Sanyo 1986
Betamax VTC-M50

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Television system
CCIR B, G/PAL standard colour TV system
Video recording system
Rotary two head helical-scan system
Audio recording system
Beta hi-fi PAL system. (2 channels) (Recording on the conventional audio track is monaural)
Tape speed
18.73 mm/sec
Recording time
215 minutes with L-830 cassette
Tape loading
Front loading
Tuner input
AUSTRALIA I:0-5,III:5A-11,U:21-65
NEW ZEALAND I:1-3,III:4-10,U:21-65
RF converter
Built-in VHF converter
Converter output
On channel 3 or 4 (switchable)... Australia
On channel 2 or 3 (switchable)... New Zealand
Timer indication
12 hours AM/PM display
Timer recording operation
(1) ON-OFF at specified time of the day in two week
(2) ON-OFF at specified time of everyday
(3) ON-OFF at specified time of every week
Max. programme number
8 programmes of (1), (2) or (3) mentioned above
Power requirement
AC 240V 10%, 50Hz
420(W) x 117(11) x 370(D)mm
Power consumption

Electronic characteristics

Video input level
0.5-2.0 Vpp
Video input impedance
75 5 ohms
Video output level
1.0 0.2 Vpp
Video output impedance
75 5 ohms
Audio input level
-10 dBs (0dBs = 0.775Vrms)
Audio input impedance
More than 50 kohms
Audio output level
-10 dBs (at load impedance 47 kohms)
Audio output impedance
Less than 2 kohms
Video S/N
Luminance: 43dB
Chrominance: 35 dB
Colour: 250 lines
B/W: 270 lines

Beta hi-fi PAL sound

Frequency response
20Hz-20,000Hz (Multiplex FILTER switch "OFF")
Dynamic range
80 dB
Wow and flutter
Less than 0.005% WRMS)
Channel separation
60 dB

Remote control unit

Power requirements
3V (2 "AA" size 1.5 volt, batteries)
50(W) x 20(H) x 135(D)mm
Approx. 100g (with batteries) * Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice