan roller.

Please check that the capstan roller is not faulty in the bearings or on its surface such that it applies uneven pressure to the tape being held against the capstan in play.

This does not affect rewind as the capstan roller is released but the capstan not being perpendicular will.

2/ You can use a good/prerecorded tape and observe the video waveform on a CRO (cathode ray oscilloscope) as per the service manual to align the tape path correctly and set the tracking centre point. The first step is to do the electrical alignment for the tracking and later if necessary a mechanical adjustment of the ACE assembly position.

regards Noel

Sunday 29th May 2022
8:36 pm U.K.


Hola del sony betamax sl 8080 no bajan las teclas de play , revobinado ,avance.GRACIAS

Tuesday 24th May 2022
6:45 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Good evening David, sorry from now on I'll post in English, thanks for your answer unfortunately the player didn't work it has several problems, I'll get a super beta soon, and I'll ask you for help, thank you very much ;)

Monday 23rd May 2022
10:04 pm U.K.

[email protected]

I was confused The Sony SL-F20 is the player

Monday 23rd May 2022
10:02 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Toni, do you write in English?

In this chat the people write in English, you can use the google translator

The Sony SL-C20 is a player only

Monday 23rd May 2022
9:57 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Noel, I like your answer but I don't have alignment tapes but I'll look

I have seen in the service manual parts needed for adjustment, called "Jigs"

Noel Higgins
Thursday 19th May 2022
1:26 am U.K.

[email protected]


The tape folding during Play and Rewind (including fast forward) are tape path and tape tension alignment issues.

Possible issues to be confirmed or ruled out on Sony models.

1/ The capstan MUST be parallel to the ACE head assembly. Sony have an alignment jig for that which basically sits in the gap of the ACE upper and lower surfaces to indicate if its parallel.

(you can cheat a bit using adjustments while its rewinding to get that right once the next steps have been checked.

2/ The flip up guides are angled by black plastic strips mounted to the top of the head so that the tape wraps diagonally around the video head slot correctly.

Check they are not causing an issue as the tape should have equal tension and be flat top and bottom in all play modes around the back tape guide before the drum.

3/ Tape back tension in play should be 35 gm. You need an alignment tape with a meter in it to check that.

Good luck

Sunday 15th May 2022
10:01 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Buenas noches a todos desde EspaŮa, antes de meterme en materia, queria pregunta algo, a llegado a mis manos un video beta sony SL-F20 pero en el listado de modelos de la web ese modelo no aparece el mas proximo es el SL-F25, es el mismo???? gracias a todos y un gran saludo ;)

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