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Tuesday 23rd February 2021
11:26 pm U.K.

[email protected]

I have a Sony SL-HF500 NTSC machine. I need to digitize approx . 200 PAL tapes (I have the Elgado hardware/software for digitizing). The SL-500 is switchable between 50Hz and 60hz; I do have a 60 to 50Hz converter. Is there a jumper on the SL-HF500 that will allow me play the PAL tapes.

Kind regards,

Saturday 30th January 2021
8:37 am U.K.

Greetings from the Czech Republic, excuse my bad English. SONY SL-T6ME. VCR playback is not a picture, just stripes; these stripes change.The picture is visible when fast forwarding or rewind.

Where can I look for a bug?

Tuesday 26th January 2021
4:26 pm U.K.

[email protected]

im looking for the Sony SL-5400 NTSC Betamax owners manual .Can anybody can send me and PDFor JPEG copy of the manual to my email [email protected]

Thank you

Tuesday 26th January 2021
4:25 pm U.K.

[email protected]

im looking for the Sony SL-5400 NTSC Betamax owners manual .Can anybody can send me and PDFor JPEG copy of the manual to my email

Thank you

Andy B
Tuesday 29th December 2020
9:16 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Hello all,

Can anybody advise on the best bearing to fit for a SL-HF950 reel motor?

Tried shimming but no success, then over shimmed and had a slight drilling accident trying to remove it...

Anyway, I now need a bearing, any suggestions on sizes?

Thanks :)

David Grant
Saturday 12th December 2020
12:49 am U.K.

[email protected]

Hello NOEL I was just asking in case you had a scrapper the remote has been in a cardboard box batteries removed in a dry place a normal remote would do I Have got a 950 Which has been rebuilt every single adjustment pot had been twiddled and it was for a while only working in black an white well thats now fixed faulty caps and a open circuit delay line ,the request for a power supply panel was from what I recall you used to fit a laptop supply in place of a failed power supply, it was so I could rebuild one in the event of failure ,the front panel can be glued and repaired if you do have one I do not mind postage costs there is a 950 on ebay its not yet ended but the seller has got no tapes and no remote but if the price is good and I win the auction i will send a detailed note about how to attach the skate securing screws,regards the C9 it seems to just need a replacement of the caps that power the reel motors oh and the 950 rebuild has received the brand new head disc as when I sent the disc to you I had one more sealed head disc which when I purchased one of my 950s the seller offered me the option to purchase the other head disc was found on ebay new in a sealed box as was 2 new pinch rollers . I Hope you are keeping well regards David .

Noel Higgins
Sunday 6th December 2020
9:52 pm U.K.

[email protected]


Sorry to hear about the remote now being dead. Strange because they are usually reliable except when contaminated by drink spill especially the later model units.

Most likely a battery connection problem. By the way VHS remotes with jog shuttle from the SLV777 and SLV815 work with the HF950 as long as you select VCR1 and not VCR2 or VCR3 on the internal setup.

Your list of issues is way too confusing plus given the cost of postage getting parts from me is not really a cost effective option nor do I have all the bits you need as I don't scrap potential fixer machines.

Re the HF950 power supplies there is probably and email note regarding repairs that I could dig up if that's all your after.

regards Noel

Harri Asunta
Thursday 26th November 2020
8:35 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Sorry to get out of subject talking about NTSC machines

Got the EDV-9000 Japanese today.

No guarantee I took my chances.

It took the tape in and started to play it very slowly, I took the cover off and moved some of the tape reel parts, got some movement going.

After tbat no response.

David Grant
Wednesday 25th November 2020
11:50 pm U.K.

[email protected]

hello to Noel and Kevin,I have not posted for a while and have just purchased 2 hall ,I C units I have not fitted them yet and I require some bits for one of my 950s Noel do you recall the jog shuttle remote I got from you well a lot of my stuff has not been used for a long while 2 of my 3 950S were working very well but 2 of them the hall units have failed ,I have another 950 which has had brand new heads fitted but I replace the complete front outer cover and get a 950 remote control ,I would like to repair or replace the jog shuttle remote which was working but now shows no sign of life i removed the old batteries and the place everything was dry and warm ,one of my previous post was ,as I use sky HD I was not able to connect up using RF but I have now got 2 more sky HD boxes that have got this type of output so I have been able to tune in using the traditional ariel cables hopefully Noel you are able to supply these bits and if you have a complete dead 950 power supply panel that would be great.I have rebuilt one but since moving to my current location can not find my notes of what i replaced and would like to have a spare power panel to rebuild in case one fails ,I got a C9 which is in fairly good condition and have strip the DC-DC unit which was working but flickering so I have replaced all the caps with 105 types,the machine worked for about 2 months but has now failed but I think the problems are the caps in the reel motor circuits need replacing as its not rew/ ff modes regards David Grant.

Harri Asunta
Tuesday 24th November 2020
10:11 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Hi, I havenít been active online with Betas for about 20 years, but been collecting them all the time.

Thinking abput makng a new website for selling some of my Beta gear, or maybe just offering it on Ebay.

I have three fully working SL-HF950 ís, SL-HF150 and just getting a Japanese ED-9000.

Lots of 90ís and 00^s brand new tapes including Sony PRO-X, PRO-DX, Master HG etc.

Let me know if interested, located in Helsinki Finland (EU).

tel and whatsapp +358400843600



Sunday 15th November 2020
12:32 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Hi Kevin,

Really glad to see you are back here.

Thanks for your suggestions and advice. I will put them into practice once I can get access to those machines again.

Take lots of care,


Kevin Lambert
Friday 13th November 2020
6:55 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Hi Betaphiles

Sorry i've been absent from here for a while.Seem to be having huge issues getting access to this chatpage for some reason.

Anyways,i've seen you latest post Noel and the reason those tapes are not seating correctly is the insertion mechanism belt is worn/Stretched.

I've seen that fault on a M40.

Gabriel: those issues with your M20 is most likely the servo pot's for the head drum are going out a tiny bit.this does occur rarely but if they are set up perfectly you should get a instant picture stability from all modes.Like forward search to play.

Hope this helps and most are staying sane in this mad world we seem to be living in!


Thursday 5th November 2020
11:24 am U.K.

Sony SL-HF100 Repaired, thanks guys both faults were on the Palsite fault page.

No head drum rotation - replaced Hall effect sensor.

No Colout (Chroma) on playback, only on Pal tube tv and converter but worked on flatscreen colour was fine - Replaced CV001 in Video Board.

It really did bring back memories of repairs to Betamax VCR's from 1987 onwards. my first was an SL-C6.

Just to say cheers all.

Noel Higgins
Monday 26th October 2020
8:21 pm U.K.

[email protected]


That is a very strange picture issue. It is obviously relating to short term variations or lock issues relating to the horizontal sync pulse. I suggest you get a service manual and use an oscilloscope to see if you can track down were the fault is.

One thing I would check is the setting of the drop out compensator which is set incorrectly can produce a similar effect.

That circuit switches in a delay line to repeat the previous sweep lines information when a drop out occurs.

regards Noel

Sunday 25th October 2020
3:22 pm U.K.

hello, i have a problem with my SONY Betamax SL-C40ES PAL. When playing some tapes the recorder produces a distorted picture. This is although not on all tapes like that.

Here's a link to a capture I made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZdl-G_ZTiU

Noel Higgins
Tuesday 20th October 2020
3:09 am U.K.

[email protected]


Kevin is the expert on the Sanyo machines so I would recommend you ask him what the trick of the trade are there.

I have just been playing and with trying to get a couple of NEC machines going. Never again - no manuals - no parts.

regards Noel

Wednesday 14th October 2020
4:49 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Thanks a lot Noel,

Touching and varying by hand the back tension lever is usually within my check routine for VCRs. However, these two Sanyos don't seem to improve even a bit with this procedure so that was the reason for suspecting a servo issue.

I am also thinking on measuring capstan and head motors stability via speed/phase signals, just to see any possible jittering causing this issue. But honestly this will require me some time.

All the best,


Noel Higgins
Wednesday 14th October 2020
1:32 pm U.K.


I have had quite a few where the back tension lever builds up an oscillation. I think its due to contamination on the supply reel or the belt that grabs it varying the amount of friction. See if just touching and applying pressure to that lever changes the picture shaking.

When this happens I pull the parts out and clean them., I scrape along the friction felt with a knife to rough the surface up and disturb any dirt particles lodged in it.

regards Noel

Monday 12th October 2020
12:02 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Dear all,

Just a quick question I have with a couple "stubborn" Sanyo VTC-M10 and VTC-M20 with unstable picture when cold. The symptom is picture shaking.

So far the power supply capacitors have been changed and the tracking potentiometer has been checked to be OK.

Do you know any typical fault related to this symptom? I shouldn't blame a tape path misalignment because, to my experience, this is seldom found on Sanyos unless someone has fiddled the machine before (doesn't seem to be this case). Pinch roller is also in good shape and I have also swapped it with identical results, though.

Are these machines prone to servo capacitors failure?

Thanks in advance,


Noel Higgins
Thursday 1st October 2020
1:25 am U.K.

[email protected]


OK there is information on Palsite to address that issue. Send me an email if you want photos of circuit information/board layout or Capstan and video head electronic alignment procedures.

My contact details are on Betaheaven.com

regards Noel

and Hi to Kevin. I sorted out the alignment issue with the Sanyo M10s thanks. I still have an issue with the cassette mechanism not full lowering different tapes correctly into place for some reason.

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