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Martin Evans
Wednesday 19th September 2018
1:25 pm U.K.

[email protected]

The PALsite pinch roller page has been updated to include a YouTube video from Noel showing how a pinch roller can be rejuvenated.


Having manually done something similar to a number of pinch rollers, this certainly looks like a great approach!

Max Brenner
Wednesday 19th September 2018
6:01 am U.K.

[email protected]

@ William - Try hairbands from the dollar store for band pulleys if you have these kind of stores where you are - they come in all different sizes, have the right kind of stretch and will last, Worked for me for the small one for the cassette driver. Pure elastic bands also work but might have a more limited shelf life. . They sell packages of elastic bands of assorted sizes and thicknesses.

The hairband has a wrapping around the elastic which makes it more durable.

Max Brenner
Wednesday 19th September 2018
5:49 am U.K.

[email protected]

Hi all,

For your interest ---

I have recently converted tapes to digital from a Betacord Sanyo model 3900. One particular tape is a challenge. It caused the cassette driver to slow down and the cassette driver band broke. (The tape mangled and I ended up splicing it and repairing the splice.

I replaced the broken band , first with elastic bands which had a shelf life of about 6 hours .. then with a small hairband from the dollar store (Almost perfect size , I brushed plastic cement on it to give it some more tightness and friction . Works perfectly.

Back to the tape - I got it going - wind and rewind at speed not and played a few times but I can't get a clean digital transfer - often, problem is at certain sections - it keeps clogging the heads for some sections of the three hour recording. Testing shows the data is still there over these sections but it is as if the sections are randomly dirty I have to use tape cleaner cassette or play another clean tape to get the heads back reading. Time consuming and dangerous for the heads.


So, whats with this tape ? Is it dirty or does the clogging come from the tape itself degrading in some way and bits of it coming off?? I've attempted some kind of clean - running the tape at rewind brushing it over a microfibre cloth held vertically wrapped around a Q-tip - so far with uncertain results. I'm puzzled what the problem is which is my question. I'd like to experiment more but I'm taking a chance on messing up the cassette driving mechanism which I almost did several times.



Wednesday 12th September 2018
11:35 am U.K.

[email protected]

Hi my SL-C30E stops when tryining play of rewing or go fast foward. Page says is this appearthen it is normally caused by failure of silicon fuse PS1 on the YC-25 board. What can I do?

Tuesday 11th September 2018
9:37 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Hi has anyone got a set of belts for a sony sl-c6 been looking about for ages i would be great if anyone has any thanks done a lot of work to the machine no just need the belts to finish it off this project been going on for over a year

K lambert
Sunday 9th September 2018
5:04 pm U.K.

[email protected]


There is a set suitable for your 5150 currently on E-bay. They may be willing to ship to new Zealand.

Other than that a good used set should be fine.

They aren't all that common anymore (new set's that is).


K Lambert
Sunday 9th September 2018
5:02 pm U.K.

[email protected]


Glad to be of help.

Sometimes the simpler things are all that's at fault.


Saturday 8th September 2018
6:07 pm U.K.

Hi does anyone happen to have a the heads for a vtc-5150 and would post to new zealand?

The rest of the machine works fine apart from the heads are completely toast.

If so please email me at [email protected]


Saturday 8th September 2018
2:28 pm U.K.

Hi kelvin,

thank you putting a drop of oil down motor worked a treat ...

thank you so much for the advice all problems seem to be solved now .

K Lambert
Friday 7th September 2018
4:31 pm U.K.

[email protected]


That issue is very common on the VTC 5000 and 5150.It's also starting to occasionally show on the 'M' series models too.

There are two upgrades you can make.

One has been known to stop the reverse play mode functioning. It seems the earlier the machine the more likely this is to happen.

The R49 fusible resistor on the syscon board (the one to the extreme left of the vcr.

It's located inside the metal heat sync near the top centre. With two heat sleeves on both of it's leg's.

The other safer one is change R3054 (R54) to 120ohm, also located on the same board.

It also benefit's to re groove the ribbed spool edges on both spools with a suitable needle (nothing bigger than this) as on many I've seen of the 5000/5150 these are nearly flat through high usage. It will help with the FF/REW and unlacing speeds torques slightly too. It's not always the idler tyre (as many seem to think) if the tyre is hard and cracked then yes, but... if it's still pliable with no split's or cracks, lightly rough the outer edge with 120 grit to give it back the newer surface that grips better. Lightly is the word though. A new reel belt is usually required too if still original. Also a tiny drop of oil to the top of the reel motor shaft (where it enters the motor as this can be quite dry too and you will notice the motors peps up when doing this.

Only a tiny drop to the tip of a miniature screwdriver though and just to that area! (please keep WD40 well away from these mechanisms.I've seen two covered in the stuff all over friction bands and everywhere it should not be. You have been warned.

Hope this helps......................Kevin

Friday 7th September 2018
4:02 pm U.K.

Hi there.

I have a sanyo 5150 i have replaced the idler wheel and belts but the tape is still not lacing back into the cassette and it randomly stops playing and doesnt unlace .

its starting to destroy a lot of old tapes and wondering if anyone has had this issue before.

if its going to be to much of a job to repair i will just dump it.

any help would be good on this issue as i am out of ideas

Fivos Sakellis
Thursday 6th September 2018
7:37 am U.K.

[email protected]

Hi Rezinagro

I have a friend who has both the C30 and the T20. The machines are identical. The T20 was sold in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia while the C30 was sold in the UK, Europe and Australia. The main difference is in the SECAM circuit.


Monday 3rd September 2018
7:06 pm U.K.

[email protected]


The T20ME is essentially the same machine as a the C30. Differences should only be regarding luma/chroma and tuner boards.

All the best,


Steven Tutty
Monday 3rd September 2018
1:30 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Maybe same for my Sony SL-HF950ES.

Monday 3rd September 2018
12:03 am U.K.

Hi guys ...

I haven many Betamax machines including SL-T20ME and SL-C30E and they seem to be literally identical .... I noticed only one difference and that was SL-T20ME is compatible with both PAL and SECAM, and SL-C30E is compatible with PAL only ...

Do you know any other difference between the mentioned models ???

Thanks in advance ...

steven tutty
Sunday 2nd September 2018
4:28 pm U.K.

[email protected]

Hi, also I picked up a solid, working Sony SL-HF950ES. Curious to know what is difference from 950 and 950E?

steven tutty
Sunday 2nd September 2018
4:26 pm U.K.

[email protected]


I am curious to know where the backup clock battery is located on the Sony SL-2700B. If these fail, they often leak and damage the pcb. Thanks

Friday 31st August 2018
3:11 am U.K.

[email protected]


you power up your SL-3000E, from the battery compartment.

You need a 12V from universal power supply with a 1 Amp minimum load.

Negative center pole, outside positive pole.

Marc Smith
Tuesday 28th August 2018
10:11 am U.K.

[email protected]

Hi, I have a Sony SL-3000E, but I'm missing the battery and the charger. Any clues on how to replace the charger? Thanks.

Noel Higgins
Wednesday 22nd August 2018
12:00 pm U.K.

[email protected]

William and Rich,

I have both parts available but I am in Australia so postage costs to you may be an issue. You can contact me through my website betaheaven.com

regards Noel

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